6 Actionable Ways Of Creating Content That Pulls More Traffic

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Highly trafficked sites know the main ingredient to getting lots of people to visit their site or read a new blog article whenever it is published. However, many webmasters out there are still struggling trying to find out how one can achieve this. The truth is, they are using actionable and proven strategies and you can do that too and start getting swarms of traffic to your website. So how does one create content that attracts more visitors and get you more conversions? In this guide, we will go through 5 actionable approaches that you can implement on your website and start seeing your graph rise. Here they are;

Reverse Engineer Your Content Strategy

We all know that creating more content on the site builds a larger site and one that is more authoritative. We have been made to believe that creating more content is the way to go, forgetting that it is not just any kind of content. In almost every niche, there are those topics that are hot and proven to yield more traffic and conversions and these are the ones you should be putting more focus on. On that account, you need to visit your old content checking out the ones that performed best and create an article on the same topic. This will be like bumping up the post with some freshness and you can expect some viral traffic from it. This is an approach that many big companies are sites are using and you too can use t to change the way you run this.

Make Your Headlines And Content Irresistible

The secret to getting more traffic and click through rate over impressions is to craft content that the reader cannot resist. content is everything online and the fact that there is competition everywhere, you need to make your content stand out from the rest and give the reader a reason to click on yours. The better your article title, the more traffic you stand to get on your site which also translates to more sales and conversions. So how do you create outstanding headlines and content? The best way to do this is to check out the top sites in your niche and see how they are doing it. That will give you an idea on how to create content that goes viral and those that will pull in more traffic.

Focus On Long But Informative Content

Content length is something else that you’d want to put more focus on. Research has shown that websites with lengthy content build more authority and dominate the search engines meaning that they are getting more traffic. But why is this the case? It is simply because a lengthy article is one considered to be more credible and comprehensive. This means that if you are looking to build a huge site and grow your web traffic, you stand to make your site big and get tons of traffic in the long term. However, you are not just going to create any kind of content. you must make sure that the articles are informative, interesting to read and worth reading all through.


Your Content Promotion Matters

Most of us write content and post it on their site without ever considering the need to promote and ensure that people are viewing it or not. the truth of the mater is that very few people if any will find your content. Gone are the days when you’d post an article and start seeing swarms of traffic flooding in. These days, you need to work extra hard and push your content to have better visibility.


80/20 promotion is something that has been talked about many times in the internet marketing wold. What this means is that you should put 20% of your time on content creation and the other 80% in promotion. It is an approach that many marketers agree to and there is no reason why it wont work for your website.


Use Automation Tools Whenever Possible

Time is of the essence in every industry and this also applies to the internet marketing world. If you want to be successful online, you must make sure that you have a good time plan and you do not waste much time on things that do not work. While many amateur marketers struggle with little strategies like sharing content on social media, big sites that have grown are automating these tasks. There are tons of online tools and softwares that makes automation a seamless thing. This means that you can stop wasting more time on setting up that Facebook post and let the tools do the work as you work on something else. There are lots of tools each with a different task and you will find lots of them for free. This will guarantee you high quality traffic that is consistent over time.

Always Test and Try New Strategies

getting better trafficHow many times do you try a new strategy on your site? If there is one thing that separates successful marketers and the many who fail, it is trying new things. Websites are different in the way they perform and there is no specific method that is surefire to every site. This means that a strategy that doesn’t work for one might work perfectly for another. So the best way to know if a strategy works for you is by trying many marketing strategies to find one that works perfect for your website. although at times it could be expensive, it is well worth the invested time and money.

Final Thoughts

Traffic will always remain the key to a successful website and with the strategies shared above, you will be better off than many sites. These strategies are guaranteed to boost your online visibility and get more traffic and sales.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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