5 Top Alternatives To Google AdWords

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Google Adwords features prominently when PPC campaign is mentioned. It is arguably one of the best ad network save for the fact that it is overly expensive. The revenue you make may not be in tandem with the amount you pay for Adwords even with swiftest of keyword targeting and selection. Here are the best alternatives to Google Adwords.

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The main reason for looking for other alternatives to Adwords is cost. Let’s take a close look at the 5 top alternatives to Google AdWords that are out there.
Facebook Paid Ads

modern-analyst-1317115_640When it comes to paid ads, Facebook comfortably leads the pack. The giant online social media had 1.11 Billion active users in 2013. The Facebook Paid ads offer advertisers options of their intended target audience-that include gender, age, hobbies and age of the audience. The underside is that with Facebook clicks on ads are rather on the lower side but the fact that world is seeing your adverts is the real deal.
Yahoo! Bing Ads from Microsoft

Google main competitors in the search engine realms as well as ads are Bing and Yahoo. Initially referred to as Microsoft AdCenter, Yahoo!/Bing Ads was born after Yahoo and Microsoft marshaled their resources to outperform Google AdWords. The underside of this alternative is that it’s not any cheaper to Adwords. Its strength lies in the fact that it proffers search advertising. This is to say that search results are placed on the Bing search engine.
Amazon Product Ads

This is not only the largest online market place but also prides itself for having a vigorous ad board. Clients Ads are placed on pages of products. The positioning by Amazon Products Ads is designed to target users reading a product that is similar to yours and may be drawn to your advert in the process. The beauty of the Amazon is that it sells almost everything you can imagine of. This will ensure that your adverts are noticed by the millions of visitors to the site.

Clicksor is a baby compared to the above mentioned three giants but that is not in any way to underrate its effectiveness. This Ad alternative commands decent impressions on monthly. However Clicksor is a not among the cheap alternatives to Google adwords as the minimum per click is $0.05 but that is made up for by it excellent conversion. Clicksor has other cheaper alternatives in form of popunders and interstitials.

What makes this ad network standout is the fact that it cost effective. The click minimums are lower while the conversions are high depending on your niche. The underside of 7Search is the many fraudulent clicks that has seen marketers coming out to complain. It is a cheaper and a worthwhile competitor to Google Adwordword.

Having looked at the 5 top alternatives to Google AdWords it’s worth mentioning the smaller players in the PPC world that are doing fairly well. AdBrite has received a lot of positive reviews from marketers who impressed by it performance. Other players worth mentioning in passing include Bidvertiser that is akin to Adwords and Adsense, the little known Dynamic Oxygen that has similarities to Adbrite and Infolinks that specializes in ads that are in text.

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