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8 Best Free Traffic Sources To Watch

Do you have a website that does not get enough traffic that you need? If you are running an online business and not getting enough of free traffic to generate enough conversions and profit that you have always wanted then there is something that you are missing out.

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It is useless to have a website that has no traffic since your whole business relies on people who visit and buy stuffs. Have you been asking yourself how to get targeted traffic to your website? This comprehensive write-up will show you the top smartest ways that you can drive massive volume of traffic without going through a lot of hassles. The best way to build an authority website is to follow these traffic techniques and let them grow day by day. However taking action and following them is the best thing that you can do. Many people just go through guides and never get to put what they have learned into action. The following traffic methods are crucial and if you really are serious about taking advantage of free traffic this is your chance to generate conversions worth thousands on your website every time.

1) Organic traffic from SEO
SEO is a well sang traffic method that rings in the mind of every webmaster. And even though every Internet marketer knows how complex it is, the resulting traffic is undeniably the best. Almost every top authority site get their traffic from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Patience is a virtue and it pays when one decides to take their time to optimize their website which may take some time but in the end lead to evergreen untapped free traffic spot. The traffic from the search engines is not only evergreen but also of the best known quality since they are targeted. If you ever needed a way on how to get targeted free traffic to your website without ever having to worry of whether it converts then SEO is something that you need to invest your time in. Focusing on buyer keywords is also possible and through this one can optimize for the best keywords which people looking to buy stuffs are searching on the search engines. “Buy Laptops” is for example a buyer keyword since the person searching is looking to buy a product. Ranking top for such a keyword is a dream come true for every webmaster. This is what makes SEO one of the most preferable source of traffic.

2) YouTube traffic
YouTube is categorized as a social media site and it is the second most visited website in the whole Internet. This grants Internet marketers and webmasters with a great opportunity to harvest the huge amount of free traffic. Research also shows that the future of content is tilting towards videos and they are the new way to present quality content. If you mind about your website and would like to get it to an authority level in the near future then you need to start mastering the art behind getting traffic from YouTube. It is however not a difficult strategy to get along with and as long as one can create nice looking and informative videos the traffic bonanza is just around the corner. If you are new to video creation and wondering where to start then you can take advantage of the inbuilt slide-show creator that YouTube provides. Uploading a few photos and choosing a background tone is something that is very easy that even a moron can do. YouTube is a high traffic potential that as a webmaster you need to focus on instead of wasting time and asking yourself how to get targeted traffic to your website. You need to take action to harvest traffic from this ready platform.

3) Pinterest traffic formula
Pinterest is still a new platform as compared to its fellow industry leaders like Twitter but the traffic potential it has is very impressive. Furthermore Internet marketers have confessed that there is a high conversion rate experienced from the traffic received through Pinterest than any other social media platform. This is the main reason that every webmaster should be focusing on this new giant. The good news is that it is very easy to get into the Pinterest game. The best approach into getting the best out of it is to ensure that the images shared are of the best quality and that they link back to your website. The viral ability that Pinterest has shown is excellent and one can have all its benefits if they focus on building a solid relationship with other Pinterest followers. Relationship and interaction is the best thing that everyone should have if they want to get the best out of it. If you want to get better conversions from free traffic then you should try this media site and drive massive traffic to your website. If you are one of the lazy marketers that love things done easily and fast then you may also consider using the variety of Pinterest robots to automate some of the hard work.

4) Using Twitter to get more traffic
If you have been sky-locking around the Internet marketing arena for a while then you probably have learned that Twitter is one of the best ways to get juicy free traffic to your website. Twitter has over 200 million people who are active and the fact that the social media giant has a very interactive and friendly platform, it is one of the best ways worth spending time in. Having twitter icons on the website is advisable for webmasters which is meant to increase sharing and promote viral momentum of the content. One can also enjoy the best with the use of the robots which help in automation of several tasks and analysis. Images are also another secret weapon that marketers can use in this media platform because explaining much with only 140 characters may not be easy at times. The photos need to be informative and putting up writings on them is the best idea that you can use. Your time using Twitter is worthy and it has a high promise on the conversion rate.

