Increasing traffic to Amazon Associates Sites – Proven Ways To Get Tons Of Traffic!

Are you struggling to grow traffic to your Amazon associates Website? Most online businesses would confirm that their top challenge when it comes to marketing is generating traffic to their websites. Amazon associates Websites are no exception to this. Now if you are looking at making money online, Amazon associates marketing is one of the best options to monetize your blog through its readers. How does this happen? It is as easy as just embedding links in your website posts on helpful products that can be purchased from Amazon. In return you will collect reasonable commissions from the purchases made by your readers within the session they start after coming from your website.

Many strategies have been devised and below are the dependable approaches worth checking out. Read through and if you like, of which you will, employ one and see your traffic graph exponentially rise.

Consider Paid Traffic

In the pursuit to get more web traffic to your site, paying for it shouldn’t be hard. Many companies are willing to go this far to ensure that they get good web traffic. It is a strategy that has gained popularity due to its hassle-free endeavor that only needs you to pay for your way up among the search engine results. If you own an Amazon Affiliate website and would love to see your web traffic rise in return then you might want to spend a treasure. One most important thing to consider is the cost of paying for the traffic. It shouldn’t exceed the return on investment.

There are various platforms where you can buy traffic including Facebook Ads, Google Adwords among others. If you are looking to increase the traffic to your Amazon Affiliate website this is one of the best, trusted and efficient strategies worth considering.

Social Media

Social Media is another tried and tested approach that can be used to channel massive traffic to your Amazon Affiliate website. Apart from getting social, most users are there trying to get information on various niches. You need to identify the relevant audience for your marketing needs. Active participation in discussion or online communities that need your product is one way of making it handy. Build trust among them by enthusiastically asking questions and answering others. If you’re helpful some might get interested to knowing more about you and they will check on your profile which in this case links the back to your website.

Facebook, for instance, does not limit you. You can post almost anything as many times as you can. Others include LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest. These platforms are free to use. Ensure that you publish relevant content with links that will eventually bring the visitors back to your website. You can also opt to get a boost by advertising on social media to get more traffic. Guidelines for compliance and disclosure governing the use of social media should always be adhered to.

Organic Traffic From Search Engines

How To Do SEO For a Blog

Assuming that you have made a search for virtually anything online, you must have asked yourself the criterion that is applied to determine which site’s link comes first in the search engine results page? Search engines uses special program called a crawler that goes through all the pages with the search keyword and index them. The indexing is based on how the titles and meta description have been written to meet the search engine algorithms’ guidelines. Those meeting the guidelines requirement are displayed above others. A lot of amazon associates websites use this as their primary source of traffic.

What is it all about optimization? Any set of activities carried out to ensure that your website is ranked and displayed above others is basically the process of search engine optimization. It involves some algorithms which to some people might be complicated. If that is the case, it is always wise to outsource an optimization expert. Although this might be seen as a costly approach it is one of the best and effective strategies whose end results never disappoint.

Posting On Authority Sites & Blogs

Guest Blogging is another great strategy that has stood the test of time, tried and found effective in generating valuable traffic. This can especially be good for use on Amazon associates websites. Often referred to as Guest Posting, it involves posting content on another company’s website as a guest or allowing guests to post in your website. Mastering the art behind this method would result to you reaping much from any chosen site relevant to your marketing niche. As mentioned above, you can also allow guests to post on your website. Publishing their content will in turn expose you to new audience and consequently link them back to your website.

If you own an Amazon Affiliate Website it would be a great move to first identify those websites that will allow you to post your content to the right audience. These audiences should be able to develop confidence and trust on you. Remember you aren’t being the known regular author and people might be skeptical clicking on your links at first.  Offer quality content that will attract the whole new bunch of audience who if they accept you, will find their way to your website. Just do not forget to include your website link in your profile.

Posting On Discussion Boards & Question Forums

Internet forums are platforms where online discussions on particular topics are conducted by registered members. Texts and links are exchanged over these forums. You need to identify appropriate forums with audience showing interest in your product. After registering it is always prudent to remain active by asking and answering questions without directly selling or having them realize your marketing motive. Building your reputation and confidence among the members will definitely earn you trust. They will be able to click on your backlinks in your posts and probably check on the links in your profile too. This way they will find themselves in your affiliate website  

If you are looking forward to an increased traffic, your time would be useful if you start signing up for some relevant forums and posting content with a backlink signature. One mistake to avoid, never talk about the product you are trying to sell. If you do, then the whole effort becomes a dead end. If done well, forum posting can be a great strategy.


Talk of anything you need for the success of your online business, web traffic tops them all. It is worth paying employing one or combination of the available strategies to give your website a shoot in traffic any time an opportunity pops up. Regardless of whether you are trying to grow traffic for your new blog or marketing website you can choose any of the above tactics. All you need to consider is their applicability together with your company’s preferences. They should pay at the end. Whichever approach you apply, of importance is the consistency. For paid traffic, the more you maintain your campaigns the better they will yield.

To wrap it up, it’s up to you to choose any strategy among the above mentioned. Be sure to also check out our web traffic packages which can help you boost you Amazon associate sales.

Increasing Traffic to Wix Website – Ultimate Guide Get Tons Of Web Visitors!

Need an endless and highly converting traffic to your Wix website? Wix provides users with the fastest, intuitive option or rather shortcuts to build their own highly customized websites through drag and drop extensions. Although some have criticized it claiming that Wix websites are sub-standard and shouldn’t be used on some serious businesses, Wix is among the top rated website builders that is trusted by thousands of high-end businesses and companies. Pick the right template and get an interactive website within minutes and more interestingly, without paying a dime. That is perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity. Now, you are here trying to figure out ways you can use to increase the traffic to your Wix website. It is a necessary call of duty to set up strategies both paid and unpaid to realize a valuable traffic.

In this in depth guide we are going show you some of the most preferred strategies and tactics that are widely used by most successful internet marketers. Check them below.

Organic Traffic (SEO)                                 

This is a more technical approach geared toward increasing quality as well as quantity of traffic to your website through search engine results. It encompasses any action done to advance the ranking of a website on the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Unlike PPC, this strategy targets direct unpaid traffic. Optimization will make sure that the title tags and Meta descriptions are indeed informative and are laid in an acceptable length to point to other internal links of your website.

