5 Badass Tools That Will Change The Way You Do Internet Marketing

If internet marketing is something that you are seriously into then you need to be on toes and make sure that you are doing your best to get high quality traffic that will give you conversions. In a world where automation and technology is essential, tools will come in handy and in this post, we will go through some of the latest tools that have shown impressive results over time.  Most of the tools are free but others are paid for but they are well worth the investment. Here are the tools;

IFTT (If This, Then That)

Automation is something that every internet marketer should keep in mind and IFTT is one tool that every marketer should have in their rolodex. This tool enables you to simplify the post submission process to over 30 platforms. Furthermore you can also use it to nest these submissions so that you can create a network which is more credible and recommended based on search algorithms if you intend to get better search engine visibility. Beyond that, you will also reach more people from social media without spending a lot of time.

One downside with IFTT is that it requires one to have some basic experience of interlinking the channels and moreso internet marketing experience. Newbies might not find it friendly but it is something that one can easily get along with in less than a week. From there, you can get rolling with top notch automation that will give you tons of web traffic to your site.


By now you must have known that guest posting is one of the best strategies that many internet marketers are focusing on. This is simply because it gives solid results which aren’t found with many other approaches. If you aren’t aware of guest posting, it is simply the process of reaching out to other bloggers in your niche and posting on those sites with the aim of baiting the audiences of that site to your website or blog.  However, guest posting isn’t an easy road and requires a lot from your side. Doing this manually could be tiresome and also time consuming. However, with the help of GuestPost.com, a lot of burden has been reduced.

With guestpost.com, the hard task of finding blogs has been simplified and you can easily search and reach out to these blogs without much pain. If you are into guest posting like many internet marketers, then this is a tool that you must have.


Influencer marketing has already landed and it is making news in the airwaves. If you are not using influencer marketing then that is something that you should have started yesterday. You can however catch up with many internet markets and harness the high quality traffic in your niche. Klout is a tool that you will love when it comes to finding influencers in your niche. It first started as a tool to measure the social media performance of people on the social media and today it has grown to be a favorite tool that offers detailed analytics which influences internet marketers decisions. With the tool, you can easily search for a niche and you will get results of top influencer in that niche. You van then go ahead and pitch your ideas and products to those influencers with ease.

Perhaps some of the best things with influencer marketing is the fact that it is easy to get started with and you stand a high chance of getting thousands of traffic regardless of you website age. As long as you have content that stands out, you can easily make bank and gain authority in your niche.

Similar Web

Competitor analysis and benchmarking isn’t a new strategy, but one that not many internet marketers are using. We all know that there is always competition all over and it is a well-known fact that crushing you competition is necessary. Because if you do not crush them, then they will crush you. In order to stay afloat in the internet marketing world, you need to spy on your competition and Similar Web is a tool that will come in handy on that. It keeps track of millions of websites and analyzes them based on their traffic and performance over time. Similar Web boasts one of the largest databases on the web, thanks to its state of the art crawler that has made this possible.

You are not going to take out your competition with this tool, but it is a very powerful tool that will ensure that you are always at par with the competition as it will always keep you on the know.

Google Analytics

targeted trafficThis isn’t a surprise to many. Many internet marketers cannot live without this tool and it is simply because of the amazing features that it has. There are very few tools that compares with Google analytics and the fact that this one comes free makes it untouchable. Other high end analytic tools like clicky and Kissmetrics are paid for, making this the ultimate choice for many internet marketers.

Keeping track of your website performance and campaigns is very important and Google analytics makes it painless. The tool boasts high end features which you can use on almost every website and marketing campaign that you run online. If you are therefore looking for an analytic tool then Google analytic should be your first priority.

Final Word:

With these high end tools, you can easily accomplish a lot in the internet marketing world and harness tons of web traffic while also building an authority site. They are the tools that experts are using.

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How Buying Website Traffic Helps Increase Your Visitors and Sales

Whether your website is new or old, buying website traffic a useful way of increasing both the number visitors and your sales. If you are worried that buying website traffic will not do anything other than giving you a quick boost in traffic and nothing more, you are certainly missing out a valuable marketing tool to boost your online success. Here are some of the ways in which buying website traffic increase both the traffic and sales.

It Connects You to Your Target Audience

When you purchase website traffic, you will be able to narrow down your visitors to the members of your target. You can do this by buying in a specific zip code, gender or age group. You can even breakdown your traffic further by more particular niches. This way, you do not simply end up with a crap shoot you frequently do when you purchase other kinds of online advertising.