5) Guest Blog traffic
Blogging is an engaging and proven method of getting traffic and keeping them engaged. It is perhaps the most interactive way that Internet marketers can get with their clients and customers. Almost everyone including corporate businesses have realized that the best way to interact with customers is through the use of a blog. How can one get traffic from blogging? If you are very good in putting up words and providing informative tutorials then you up for great things. You can get lots of traffic by putting up blog posts on other people’s websites. Some people only focus on guest posting as their way of traffic and one advantage that they have is that they establish themselves much easier as industry experts and just earn their authority that simply. There are plenty of niche-blogs that accept guest posts from people all over and the best thing that one should keep in mind is to only focus on those that have built their authority already. This way one can take advantage of the high traffic and divert them to their website. Some blogs allow people to post their links in between the texts which makes it easy to reap the traffic. Guest blogging is something that can turn a small blog into a buzz of traffic and focusing on them is something that should be given much priority.

6) High Profile Content Syndication
Article submission to directories is dead. The main reason is because they ended up becoming stuffy and the use of high profile sites ended up being exponentially fruitful than focusing on content directories. If you have tried everything and still wondering on how to get targeted traffic to your website then maybe it is high time that you consider harnessing the power of high profile websites. There are lots of high profile sites out there that have high traffic flowing into their websites regularly. A large number of these sites have open their doors for people to use and benefit themselves. High profile content sites are the authority sites that focuses on one niche and accept content publications from people who are within the same niche. It uses a similar principle with the old content directories only that these have focused on quality from a particular niche. Zoning your content in this direction sets you in a perfect platform where you can generate high quality free traffic within a short span of time. One golden rule to take maximum advantage of this is to make sure that you keep rinsing and repeating the same method as well as ensuring that the content you share are top notch.

7) Submit your blog for content Aggregation
Do you write regularly? Is your blog content updated more often with fresh publications? If your answer is a “Yes” then you need to get ready to receive some massive amount of traffic to your website. This may be the end of your quest on how to get targeted traffic to your website. And the best thing with this method is that it is a ‘set and forget’ method and while you keep doing your daily content updates, traffic comes flying in massively. There are dozens of high traffic content aggregation websites that you can find on the Internet and all that you have to do is keep updating your website to get constant flow of traffic. Large authority sites do not have to worry much about how thy submit their content so that they can get traffic because they are aggregated. A golden tip that one ought to know about the aggregation sites is that they need to add their website on as many aggregation sites as possible. There is however one thing that one has to know about this method. It is not for the lazy webmasters who cannot update their content regularly. This wont work for them because content aggregation websites only deliver fresh content to their readers. It however is a treasure chest to those willing to keep their content updated daily.

8) Social Bookmarking traffic
Social bookmarking is not a new term to many people out there especially for those who are familiar with the art of SEO. Social bookmarking is a two way traffic formula which can turn out to be a massive boost to people who share high quality content. The use of social bookmaking can be used as a solo weapon and still generate enough traffic to your website. There are several top social bookmarking sites which receive thousands of traffic daily and one can take advantage of them. Getting to the top pages of these sites is the best sealed deal that a webmaster can get since what follows is a real avalanche of traffic. One more reason why the use of social bookmarking is the most appropriate and a golden tool is because they are used by many people to bookmark the content that they love. However there is another added advantage that webmasters can also benefit from. Search engines such as Google have always loved the social bookmarking as a way of prioritizing the best content to rank. It is therefore a very important tool that the webmasters should be seeking to benefit both in terms of traffic and backlinking for SEO purposes.

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To conclude, the above free traffic sources are enough to put one’s website on hot buzz of free traffic. It however needs to one to be patient and work hard especially when the website is still new and has not got much in the public light. You may have learned or mastered these strategies but what is needed is for you to take action. There is no magic bullet or food that is going to be served to you on a silver plate. Work needs to be done perfectly to achieve authority. Another thing that one should be warned of is to avoid short cuts and fishy methods in achieving authority. This is simply because the fishy methods lead one to be penalized and some traffic methods such as SEO are so keen on what one does. The penalties with the use of black hat methods in SEO are unbearable and for one to recover is usually a big hassle. This comprehensive guide is enough to answer your quest on how to get targeted traffic to your website.

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