7 waya to increase website traffic

7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Instantly

Do you know, there are 1 billion websites on the internet and no matter which niche you choose, you’ll always have competitors with better authority.  

Obviously, it’s not an easy task but still, people build multiple sites and make them rank on top pages of search engines. You can also do the same by following the methods we’re going to discuss in this article. 

I’ve divided this article into 3 pieces, the first one is “Free methods of increasing websites’ traffic”, the second one is “Paid ways to drive website traffic”, and the last one is “Increasing websites’ traffic instantly” 

So, you can choose the method that suits you and your business, as a result, you’ll be able to achieve an increase in traffic on your website.  

Free methods of increasing websites’ traffic 

More traffic means more sales, and more sales mean more profit. You’ll have to have people on your website for making money online and by applying these traditional ways of increasing the website’s traffic would help you achieve the same.  

  • SEO 

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, it is a sub-branch of marketing which helps in optimising your website to get traffic directly from searches that take place on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. 

There are basically 3 types of SEO, which are: 

  1. On-Page SEO 
  1. Off-Page SEO 
  1. Technical SEO 

We won’t dig much deep into all of them but let’s have a brief look at each one of them. 

On-page SEO includes all the on-page elements that are responsible for higher rankings on search engines like Google or Yahoo. It includes optimization of Meta tags, Headings, Keyword Research and much more. 

Off-Page SEO, as the name suggests it is about optimising everything off the site, you don’t make changes to the on-page elements in off-page SEO. For example, Building backlinks, Article submission, Forum submission, etc are some factors to look for while performing off-page SEO. 

Technical SEO is responsible for improving the technical things related to your site which in turn improves the ranking of the web pages in the search engines. Technical SEO includes factors like website speed or load time, easiness of crawling, Robots.txt file, Sitemaps, etc. 

The overall goal of performing SEO is to make your site more fast and easy to use, while some keyword research would help you with target keywords with high search volume and low difficulty. 

  • Social Media 

Around 3.4 billion people use social media all around the world, it is a great opportunity for someone looking to drive free traffic to his site. Though it’s not an easy task because people don’t like to click on links or ads, and leave their social media profile, so that’s why here are some techniques you can use to drive people from social media. 

  1. Optimise your profile 

You might have noticed that all the popular brands or even startups have very reputed social media profiles, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn brands and businesses are present on every single social media network. 

Have you ever thought, how it helps them? 

The answer is very simple, they’re not just building social media profiles but they’re advertising themselves through their profiles. And guess what, all of this marketing for free of cost. 

Social media is a great tool for building your brand awareness among people and if you do it in the right way, you can even divert your followers to your website. 


Either you can either hire a team for handling your social media accounts or simply optimise all of your profiles yourself. Make sure you fill the correct information and most importantly the links to your site should be present. 

  1. Public engagement 

“Social media marketing”, there is a word social in the name itself which means you should be able to connect to your audience in the business of social media. The whole aim is to get more and more followers so that a large number of people could see your posts or anything you are advertising. 

Even if you somehow achieve a goal of 1 million followers, with a 10 per cent conversion rate you’ll be getting 1,00,000 people on your website just with the help of your social media profile. 

Producing engaging content is a great idea for attracting your target audience on social media, you can do anything from creating educational videos to Infographics, the only limit is the amount of work you can do. 

The popularity and use of Podcasts are increasing day by day, all the great marketers believe that podcasts are a very effective way when it comes to engaging people through the content. You can also use podcasts as a tool for engaging more people by posting some podcasts on your social media profiles. 

  1. Post Consistently 

No one will remember you if you post once a month, posting regularly on your social media can help you develop an amazing social media marketing strategy. The logic is very simple the more you post, the more you’ll keep in touch with your target audience and simultaneously higher are the chances that they’ll visit your website and turn into your potential customers. 

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Some of the other factors include creating viral content (like Memes), posting more of visual content, Run Q&A’s, Social groups participation, etc. 

  • Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a very traditional method of marketing, you can ask any digital marketer present on Earth he/she will ask you to start building an email list from the very beginning of your journey as a business. 

Let me ask you a question, 

“How many times do you visit the same website by typing its name?”, 

Well, I don’t remember sites and no one does because we use hundreds of sites per day and it is not possible to remember all of them. So, what I’m trying to tell you is that people won’t return to your site again and again because they won’t remember you once their problem is solved. 

Email marketing is a method of bringing back the people who already visited your site. All you just need to do is collect an email of the person who visits your site for the first time and then shoot him with a mail telling him about your new products, services, posts, discount coupons, or anything else he might be interested in. 

It is not that easy as it looks because people don’t consider such mails as spam emails and they might unsubscribe (your newsletter) if you don’t offer them value in the emails you’re sending them. 

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind before sending a marketing mail to your potential customer. 

1. Try to be Interactive 

Emails used to be so boring in the past because of the formal reputation they had in the market, but now the time has changed from promotions to bill receipts, we receive everything on emails.  

But people only read those mails which are interactive or the ones that provide some value to them, and while sending emails to your returning visitors you should keep both of these things in mind. 

Use unique and engaging subjects, photos, images or anything that users could relate to. Feedback forms are another great way of interacting with your potential customers, by using these forms you’ll get to know your audience and their expectations from your business. 

People love discounts and sales, it’s the greatest opportunity for you to make them click on your websites’ link, throw some coupons, deals, latest products and every interesting thing present in your inventory.  

2. Don’t Overcomplicate things 

There’s a very thin line between a great mail and an overcomplicated mail, so while writing such marketing mails make sure you don’t cross that line, as it may lead to the permanent loss of your potential customer. 