SEO may require that you have an optimization expert to tailor your content meet the needs of the search engines based on some laid down algorithms. If you are after seeing your Wix website thrive in the competitive market, SEO is one of the most effective approach you wouldn’t want to pass. It might cost you some reasonable amount hiring an SEO expert but if done well you are more miles away from your rivals and your traffic acquisition is really worth it  

Social Network Engagement

Social media is a great platform with a lot of opportunities to utilize when it comes to online marketing. It is one of the sharp-edged tool employed by most marketers in order to increase the traffic to their sales websites. Creating some great content and hoping that people find it is not just enough. You need to be proactive, get down to business. In this context what we mean is that you get social, meet people online over the available platforms. Think of Facebook, one of the largest pool of audience. You don’t need to dive into your pocket for any dime in order to post your products link that will lead many to your website upon clicking.

Most of the social media podiums are free of charge. That’s now and then the only way you can be able to get exposed a very large number of audience. Most marketers take the advantages to leverage from such sites. Others include Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. If you tailor your posts in this platforms well then your Wix website have a greater chance of registering more traffic and consequently the conversions.     

Guest Post Traffic

Another prized approach to get tons of high converting traffic is Guest Blogging often referred to as Guest Posting. You’ve probably be asking yourself what it is all about.  Well, as the name suggests, it is basically an approach whereby as a quest you are allowed to post content on the third party’s website. The content will have links that leads back to your own website. These links are referred to as backlinks or inbound links.

Now that you are reading this, it’s evident that you are in pursuit of methods that can help you register an overflowing traffic to your Wix website. Guest blogging as you have seen is one of the all-time strategies that never disappoint if done well. The two-way benefit from this strategy vouches for its ability to stand tall over some other methods. Quality content for your author guarantees you more chances of getting trusted and the audience will not hesitate to click on your backlinks.

Paid Traffic (Pay Per Click)

Pay per Click is undoubtedly one of the best strategies out there mostly appreciated when it comes to increasing traffic to your website. It is one method that is seen as actually outweighing other available alternatives. Literally it is just but buying your way to the top rank across the search engines.  PPC as the name suggests implies that any visitor gets paid for clicking the website link. It is one efficient, fast and robust method of attracting traffic. Termed by many as a hassle-free tactic, it is used by most websites especially for marketing and branding.

You won’t just need traffic without conversion? Now if you are after increasing the traffic to your Wix website that will lead to a large conversion rate then you need to consider some few things. You will need to target high buyer intent keywords as part of the paid strategy here. Competition for such terms is stern but the worthy part is the payoff at the end. It is a testimony among many online marketers that this PPC strategy is a step-ahead approach that will see your web traffic flooding drastically.

Discussion Boards & Forum Posting

web traffic

Much like Quest Blogging, Forum posting enables you to post content in an online discussion forum. This is aimed at generating some inbound links of high quality that will channel back traffic to your website. It is always advisable to precisely identify your audience so that you don’t post right for the wrong people. If you miss your target then by high chances your website will be saturated with worthless traffic. With some few tricks and consideration this method can massively project your web traffic higher. First off, you need to identify a relevant forum. For example if your post is about technology then opt for a technology forum. Choosing proper titles and incorporating main keywords are the best practices in forum posting. Avoid posting copied content or doing direct marketing, just provide informative content.

There you go, if you are a fan of posting in multiple forums then you are a step ahead. Attach your posts with backlinks to your Wix website and enjoy the fruits of increased traffic. Otherwise there are many forum online that you can just sign up as per their guidelines and get started.


Looking at the traffic of any website and its conversions, for instance, it suffices to say that web traffic is the driving force behind the livelihood of any website. Other webmasters would prefer to call it a pillar or rather a backbone of any online business. We can put it like this, the more the traffic the more the payoff from the business and vice versa.

Finally, having understood those dependable strategies it is now time to bid bye to the traffic sloppiness in your Wix website. Buy high quality wix traffic here today. The interesting part about these tactics is that they are non-exclusive. This means you can be able to employ more than one and conjointly witness the positive results on your way.

Increasing Traffic To Fiverr – This Ultimate Guide Helps Boost Sales & Win The Fiverr Game!

Are you looking for ways to increase traffic to your Fiverr Gigs? Any experienced internet marketer wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that Fiverr is one of the world’s top marketplace for basically any digital service or creation. Almost anyone can’t miss something to sell on Fiverr. This, however, doesn’t come in on a clean slate. Find that a problem? A solution to that is nothing more than putting all the necessary strategies and approaches that will possibly channel a reasonable traffic to your Gigs. That is the only way you will be able to get more conversions and sales.

Now, the question is, how do you go about increasing traffic to your Fiverr Gigs and boost your sales? That shouldn’t worry you anymore because we got your back. In this detailed guide we are going to discuss some of the best strategies and tactics that have the highest potential of meeting your needs. These methods are among the top and are mostly used by internet marketing experts.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click, is unquestionably one of the top rated strategy used to increase traffic to a website. Fundamentally, PPC as the name suggests implies that, any website employing this approach pays the visitors upon visiting or clicking their links. This is seen by most businesses as a hassle-free endeavor of buying your way to the top rank. It take precedence over the need for an SEO expert. PPC has gained its popularity due to the fact that its workability can be tracked. What does that mean? It infers that all the clicks are accounted for and are seen in the analytical report so that you can be able to establish what is functional and what isn’t.  

If you are in search of traffic trying to figure out how to make a robust sales for your Fiverr Gigs then you might want to give it a try. For what it is worth PPC has earned popularity among most internet marketing experts for its precise targeting and unequaled accuracy. PPC will save you a great deal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is certainly one of the best web traffic methodology that can be efficiently and effectively be employed. Any practice aimed at seeing your website ranked above the others in the search engines is basically referred to as Search Engine Optimization. To start with, SEO is among the strategies that most webmasters are inclined to. SEO is easy to master and more interestingly charge-free. Guided by the search engines’ sets of algorithms SEO can significantly place your website at a desired rank only if the rules are adhered to.

Well if you are dying to register amazing sales for your Gigs this is the best strategy there is. As we all understand that dealing with algorithms is not every man’s field it is always advisable to outsource the optimization from the third party. Better be sure to find experienced and conversant SEO experts at a cost. This strategy will always pay back.

