5 Ways To Boost Your SEO Traffic Without Backlinking

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Traffic is what we all strive for. Regardless of whatever business you are running online, it is all nothing without traffic. Search engines like Google are well known and loved by internet marketers all over. Reason being, the quality and the conversion rate of the traffic which is usually high as compared to many others out there. Getting traffic from Google is also free and you do not need to do anything as long as your keywords are ranked high on the search engines. All you need to do is to optimize your site to increase the conversion rate, which can be done much easily.

However, most of us have been forced to believe that you must engage in hardcore link building to get your website ranking high and to get that quality traffic. Although that holds some truth in it, there are many other ways that you can do to get more traffic from the search engines and get better rankings and traffic.

Target Long Tail Keywords With Low Competition

We can all dive in and start going for the keywords that we think will bring in tons of cash, but not always will you rank any keyword that you come across. Some keywords are very competitive since there are many authority sites that are after them and you’ll need to do more to make sure that you rank for that keyword on top.

The best thing to win this game is by doubling down on long tail keywords which are usually easy to rank. It is a proven approach that focusing on long tail keywords yields better rankings much faster than focusing on main seed keywords. This is because there are less websites that are more in depth on a particular topic. So if you are thinking of getting fast rankings without many hassles then you should consider long tail keywords. You should also consider using some keyword tools so that you can dig up these long tail keywords easily.

Create Viral Content That Are Trending And Hot

Another approach to winning the search engine game without sweating a lot or having to stress yourself with backlinking is by creating content that will go viral as well as those that are hot and trendy. Apart from getting the high quality and massive amount of traffic from these websites, you will also get tons of links. So this is a two edged sword which you will be using to get traffic as well as backlinks to help you rank faster in the long term.

To know of the best and the latest hot trends you should use some of the trend stats tools such as Google trends. You can then craft keyword focused keywords on the content. Be sure to then share the content on social media sites to increase share-ability and reach. With this approach, you will get more search traffic without worrying much about backlinking for better rankings.

Focus On The Page Speed Of The Site

The page speed of your website is important not only to the users but also the search engine. Since Google and other search engines are always on toes to make sure that their users get the best experience, they also have to make sure that their users are enjoying the best speed.

Recently Google also introduced AMP which is aimed at augmenting user speeds when browsing sites. This technology uses caching to ensure that the users enjoy faster speeds when surfing the web through their smart devices. As an avid marketer, you should also make sure that your website is AMP optimized.

Double Check Your On Page Optimization

On page is the first step of optimizing your website and making it search engine friendly. On page optimization is something that you’d want to make sure is spot on. First off, this is because it is an important step in the search engine ranking process. Some keywords are easy enough and could even get to the top of the search engine page with little effort. Among some of the things on the checklist of getting your on page factors spot on includes keyword density, keyword prominence, word count and ensuring that the keywords appear on the title and descriptions. All these are easy to do and can help you get on top of the search engines for low completion long tail keywords.

Make Regular Updates Answering People’s Problems

One of the best ways to make Google and other search engines fall in love with your website is to craft content that answers people’s daily problems and do it more regularly. People always turn to the web for information that will help them solve their issues and you would be baiting them and getting tons of traffic if you could make your site a hub of information to help them solve the problems.

Google and other top search engines always insist on prioritizing fresh content to their users. This is because content keep changing and people are always looking for something new. So, just as you wouldn’t like to read and get old content, you should also consider making your website a hub of fresh and evergreen content that will be reliable to the end user.

Final Word:

Traffic is paramount to every website and search engine has always been the best wagon to jump onto when you are looking for high quality traffic that will give you conversions. Using the approaches above you can get your website ranking high on Google and other search engines without having to go through the long track of building backlinks to your website.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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