More Real Traffic Boosts Your Ranking in the Search Engines

A common SEO approach is to build backlinks to optimize your website further. Although backlinks can be a remarkable way of increasing your optimization, they can also do the exact opposite if you do not have good quality backlinks. Nevertheless, when you purchase your traffic from real live people, you will notice your page rank start to rise, which will further increase the amount of organic traffic too your website.

More Traffic Equals to More Conversions

Even though there is no exact equation to link the two, there is a basic rule that applies – more quality traffic equals to higher conversions and high conversions leads to mote profitability. When you purchase website traffic, you will gain exposure to members of the online community that may not have known of your existence otherwise. To boost this success further, make the information on your site easy enough for your visitors to share through links and social media.

It Expands Your Reach both Nationally and Globally

A great number of businesses offer their online products and services nationally and internationally. However, if you are based in California for instance, you will find that the huge majority of your organic traffic will be from within your state and city. But when you buy website traffic, you can easily and quickly expand your reach to members of your target audience than live nationally and internationally. You can do this by selection the states or zip codes you intend to focus on first. Buying genuine traffic is also accepted by Google’s guidelines.

There’s more with buying website traffic

increasing traffic

Besides increasing traffic and sales, buying website traffic is also an affordable way of reaching out to your target audience whether it is adult targeted or gambling casino traffic. There are a number of ways to boost traffic to your website through online marketing and advertising, but these methods can really add up to your financial burden and they take so much time to implement. Nevertheless, when you buy website traffic you will have a measurable amount of traffic with a conversion rate that you will be able to measure. Besides, it is an affordable and effective way to see quick results.

If you are in search of a fast, convenient and easy way to increase your visitors and sales, it is time to buy targeted website traffic. It is not only fast and easy, but it requires minimal energy, time and setup on your end. You simply place your order on our website, Andwebtraffic.com, designate your target audience, and sit back and watch as both your visitors and sales increase!

How To Get Traffic To A New Website

Are you getting started with internet marketing or did you just create you first website and are wondering how to get traffic and people to start visit? We’ve all been there and it is not like the old days where people would create a 5 page website and start seeing search engines sending them traffic for the keywords they wish to get ranked for. Today, it has become more of a maze and somehow tricky especially for newbie marketers to make it. However, there are several ways in which one can easily get tons of web traffic without having o do much. In this guide, we will go through 5 of those strategies that you can implement and follow to start seeing people come in to your website.

Start Guest Posting To Blogs On Your Niche

Guest posting is not a new approach to internet marketing and it has been around for many years and it has always helped many newbie marketers to get more visibility. If you are still new to guest posting then it is simply a process of posting content on other blogs whereby you leave a link on the content byline so that people can click and head over to your website. Doing this repeatedly on as many sites as you can is the way to go. Also you should focus on guest posting on sites that are strictly on your niche and those that receive high amount of traffic. You can use tools like Alexa to check out the approximate number of traffic that a website gets.

Apart from getting traffic from guest posting, your blog or website will quickly become an authority site because you will also get a backlink which counts mostly when it comes to search engine traffic. So you will also be forging a long term traffic approach that will boost your search engine visibility.

Craft Viral Masterpieces

Content is everything when it comes to internet marketing. It is what determines how much you make and if at all you will be able to make a sale. Poor content will get you nothing. If you have to make it in the online game, you have to make sure that your content engages the audiences and is also shareable so as to attract more visitors to your website. It is always recommended to create content that can go viral. This means content that can be shared over and over. As they get shared more, they will get you more visitors. So how do you achieve this?

You first have to make sure that you write flawless content and also use captivating and irresistible headlines so that you can capture the attention of the readers. You can add some humor to your content and also make sure that you are on point and that the information is valid and correct.

Focus On Building A Good Social Media Audience

Every successful internet marketer will tell you that social media is the traffic juice and a very crucial part of every successful website.  The other reason you don’t want to miss out on social media is because it is mostly free, unless you would like to spend on social media ads to boost your site even further to broader audiences. It is also seamlessly easy to get started and have the ball rolling. You need to create social media profiles on the top social media sites and focus on growing them. Also you should create time regularly and share more often so as to keep your audiences engaged and coming back for more. This way you will grow your audiences and traffic in no time.

Besides this, having social media signals on your site will also ensure that you get a healthy search engine reputation which ensures that your keywords are relevantly getting the right search positions.

Leverage Influencers

Ever heard influencer marketing? Imagine having a website that markets songs and you get a boost by a famous celebrity who decides to share your website with millions for users on their social media account or blog.

The sky is the limit for influencer marketing because there will always be that famous influencer who is willing to share great content with their followers. It is therefore up to you to craft unique content that will please these influencers and want them to share you content with other people.