Social Media

Social media has taken a vast share in the internet and is undoubtedly on of the most effective approach used to bring visitors to your website. Getting started with social media marketing doesn’t require you to have any hard-to-achieve prerequisites. No experience in internet marketing is needed here. This way social media avails limitless opportunities with billions of consistent users as target. It is through this method that you can get to many potential visitors to your gigs. Take a look at the top social media platforms, the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are some of the most efficient approaches for target posting.

Do not get stuck figuring out what to do to increase traffic to your Fiverr Gigs. The above mentioned platforms will take you a step ahead. Much interesting about them is that you can post virtually anything with no charge. All you need is good content and internet connectivity and you’re all set.

Quest Blogging

Again, there is this approach of posting content on another company’s website, normally a third party, or other social media platforms in order to attract traffic back to your own referred to as Guest Blogging or Guest Posting. It is another generous and rewarding strategy lauded by most trusted experts. It has been tested and any webmaster or blogger would attest to how efficient this method is. Of great consideration about this tactic, however, is that your blog content should be within the third party’s scope of services.

Having trouble getting a whooping web traffic for your Fiverr services a shoot? You may want to try out this method. It worked for others, why not you? The mutual benefit as a result of this approach is what keeps it going. The third party gains from the blogs quality content as you, the blogger, gets to reach out to more audience who will in turn visit your website or rather in this case, your Fiverr Gigs.

Forum Posting

Last but not least, Forum Posting is yet another web traffic boosting strategy that has received a lot of up-votes from the guru’s community despite some critics viewing it as a downcast tactic. Any online marketer would verify its efficacy but won’t forget to hint you that it will need you some serious tricks.  A forum is a place over the web where you experience communication on varied ideas but within a particular context through sharing texts and links. Now that you’re aiming to channel the traffic from these forums to your Fiverr Gigs it’s required of you to build a good reputation with the forum members.

A good reputation will definitely instill trust and confidence in them about what you post. The only keen precaution one should take is to ensure that the audience he is Target are the right ones otherwise it will be a real dead end. Flooding traffic without conversions.  

Do not hesitate implementing this with your Fiverr gigs if you’ve been having a thwarting experience when it comes to sales. What we mean is, give it a shot and watch things change for the better. Joining such forums is as simple as just signing up and then submitting discussions.


The driving force behind the success of any online business especially the marketing platforms is the web traffic. To put it well, it is one most essential need for such businesses not to only thrive but also to survive in today’s competitive online marketing game. Some of the strategies outlined above may be deemed costly at some point but implementing them will see an increase in sales and conversions on your Fiverr.

Be sure to check out our web traffic packages if you need a quick way to boost your sales and conversions.

Increasing Traffic To Amazon Listing – Choosing The Best Traffic

Wouldn’t you like to generate endless traffic to your Amazon listing page? Ask any webmaster or internet marketer that has been around for a while, and they will tell you that Amazon is one of the best platforms that one can use to market their products. Anything legal sells on Amazon. However, that doesn’t just come easy. You have to take necessary steps to ensure that your store gets sufficient traffic for you to start seeing conversions and sales. The more traffic you can get, the higher the conversion rate and sales.

So, how does one go about increasing their traffic to their Amazon listing? In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the best strategies that one can use to increase their traffic to their Amazon listing. They are used by some of the industries top influencers and are these proven strategies are those that the so called gurus would swear by.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per click is arguably one of the best paid traffic strategy that one can use to get traffic to their website. Paid traffic quickly picked traction with the inception of the web. So, what exactly is PPC? Pay Per Click as it is known to many webmasters is a traffic acquisition approach which involves paying for traffic based on individual website clicks. In a nutshell, you only pay for every visitor that comes to your website which is a good approach as compared to other paid traffic approaches.

It is a strategy that is lauded by many marketing gurus for its accuracy and precise targeting. If you are looking to boost your traffic to Amazon listing page, then this is a good approach worth considering. Some of the best platforms where you can buy PPC traffic includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ad Network, Facebook Ads among many other platforms.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization is one of the best traffic strategies that one can use. First off, it is loved by many people for being free and fairly easy to master. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to easily rank on top of the search engines. There are a certain set of algorithms that are set by search engines which one is expected to adhere to ensure that their website ranks on top.

Although it takes time to master the search engine algorithms and keep up with the regular updates, it surely is a worthy approach. Alternatively, you can seek the services of a digital marketing agency to help you optimize your website for better search performance. Despite the higher costs of hiring a third party to help you make the search engine tweaks, you will love the end results.

Social Media

Yet another high quality traffic source that you should consider is to use social media. Anybody can get started with social media traffic regardless of their internet marketing experience. With billions of regular users on social media, there is a huge potential and endless opportunities to tap in to. Even focusing on the top 4 social media platforms is enough to propel your website and make it a buzz. The 3 most popular traffic on the web are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Yet another reason why you will love social media as a source of traffic is simply because there are no limits. Even though there are some ways to tap into social media as a paid traffic source, the free means should be able to generate you thousands or even countless amount of traffic. You only have to be creative and keep trying out different strategies on the various social media platforms.

Guest Blogging

Anybody who has been blogging or at least learned some ins and out of internet marketing knows what guest blogging is. As the name suggests, Guest blogging or Guest posting as many internet geeks love to call it is the process of posting blog posts on other social media platforms with the intention of building a better followership as well as generating web traffic from these sites.

The trick with the use of Guest blogging as a means of generating web traffic is that one needs to work with websites and blogs on the same niche and at the same time try focusing on those that have a higher authority. This will guarantee you better web traffic to your Amazon listing or wherever you want to direct the traffic to.

Forum Posting

get more traffic

Lastly, Forum posting is a traffic strategy that you do not want to miss out on in your marketing recipe. Many internet marketers could argue that it is a dead marketing strategy, but with the right tricks and tactics, you will sail through and can use it to drive tons of untapped web traffic to your amazon listing page or any other landing page. The key to succeeding in Forum posting is to ensure that you are targeting the right audience. Otherwise, you will find yourself getting thousands of web traffic that will not get you conversions.

There are lots of forums out there which you can always sign up and get started on. Many of these forums require you to be a member for a certain time before you start posting links on them. However, if you start off by providing people with informative content on these forums, you will quickly gain some following and earn yourself some reputation. It is a strategy that not only works on forums but with any other manual web traffic approach.


Web traffic is the backbone and lifeblood of every online business, and there is no better way to put it. You need it if you want to survive the every competitive internet marketing game. If you own an Amazon product which is listed and wondering where to get traffic from, then the strategies outlined above are your best way to get started. Done well, these strategies will ensure that you are getting the best conversions.

