8 Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Web Traffic

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In today’s world where the internet have an effect on everyone’s life, webmasters should always look for the best ways to get the best of their internet marketing strategies. Automation is a very crucial element that needs one to be keen and ensure that they are ahead of their competition and getting the best. In this guide, we will go though 8 of the best marketing tools that will help you boost your web traffic.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Knowing your site speed is something that is very important. You may be asking yourself why this even matters with regards to traffic. The reality is that search engines like Google and Bing are always looking for quality sites that will load fast to their searchers. Slow loading sites have no chance because they do not offer the bets user experience. As such, using Pingdom website speed test which is a free tool that tests the speed of the sites and rates them is very crucial. There are other speed test tools but Pingdom stands out.


How do yuo know what to blog about r write the next post about? You need a solid strategy to ensure that your readership is evergreen and that you are getting the best out of your content. This can however only happen if you are crafting and providing your audience with the best and the latest trending content. This is where Buzzsumo comes in. This amazing tool analyzes the social media pointing out the latest trends based on keywords. Having the tool will help you get good suggestions on the best content to create for high amount of traffic.


Competition is inevitable and will always be there, even in the internet making world. With search engines being the bets traffic source out there, you need a marketing tool that will help you revolutionize your marketing from the bottom to top. Spyfoo is a good marketing tool that will help you identify low competition keywords and those that are highly profitable so that you can easily rank high in the seach engines and get more traffic.


Semush is yet another marketing tool that is used by thousands of internet marketers to get an edge in the search engine optimization arena. It boasts having one of the largest analytic database on the search engines content which is crucial for every serious internet marketer out there.

If you are serious about getting ahead of your competitors in the search engines, then this is an amazing tool that will get you good results in the end.


If you have been running a blog o a website for sometime now then it is obvious to you by now that you can end up having a very long post or page url which frankly speaking is ugly and difficult to deal with in some instances. But what if there is a way to shorten that url have a shorter version of it. Bit.ly is the tool that you need to use.

Bit.ly does more than just shortening your url and also provides analysis on the number of clicks the link has been clicked. This is best especially if you do not have a tracking software or script on your website.


Subreddit might not be a tool like the others but more of a categorized discussion group. It is however very different from any other discussion groups out there and the reason why we have exclusively added it along with the best marketing tools is because the traffic that subreddits can generate are tremendous yet all you have to do is very little.

Every time, you make a post and add it on a relevant subreddit, you stand to get tons of traffic to your site. Just be sure to make the post outstanding and informative so as to attract more attention and send more traffic to your site.

Google Analytics

How much do you keep track of your website performance? Knowing how your website is faring will help you strategize and come up with solutions to a number of marketing challenges. google analytics is one of the best traffic analysis tools that you can find in the industry.

You can also use Google analytics in an advanced level to track other web activities such as conversions, click through rates and sales conversions by using scripts. Such a tool is crucial to someone who is serious about the future of their online business.

Aweber Email Marketing Tool

As the old internet marketing saying goes “money is in the list” and this means that with a well set up email marketing system, you will easily be able to make a lot of money in the process. You will however need a tool to help you achieve this. Tasks such as sending email campaigns to hundreds of people in one click and setting custom campaigns isn’t something that can be done manually. Aweber is the tool that can help you get that done in a flash. It is regarded as one of the best email marketing tools and you can count on it to give you the bets email marketing results in terms of reaching more users, attracting more and making your sales.

Final Word:

Automation is something that is becoming more popular in today’s internet marketing world and we all need it to get the best out of the marketing strategies that we implement. With the above marketing tools, you can easily get to up your internet marketing game and be able to boost your site traffic and sales much easily. The good thing is that these tools are beginner friendly and most ¬†of them do not require any purchase for you to get started.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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