4 Traffic Strategies That SEO Gurus Won’t Tell You

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Web traffic has is an unending quest that every internet marketer out there will keep chasing even years to come. This is because it is the vital spark to drive any online business. As desperate amateur marketers scram to do what the so called industry gurus tell them, there are some simple yet effective traffic formulas that are usually forgotten. In this post, we will cover some of these easy fixes and why you need to implement them in 2017 and beyond.

Using The Merger Method On Your Existing Content

This is still a new method, but has shown tremendous results when implemented perfectly. It is natural and a common thing to find content that is similar and targeting to rank for the same keywords in the search engines on the same site. Although a website having such multiple pages could be receiving traffic, one could harness even more with the use of the merger strategy.

With the merger strategy, all you have to do is recreate another post encapsulating the existing related ones. This ensures that you are targeting the keyword using one page but keeping the same content in one pillar article. The next step that you should do is to redirect the previous posts to the newly created pillar page. The page will end up ranking better for the seed keyword which translates to more traffic. Apart from giving your post value in the eyes of the search engines, the credibility of your post will also get significant social boost.

Fill Gaps In Existing Content Based On Search Queries

This is yet something else that not many marketers do. We often think that when a piece of article has been written, it is final and will continue yielding traffic. Although this is something that most of us do, there is a big potential to increase website traffic just by filling the gaps in your content. You can consider this as spicing your content with more latest semantic keywords.

The first step is to first create a Google webmasters account where you’ll be able to track some of the keywords that your web page is ranking for. You will come across some related keywords which are important but less detailed in your articles. You should then get the keywords and write more information on them and then fix it within your article.

This approach gives your content more visibility by showing up for some long tail keywords which are easier to rank for. For the best results, you need to keep revisiting your content and use webmaster tools which helps you discover some untapped keywords which you could easily rank for.

Always Boost Your Best Performing Content

Most of us always think that when they’ve got their content ranking on top, it’s final and there is nothing else to do. It is always important to keep in mind that there are always competitors who are working hard to topple your website out of the top position, thus you need to work hard to stay on top. Here are three of the important techniques to ensure that your content is always son top and giving you the best;

1) Do internal linking more often – the best way to make a web page stable in the search results is by backlinking to it. Internal linking has shown amazing results and will also help in directing people to an even more resourceful page with content they might need.

2) Optimize the titles of the content and make them more appealing – This is usually done to increase the click through rate of a page in the search engine results. Many marketers have even gone miles ahead to copy some of the best winning ad campaign titles from platforms like Google Adwords. Although this might be at an advanced level, it is always good to forge in that direction.

3) Improve on the content length – Research has shown that lengthier content have an advantage over shorter ones. However, be sure to keep them relevant and of good quality. Also ensure that it is engaging and that adds value to the users.

4) Give your content the social media kick – social media is a hub of countless number of audiences and if your website content has value, it is sure to go a long way. The ripple effect that your content gets will depend on how crunchy and informative it is.
Tweak Target Keyword Of Old Content To Target More Volume

If you closely take a look at what major authority blogs do, you’ll be amazed at some of the simple yet effective methods that they use to get swarms of traffic. Among these approaches is switching keyword targeting from old content and making them more search engine friendly. This approach could easily boost your traffic by up to 50% if done well.

Old content which have gathered backlinks over the years will need just a few tweaks to get off the ground and rank for the semantic keyword. To get started, you need to first analyze the existing keywords and how they are ranking on the search engines. Find out if there is a better alternative keyword that is easier to rank and has more monthly searches. After analyzing and comparing to see if there is a better option, it is now time to go on and make the changes.

You should make the changes on the title, page url and on every page descriptions. This process could be a bit hectic if you have a big site, but it will surely pay off by fetching you more website traffic.

Final Word

There are endless ways of tweaking you website to get more website traffic, but these are some of the less known methods which can bring a dramatic change to your site. The amount of traffic you will get depends on the niche, your website authority and how well the tweaks are done.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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