Are traffic analytics reliable?

Are traffic analytics reliable? While you wish to have the best data on your site’s traffic, maybe the numbers are misleading. Google Analytics and WordPress analytics have a tendency to show a broad window where traffic is concerned rather than giving you a precise look at your website traffic. Here are some of how the analytics may not be reliable and what you should do.

Tracking script problems and fixes

Setting up your analytics can be tricky. If you do not set up the script correctly, you may find that you have two problems. First, you may find that the script is being used twice on some pages. This would boost your overall traffic count substantially. Second, you may not have the script on a page, which would diminish the total traffic. To fix this, use the tag manager on the entire site. If you find any issues, fix them and refresh the analytics page. Update if needed.

Are traffic analytics reliable? If the traffic is too high maybe not.. Picture of traffic.

Your numbers are way too high

There are great numbers for analytics and then there are unrealistic numbers. If you have a surge in your website traffic, maybe there is spam entering into your analytics. This is usually the case on WordPress sites and on sites that do not have the measures in place to block bots. Google Analytics has a feature that block bots, but that does not stop all of them. The best way to stop spam is to implement spam blocking on your site first and then on the analytics site second. Additional plug-ins are encouraged, as the more you have to stop spam, the less apt it will be affecting your overall traffic numbers in your analytics.

Duplicity and personal use

Perhaps the most common issue with website analytics is duplicity and personal use numbers. Duplicity occurs when a user visits multiple pages of a site and is counted as being a different person for each page. It also occurs when a person visits the site multiple times. While the visit is new, the person visiting is not. While there is not a solution you can know that such is occurring by monitoring the location, Ips, and other such information. Subtract duplicity from your overall traffic numbers to gain a more reliable count.

Personal use issues occur when a person visits their site, usually for maintenance and monitoring, and the analytics records that person as a new user. This issue is the simplest of the issues to fix. Look within the analytics software for the button to exclude you as a new user. It is that simple.

Are traffic analytics reliable?

Traffic analytics are reliable in the sense that they give you a broad picture of how your site is performing. You can see the spikes and the declines of your site. This is useful for campaigns, SEO revamps and gaining trends in the website’s performance. Analytics should not be used as the sole method for monitoring the traffic on your site. You should combine the analytics with traffic monitoring software, your SERP ranking, and other data for a more accurate analysis.