Regardless of whether you are looking to get traffic to your new blog or Amazon listing, these are strategies that will not disappoint. Check out some of our best traffic packages.

Recommended Website Tracking Scripts – 4 Best Rated Visitor Trackers!

If you are a website owner or run a blog, then you have to find a way to keep track of your website traffic. This is the only way that you can make informed decisions on the way forward for the website. Keeping track of the website traffic, visitor sources and their actions will help you know what kind of traffic works on your website. It will help you know what traffic approaches to leave an how to scale up your online business.

In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the best website tracking scripts, extension and plugins that you can use to keep track of your website traffic and performance. It will help you make informed traffic decisions. Here they are;

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is arguably the most popular web tracking script in the industry. As you can judge from the name, the tracking tool is made by Google and is used by millions of users across the globe. The sophisticated features that it comes with makes it stand out and help website owners to efficiently keep track of their traffic and visitor behaviors. You can track anything using this tool. From tracking user behaviors and actions to keeping track of your ads bidding performance, this is something you can use efficiently on your website. The tool can be installed on countless number of websites and you get a nice dashboard where there are graphical data showing source of traffic, click through rate, bounce rate, number of visitors by location among many other data. Using Google Analytics is absolutely free and that makes it one of the bets reasons o get it.

Having it installed on your website is an easy process. After signing up, you can easily install a code which is found in the analytics dashboard. After that, any action relating to website visitors on a website will be tracked and displayed on the Google Analytics dashboard.


Heatmap is more of a behavioral tracking script rather than a website visitor counter. Imagine if you could understand your website traffic users and be able to see how they act by clicking and navigating your website. The tracking script will let you know where your website visitors are spending time most and also where they are clicking. In short, you will understand them and know what triggers them to leave or where you need to improve on your landing page. It is an excellent tool for anyone who is trying to improve on their conversions, whether it is on a blog or an advertising landing page.

Such a script can help you to easily understand what needs to be changed on you website in order to get better results. So, if you are looking for a good way to better understand your web traffic and their behaviors on your website landing pages, then Heatmap is a good tool worth considering. The only downside is that you have to spend some money to access full features.


Clicky is an independent and effective web tracking tool that you can easily install on any website with ease. You simply add a script to your website and activate your account. Clicky has received a lot of love from website owners and bloggers for its efficiency, sophisticated array of features and their nice dashboard that is easy to use. It is a great tool for anyone who is looking to optimize their website and scale up for better results. Clicky also has their own heatmap as an added feature which is a plus for anyone who wants to better optimize their website and improve things like click through rate while also reducing bounce rates.

It has a free and paid options with the free options covering websites that are small or still in their beginning stage. This therefore mean that anyone can use the tool as their website grows.

StatCounter Free Web Stats

get blog traffic

Statcounter is yet another website tracking tool that has been around for many years. It has won accolades for its superior performance and dependability. It has an advanced dashboard that features graphs and in-depth data that will help users better understand their website users and how they interact with their landing pages. With the tool, you can get data on bounce rates, page views, page load activities, returning visitors, traffic sources among many other data.

The tool has seen a lot of improvement over the years and turned from a simple web tracking script to a more informative one that helps uses better understand the performance and scope of their site. Statcounter isn’t completely fee. Although there is a free account that lets you get traffic data, there are limitations to the data that you will receive. It isn’t however that expensive to upgrade, and the data you get in the process is invaluable. It is totally worth the investment.

There are many other website tracking scripts and tools which you can find online, but these are the most popular ones. They have stood the test of time and provided users with invaluable results which helps one easily optimize their site for better results.

Final Word

Now that we have gone through some of the best website traffic tracking scripts and tools int he market, which one should you choose? Although you can always install unlimited number of scripts without restrictions, sometimes they can clash and cause errors on your website. They can also make your website to slow while loading the scripts.

You can have any of the tools above, but if you are still a beginner with lower budget, then you may consider going with the free options like Google Analytics and the free version of Clicky. For advanced users who need to scale, any of the tools whether free or paid will make a good choice.

If you have always struggled to generate good amount of traffic to your website, then be sure to check out our affordable high quality web traffic packages.

Targeted Traffic Vs Bulk Traffic – Free Traffic Guide

Are you looking for a high quality traffic source and wondering which one to go with? Traffic is everything when it comes to running an online business. You cannot do without traffic. An online business or website is like a shop, and we all know that people need to come to the shop to buy something. If they do not, then there won’t be any sales. The same case goes to the web traffic. If you do not have targeted traffic, then you are not in business. And this leads us to the same question on how to get the best traffic.

Among some of the best ways to get traffic, there are plenty of them. However, the traffic can be classified into paid or free traffic. When it comes to free traffic, there are a lot of things that one needs to consider. In this guide, we will be covering free traffic, and more specifically on the questions surrounding targeted traffic vs bulk traffic. What are they? And which one should you consider going for?

Targeted Traffic

Traffic is just traffic, right? No. The notion that many people have, especially newbies, that you can just get any traffic to any website and start seeing sales isn’t true. Again, using the example of a simple offline shop or store that sells a specific items such as bicycle spares, would anyone that passes by buy something? Of course not. And that is the same case when it comes to website traffic. You have to have the right audiences and visitors coming in. Otherwise, you will find yourself wasting time directing wrong audiences who will not buy anything. Sooner or later, you could find yourself closing shop simply because you had the wrong people.

This brings us back to the topic of targeted traffic. What is targeted traffic? Targeted traffic is when you have qualified audiences and people who are interested in your website content and products coming in. The results to this is that is higher conversions and more profits to you.

Now imagine if you can get lots of targeted traffic. The sales will increase and you business will flourish. Just like the case of having a busy shop where people are flowing in.

Bulk Traffic

What is bulk traffic and are bulk traffic any good? Imagine getting tons of traffic flowing to your website. Wouldn’t that make you a lot of money? Yes and No. Not every website traffic will convert, especially when they are just random. Bulk traffic can also be generated using bots which makes them useless since they are not real humans. This is traffic that you shouldn’t consider getting if you want to make lots of sales. They can be advantageous in helping build reputation and backlinks to your website, but not as a good source of traffic.