Conducting Interviews And Doing Blog Roundups

10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social MediaNo matter how small you are there is always a way to get the attention of people in you niche, and two of those approaches is to do interviews and also do blog roundups. If you have been in the internet marketing world even for a few months, you must have come across websites in your niche with interviews of top influential people in the industry. This is a marketing strategy that will ensure that many people will read your post and even share it.

Similarly doing blog round ups where you share the top rated blogs or top rated blogs of the week which you pull from different blogs will make people want to see the content because it simply brings the most important content in one blog post. This way people will read and share you content bringing you more traffic to you website.

Final Word:

Perhaps one of the best reasons why these strategies are among the best is the fact that they are easy to execute and anyone regardless of their experience in doing internet marketing can easily get a grasp and start getting traffic to their website with these approaches. It is also recommended that someone who is new to internet marketing should join a forum or a niche based community so as to understand the things surrounding the niche and the internet marketing approaches at large.

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What to Look for when Buying Lesbian Traffic

Are you looking forward to buy lesbian traffic? If yes, this article provides you a comprehensive guide on how to ensure that you buy traffic that will help your site to rank high in search engines.

Buy Lesbian Traffic = Increase Sales lesbian traffic& Visitors!

With the many sites that are offering lesbian traffic in the modern days, you will need to have knowledge on how to filter them in order to get the traffic that will help take your site to the next level through better ranking. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying lesbian traffic.


It is important that you consider the number of years the service offering the traffic has been on the market. It is advisable to buy lesbian traffic from a service that has been in the market for more than five years. Such a service has high chances of offering high quality traffic that will visit your site frequently, thus making your site go viral. You will also be able to get customized lesbian traffic according to your specific needs.



With the many sites offering traffic in the market there are those with good reputation and others that do not. Thus, when buying lesbian traffic you need to check the reputation of a site among clients. A reputable site should offer active traffic that will bring value to your business. To understand the reputation of a certain site, you can check on reviews given by clients whereby you should buy from the one that has more positive reviews. You can also get recommendations from friends or other trusted site owners who may have bought traffic from the sites.


When buying lesbian traffic, you need to buy from a service that offers them at an affordable price according to your budget. Carry out a thorough search to compare the different services and the price of the traffic they offer. However, you should avoid those services that sell the lesbian traffic at a very cheap price. In most cases the cheapest traffic may be inactive meaning that they will never be visiting your site. Such traffic do not add any value to your site. A good service will offer the traffic at a reasonable price that is not too low or too high.

By considering the above three factors, you can be assured you will buy active lesbian traffic that will make your site rank high and gain more sustainable visitors.

Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing thrives in ensuring that you achieve the target number of visitors as this leads to increased revenue, more exposure and enhanced publicity. These aspects of marketing are fundamental to achieving effective marketing. Here are ways to get quality traffic for affiliate marketing.

Buy Affiliate Marketing Traffic = Increase Sales & Leads

The best sources of traffic for affiliate marketing are effective in ensuring the success of a business and therefore, they are worth investing both time and finances. There are many different sources of traffic for affiliate marketing and here are the best of them.

Search engines
Search engines are the most successful tools in increasing traffic especially from the commercial search engines like Goggle, Yahoo and Bing. They allow your visitors to not only find your site, but also find the content they are looking for by navigating inside your site. For effective internet marketing, you should focus on inbound visitors by selling your products and services on long keywords since such visitors are sure they are looking for products and services in your line of work. Short keywords are very ambiguous and may not result in the targeted traffic.

Mobile as a source of traffic for affiliate marketing is fast evolving and expanding. Majority of advertising is done on mobile through apps which enables people to buy ads on their hand devices like tablets and phones. Mobile traffic allows a marketer to continue generating huge campaigns like those generated in a computer, but with more rewarding return on investment. This is enabled by focusing on angles and hooks through diversification of sources. However, the angles and hooks should be creative and innovative in order to attract mobile users.

Social media
knife-1635942_640The social media is a highly nebulous, ever changing and volatile source of traffic for affiliate marketing. The social media has a very wide geographical coverage as its international volume is undeniable. The best part is that social media has the capacity of creating loyal clients and using them in the generation of traffic. By nurturing the clients who are already your followers in social media, you are able to share your links and pictures of the products and services you are selling. Social media also allows your clients to leave their testimonies and life experiences they derived from using your products or services. This helps you build trust and reputation which will attract new clients coming to visit your site and find the products and services you are offering. As such, social media is an effective source of traffic but it should be used correctly by nurturing the followers and attaining their trust.

You can also source traffic from other websites. Websites which have heavy traffic can be used as hosts where a banner or a link text to your website is placed. For more traffic, target several websites and place many links. Busy websites often feel like their database has very useful content and therefore, the click rate for your link may be very high. This is also very effective on general browsers. The banners are made very uniquely and creatively to attract the attention of internet users.

