Are scrolling or individual pages better for web traffic?

If you have a web page, you may question, are scrolling or individual pages better for web traffic? These are the only two types of pages which are used by web developers. The individual pages mean that every time there is an major component introduced into the content of the page, that that content gets a page dedicated to it. Scrolling pages keeps all the content on the same page, bookmarking areas with navigational tabs. So which one is better for web traffic? Read on to find out.

Choosing the best layout for the type of page you have

The first thing which should be considered when trying to determine scrolling or individual pages is the type of site which will be used. Primarily, if you have an e-commerce site, you will want to go with individual pages should you have substantial products. However, if you have only a few products or services which you want to sell, it may be the best option to have a single scrolling page.

The major consideration for your website traffic with the type of page that you choose to use is based on the hit and bounce rate on the site. If you think you can have the same number or greater hits on individual pages, then it is beneficial for you to separate out the content and use navigational tabs for the content. Yet, if the amount of content on the pages and the amount of product do not reflect an outrageous amount of traffic, then keep the focus on one page. Determine the type of page first to help maximize the traffic flow to your website.

scrolling or individual pages both need to have keywords. This is a keyboard showing that.

Keyword considerations

One of the biggest flaws with having individual pages is in keyword saturation. When you have individual pages, all of those pages must be written with SEO in mind. This means that you may need to write the content multiple times. This is especially true if you have a site and need to have it in mobile or tablet format. Keywords and phrases are used multiple times on the same site. You could suffer in the SERPs from having the site overly saturated with keywords. You may need to alter your content on the pages with new keywords. Even have the keywords change from platform to platform. If you are creating individual pages for mobile and tablets, ensure that your SERP does not suffer.

Scrolling pages less need to keep multiple keywords and phrases. You need to have them on the scrolling page. They need to be strategically placed. However, unlike the individual pages, you will only need to have the content written once. Most scrolling pages are liquid format. This means that they scale to mobile or tablet format. They do not require you to rewrite the content. This is a tremendous advantage for your SEPs. You can focus on the content rather than on the wordage.

Other SERP considerations

The web traffic depends on the SERPs. This depends on your content. If you have an individual page, then the content is limited to only having to optimize the site once. Yet, if you have individual pages, you may need to reload and re-optimize every page. When would this be beneficial? It would help your website traffic to have individual pages when you want to showcase a particular product or service. For example, if you are selling purses and want to have the customer see the purse and the features before buying, an individual page would be ideal.

Be cautious in how you set up your SEO. Include a header and footer on every page for the best results. What you do not want for your web traffic is to have the traffic oriented only to one of the supporting pages and not to the main page. Ensure that there is a continuity between the pages for the best results. Also, when placing media, have all the content point back to the main page. Your alt descriptions should showcase the piece being offered. But keep your overall SERPs in mind. Use keywords and phrases which are found on the main page in your description.

Analytic considerations

Many times, you will want to use the analytics of your page to determine where you need to advertise for your web traffic. This is where determining if scrolling or individual pages are better comes into play. Analytics will apply to a specific page. Therefore, if you have a page which is doing well, it will show the page with a lot of traffic. Yet, you could end up with double counts if the person goes to another page or if they open multiple windows. Individual pages do better with analytics, as you only have to focus on one page. Keep in mind also that the analytics for the single page will give the user a better feel of the bounce rate and the retention rate for your site’s content.

scrolling or individual pages which is better for algorithms?  A computer showing various algorithmic graphics.

Are scrolling or individual pages better for algorithms

Algorithms will be the fundamental way in which you will know how well your page is doing and how much traffic you are getting to your page. With a single page, you have the advantage of all the content being used by the algorithm at once and posting that one page higher in the SERPs. Multiple page sites will require you to have the algorithm run on each page. So while your homepage may rank high in the SERPs, your other pages may rank lower. This could cause confusion when analyzing your web traffic.

Are scrolling or individual pages better for web traffic?

If you have an individual page or low content, then a scrolling page is the best option for your website traffic. However, if you have an e-commerce site or if a scrolling page would look too cluttered, then it may be best for you to dedicate multiple pages to your content. More important than the page layout is a focus on the material and SEO. Determine the type of site that you need, and focus on driving traffic to your site by keeping your content updated.

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