Sadly, bulk traffic is just random type of traffic which means that there is little or no targeting. This will result in low sales and less profits. In short, do not expect to make a lot of money using free bulk traffic. If it was that easy, then wouldn’t everybody be using the method and make thousands of dollars everyday?

Getting bulk traffic is very easy. There are websites offering that, and sometimes these type of traffic are very cheap.

Targeted Traffic Vs Bulk Traffic

buy high converting traffic
increase website traffic

When it comes down to comparing targeted traffic to buying or acquiring bulk traffic, it could be a bit complicated for some people especially newbies. But considering the nature of the traffic, it shouldn’t be that hard to distinguish and determine the best to go with.

By comparison, targeted traffic gets you results. Despite being a bit of work to acquire the traffic, it is really worth the investment, work and time that one takes. As compared to the bulk traffic which only seems to be easy to acquire yet there is less conversion if any. So the question to you is whether you would ant cheap easy to acquire traffic with no results or one that you can spend some time and investment to acquire and get good results from it. Of course the rational decision would be to go for targeted traffic since it will get you results. Even if you were to spend money on buying targeted traffic and have another option to get ten times the bulk traffic for the same amount, you better opt for targeted traffic.

Nothing beats targeted traffic because with a lot of them, you are sure that you will make some good amount of money since you will be guaranteed to sell and convert. So to sum up our comparison of targeted traffic vs bulk traffic, the targeted traffic wins all the time.

Final Word

Website traffic is the lifeblood and the backbone of any website. Without traffic, you cannot see any sales or conversions. Having looked at both targeted traffic and bulk traffic acquisition, it is now time for you to decide on which one you should go for. The rational choice is to go with targeted traffic because it is the only way that you will be guaranteed of getting traffic that converts. Buying or getting random traffic that is in bulk might seem like a good way to get tons of traffic, but in the real sense it doesn’t help.

We here at And Web Traffic have been in the traffic generation game for long, and we help blog and website owners get the best traffic to their sites. Should it get hard for you to get high quality web traffic to your site, then you can always check out some of the traffic packages in our sales page. Our high quality web traffic is sourced from different high authority sources.

Paid Traffic Vs Organic Traffic Tips – Ultimate Beginner’s Traffic Buying Guide!

If you have been in the internet marketing industry, then you must have now known that there are two major ways to generate traffic to a website. The method can either be paid or free. Some people keep asking the very question as to why one would pay for traffic when you can get the traffic for free. Free traffic can be sourced from different websites. They can be organic which means that they come automatically from different sources like the search engines. This kind of traffic is natural and being targeted is also considered one of the best. So, if you were to choose from paid traffic vs organic, which one would you go with?

In this comprehensive traffic guide, we will be comparing paid traffic vs organic traffic. But before that, here are some of the reasons why one would buy traffic rather than get them for free.

Reasons To Buy Traffic (Paid Traffic)

There are a number of reasons why one would want to invest in website traffic as opposed to getting the traffic for free. Here they are;

Paid Traffic is Instant

When you opt to buy website traffic, you will love the fact that the traffic can be delivered to your website or landing page in that very instant or just moments after the the ad campaign has been approved. This is as opposed to other methods which someone would find to be slower. So, if you are in need of traffic fast or need results then running a paid campaign would be the perfect way to go.

Better Targeting

With paid traffic, you can easily get better targeting which also means better results and performance. Imagine being able to pick people who are already looking for something that you are selling. It would be an amazing experience because all you have to do is sell to them. The same is the case for traffic. When you have targeted traffic, you can expect your conversions to increase and get more profits. Some of the things that you can use to better target your audiences includes reaching different people from certain locations, gender, age among other factors.

Absolute Control

Just like it is the case of better targeting, there are a lot of control features that are left to you when you are paying for traffic. You will be mostly provided with a dashboard where you have tons of features that you can use to customize or control your ads and consequently the performance that you get.

Paid Traffic Vs Organic Traffic

How do paid traffic compare to organic traffic? What are their similarities or differences? Paid traffic as earlier discussed is the form of traffic where one pays the, while on the other end, organic traffic is free traffic which is acquired organically through web sources such as search engines like Google.

Perhaps the bets thing that one would love about both paid and organic traffic is that they are very high quality and boasts good conversions. This is because they are mostly well targeted. Paid traffic offers better control where targeting is done while organic traffic comes from keywords a website ranks for which also makes it well targeted.

Paid Traffic

Are you wondering about ways that you can get good quality paid traffic or how to go about the whole thing? Here are some of the best paid traffic sources that you should consider.


PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertisement where one pays for visitors based on how may visits their website. It is tracked using clicks and one is billed for every click that is made. PPC ads can be sourced from websites an platforms like search engine ad platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads as well as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


CPM ads are ads that are based on impressions rather than clicks as seen in the case of PPC. Actually CPM stands for Cost Per Mille which means that one is billed on impressions of 1,000 views. It is a great advertisement method if you are looking for a way to get more traffic cheaply.

Sponsored Posts

You must have some experience about blog posts if you’ve been around for a whole. Now, there is a way to advertise yourself on top blogs, and this is by asking the blog owners to write a review about one of your products, services or website. This is an approach which someone should use only on related websites and blogs. This will ensure good targeting.

Organic Traffic

organic traffic

Organic traffic is the process of acquiring traffic naturally by optimizing your website to start getting the traffic on its own. One great example to that is by tweaking your website to get better appearance on search engines like Google. Getting websites to appear on Google, Bing and Yahoo is the way to go if you are looking to tap into free website traffic. The organic website traffic is highly targeted and guarantees users good conversions and eventually good profits out of it.

The thing is that it can take long to get results with search engines and other organic traffic approaches. It can also be a bit hard if someone is still new to the organic traffic methodology. You can however start learning search engine optimization and even consider buying or hiring organic traffic experts to help you make the optimizations. However, the results are very rewarding.

Final Verdict

Generating website traffic is sometimes tricky especially if you are still new to the grind. The two main methods that one can choose to use to get quality traffic to their website is either paid traffic or free organic traffic. The question is which one should you use? Both of these traffic approaches are great, but they operate differently. While you can get free traffic through the organic approach, it is a bit slow, on the other end if you need quick traffic to your site and have some money to spend, you should consider paid traffic.