You can search for “Tips for writing extraordinary mails that convert” on google, or if you have a budget then you can simply hire a marketing expert for this work. The end goal is to keep the mail short, easy to read and should offer some value to the user. 

3. Offer visuals 

Let me ask you a question, 

If you get a choice of reading an article or watching a youtube video, explaining the same topic then,  

“Which one would you choose?”, 

I will definitely choose Youtube video and most of you will choose the same, the reason behind this is very scientific, we humans prefer watching videos over reading text. We like visuals and moving visuals (videos) are best of all, so try to offer videos, Infographics that add value to your mail. 

  • Guest posting 

In simple words, you can say that a guest post is an exchange of a post with a backlink, it is an article or blog that we write on someone else’s website, and in exchange, we get a backlink from their site. 

If you somehow get to write for a website with high traffic, you’ll be able to attract their audience to your own website. Before you start guest blogging you should know who your audience is. For example, if you have a site on weddings then there’s no point in writing a guest post on a Tech. site because the audience coming on a tech site have no relation to your audience. 

For finding the best sites for guest blogging in your niche, you can simply go to google and search for “your niche + guest post”. You’ll get a list of sites where you can publish guest posts.  

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Broken link building 

As the name suggests, we work with broken links in this method, but the question is, 

“What are broken links?”, 

Let’s assume we have 3 websites, A, B and C.  

“A” has a very high authority and it is giving a backlink to “B”, “C” produces the same content as “B”. After two years the “B” website somehow shuts down (expires), now the link that was given by “A” will show a 404 error (broken link) which is very bad for the SEO of website “A”. 

Now, “C” will approach “A” and ask the owner to redirect that same link on his site, because “C” produces the same content as of “B”, “A” will not have any problem linking to “C”. 

In the above example, we saw that a third website took advantage of the broken link, you can do the same by finding broken links on the popular websites of your niche.  


“How can someone find broken links on someone else’s site?”, 

There are tools for this, also known as SEO tools. Some of the best ones are: 

  • Ahrefs 
  • Semrush 
  • Moz 
  • Ubersuggest 

You can use these tools for not just finding broken links but for many other purposes. 

Paid ways to drive website traffic 

We looked at some of the free methods that help you in increasing your websites’ traffic, and now we’ll be discussing the paid ways for driving traffic to your site.  

Paid ways work faster as compared to the free ones but it also depends on your website’s niche whether paid methods or free methods would work better for you. Here are some paid methods that you can use to drive more and more traffic to your site: 

  • Google Search Advertising 

You might have seen websites on top of google searches with a small box written “Ad” in it, yes, those are google ads and if you can apply for them too.  

Google Adwords is the tool that manages all the Ads to be shown on google searches if you want to place your websites’ “Ad” then you’ll have to sign up for Google Adwords first. 

It’s not like buying an advertisement from Google, you’ll need to take part in Keyword Auction and the one who wins takes it all. The overall cost of the ad will depend on various factors like competitiveness of the keyword, ad rank and quality score. 

These were some technical terms that you might not understand right now but are very important if you’re considering ads from Google. 

  • Google maps advertising 

Before you apply for Google maps advertising there are some prerequisites, 

  1. You should have Google maps account 
  1. You’ll need to set-up Google my business listing 

Google maps advertising has a similar procedure as of “Google search advertising”, you’ll have to bid on different locations and optimise the keywords accordingly. 

  • Social media advertising 

Earlier we discussed social media as a free tool for driving traffic on your site and in this section we’ll discuss how paid social media advertising works. 

Most of the social media platforms offer social media advertising, some common names are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest Youtube, etc.  

Some of the common ways of advertising on social media are Advertisements (e.g. Facebook ads) and approaching influencers for marketing purposes. Social media advertisements are very similar to the Google search advertisements, the only difference is that here you’re placing an Ad on some specific social media app or website. 

The other way is reaching out to the influencers on social media, and asking them to promote your product by paying them. It is a great way of marketing because people follow celebrities and because they have got millions of followers, your brand recognition will improve drastically. 

advantages of paid traffic

Increasing websites’ traffic instantly 

I’m a very impatient person and I can’t wait for long to see results and for those who’re like me, gonna love this way of getting traffic to a website. This method is known as “Paid Traffic”, as the name suggests you will have to buy traffic here. 

Now the question arises,  

“Where should I buy traffic from?”, 

Don’t worry you don’t have to go anywhere else, we offer you the service of purchasing traffic on “AndWebTraffic“. 

But, “Why should you buy traffic from AndWebTraffic?”, 

That’s a very obvious question when it comes to buying traffic from any website, “AndWebTraffic” is the best option because we have years of experience in providing high-quality traffic, the best part is that we offer the audience who are interested in your niche. 

It’s not like you’ll be getting spammy visitors or random people from anywhere around the world, we choose the audience that suits your websites’ niche.  

But the question arises, 

“How do we know who your audience is?”, 

The answer is very simple, after performing years of research our developers have built tools that refine the traffic as per your niche, moreover, you can add references for the target audience. 

We offer unique traffic all-day and the source of this traffic is the redirected visitors from the sites that are no longer offering services or expired, all of these expired sites are of the same niche so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the traffic. 


  • SEO is a sub-branch of marketing which helps in optimising your website to get traffic directly from searches. 
  • Email marketing is a method of bringing back the people who already visited your site. 
  • Guest post is an exchange of a post with a backlink, it is an article or blog that we write on someone else’s website, and in exchange, we get a backlink from their site. 
  • Broken links from high authority sites of your niche can be very helpful in attracting the audience from their site. 
  • Some of the paid methods are Google search advertising, Google maps advertising, Social media advertising. 
  • AndWebTraffic is the best option if you’re looking to buy instant traffic. 
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