5 Badass Tools That Will Change The Way You Do Internet Marketing


If internet marketing is something that you are seriously into then you need to be on toes and make sure that you are doing your best to get high quality traffic that will give you conversions. In a world where automation and technology is essential, tools will come in handy and in this post, we will go through some of the latest tools that have shown impressive results over time.  Most of the tools are free but others are paid for but they are well worth the investment. Here are the tools;

IFTT (If This, Then That)

Automation is something that every internet marketer should keep in mind and IFTT is one tool that every marketer should have in their rolodex. This tool enables you to simplify the post submission process to over 30 platforms. Furthermore you can also use it to nest these submissions so that you can create a network which is more credible and recommended based on search algorithms if you intend to get better search engine visibility. Beyond that, you will also reach more people from social media without spending a lot of time.

One downside with IFTT is that it requires one to have some basic experience of interlinking the channels and moreso internet marketing experience. Newbies might not find it friendly but it is something that one can easily get along with in less than a week. From there, you can get rolling with top notch automation that will give you tons of web traffic to your site.


By now you must have known that guest posting is one of the best strategies that many internet marketers are focusing on. This is simply because it gives solid results which aren’t found with many other approaches. If you aren’t aware of guest posting, it is simply the process of reaching out to other bloggers in your niche and posting on those sites with the aim of baiting the audiences of that site to your website or blog.  However, guest posting isn’t an easy road and requires a lot from your side. Doing this manually could be tiresome and also time consuming. However, with the help of GuestPost.com, a lot of burden has been reduced.

With guestpost.com, the hard task of finding blogs has been simplified and you can easily search and reach out to these blogs without much pain. If you are into guest posting like many internet marketers, then this is a tool that you must have.


Influencer marketing has already landed and it is making news in the airwaves. If you are not using influencer marketing then that is something that you should have started yesterday. You can however catch up with many internet markets and harness the high quality traffic in your niche. Klout is a tool that you will love when it comes to finding influencers in your niche. It first started as a tool to measure the social media performance of people on the social media and today it has grown to be a favorite tool that offers detailed analytics which influences internet marketers decisions. With the tool, you can easily search for a niche and you will get results of top influencer in that niche. You van then go ahead and pitch your ideas and products to those influencers with ease.

Perhaps some of the best things with influencer marketing is the fact that it is easy to get started with and you stand a high chance of getting thousands of traffic regardless of you website age. As long as you have content that stands out, you can easily make bank and gain authority in your niche.

Similar Web

Competitor analysis and benchmarking isn’t a new strategy, but one that not many internet marketers are using. We all know that there is always competition all over and it is a well-known fact that crushing you competition is necessary. Because if you do not crush them, then they will crush you. In order to stay afloat in the internet marketing world, you need to spy on your competition and Similar Web is a tool that will come in handy on that. It keeps track of millions of websites and analyzes them based on their traffic and performance over time. Similar Web boasts one of the largest databases on the web, thanks to its state of the art crawler that has made this possible.

You are not going to take out your competition with this tool, but it is a very powerful tool that will ensure that you are always at par with the competition as it will always keep you on the know.

Google Analytics

targeted trafficThis isn’t a surprise to many. Many internet marketers cannot live without this tool and it is simply because of the amazing features that it has. There are very few tools that compares with Google analytics and the fact that this one comes free makes it untouchable. Other high end analytic tools like clicky and Kissmetrics are paid for, making this the ultimate choice for many internet marketers.

Keeping track of your website performance and campaigns is very important and Google analytics makes it painless. The tool boasts high end features which you can use on almost every website and marketing campaign that you run online. If you are therefore looking for an analytic tool then Google analytic should be your first priority.

Final Word:

With these high end tools, you can easily accomplish a lot in the internet marketing world and harness tons of web traffic while also building an authority site. They are the tools that experts are using.

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