5 Proven Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Ever wanted to run a successful website which grows to become a hub or a source of information for people to read or buy stuff that they need? Well, a journey of a thousand miles starts with getting the first visitor. Every experienced internet marketer and web owner knows that for their website to continue existing, then not only need web traffic, but they need them in good quality. This can however prove to be a problem for most people, and that is okay as long as you are doing something about it.

In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the best ways that one can use to generate tons of web traffic to their website the easy way. These strategies are the same that are used by industry experts and pros that have mastered the art of marketing.

Why Is Website Traffic Important?

Imagine having a shop at the corner of a street. You spend a lot on paying rent for it and expect it to give you some returns from the sale of tour goods and supplies. Would it make enough money if it does not get visitors coming in? Of course not. and that is the same case when it comes to websites.

People have to visit your website for you to sell something or for people to read the information that you want them to. Otherwise you could find yourself writing things that nobody will every read. In a nutshell, web traffic is the lifeblood of any website and is a s important as customers to a traditional shop.

The 5 Best Ways To Get Web Traffic

Here are some of the best ways that you can use to get high quality web traffic to your website, easily without a lot of experience. Even a novice website owner can do it.

Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest way that one can get tons of website traffic without much experience. With billions of users actively using social media, there is a huge potential to use these top sites to get traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are even enough to get you started.

Yet another reason why you would really want to use social media is because you can start for free without paying a dime. All you need to do is to register an account with a few social media sites, interact with people to gain some following then start sharing your site to them. In most of the top social media sites, there are usually some groups which are geared towards a specific niche. Joining them could accelerate your traffic potential and help you build your brand much faster.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO is the process of optimizing your website and increasing their chances of being found on top search engines like Google and Bing. Considering that there are countless number of sites across the web which compete for a spot on Google and other similar search engines, certain algorithms are followed. This simply means that the website owner has to follow these algorithms to make sure that their website ranks at the top.

So, Is SEO free? Well, for the most part, SEO involves optimizing the website through two processes, On page & Off-page optimization. And these strategies can be done freely, unless you are a newbie or need the help of an expert to help you handle the handy part. If you have to hire someone though, you have to make sure that they are professionals who really know what they are doing. But if you are not in a hurry, then you will love the learning process and be a better master in SEO in no time.

Guest Blogging

If you have been around for a while, then you know what blogging is and what a blog post is. Guest blogging is the act of writing blog or guest posts on other websites with the intention of gaining a following and traffic to your own website. When you write an article on another website, you have the chance of leaving a link or your website name which people will follow to your site.

The more you do this, the higher the chances of getting more website traffic to your site. It has proven to be a very crucial and effective approach that many people are using.

Video Marketing

Research has it that video content is the future of the web. In the near future, people will be using videos for research, learning and even find out more about a product before they buy them. The trend has already started and looking at a video site like YouTube and the traffic flocking into the website, you can hardly debate that. There are literally billions of views on YouTube everyday, and if that doesn’t make you want to be a part of it, you will be left behind.

Doing it is easy though. Stand in front of a camera and sell yourself as a professional in what you do, and upload it. Of course there are some things to optimize, but that shouldn’t take you a couple of minutes.

Paid Traffic

Sometimes you have to come guns blazing, and it really pays of when it comes to paid traffic. You can get traffic for free, but if you have a good budget, it can make a lot of things much easier and you could be in for the money in no time.

There are many ways in which one can use to buy traffic. From Google Adwords to Facebook advertising, you have all the sources. The problems comes in when you need to choose the right one for your website. This is because it can be very tricky and could be costly before you figure out.

But that shouldn’t scare you. Here at And Web Traffic, we like to help businesses grow by customizing them the right paid traffic package. Be sure to check out our sales page or get in touch with us for a special new customer discount.

Final Word

Website traffic is very important and is crucial for the survival of any site. With over 2 decades in the industry, we are here ready to help you get the best out of your website. Get in touch with us today and we will help you generate more website traffic to your site.

What is Website Traffic? – The Best Beginners Traffic Guide

website traffic for beginners

If you are still new to the internet marketing game, then you must be finding yourself in a place where you have to ask yourself some newbie questions. Everybody starts somewhere and not knowing anything is just part of learning. Among some of the most asked questions in the internet marketing world is What is website traffic? In this guide, we are not only going to show you what traffic is, but will also make an effort to expound on it and give you some real life examples.

But before delving any further, let us first define what website traffic is. Site traffic is simply the users that visit a website. They can come in directly, through social media or other websites across the globe. Whichever the case, the people visiting the website are known as website traffic or simply traffic.

Do You Need Site Traffic?

Gone are the days when one could just set up a website and forget about it, and start seeing people flock in. Besides just being a good way to promote your business, you need to also factor in that to make profit and be able to stay online, you need to pay for hosting and other things. Without web traffic and people coming to your website, you cannot do that. So, to put it simply, you need website traffic to survive online.

The idea of setting up a website or a blog is great, but that is only if it is able to serve its purpose. And its purpose is to host people who come to read or buy things from the website. So, for it to be fully functional and meet all your needs, it needs to generate traffic.

How Do You Get Site Traffic?

Now that you have the understanding of web traffic, how do you get website traffic to your blog or site? There are countless number of ways in which one can use to generate traffic to their website. They can be paid or cost free to you. Although most of the free traffic sources require a lot of handy work, it is a good place to start if you are a newbie in the industry or do not have enough budget to buy traffic.

Below are some of the most common ways to get traffic to a website. Whether a website is new or old, these strategies and traffic sources have always proven to work.

Social Media Traffic

Everyone is on social media these days, and as a website owner, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t be there doing whatever it takes to get the much needed traffic. With billions of users across top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is really a huge potential to tap tons of high quality traffic regardless of your niche.

Yet another reason why you may want to consider using social media for traffic is because it can be used for free. Although there is an option to buy traffic for instant and bigger traffic gains, anyone can get started without any investment and grow slowly with time.

Search Engine Traffic

Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines are among the best services that one can use to get information on the web. These search engines have become one of the most important sources of web traffic and the backbone of the web in general. So how does one get traffic from these search engines?

To generate web traffic, you need to optimize your website following a set of search engine algorithms. The search engines recommends and ranks websites through a series of protocols and algorithms to ensure users get the best results. By doing this, you will start seeing growth in your website traffic.

The best thing about using search engines is that it is mostly free. Although it could take sometime to master and generate traffic using this method, the latter results are every rewarding.

