5 Twitter Hacks That Will Get You More Traffic To Your Website

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Twitter has been one of the most visited websites for a long time now and although there is stiff competition from other social media sites, it has always stayed strong. For marketers, Twitter is a den of traffic that is waiting to be unleashed on your site and the only thing needed from you is to take action. There are many ways that one can get started and leverage Twitter as a traffic source and in this guide we will go through some of them which you can easily implement and get high quality traffic.

Connecting And Building Relationships with Influencers

Every niche has an influencer and someone who is considered an expert in that industry. As a webmaster with an online business, you need to ensure that you have built a good relationship with the industry leaders. This will not only ensure that you will get traffic from the shares when they share your products and services, but you will also learn from them.

Influencer outreach is one of the most common form of marketing these days and you will also see some of the big companies using influencers to increase their brand visibility and channel web traffic to their websites.

Your Bio Speaks A lot About You And Your Business

Most of us do not care much about their Twitter bio and what many do is to just put it up simply. You need to keep in mind that everyone who is interested in following you must go through your Bio and you have a few words to impress them and make them follow you. You have to make every word count and clearly highlight your expertise on the description.

You should also avoid using random photos and use your real one so that people can know that they are dealing with a real person. It is a proven fact that real photos create trust and credibility.

Make Good Use Of Mentions And Hashtags

Hashtags and mentions are some of the most effective social media tools today which are not only found on Twitter but other social media sites are adopting them. They are simple tools that enable people to easily communicate by specifying certain things. Hashtags are used to tag posts or social shares based on certain interests so that people can easily search for these hashtags when they are looking for information on a particular topic. Mentions on the other end are simply quoting another user in a post simply because they should check it or they have anything to do with the post. With these quick tools, communication is enhanced and made simple.

You cannot compare a post without a hashtag or a mention to one that doesn’t have. The ones that uses these from of tagging usually get more social reaction therefore reaching more people which results in increased traffic.

Retweet Other People’s Posts And Ask For A Retweet Too

If you’ve used Twitter before then retweet is something that doesn’t need a special introduction. It is simply sharing or bumping other people’s posts. Since we depend on the ripple effect to take place so that we can get more viral traffic, retweet is something that is important and every serious internet marketer should be trying to find out how to get more retweets so that they can reach out to more audiences.

To get retweets, you have to learn to share and retweet other people’s posts. This will trigger them to also share the same love and share your posts with their followers as well. Asking for a retweet also doesn’t hurt and research has shown that it people who ask for retweets on their posts get better results than those who do not.

Use Quality Images And Videos

Among the latest social media trends that you should be considering is to utilize media. Unlike the old times when social media sites were all about sharing texts, today social media, Twitter included have the capability to host various media contents like videos and images. To get the best out of this, you should use high quality and informative images and videos which will not only add value to the audiences but also make them want to share with others.

There are many tools that you can use to create images and videos to make them look appealing and attractive to the audiences. The better and more appealing your images and videos are, the longer they will go and the more they will get shared. This means that to get more traffic to your website, you need to employ creativity and some skill. As a side note and something to keep in mind, if you are sharing the images alone without accompanying it with texts, you should include a signature or a watermark with the address of your site so that you can get traffic to your website.

Final Word:

Social media is one of the best ways to get web traffic and that won’t change for many years to come. What will change, however, is the way internet marketers will play their game. As competition keeps rising and the platform itself changes, we as webmasters need to up our game to adapt to the changes. Without doing this, then traffic dependency from social media sites like Twitter will start declining with time. The strategies outlined above are some of the best ways to win in the Twitter game and you can as well apply some of them to other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter is one good example of a social media site that can transform a website into a buzz of traffic. If you are however looking for a more steady stream of traffic without going through the hard trolls, then you should check out our web traffic packages which you can use to skyrocket your website  and make it an online sales machine. We serve traffic from all niches online and we can almost guarantee that you will start seeing sales almost immediately. The performance will however depend on how you have optimized your website and landing pages.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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