4 Ways to Increase your Alexa Rank

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Alexa rank has great influence when it comes to business. People tend to have more respect for companies that hold better Alexa ranking. Therefore it is important that you understand the ways that you can increase your Alexa ranking. This article offers some of the tips that will ensure that you increase your Alexa rank.
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Below are some of the ways that you will attain the high ranking.

It is advisable to ensure that you site or blog is always updated. By keeping your site or blog updated at all times, this will ensure that your people are always engaged. It is good to note that Alexa usually rank depending on the traffic you get, meaning that the more traffic you get, the better ranking you will hold. Keep new updates daily for your visitors to read your posts. Within a short time, you will realize that you will get high traffic. Try to maintain an average number of posts you publish every week. In addition, make sure that your posts are informative and relevant.

desk-1456142_640Another way to ensure that get better Alexa ranking is to promote your own work. You must be able to promote your new posts. It is good to note that no one will care about your posts unless you are popular. You can promote your posts by use of social media and other strategies that will make your posts more exposed on the internet. With more exposure, you will gain more traffic that will in the long end boost your Alexa ranking.

Link building

Linking building is a great strategy that can help you improve your Alexa ranking because Alexa counts referral links. By getting high quality links from highly reputable and ranked sites you get a lot of traffic. Your site or blog will also rank higher because of the increased traffic. However, ensure that you only get the backlinks from high reputable sites and follow the link building rules to get the best results.

Gain more traffic

It is also good to note that it is only the traffic that visit from Alexa toolbar installed that determines your ranking. Therefore, you have to add Alexa widget, sign up for Alexa and then make verification of your blog or site. The codes added in your site will count more traffic, leading to increase your Alexa rank.

By following the above tips, you will gain better Alexa ranking that will make you popular and gain more success.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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