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Amazon vs. Flipkart Affiliate Program

If you have been in the affiliate marketing game for a while then you must have at some point tried comparing different affiliate programs. What of an Amazon vs Flipkart comparison? These are two great E-commerce platforms which have been running for a while. And just in case you have tried one of them and wondering how the other platform works, here is an in depth review. Lets unfold the goodies and the caveats by comparing both networks and see which one is better than the other.

Payment Terms

Every marketer out there to make a killing, and it all boils down to how payment are favorable. When it comes to seeing who pays better there are a few angles to look at it from. Here are 3 most important ones;

1) Commissions
Fipkart pays its affiliates ranging from 4% up to 20% depending on the type of product and the volume of sales. Books fetch from 6% – 12%, electronics and gadgets fetch 4-6% while toys could go as high as 20%.

On the other side of the scale, Amazon pays affiliates from 4% up to 8.5% depending on the sales volume.

2) Cookie Policy
Here comes the bitter-sweet part. When an visitor you have referred visits an affiliate platform, the browser cookie is tracked for a certain period of time. If the user buys the item before the period ends, you still get the commission. Both Amazon and Flipkart have a 24 hour period of cookie tracking. While both seem to have tied on this, there is a twist. Amazon doesn’t somehow doesn’t allow embedding affiliate links in emails. This means if you do email marketing, Amazon waives the commission. Flipkart would be better on this.

3) Payment period and Threshold
Who would like an affiliate network that takes ages to process their payments?

It is always important to know when payments are made and how they are made on a network one chooses. Amazon processes payments after 60 days. For instance you make sales on January, you will get payments in late March. Flipkart on the other side pays within a period between 30-60 days. 60 days might mean a lot, but it all depends with the refund policy.

Inventory Size

Inventory could mean a lot especially for marketers who would like to diversify into a variety of niches. Since consumers also love selecting from a wide variety of products, you need to be up for this. And the only way to do this is by working with a big network or multiple. But there are lots of disadvantages that comes with being an affiliate with multiple network. Since almost all affiliate networks pay for higher sales volumes, it would be great to focus on one.

So which between Amazon and Flipkart has more inventory? Amazon is the obvious winner here. It has been in the industry for longer too which has given it an edge in expanding.

Market Competition

How experienced are you in term of affiliate marketing? It is always important to keep in mind that there are other affiliate marketers and you are in a competition. But wouldn’t it be easier if one focuses on selling products with lower competition? Lower competition products could mean low lying gems but it could also mean that there is lower demand. Flipkart has plenty of low lying gems but they have lower demand as compared to those on Amazon. This could mean business either way but it is all yours to gauge.

If you are getting started and don’t have an idea on how to tackle competition, then Flipkart is a little better for beginners. Although there are some low competition niches in Amazon, seeking the help of a professional would also be great given that there are lots of inventories.

Target Market

Abandoned carts is an Affiliate marketer’s nightmare. And what makes that sad is that most of them are due to the target market. There are lots of E-commerce stores running online which allows affiliates in their platform. however, just a fraction of them can ship to different regions globally.

A good affiliate program should have an established shipping channel to ship the products purchased. Otherwise it could end up burning the affiliate’s reputation and their efforts also gets wasted. Luckily both Flipkart and Amazon serve the global market although Amazon has better penetration.

If you intend to market internationally, then Amazon could be the ideal option.

Similarities Between Amazon and Flipkart

ascending-graph-1173935_640Here are some of the common things that you can always count on with both affiliate programs.

Affiliates Approval
Joining both networks is free. You however need to have your site comply with the terms of service of each affiliate network. In most cases, having a good website with great content is all you need. And just to be on the safe side and avoid getting banned, make sure to always stick by the terms of service.

Customer service and Integrity
Would you like to put all your effort only to have your referred customers treated badly? Amazingly, you wouldn’t hear such from these affiliate companies. Over the years, customers have always received the quality of service promised.

Tools availability
In order to perform and get impressive profit margins, an affiliate marker needs tools. Amazingly, both amazon and Flipkart have supplied necessary tools of trade for the affiliates. This ranges from track-able links, banners, widgets among others.

Scams are on the rise online and many affiliate marketers lose a lot by joining shadow networks. Luckily, the transparency with Amazon and Flipkart speaks for itself. These are some of the leading companies and you can always count on them.

Final Word:

In all honesty, in an Amazon vs Flipkart battle it is clear that there are more advantages in joining Amazon over Flipkart. However some products on Flipkart could be higher paying than those on Amazon. You can therefore opt to go with Flipkart if you intend to promote some of these products.

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