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6 Facebook Tools Serious Marketers Can’t Ignore

Facebook has grown to be among the most influential and most visited sites across the globe where hundreds of millions of people connect. Besides the connection and interaction that the site has brought, it has also opened new opportunities for internet marketer to take their businesses to the next level. To make it big as an internet marketer however demands that one have some mastery and have a rolodex of tools to get their business to the next level. So what are these essential Facebook marketing tools that harness traffic? Below are 6 of these tools that you need if you are serious about using Facebook as a marketing tool.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to know how your competitors are doing their marketing? Of course this is something that every internet marketer would love to know. The good news about all that is that Espionage will enable you spy on your competitors and give you clear insights on where your competitors are placing their ads and even let you know how much they are spending on the advertisements that they are setting. This will enable you to come up with a clear plan and a solid strategy on how to execute your campaigns and where to focus on. Espionage can also be used for other external campaigns and not only limited to Facebook ad campaign.


Social media is one of the best channels for getting traffic, but it only gets better when you have automation tools at your disposal. With automation, you will be able to do more while also saving time and costs. Hootsuite is one of these tools that you should be getting if you are in need of automating most of social media tasks. It also enables one to interlink their social media accounts which will also enhance sharing and more exposure for your posts and spreading the information that you wanted to send across.

Adfox Spy Tool

Adfox is yet another tool that can be effectively used for spying on competitor campaigns, just like Espionage. Adfox is however meant to be used by Facebook marketers only. It provides a wide range of features and analytics that will help the advertiser to create the bets advertisements and know how to implement them. With information such as audience interaction, likes, shares and how the users interact with the ads, it makes it simple for one to know if it is worth diving into a niche or if an ad campaign is worth running or not.

Buffer App

Another tool that has been around for quite some time back and has proved to be very beneficial in helping increase visibility through social media is Buffer. Buffer is a simple app that was created to help social media marketers to share content through the different social media sites. It is a proven fact that there is a time where people are most active in the social media and having a way to post when audiences are all in would increase results. With Buffer, you can increase engagement since it is able to schedule posts and shares based on the set time. So, once you know when most of your audiences are online, you can easily set the app to post at that time.

Page Modo

They say pictures speak a thousand words and that simply means that if you have the best appearance, you are sure to get good attention from your users. What Page Mod does is that it helps you to come up with a well-fitting cover photo and also a number of tools to help you create a top notch page to boost your marketing.

To enhance and boost your marketing, you may want to give out coupons and discounts and Page Modo has got your back in this also. You can create content and schedule them and do many other things with this amazing tool. Anybody who has used it knows that it is a time saver and offers what no other plugin can do. If you are therefore looking for the perfect tool to help you manage your Facebook page then this is one that you should give a shot.

Agora Pulse Tool

How many social media accounts do you have? If you are like many internet marketers, you have at least 3 social media accounts which are all used to promote your brand. The big question is, how much time do you spend on each of the platforms? Most of us will spend very little time on these platforms. But what if there was a way to sync all these accounts and manage them from one centralized location? That will definitely be a savior for many marketers and also help them be more productive in their marketing.

Just like Hootsuite, Agora pulse a tool that will help you interlink a number of social media sites and also help you to do more with the accounts synced together.

Final Word:

The powers of Facebook as a marketing tool are evident and can’t be debated. If you are an internet marketer and have never ventured into using Facebook to get customers and leads, then you have been missing a lot and it is justified to say that you haven’t done sufficient internet marketing. With countless of niches locking close to a billion people from all over the world, you are sure to find tons of customers and clients. With the tools described above, everything else with Facebook marketing should be a smooth sail.

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