Although these sources are very effective in generation of traffic for successful affiliate marketing, they should be used correctly and diligently since most people avoid clicking links and ads. Creativity is key in marketing as it arouses curiosity and that increases traffic.

8 Best Free Traffic Sources To Watch

Do you have a website that does not get enough traffic that you need? If you are running an online business and not getting enough of free traffic to generate enough conversions and profit that you have always wanted then there is something that you are missing out.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

It is useless to have a website that has no traffic since your whole business relies on people who visit and buy stuffs. Have you been asking yourself how to get targeted traffic to your website? This comprehensive write-up will show you the top smartest ways that you can drive massive volume of traffic without going through a lot of hassles. The best way to build an authority website is to follow these traffic techniques and let them grow day by day. However taking action and following them is the best thing that you can do. Many people just go through guides and never get to put what they have learned into action. The following traffic methods are crucial and if you really are serious about taking advantage of free traffic this is your chance to generate conversions worth thousands on your website every time.

1) Organic traffic from SEO
SEO is a well sang traffic method that rings in the mind of every webmaster. And even though every Internet marketer knows how complex it is, the resulting traffic is undeniably the best. Almost every top authority site get their traffic from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Patience is a virtue and it pays when one decides to take their time to optimize their website which may take some time but in the end lead to evergreen untapped free traffic spot. The traffic from the search engines is not only evergreen but also of the best known quality since they are targeted. If you ever needed a way on how to get targeted free traffic to your website without ever having to worry of whether it converts then SEO is something that you need to invest your time in. Focusing on buyer keywords is also possible and through this one can optimize for the best keywords which people looking to buy stuffs are searching on the search engines. “Buy Laptops” is for example a buyer keyword since the person searching is looking to buy a product. Ranking top for such a keyword is a dream come true for every webmaster. This is what makes SEO one of the most preferable source of traffic.

2) YouTube traffic
YouTube is categorized as a social media site and it is the second most visited website in the whole Internet. This grants Internet marketers and webmasters with a great opportunity to harvest the huge amount of free traffic. Research also shows that the future of content is tilting towards videos and they are the new way to present quality content. If you mind about your website and would like to get it to an authority level in the near future then you need to start mastering the art behind getting traffic from YouTube. It is however not a difficult strategy to get along with and as long as one can create nice looking and informative videos the traffic bonanza is just around the corner. If you are new to video creation and wondering where to start then you can take advantage of the inbuilt slide-show creator that YouTube provides. Uploading a few photos and choosing a background tone is something that is very easy that even a moron can do. YouTube is a high traffic potential that as a webmaster you need to focus on instead of wasting time and asking yourself how to get targeted traffic to your website. You need to take action to harvest traffic from this ready platform.

3) Pinterest traffic formula
Pinterest is still a new platform as compared to its fellow industry leaders like Twitter but the traffic potential it has is very impressive. Furthermore Internet marketers have confessed that there is a high conversion rate experienced from the traffic received through Pinterest than any other social media platform. This is the main reason that every webmaster should be focusing on this new giant. The good news is that it is very easy to get into the Pinterest game. The best approach into getting the best out of it is to ensure that the images shared are of the best quality and that they link back to your website. The viral ability that Pinterest has shown is excellent and one can have all its benefits if they focus on building a solid relationship with other Pinterest followers. Relationship and interaction is the best thing that everyone should have if they want to get the best out of it. If you want to get better conversions from free traffic then you should try this media site and drive massive traffic to your website. If you are one of the lazy marketers that love things done easily and fast then you may also consider using the variety of Pinterest robots to automate some of the hard work.

4) Using Twitter to get more traffic
If you have been sky-locking around the Internet marketing arena for a while then you probably have learned that Twitter is one of the best ways to get juicy free traffic to your website. Twitter has over 200 million people who are active and the fact that the social media giant has a very interactive and friendly platform, it is one of the best ways worth spending time in. Having twitter icons on the website is advisable for webmasters which is meant to increase sharing and promote viral momentum of the content. One can also enjoy the best with the use of the robots which help in automation of several tasks and analysis. Images are also another secret weapon that marketers can use in this media platform because explaining much with only 140 characters may not be easy at times. The photos need to be informative and putting up writings on them is the best idea that you can use. Your time using Twitter is worthy and it has a high promise on the conversion rate.