Guest Blogging

If you are still new to the internet game, then perhaps you may want to consider guest blogging. This imply means that you will publish articles, guides or posts on other websites and blogs. since you will be leaving a byline with a link to your website, you can always count on getting traffic flowing to your website.

Ding guest blogging entails reaching out to bloggers and asking them to give you access to post on their blogs. If you want better results with guest blogging, you should focus on getting publications on big authority websites that have been around for a while.

There are many other traffic techniques that one can use to build their website audiences and prosperity.

Are All Traffic The Same?

getting website traffic

Traffic aren’t the same and depending on the source, they can get you different results. This is simply because some are more targeted than others. The better the targeting, the better the sales and conversions and that is what most people should be considering.

To know which traffic is right for your website, you need to keep testing the different sources and see which one gets you better results.

How To Track Your Web Traffic

To be able to improve and scale your website, it would be crucial to always keep track of your website performance and have all the details about the traffic flowing to the site.

The best way to track your website traffic is by the use of third party scripts and plugins. After installing these scripts, you can then simply see the traffic inflow and with advanced scripts and plugins, you will also be able to track other measurable metrics like bounce rate and duration on the site.


Web traffic is the lifeblood of every website and a site is useless without it. Shared in this guide are the basics of generating your site traffic and all that you need to know as a beginner.

If you would like an easy way to generate web traffic, then you should consider our affordable packages. We have been in the game for over a decade and will guarantee you high quality website traffic that gets you conversions. yo do not need to be an expert to use our system.

7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Instantly

Do you know, there are 1 billion websites on the internet and no matter which niche you choose, you’ll always have competitors with better authority.  

Obviously, it’s not an easy task but still, people build multiple sites and make them rank on top pages of search engines. You can also do the same by following the methods we’re going to discuss in this article. 

I’ve divided this article into 3 pieces, the first one is “Free methods of increasing websites’ traffic”, the second one is “Paid ways to drive website traffic”, and the last one is “Increasing websites’ traffic instantly” 

So, you can choose the method that suits you and your business, as a result, you’ll be able to achieve an increase in traffic on your website.  

Free methods of increasing websites’ traffic 

More traffic means more sales, and more sales mean more profit. You’ll have to have people on your website for making money online and by applying these traditional ways of increasing the website’s traffic would help you achieve the same.  

  • SEO 

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, it is a sub-branch of marketing which helps in optimising your website to get traffic directly from searches that take place on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. 

There are basically 3 types of SEO, which are: 

  1. On-Page SEO 
  1. Off-Page SEO 
  1. Technical SEO 

We won’t dig much deep into all of them but let’s have a brief look at each one of them. 

On-page SEO includes all the on-page elements that are responsible for higher rankings on search engines like Google or Yahoo. It includes optimization of Meta tags, Headings, Keyword Research and much more. 

Off-Page SEO, as the name suggests it is about optimising everything off the site, you don’t make changes to the on-page elements in off-page SEO. For example, Building backlinks, Article submission, Forum submission, etc are some factors to look for while performing off-page SEO. 

Technical SEO is responsible for improving the technical things related to your site which in turn improves the ranking of the web pages in the search engines. Technical SEO includes factors like website speed or load time, easiness of crawling, Robots.txt file, Sitemaps, etc. 

The overall goal of performing SEO is to make your site more fast and easy to use, while some keyword research would help you with target keywords with high search volume and low difficulty. 

  • Social Media 

Around 3.4 billion people use social media all around the world, it is a great opportunity for someone looking to drive free traffic to his site. Though it’s not an easy task because people don’t like to click on links or ads, and leave their social media profile, so that’s why here are some techniques you can use to drive people from social media. 

  1. Optimise your profile 

You might have noticed that all the popular brands or even startups have very reputed social media profiles, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn brands and businesses are present on every single social media network. 

Have you ever thought, how it helps them? 

The answer is very simple, they’re not just building social media profiles but they’re advertising themselves through their profiles. And guess what, all of this marketing for free of cost. 

Social media is a great tool for building your brand awareness among people and if you do it in the right way, you can even divert your followers to your website. 


Either you can either hire a team for handling your social media accounts or simply optimise all of your profiles yourself. Make sure you fill the correct information and most importantly the links to your site should be present. 

  1. Public engagement 

“Social media marketing”, there is a word social in the name itself which means you should be able to connect to your audience in the business of social media. The whole aim is to get more and more followers so that a large number of people could see your posts or anything you are advertising. 

Even if you somehow achieve a goal of 1 million followers, with a 10 per cent conversion rate you’ll be getting 1,00,000 people on your website just with the help of your social media profile. 

Producing engaging content is a great idea for attracting your target audience on social media, you can do anything from creating educational videos to Infographics, the only limit is the amount of work you can do. 

The popularity and use of Podcasts are increasing day by day, all the great marketers believe that podcasts are a very effective way when it comes to engaging people through the content. You can also use podcasts as a tool for engaging more people by posting some podcasts on your social media profiles. 

  1. Post Consistently 

No one will remember you if you post once a month, posting regularly on your social media can help you develop an amazing social media marketing strategy. The logic is very simple the more you post, the more you’ll keep in touch with your target audience and simultaneously higher are the chances that they’ll visit your website and turn into your potential customers. 

google traffic

Some of the other factors include creating viral content (like Memes), posting more of visual content, Run Q&A’s, Social groups participation, etc. 

  • Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a very traditional method of marketing, you can ask any digital marketer present on Earth he/she will ask you to start building an email list from the very beginning of your journey as a business. 

Let me ask you a question, 

“How many times do you visit the same website by typing its name?”, 

Well, I don’t remember sites and no one does because we use hundreds of sites per day and it is not possible to remember all of them. So, what I’m trying to tell you is that people won’t return to your site again and again because they won’t remember you once their problem is solved. 

Email marketing is a method of bringing back the people who already visited your site. All you just need to do is collect an email of the person who visits your site for the first time and then shoot him with a mail telling him about your new products, services, posts, discount coupons, or anything else he might be interested in. 

It is not that easy as it looks because people don’t consider such mails as spam emails and they might unsubscribe (your newsletter) if you don’t offer them value in the emails you’re sending them. 

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind before sending a marketing mail to your potential customer. 

1. Try to be Interactive 

Emails used to be so boring in the past because of the formal reputation they had in the market, but now the time has changed from promotions to bill receipts, we receive everything on emails.  

