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5 Surefire Web Traffic Methods You Probably Don’t Know About

When you think that you’ve exhausted and used all the traffic methods, there are those that are improvised and the results end up turning heads. Web traffic is the main ingredient needed to drive sales and conversions in a website and without having it, the website is worthless.

The biggest challenge that mos of us have had to face is the competition. This becomes even tougher when someone is still new to the internet marketing game. To get you started, however, here are 5 solid and tested traffic methods that you can implement and start seeing good results.

Get Active On Viral Communities

In today’s marketing, one of the most loved and probably the easiest traffic formula that anyone can dive into is viral traffic. With social media and online communities gathered to share common interests, throwing in something valuable to them could see the content get good ripple effect and reach out to thousands. This in turn gives your brand good visibility and you will also get tons of traffic.

A good example of these communities is Viral Content Buzz. Here thousands of people gather to interact and share content with each other. It brings together people from different social media sites. To keep the viral shares, people earn points for the content they share. As this encourages people to share, it creates viral effect which taps in high quality traffic.

Using Find And Pull Traffic Method

Fina and Pull traffic method has to be among the easiest of all traffic strategies. Any newbie marketer can get started with it and one will find it to be fun doing it. the method involves visiting authority blogs and posting detailed and resourceful comment under the latest trending topics on that blog. Posting on the latest topics ensures that the article gets good exposure as it reaches its new audiences.

To get started with this method, one will have to set up a Google alert so that they get notified whenever there is a relevant topic that they may be interested in. Setting up Google alerts isn’t hard but just a few mouse clicks to set keywords that you may be interested in. Once that is done, you need to keep an eye on your email regularly so that you can see which blogs have posted something new based on the keywords hat you have set. To get the bets results, you should make sure that the comment you post is highly informative so that it triggers readers to click on your link.

The other thing is to make sure to use a URL of a post on your site hat is similar to the one you are commenting on. This ensures the audience lands on content that is highly relevant to them.

Reaping The Niche Forums

Whoever said forum marketing is dead was wrong. What died is their forum marketing strategy and they failed to devise a better way to harness the traffic. Forums are among the most frequently visited sites where people turn to discuss crucial matters on a variety of topics. While many people dumped forum marketing after their strategies failed to deliver, others pushed on and even today there exists some juicy traffic strategies that can fetch thousands of traffic.

Among the best approaches that one can use to get traffic is by using the infamous Intro method. After building reputation with other people in the forum, you can start introducing them to some detailed post that they may find resourceful.

One should however make sure that they are in a forum that is focused to their niche and posting relevant and detailed content.

Do Case Studies

Perhaps another little known traffic method that is loved by expert marketers is doing case studies to get the attention of others. Case studies are experiments hat one does to test if or how something works. Since many people are interested in learning something new, they easily capture the attention of many people.

There are no limits to what you can do for your case studies and as long as it is new, realistic, creative and within your niche, you are sure to attract many people in your niche.

One can do case studies on almost any niche. Be it agriculture, there are some farm tests and DIY that you can do, and if you are a marketer, there are surely a bazillion of marketing tweaks you can pull.

Doing Influencer Outreach

After a long successful marketing under blogger outreach, which is till effective to date, there is a new trend that is capturing every marketer’s attention. It is Influencer outreach. Many people say that this is the new real deal in internet marketing and probably one that anyone can use. Many brands and companies are turning to influencer marketing to give their brand good visibility through social media and blogs.

Influencer marketing involves reaching out to the most influencial people in a particular niche and pitching them to share your content. As easy as it sounds, it is a highly effective method that can send a big traffic avalanche to your website. You will however need to have content or something very valuable and unique to easily get the attention of the influencers. Some influencers charge to promote your content while others will just share it for free. all the same it is a traffic method that you should consider giving a shot.

Final Word:

As long as traffic is the determining factor on whether you will make a sale or not, as an internet marketer, you need to do all things to see that you are getting that traffic. The traffic methods above are just some that you can give a shot and see your website become a big buzz.

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