5) Guest Blog traffic
Blogging is an engaging and proven method of getting traffic and keeping them engaged. It is perhaps the most interactive way that Internet marketers can get with their clients and customers. Almost everyone including corporate businesses have realized that the best way to interact with customers is through the use of a blog. How can one get traffic from blogging? If you are very good in putting up words and providing informative tutorials then you up for great things. You can get lots of traffic by putting up blog posts on other people’s websites. Some people only focus on guest posting as their way of traffic and one advantage that they have is that they establish themselves much easier as industry experts and just earn their authority that simply. There are plenty of niche-blogs that accept guest posts from people all over and the best thing that one should keep in mind is to only focus on those that have built their authority already. This way one can take advantage of the high traffic and divert them to their website. Some blogs allow people to post their links in between the texts which makes it easy to reap the traffic. Guest blogging is something that can turn a small blog into a buzz of traffic and focusing on them is something that should be given much priority.

6) High Profile Content Syndication
Article submission to directories is dead. The main reason is because they ended up becoming stuffy and the use of high profile sites ended up being exponentially fruitful than focusing on content directories. If you have tried everything and still wondering on how to get targeted traffic to your website then maybe it is high time that you consider harnessing the power of high profile websites. There are lots of high profile sites out there that have high traffic flowing into their websites regularly. A large number of these sites have open their doors for people to use and benefit themselves. High profile content sites are the authority sites that focuses on one niche and accept content publications from people who are within the same niche. It uses a similar principle with the old content directories only that these have focused on quality from a particular niche. Zoning your content in this direction sets you in a perfect platform where you can generate high quality free traffic within a short span of time. One golden rule to take maximum advantage of this is to make sure that you keep rinsing and repeating the same method as well as ensuring that the content you share are top notch.

7) Submit your blog for content Aggregation
Do you write regularly? Is your blog content updated more often with fresh publications? If your answer is a “Yes” then you need to get ready to receive some massive amount of traffic to your website. This may be the end of your quest on how to get targeted traffic to your website. And the best thing with this method is that it is a ‘set and forget’ method and while you keep doing your daily content updates, traffic comes flying in massively. There are dozens of high traffic content aggregation websites that you can find on the Internet and all that you have to do is keep updating your website to get constant flow of traffic. Large authority sites do not have to worry much about how thy submit their content so that they can get traffic because they are aggregated. A golden tip that one ought to know about the aggregation sites is that they need to add their website on as many aggregation sites as possible. There is however one thing that one has to know about this method. It is not for the lazy webmasters who cannot update their content regularly. This wont work for them because content aggregation websites only deliver fresh content to their readers. It however is a treasure chest to those willing to keep their content updated daily.

8) Social Bookmarking traffic
Social bookmarking is not a new term to many people out there especially for those who are familiar with the art of SEO. Social bookmarking is a two way traffic formula which can turn out to be a massive boost to people who share high quality content. The use of social bookmaking can be used as a solo weapon and still generate enough traffic to your website. There are several top social bookmarking sites which receive thousands of traffic daily and one can take advantage of them. Getting to the top pages of these sites is the best sealed deal that a webmaster can get since what follows is a real avalanche of traffic. One more reason why the use of social bookmarking is the most appropriate and a golden tool is because they are used by many people to bookmark the content that they love. However there is another added advantage that webmasters can also benefit from. Search engines such as Google have always loved the social bookmarking as a way of prioritizing the best content to rank. It is therefore a very important tool that the webmasters should be seeking to benefit both in terms of traffic and backlinking for SEO purposes.

traffic sources

To conclude, the above free traffic sources are enough to put one’s website on hot buzz of free traffic. It however needs to one to be patient and work hard especially when the website is still new and has not got much in the public light. You may have learned or mastered these strategies but what is needed is for you to take action. There is no magic bullet or food that is going to be served to you on a silver plate. Work needs to be done perfectly to achieve authority. Another thing that one should be warned of is to avoid short cuts and fishy methods in achieving authority. This is simply because the fishy methods lead one to be penalized and some traffic methods such as SEO are so keen on what one does. The penalties with the use of black hat methods in SEO are unbearable and for one to recover is usually a big hassle. This comprehensive guide is enough to answer your quest on how to get targeted traffic to your website.

How to Increase BackLinks to a Website

The internet is full of many websites which all compete to attract surfers. Many surfers make use of search engines such as Google to find information. In addition to that, a greater percentage of these surfers always click on the results on the first page. As such, if you own a website, it is important to ensure that you get your website in the first page of the results. Here’s how to increase backlinks and get more traffic.

Increase Backlinks = Boost Web Traffic

This can be achieved using a process known as Search Engine Optimization. This process helps a website to rank higher in the search results. For the search engine to rank a website high on the results, the site needs to increase backlinks. Backlinks are hypertext links that link back to one’s website from other websites. The higher the number of backlinks that a website has, the higher it will rank in the search results. There are many ways to increase the number and quality of backlinks to one’s website.