But people only read those mails which are interactive or the ones that provide some value to them, and while sending emails to your returning visitors you should keep both of these things in mind. 

Use unique and engaging subjects, photos, images or anything that users could relate to. Feedback forms are another great way of interacting with your potential customers, by using these forms you’ll get to know your audience and their expectations from your business. 

People love discounts and sales, it’s the greatest opportunity for you to make them click on your websites’ link, throw some coupons, deals, latest products and every interesting thing present in your inventory.  

2. Don’t Overcomplicate things 

There’s a very thin line between a great mail and an overcomplicated mail, so while writing such marketing mails make sure you don’t cross that line, as it may lead to the permanent loss of your potential customer. 

You can search for “Tips for writing extraordinary mails that convert” on google, or if you have a budget then you can simply hire a marketing expert for this work. The end goal is to keep the mail short, easy to read and should offer some value to the user. 

3. Offer visuals 

Let me ask you a question, 

If you get a choice of reading an article or watching a youtube video, explaining the same topic then,  

“Which one would you choose?”, 

I will definitely choose Youtube video and most of you will choose the same, the reason behind this is very scientific, we humans prefer watching videos over reading text. We like visuals and moving visuals (videos) are best of all, so try to offer videos, Infographics that add value to your mail. 

  • Guest posting 

In simple words, you can say that a guest post is an exchange of a post with a backlink, it is an article or blog that we write on someone else’s website, and in exchange, we get a backlink from their site. 

If you somehow get to write for a website with high traffic, you’ll be able to attract their audience to your own website. Before you start guest blogging you should know who your audience is. For example, if you have a site on weddings then there’s no point in writing a guest post on a Tech. site because the audience coming on a tech site have no relation to your audience. 

For finding the best sites for guest blogging in your niche, you can simply go to google and search for “your niche + guest post”. You’ll get a list of sites where you can publish guest posts.  

get blog traffic

Broken link building 

As the name suggests, we work with broken links in this method, but the question is, 

“What are broken links?”, 

Let’s assume we have 3 websites, A, B and C.  

“A” has a very high authority and it is giving a backlink to “B”, “C” produces the same content as “B”. After two years the “B” website somehow shuts down (expires), now the link that was given by “A” will show a 404 error (broken link) which is very bad for the SEO of website “A”. 

Now, “C” will approach “A” and ask the owner to redirect that same link on his site, because “C” produces the same content as of “B”, “A” will not have any problem linking to “C”. 

In the above example, we saw that a third website took advantage of the broken link, you can do the same by finding broken links on the popular websites of your niche.  


“How can someone find broken links on someone else’s site?”, 

There are tools for this, also known as SEO tools. Some of the best ones are: 

  • Ahrefs 
  • Semrush 
  • Moz 
  • Ubersuggest 

You can use these tools for not just finding broken links but for many other purposes. 

Paid ways to drive website traffic 

We looked at some of the free methods that help you in increasing your websites’ traffic, and now we’ll be discussing the paid ways for driving traffic to your site.  

Paid ways work faster as compared to the free ones but it also depends on your website’s niche whether paid methods or free methods would work better for you. Here are some paid methods that you can use to drive more and more traffic to your site: 

  • Google Search Advertising 

You might have seen websites on top of google searches with a small box written “Ad” in it, yes, those are google ads and if you can apply for them too.  

Google Adwords is the tool that manages all the Ads to be shown on google searches if you want to place your websites’ “Ad” then you’ll have to sign up for Google Adwords first. 

It’s not like buying an advertisement from Google, you’ll need to take part in Keyword Auction and the one who wins takes it all. The overall cost of the ad will depend on various factors like competitiveness of the keyword, ad rank and quality score. 

These were some technical terms that you might not understand right now but are very important if you’re considering ads from Google. 

  • Google maps advertising 

Before you apply for Google maps advertising there are some prerequisites, 

  1. You should have Google maps account 
  1. You’ll need to set-up Google my business listing 

Google maps advertising has a similar procedure as of “Google search advertising”, you’ll have to bid on different locations and optimise the keywords accordingly. 

  • Social media advertising 

Earlier we discussed social media as a free tool for driving traffic on your site and in this section we’ll discuss how paid social media advertising works. 

Most of the social media platforms offer social media advertising, some common names are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest Youtube, etc.  

Some of the common ways of advertising on social media are Advertisements (e.g. Facebook ads) and approaching influencers for marketing purposes. Social media advertisements are very similar to the Google search advertisements, the only difference is that here you’re placing an Ad on some specific social media app or website. 

The other way is reaching out to the influencers on social media, and asking them to promote your product by paying them. It is a great way of marketing because people follow celebrities and because they have got millions of followers, your brand recognition will improve drastically. 

advantages of paid traffic

Increasing websites’ traffic instantly 

I’m a very impatient person and I can’t wait for long to see results and for those who’re like me, gonna love this way of getting traffic to a website. This method is known as “Paid Traffic”, as the name suggests you will have to buy traffic here. 

Now the question arises,  

“Where should I buy traffic from?”, 

Don’t worry you don’t have to go anywhere else, we offer you the service of purchasing traffic on “AndWebTraffic“. 

But, “Why should you buy traffic from AndWebTraffic?”, 

That’s a very obvious question when it comes to buying traffic from any website, “AndWebTraffic” is the best option because we have years of experience in providing high-quality traffic, the best part is that we offer the audience who are interested in your niche. 

It’s not like you’ll be getting spammy visitors or random people from anywhere around the world, we choose the audience that suits your websites’ niche.  

But the question arises, 

“How do we know who your audience is?”, 

The answer is very simple, after performing years of research our developers have built tools that refine the traffic as per your niche, moreover, you can add references for the target audience. 

We offer unique traffic all-day and the source of this traffic is the redirected visitors from the sites that are no longer offering services or expired, all of these expired sites are of the same niche so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the traffic. 


  • SEO is a sub-branch of marketing which helps in optimising your website to get traffic directly from searches. 
  • Email marketing is a method of bringing back the people who already visited your site. 
  • Guest post is an exchange of a post with a backlink, it is an article or blog that we write on someone else’s website, and in exchange, we get a backlink from their site. 
  • Broken links from high authority sites of your niche can be very helpful in attracting the audience from their site. 
  • Some of the paid methods are Google search advertising, Google maps advertising, Social media advertising. 
  • AndWebTraffic is the best option if you’re looking to buy instant traffic. 

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