10 Secrets to Grow Your Website Traffic In Less Than 90 Days Using Organic Methods

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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Ever wanted to have a free yet guaranteed way to harness high converting traffic to your website? There are dozens of those ways out there but it’s not always a breeze for everyone to find these gems. In this post, we will cover 10 little known traffic secrets that anyone can use to dramatically grow their website audience in just 90 days.

Create Evergreen Viral content

Content has always been the key to every online business.
However, this shouldn’t be just any kind of content. One needs to focus on creating evergreen content that will provide information now and later. Doing this will create a ripple effect and the content will go a long way being shared.

Focus On Long Tail & Low Competition Keywords

SEO isn’t anything new that needs introduction. But there is a better way of approaching the optimization rocket science. This is by taking advantage of the low lying fruits which are found in long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are easy to rank for and they are also more user targeted.

As far as SEO is still a solid source of website traffic, you should take advantage of the long tail keywords which needs little time and investment.

Make Your Site Responsive

We still rely on our computers for the internet, but not as much as we would 5 years ago. Technology has changed and people have switched their browsing style to use smart devices. To keep up with the trend, webmasters have to make some tweaks to make their website responsive so that people can navigate well through whichever device they choose.

Without doing this, one could lose lots of visitors as their website isn’t easily navigable.

Know Your Competitors

If you are doing an online business but still don’t know who you are competition with, then your business might not live for long. Among the first things to keep in mind is to know your competitors. This way you will know the marketing approach to use to be ahead of them.

If you haven’t done these, there are plenty of tools out there to help you do that. You should also be able to spy on their marketing and it is advisable to clone strategies that work for them.

Build Relationships With Authority Sites

Building an authority site may take time and end up being costly. However for expert marketers who have been in the industry, the story is different. One could actually get authority having the backing of other authority site.

Here are ideas to gain more visibility by siding with authority sites.
-Inviting influencers to guest post on you site
-Writing guest posts on authority sites
-Interviewing industry leaders and posting on your site
-Actively engaging with industry leaders on social media

Influencer Marketing

Among some of the newest and lesser known marketing techniques that have provided top notch results is influencer marketing. With this kind of marketing, one has to understand their niche and know the industry leaders (influencers). You then have to reach out to these influencers to help you build your brand. It’s however not as easy as telling someone “Hey have a look at my website and share it with your followers”. Your website has to stand out and offer something unique from others in your niche. This way it will be more appealing even to the influencers making the pitching task hassle free.

When you have your website with something of great value, you can then look around and create a list of some of your niche influencers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the whole site. It is much easier to pitch out something like a research you conducted in your niche, a case study or something of similar that you have posted on your site. The key is to be more relevant and unique.

Internal Linking

web trafficThere is immense power in internal linking and it’s all visible through authority sites. Most webmasters just write content in their sites forgetting to inter-relate them with older ones. While this builds authority with time, you also get better content indexing from search engines which boosts your website visibility. A living example of a site that is well interlinked is Wikipedia. As a site grows and becomes more informative, you need to make it a hub by linking related content together.

Research has also shown that to get a page higher in the search results, small but practical tricks such as internal linking has a huge effect.

Social Media

Among some of the juiciest and best known traffic strategies is social media. With billions of potential audiences spread over all niches, there is enough for everyone who is willing to take action. The secret to making it big on the social media is not to jump in and start marketing yourself. Doing that is suicidal and has little chances of leading to success. The best way to approach social media is to be helpful, be social, super-active and the traffic will find your website.

You should also make sure that you have social media well integrated on your website. This way, your audience will find it easy to share information on your website.

Infographics Is The New Craze

Presenting data, facts and analysis can be done in many ways and Infographics happens to be one of those that offer high end results. Unless you’ve been living under a huge rock, you must have come across lots of infographics in your niche. These infographics tend to summarize lots of information on one sheet only making it painless to translate information.

They also contain facts and hit the nail on the head without beating around the bush making it a reliable and highly resourceful.

Yet another fact that is evident with the use of infographics is that it gets a lot of shares and backlinks. The good thing is that there is a lot of information on anything in every niche, so there is no excuse.

Create Link Roundups

Just like the case with infographics, blog roundups are often seen as a way of appreciating other people’s work. And when this happens, those people also give back by sharing or doing something to benefit you. Imagine creating a roundup of 100 best posts of the month in your niche. Many people would like to read such a list, which includes these influencers who will share the content if they come across it.

Beyond this, you stand a higher chance of enjoying the benefits of ripple effects that will result from viral shares of that roundup blog post.


Doing a regular dose of these strategies is a surefire way to win more audience and steady flow of traffic in less than 90 days. If you want a slobber knocker web traffic formula that gets you results almost instantly, you can check out u low cost traffic packages, you will surely be blown away by the results.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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