6 Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue on Blog

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Adsense is one of the best advertisement options for bloggers. If you are a blogger, it is right time to consider using Adsense in order to increase your income. This article provides you with some of the most effective tips that can help you increase Adsense revenue on blog. Apply the tips provided and you will realize that within a short period of time, your revenue will have gone higher even than you would have expected.

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Locate the Adsense ads strategically

You should place your Adsense ads around your blog content and above the fold. It is good to note that ads tend to perform better when placed above the folds than when placed below it. Another effective way to do this is to blend the ads with the design of your blog.

Organic traffic


Adsense ads are more effective in helping you generate more revenue when the source of your blog traffic is the search engines. Therefore, you need to ensure that you use strategies that will help your site to rank high, so that you get high amount of traffic. Make sure that your blog contain relevant information, has unique content and other factors that will boost its rank in the different search engines.

Make use of Adsense for search

Adsense provides many ways to monetize your blog, thus it is advisable to take advantage of all the types of ads. Adsense for search will help you be able to monetize your blog and assist in making your blog easy to navigate by users.

Adsense section targeting

It is good to note that Adsense is a contextual ad network and it performs according to the content of your blog. This includes the footer and header part of your page and as a result the ads shown with your article may end up being irrelevant. Adsense section targeting is a fast technique you can use to add two lines of code before and after putting your content. This will make your ad to be targeted to the blog content, making them more relevant thus helping you increase adsense revenue from your blog.

Make use of both text and image ads

There is a myth of Adsense which you should avoid, that it is only the image ads that can help you increase adsense revenue from your blog. You should avoid blocking any ad type or ad category because you will be decreasing the competition on your ad. Instead, you should use both image and text ads to make sure that your ad is highly competitive leading to more income.

Put ads between post

Including ads between posts is an effective way to monetize your blog, especially if it has been inactive for sometimes. Configure the Adsense ads to ensure that they match with your blog background and color. You can also include text link ads between the posts.

By following the above tips effectively you will earn more from your blog. However, the most important thing if you are to get best results is to ensure that your blog is unique and contain relevant information.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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