10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social Media

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Have to ever imagined a world without Google, Bing or social media? It’s hard to imaging but it is sometimes important as internet marketers to be more creative and think outside the box when it comes to getting website traffic. Are there some good ways out there than you can opt for as sources of traffic? In this write up we will go through 10 top ways to get traffic without SEO, Google Or Social Media. Here they are;

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging needs no introduction. It has been around for a number of years and it is still going strong. although many consider it for SEO purposes, there is more to it than just that. You can harness large volumes of traffic by landing a guest post opportunity on a authority blog. Moreover, with guest blogging, traffic isn’t the only benefit but you will also be building strong relationships with the blog owners as well as getting your brand across.

If you haven’t been doing Guest posting then you have been missing out on great opportunities. you should gear up and start reaching out to some blogs related to your niche and reap the benefits of targeted traffic.

Doing Interviews

Have you ever wanted to appear authoritative and get the attention of your niche in one single platform? Well, taking interviews could get you there. You must have come across interviews on top blogs where you see an interviewee is an expert in their industry. Fact is, you can also do that. And did I mention the attention that these people get when they do that? On top of getting attention and brand exposure, getting an interview from an authority site or platform gets you clients right away. Most of them will be there either seeking for your advice or to know what you can do for them.

But how do you get started with taking interviews? Getting interviews is easier than most of us think. In fact, you will come across many bloggers who are looking for someone to interview. The best way is to reach out to the blogger you intend to get an interview from. Most of the bloggers are charming and will rarely resist. It is however important to have a good etiquette and humbly ask if they would like to feature you in one of their interviews. Reaching out to several of these bloggers will help you win that attention fast and reach your goals sooner.

Buy Traffic

Buying traffic isn’t anything new in the industry and everyone who has been around knows enough. There are many ways that you can buy website traffic today. and the bets thing with paid traffic is that you can almost see results instantly. However, it sometimes get tricky especially for beginner marketers who don’t have a clue.

To get you started, here are a few sites where you can buy high quality traffic to your website;
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Email Marketing

building a list is always a must for every serious internet marketer out there. Gurus have always sworn by the slogan “Money is in the list” and it sure is true. Email marketing is one of the most effective and time tested strategies that you should give a try.

To give you a little brush up on how to get started is to create a website and have a funnel which involves creating a bait-product to capture leads to your list. Mastering that itself is enough to get you rolling.

Find and Pull Method

Although pretty old, this method has proven to work and delivers high quality traffic. With find and pull, all one does is to visit top sites and leave comments. since most people visit comments, they will stumble on a link from your comment and they will click on it, leading them to your website. As easy as that.

Some quick tips for success with this method;
-Focus on pulling recently posted content
-Focus on authority blogs and news websites
-Avoid looking like you are a spam. Be sincere and informative in your comments.

Blog Roundups

This is yet another little known method that works amazingly when done right. If you have been running your blog for a while then you must have known who are the top bloggers or websites in your niche. Knowing that alone is enough to drive insane amount of traffic to your website. How? By creating blog roundups. These are basically a summary or compilation of what those top blogs have done.

To illustrate this, you could create a summary of the best 10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social Mediablog posts that 10 of your top industry sites have written about. doing this has proven to have terrific results since it creates a ripple effect from sharers who will be scramming to share the compilation. You could do this weekly or monthly and you could painlessly generate huge amount of traffic.


As old as it may seem, forums are still the same golden nuggets where getting traffic is as easy as pie. Although you can’t scale up and leverage millions of pageviews like you would on paid traffic, the traffic you can harvest is enough to give you multiple conversions enough to swing your profit margins.

The thing is you need to offer high quality information. When you give people such information, they will turn to you for more and that is when you drive them to your website. In most cases, many forums allow you to use a link in your signature which makes the whole thing super-easy.

Video Marketing

Back in the days, nobody could predict that videos could become one of the best future marketing techniques. Nowadays, people are turning to YouTube for almost anything that can be put into a video, Figures have it that more people are preferring video content over the traditional written content.

And there’s no debate about that. We all know YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the planet and it is going nowhere.

Marketers can therefore take advantage and harness the traffic from YouTube. And it doesn’t matter whether you are camera shy. There are plenty of video tools that you can use to create videos of any kind without having to utter a word. Another thing that you will love with video marketing is that it is easy to master and doesn’t require much time to get results like you would when it comes to marketing methods like SEO.

Blogging Communities

Are you making friends in the blogging scene? If you are not, then there is a missing ingredient in your marketing. when you connect with bloggers, you are building a strong relationship and your site stands higher chances of reaching more audience.

Communities such as Viral Content Buzz is also another place to consider. Bloggers from different niches converge here to share and interact.

Using QR Code/Visiting cards

Have you ever thought of the QR code beyond just scanning it? If you are an internet marketer and have something to promote online then you need to really give it a thought. Although QR code usage is still new, it is picking up rapidly and you need to roll with the trend too. Just the way there are QR codes for shopping, creating one that drives traffic to your website is an idea worth looking into.

So why not get started with creating those codes and share them with your friends? You can also share them at events or meetings.


It doesn’t always have to be Google, Facebook or Twitter. The above methods have been proven to work and you can use them anytime.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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