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7 Paid Traffic Sources You Should Use In 2017

Want to set up ad campaigns swiftly and get high ROI (Return On Investment)? To get results for your web you will need to acquire high quality traffic from high end sources. There is no question that paid search traffic has been one of the best methods to get results fast. Unlike the free traffic sources such as Search Engine Optimization which could take a lot of time to yield results, paid traffic can give you instant sales and leads.

However, not all of the paid traffic sources will give you the expected results. With 80% of web traffic vendors online being spammy and serving low quality traffic, it’s not worth the investment. In this post, we have covered some for the best methods that guarantees you a good bid for your money in 2017 and beyond.

Google Adwords

With a market search domination of 75.5%, Google stands tall among all other search engines. With billions in monthly searches from any niche, marketers can take advantage and set up advertisements easily through Google’s Adwords program.

The platform is easy to use and doesn’t require much skill to get started with setting up ad campaigns. They also have a variety of tools inside the program which will help an advertiser to know the volume of searches and also how competitive a keyword is. The mode of traffic serving is on a per click basis. You are then to bid for a keyword which Google always provides a recommended bid.

The only downside with Google Adwords is that the program is a flooded with advertisers and to make your way through, you would need to have mastered some of the completion analysis techniques.

Bing Ads

Bing is also a top search engine and although it isn’t as popular as Google, it ranks second and also enjoys a huge search serving across the globe. Traffic bidding is done through a PPC (Pay Per Click) module just like with Google Adwords. Although Bing has a lower amount of traffic as compared to Google, they also have fewer competitors. This has made bidding through Bing Ads less costly as compared to Google and a good place to start for some medium level marketers.

Also a downside is that amateur marketers may find it hard to get started with bidding and may require one to master some bidding skills. If you have more to spare and targeting high volume keywords, you can hire an expert to help you manage your bidding. It might be costly, but it will eventually pay off depending on the target yield.

Yahoo Gemini

Gemini is Yahoo’s advertising network which it uses to reach out over a billion of its users. Yahoo resembles Bing in many ways including their advertisement serving. Yahoo has however gone further to serve their advertisements through publisher websites which opens up a wider avenue to many marketers.With a clean and easy to use interface, setting up ad campaigns is a walk in the park.

Although Bing offers cheap bidding, Yahoo also seems to have gone a mile ahead and their bidding is even lower to Bing. Although this has attracted many marketers and made competition a bit stiffer recently, it still is a good opportunity for those marketers who know a bit of PPC bidding.


Yandex is a search engine headquartered in Russia where it has a huge following. It however doesn’t matter whether you speak Russian or not. There is an English version of the search engine and it is slowly getting popular across other countries as well.

If you are planning on targeting Russian market largely, this is the best ad networks that you should be looking at. Its platform is also user friendly and has everything you need to target visitors. It is also not very flooded with advertisers and their bidding is fairly low. The only downside with Yandex is that it is not popular in many countries and limits you if you are trying to reach some places across the globe. Still it is a search engine worth giving a try.

7 Search

This is yet another search engine that serves audiences across the globe. Although its audiences aren’t as much as Google, Yahoo and Bing, it has a sizable amount of traffic which also comes with lower competition. Like the other search engines the mode of advertisement is pay per click although advertisers will enjoy a much lower bidding rate since there are fewer competitors.

Setting up campaigns on 7 Search is easy and doesn’t demand a lot of experience to get started. The use of tools and features of the platform is also easy.

And Web Traffic

And Web Traffic has grown over the years and today w rank among the best web traffic providers online. This is simply because we serve high quality traffic that converts.

We consider ourselves to be one of the best web traffic providers across the globe. With a team of highly skilled professionals and an arsenal of sophisticated tools that helps us to serve over 1,000 regular marketers with millions of traffic every month, we are clearly a top vendor.

Given the high quality and laser targeted traffic that we offer through our network, many marketers consider us to be among the best online traffic providers.


If you are a serious advertise that needs results, then you must ensure that you are getting good results from your investment. Used well, the above traffic strategies are the best that you can come across online.

If you feel a little confused and don’t know how to set up your ad campaigns then And Web Traffic is your best bet because we not only give you the traffic platform to use, but instead we help you set up your campaigns and make sure that you will get the best out of them. So regardless of whether you are an amateur or an expert who is seriously looking for a traffic vendor who understands the art of traffic acquisition, we are your best bet. Hop in and take advantage of our low rates today.

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