Tips to increase back links to your siteseo

One of the best places to place backlinks is music sharing and playing sites. There are literally millions of users of these sites. They are a very valuable resource to tap into. All that one has to do is open a profile on these music sharing sites and then post a piece of audio in it. Once you have posted, the website will give you a do-follow link that you can use to link to your website. When people play your music, they will also get to view and possibly click on the back link to your site. When they do, your reputation on search engine increases.

Be charitable and win

One of the best places to get backlinks is the charity donation websites. These are sites that are willing to give you a back link if you donate to them. They require a minimum of a $12 donation for each backlink. Due to the high numbers of people who frequent these sites, having back links in them is a very good idea to boost your website’s ranking on search engine results. By being charitable, you can benefit as well.

Have bloggers talk about your product

If you have some information of value on your site, you can offer this information to bloggers and get backlinks in return. You can offer this information to the blogger for free and ask them to put a back link at the end of their blog for you. One can send this request via email. When sending it out, it is important to ensure that you use polite language. This way, the bloggers do not take offense. Also, it is important to ensure that you do not ask the blogger for a link to their site. This would violate the Webmaster Guidelines that are used by Google. By doing this repeatedly, you can generate a ton of backlinks for your website.

Buy products and send testimonials

Companies love to put testimonials of their customers on their websites. This is usually done on a testimonials page in the company website. In this testimonials, the companies actually put a back link for you in your post. Therefore, any people reading the testimonials can see your backlink and even click on it to see more about you. Considering the number of people who visit the websites of companies that offer products and services, this is a great place to post back links.

Blogs and social sites

There are many blog sites that allow people to sell their products and services on the internet. To increase backlinks on these sites, one should search for webmasters who are selling a contextual link on their website or join social sites where you place information about your site and provide the link. When you buy the link, you can send them your content for the backlink as well. After sending the content, the back link should be ready in 24 to 48 hours. There are also sites where reporters look for news. You can search for a reporter within your niche of business. Having found one, send them some information about your product or service as well as the link to your site. The reporter can then write about your product and place the backlink in their post as well.

How To Get Long Term Traffic From SEO

There is no debate about the powers of SEO marketing. They are just invaluable. The thought of getting free traffic that is highly targeted is just amazing. However, the biggest challenges that marketers face with SEO is the competition and coming up with a surefire strategy that will have them ranking on top ahead of their competitors. In this article, we will go through some o the best strategies that will not only give you high quality traffic but will ensure that you are getting the traffic for a long time. Anybody regardless of their marketing expertise can implement these strategies on their site and see long term results.

Guest Posting

If you aren’t using guest posting to boost your online presence then you are missing a lot. This is among the best marketing approaches known to marketers all over and keeping in mind that it has been around for many years, this is something that you can rely on with surety. If you are still new to guest posting, then it is basically the process of reaching out to other bloggers int he industry and asking them to post on their blog in exchange for a link back to your website. Since you are providing new and fresh content to their readers, they will accept your request and allow you to post. In return, people will follow your link and become your traffic and potential customers and clients.

Search engines like Google also love links from such established sites and will count towards your linking profile. This is an approach that you can easily use without spending a dime yet results are perennial.

Create Lengthy High Quality Content

Your content is everything and it is what determines how much traffic you will actually convert into buyers and clients.  For this reason, it needs to be of the best quality, lengthy and informative enough to woo potential buyers to make a decision. From the heading and title of the content to the last word, you need to make every word count. Creating lengthy content has also been proven to have an effect in terms of SEO traffic and pages with longer articles are clearly favored by search engines.

If you therefore want to get good SEO traffic, then you need to make sure that your content is both informative and long enough.

Use social Media To Your Advantage

There is no denying the power of social media. With hundreds of millions of users every single day, there is a high potential market for almost every niche out there. Despite being a good source of traffic, search engines have also relied on them for ranking relevant keywords in the SERPs. Today social signals are among the most crucial ingredients to ranking a website. So how do you get more social signals to your website or pages? The best way is to create social profiles and ensure that you keep the audiences engaged with fresh and informative content all the time. This will ensure that you have regular readers and that your content will also be shared and get that viral effect that ensures that it reaches more audiences. If you want to get traffic from the search engines then social media must be a part of your marketing.

The more social signals you have, the better your site performance and rankings on the search engines.

Tweak Your On Page SEO

When it comes to SEO, you shouldn’t forget that your on page structure plays an important role in ensuring that your site and pages remain relevant in the search engines. Things like Keyword density and placement should never be ignored and you should always ensure that they are optimized to their best. Not only does the website need optimization but newly created content should also be optimized for better rankings based on the keyword chosen.

