4 Best New Tools To Increase Your Social Media Traffic

social media traffic

Social media has become part of every internet marketer and if you are serious about getting the attention of many sellers and increasing your sales, then social media is a source that you must sort traffic from. However. This isn’t usually as easy as most of us think. Sometimes you have to do more than expected and take extra steps to get the attention of many audiences. The good news is that there are a number of automation tools that will help you reach more audiences and spread the gospel while also building a fan base. In this guide, we will look at some of the best new social media tools that you should consider using in your online business to get the best results.


Although it isn’t the newest and has been around for quite some time, this is a powerful social media management tool that many experts swear by. It will help you save a lot of time while also giving you an edge in social media by helping you manage numerous number of social media accounts from different social media platforms with lots of ease. The platform makes it easy for people to ad multiple accounts and placing and sharing posts across the different social media sites is easy. Opening and running an account with the platform is free though there are also flexible options that one can choose depending on how many accounts they wish to manage.

If you are looking for an all in one tool that will help you save time and money when it comes to social media management, then look no other than Hootsuite.


This is yet another powerful tool that will not only make sure that your social media accounts are always up to date and that your audiences are always engaged. The tool claims to manage itself and it really lives up to the claim as it is easy to manage social accounts with it and one can even set up campaigns and leave them. One of the most outstanding features that you will love with this tool is the option to share your best performing content. We all know that there are those evergreen content that will always count and be relevant no-matter when it is. But they could be buried with time if you do not share them and get people to read them. With the help of this tool, one can easily dig up the posts and re-share them on their social media and still use it to pull in lots for traffic from social media sites.

This is still a very new tool in the industry, but one that you should have if you are looking for a tool that does most of the work while you keep yourself busy with other stuffs.


Although this is not a very new tool in the industry, people have recently found it to be very useful than when it was in the past. With social media taking up a lot of time, you’d want something that automates things and helps you do things much faster. So what does IFTT really do? This is a tool that is much different than the others and you can use it to automate your social media sharing and reach lots of users on up to 30 platforms. This is the best reach and no other tool can help you reach more platforms than IFTT.

This is a tool that you’d want to use especially if you are looking for a way to reach lots of uses on as many sites as you can. The only downside with it is that you have to do some manual work to connect the social media platforms.

Sprout Social

social media trafficSprout social is a strategically social media management tool that is loved by many webmasters including big internet companies simply because of how detailed it is with the numerous sophisticated features it comes with. The users of social sprout can easily monitor almost every engagement metric that is needed to make informed decisions on the social media marketing. With this, users can easily engage with social media influencers, interact with followers as well as make use of the numerous automation features like scheduling which ensures that one gets the best performance in their social media platforms. It also boats one for the best reporting which makes it easy for one to make good marketing approaches to

If you are looking for a complete social media tool to help you get an edge against your competition while also getting good reporting then this is a must have tool. It even works best for big organizations as it can be used by different users to manage the same account.

Final Word:

As long as we are all looking to get that edge in social media and boost traffic and sales, then we need to make sure that we are doing everything to get the attention of the audiences. With the aid of the tools above, you can achieve a lot in terms of penetrating more and reaching more audiences which can improve your online business dramatically. These tools have shown terrific results from users who have used them and you are guaranteed to not only get a smooth social media engagement but also speedy quality results.

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