6 WordPress Plugins To Track Your Website Traffic

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WordPress is among the best blogging platform which webmasters have used for long. It is loved for its flexibility and high end performance which you will rarely find with other platforms. However to get the best and ensure that you have full control of you web traffic, you have to understand and know how the traffic on your site is. This is done by monitoring the site with the use of plugins. In this post, we will go through some of the bets wordpress plugins that you can use to keep track of your website traffic so as to foresee and plan ahead.

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is among the bets wordpress plugins which enjoys a large user-base. Many people who have used this plugin feel that they cannot run wordpress without it. It is also arguable one of the most complete when it comes to features.

If you are looking for an all-round plugin that offers robust stats that you can rely on to make informed decisions and plan for better performance of your website, then Jetpack is that plugin. Beyond offering web traffic, you will also enjoy other high end features such as security and others that will help your website users enjoy better experience.

Google Analytic Plugin

Google is a giant in the internet world and there is no doubt about that. With a huge user-base of over a billion every month, you can already tell that this is a trove of opportunities for internet marketers and webmasters. Above this, they have also edged and become a powerhouse of traffic analytics and their Google analytics platform is a phenomenon platform that is loved by many webmasters. Like Jetpack it comes fully loaded with tracking and analytic features that will enable you to make solid decisions and understand your web traffic better. A huge percentage of internet marketers also use this plugin with paid traffic which helps them perfectly, thanks to the fact that the plugin can be easily customized with events tracking.

Optin Monster

What is traffic without leads? Nothing of course. As much as we are yearning for web traffic and doing what we can to drive as many visitors to our sites, we need to also make sure that they will end up converting. So how do we do this? By capturing the visitors as leads to the sales funnel. When you have a plugin that captures the audiences and puts them in your list, you are halfway through to making a sale. It is a proven fact that most visitors do not convert as sales on the first time and the best way to take control of such a situation is by using optin plugins.

Optin monster is a plugin that you’d want to use when it comes to this. Although the plugin isn’t free, it has proven to be worth every penny spent.

Foobar Plugin

Have you ever come across a floating notice bar on a website and got caught by the message it has? If you have been around the web for a while then you must have noticed one of these plugins in use. Having a floating bar for a notice is one of the easiest and best way to capture the attention of audiences onto a landing page or an offer. Foobar is one of the best floating bars that you can use for multiple purposes and the good thing about it is that it is free to use.

If you are planning on advertising and getting your message noticed easily by your website audiences, then the best way is to use a floating bar like the Foobar.

Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO is a huge part of the internet marketing world today and this is because many people rely on the search engines like Google to find products and information. Without sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo, it would be a big pain to find something in a huge web of sites that have nothing connecting them. As part of the SEO marketing, on page is something that you don’t want to ignore and this is where Yoast comes in. Almost everyone who uses wordpress is using Yoast to optimize their pages for better visibility.

Using the plugin is quite easy and there is even a setting wizard for anyone who is looking for something easy to use.

WordPress Popular Posts

To make your website more user friendly, you need to make it easier to navigate and the best way to do that is by arranging your posts and hoe they are served to your audiences. WordPress popular posts is the plugin that you need to make this a reality. It enables you to arrange your posts so that the most popular ones appear more on top. This increases the page-views on your website which is a metrics that is used by Google and other crawlers to determine the authority and how your website is more reliable.

This is one of those plugins that shouldn’t miss in your rolodex if you are serious about building a huge audience over a long time.

Final Word:

Web traffic is paramount to any internet marketing project. WordPress being one of the best blogging platform has tons of tools and plugins that can help one to come up with a clear and focused web traffic management. The plugins highlighted above are some of the best which you should look into if you are looking to boost your website to the next level.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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