Something else that has proven to work over and over without needing much to do on your side is to do internal linking. Pages that are related to others can be interlinked together to give the users a better surfing experience. While this is something that helps the reader, search engines too consider it to be a relevant ranking factor.

Diversify Your Link Building And Off-Page Optimization

website trafficBacklinking is something that all search engine marketers must do to ensure that their site is ranking high for the correct keywords that they have chosen. however, that doesn’t mean that you can just start backlinking from every source you come across. Backlinks quality aren’t the same which means that you will get a different impact from every kind of backlink you acquire. You need to keep an eye and only focus on getting high quality links from sites that have good authority and this is when you will see good results from the search engines.

Diversity is also something that you cannot argue on when it comes to building links. You need to make sure that you get links from as many sites and as many sites as possible. This kind of diversity is necessary in the eyes of search engines since every authority site that gets links naturally will always come from different sources and platforms.

Final Word

The high quality and high converting traffic from the search engines is something that you don’t want to miss out on. whether you have a small blog, an eCommerce site or an affiliate site, search engines can help you get tons of highly targeted traffic that will bring in lots of conversions. With the above strategies and techniques you can be sure that you will get evergreen traffic to your site.

If you feel that it could be a bit tricky and time consuming then you may want to consider buying high quality traffic. We can help you get the best traffic that you need to get conversions. Regardless of your niche, we have all you need. So, why not get started today and start seeing positive results on your site?

How to drive traffic to your Facebook business page

Many people wonder how they will drive traffic to their Facebook page. Indeed, there is much noise made about the lucrative social media platforms and how they can be used to drive traffic to your business site. Even though it is a true fact, there are certain things you need to do in order to get your fans to come to your Facebook business page.

The first step that you need to take is steer away from the myth of inviting your friends and relatives to Like your business page. You could use the feature of Suggest to Friends and ask all your contacts of your personal profile to spread the word. However, there are better ways to drive traffic as discussed below:

If you have an email list of subscribers, you can send out invites to them, informing them of the fan page created and providing incentives for them to join.

If you are sending out HTML newsletters ensure that you have the Facebook logo or the Like button included. You could also provide links to join the fan page or to write on the Facebook wall. You could also encourage your subscribers to add their photos on your Facebook business page. In such ways you can encourage fan interaction on your Facebook site.

You could add on your Facebook fan page link as a signature in every business email. That will also increase visibility and drive traffic to your Facebook fan page.

Ensure that you create a compelling video or campaign for the business fan page. Have a separate purpose for the Facebook fan page. If you can provide compelling reasons for one to become your fan, you will not only increase visitors to our Facebook page, they will surely become fans of the business as well.

Use other social media sites. If you have accounts on other social media sites like Twitter, you could use them to broadcast your business fan page on Facebook. Promote every event on your fan page on other sites and create enough buzz to drive traffic to your Facebook business page.


You need to remember that the ultimate target of driving traffic to your Facebook business page is to get people and potential customers to your business site. You also need to focus on the content of your main business site. Ensure that the content gets updated and you get a fresh look to your site every now and then. If your business site is boring, your Facebook business page will not be able to do much to drive traffic to your site.

It is not only important to add on fresh, new content on your business webpage but also to make the content easily shareable. That will also help drive traffic to your Facebook fan page. If the viewers are able to share your business content easily, they will want to be fans and spread the word.

Promote on other social media sites to augment traffic to your Facebook fan page. There are sites like Pinterest or Instagram where you could run interesting campaigns. Use images as posters to run attractive campaigns of your latest products or services. Encourage people to find out more by visiting your Facebook business page or to click on the Like button and become a fan.

These are some great ways to drive traffic to your website. Every strategy you adopt should link traffic growth to your Facebook fan page as well as to your business page simultaneously. Any strategy that does not lead to targeted traffic to your business site will be a waste of your time and money.

Marketing Automation And How It Can Boost Your Web Traffic

If you are marketing in this age, then you must be aware of some of the latest internet marketing techniques such as those that employ the use of robots and softwares to automate tasks to save time and money in the process. If you haven’t done this or aren’t using this in your marketing campaigns, then there are a few things that one could really use to know whether the site they are visiting uses automation. 

As much as many people will look at automation differently, one can use it for the better good to save them time and automate some of the tasks that could have taken up a lot of your time. So, you can be doing something else while the bots does the simple repetitive tasks that you are used to. 

What Is Marketing Automation Really?

Marketing automation is the process by which one uses a software of a platform to automate some common tasks such as following back people on social media, replying to common queries and such. If following through social media followers every time isn’t your thing or probably have a huge follower base, then instantly replying to the followers with a simple message will be perfect before you get back to them on a later time. 

How does automation increase web traffic? Knowing that no website can run for long without any traffic, the big question one should ask is whether automation can provide good traffic and by how much? Is it enough to make a huge difference? 

Automation is something that has proven to be very effective. From posting updates on social media to replying to direct messages, it is a good way of making things simpler by letting the softwares get the hard work off your hands. One of the best things that comes with automation is the ability to personalize things and reach out to more customers while doing so. From sending customer personalized emails to commenting using the followers name on Twitter and other social media platforms, there are endless possibilities when it comes to this. Below, we delve deep into marketing automation, pointing out the different automation approaches that one can employ.

What Are The Various Types Of Automation?

To help you better understand the various ways that automation can be used and how you can use it to generate tons of traffic to your website, here are some of those strategies where they apply. 

Email Marketing Automation

Everyone who has been in the internet marketing game knows what email marketing is. With all the crazy hype of email marketing that surrounds it, there is little doubt that one won’t get good results from it. Better yet, you can achieve even better results by making automation and setting triggers that can ensure that prospecting buyers and email list subscribers are getting the right attention they need from you, even when you are away from the keyboard. Without doing automation in email marketing, you are doomed to fail, because almost everyone out there does it today. After all, how do you expect to handle hundreds or thousands of emails manually sending to every prospect on your email list? Of course that would be almost impossible, unless you are ready to waste long hours doing trial and errors. And automating email marketing campaigns isn’t that hard. All that one needs to do is sign up for an advanced email marketing platform such as Aweber or Constant Contact and from there easily set up campaigns. There are lots of automation features that one can easily use to optimize and get results from their marketing and reaching out. 

Email marketing as a whole tends to be tricky at times especially if you do not have any idea of what you are doing, but it surely is worth every moment of your time spent. It is therefore an approach that you can focus on to get more exposure and high quality web traffic that gets you good conversions. 

Social Media

Imagine posting to half a dozen social media sites and replying to every comment that a follower quotes you on. Its such a hard task to do and follow up with this and will definitely cost you a lot of time. But what if there was a simpler way of handling this by letting a software reply to the comments and do most of the work for you? As hinted earlier in the post, automation and getting good hold of social media is one of the best examples where automation has proven to be invaluable in every way. There is little doubt that social media is one of the bets ways that one can generate traffic to their website. Be it an Ecommerce website, a blog or any other kind of website, social media plays a crucial role when it comes to traffic acquisition. Figures have it that there are over 1 billion active social media users and the best ting about all that is that all niches are there and anyone can get started and build up a following much easily without any prior experience need. 

Like with any other automation such as email marketing, there are lots of social media automation tools that you will come across. Among the most popular ones that you can easily get started with includes Hootsuite which features tons of automation features and can be used across multiple social media sites. As long as social media is part of your marketing strategy, it would be a wise move to start automating some of the tasks to achieve more and start sending in tons of more web traffic to your website. 

Contact Autoresponders

social media traffic

As your website grows, it is a common thing to come across visitors who have queries. This is mostly if you are in the service business where people will be trying to contact and query some of the things that you have to offer to them. If there is one thing that is sure to help you get better in your business and grow your site traffic, it has to be good customer care, and having a good autoresponder system in you site is one step to achieving that. Having such a system on the site will not only help to ease communication, but since it helps you to communicate, you will be able to keep the web traffic that flows in since you can handle and give them what they need or answers they seek. 

The good thing with most of the advanced auto-responders is that they can take in more than just replying. Visitors to your website can leave comments and queries and you can always come back and get back to them if you were not online at the time. Overall, this is something that is worth investing in and will help save a lot of money by serving more visitors who you could have lost. And as always, a happy visitor will always come back for more hence more visitors and potential prospects to your website. 

These are some of the most common automation that you can use on your website. Although these aren’t all, there are others such as those softwares used to function with search engines. whichever you opt to go with, they are crucial tools that will ease the hard work and help you do things much faster and more efficiently. 

Final Word:

The strategies outlined above have proven to be very invaluable. Web traffic is an important part to any business and sometimes it can be a difficult process acquiring them. Considering that there are competitors and all sorts of challenges to face, automation is one of the best ways that one can use to leverage more web traffic and generate all that they could ever want. Following the approaches that we have outlined above, one should be able to achieve the right amount of traffic and good conversions from the automation they employ. 

If you would like to get tons of high quality web traffic to your website, then perhaps it is time you check out our high quality web traffic packages. We are certain that they will help your website grow and generate the much needed conversions. We serve all kind of websites from all types of niches and have been doing it for decades. So you can be rest assured about the results.