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If you are marketing in this age, then you must be aware of some of the latest internet marketing techniques such as those that employ the use of robots and softwares to automate tasks to save time and money in the process. If you haven’t done this or aren’t using this in your marketing campaigns, then there are a few things that one could really use to know whether the site they are visiting uses automation. 

As much as many people will look at automation differently, one can use it for the better good to save them time and automate some of the tasks that could have taken up a lot of your time. So, you can be doing something else while the bots does the simple repetitive tasks that you are used to. 

What Is Marketing Automation Really?

Marketing automation is the process by which one uses a software of a platform to automate some common tasks such as following back people on social media, replying to common queries and such. If following through social media followers every time isn’t your thing or probably have a huge follower base, then instantly replying to the followers with a simple message will be perfect before you get back to them on a later time. 

How does automation increase web traffic? Knowing that no website can run for long without any traffic, the big question one should ask is whether automation can provide good traffic and by how much? Is it enough to make a huge difference? 

Automation is something that has proven to be very effective. From posting updates on social media to replying to direct messages, it is a good way of making things simpler by letting the softwares get the hard work off your hands. One of the best things that comes with automation is the ability to personalize things and reach out to more customers while doing so. From sending customer personalized emails to commenting using the followers name on Twitter and other social media platforms, there are endless possibilities when it comes to this. Below, we delve deep into marketing automation, pointing out the different automation approaches that one can employ.

What Are The Various Types Of Automation?

To help you better understand the various ways that automation can be used and how you can use it to generate tons of traffic to your website, here are some of those strategies where they apply. 

Email Marketing Automation

Everyone who has been in the internet marketing game knows what email marketing is. With all the crazy hype of email marketing that surrounds it, there is little doubt that one won’t get good results from it. Better yet, you can achieve even better results by making automation and setting triggers that can ensure that prospecting buyers and email list subscribers are getting the right attention they need from you, even when you are away from the keyboard. Without doing automation in email marketing, you are doomed to fail, because almost everyone out there does it today. After all, how do you expect to handle hundreds or thousands of emails manually sending to every prospect on your email list? Of course that would be almost impossible, unless you are ready to waste long hours doing trial and errors. And automating email marketing campaigns isn’t that hard. All that one needs to do is sign up for an advanced email marketing platform such as Aweber or Constant Contact and from there easily set up campaigns. There are lots of automation features that one can easily use to optimize and get results from their marketing and reaching out. 

Email marketing as a whole tends to be tricky at times especially if you do not have any idea of what you are doing, but it surely is worth every moment of your time spent. It is therefore an approach that you can focus on to get more exposure and high quality web traffic that gets you good conversions. 

Social Media

Imagine posting to half a dozen social media sites and replying to every comment that a follower quotes you on. Its such a hard task to do and follow up with this and will definitely cost you a lot of time. But what if there was a simpler way of handling this by letting a software reply to the comments and do most of the work for you? As hinted earlier in the post, automation and getting good hold of social media is one of the best examples where automation has proven to be invaluable in every way. There is little doubt that social media is one of the bets ways that one can generate traffic to their website. Be it an Ecommerce website, a blog or any other kind of website, social media plays a crucial role when it comes to traffic acquisition. Figures have it that there are over 1 billion active social media users and the best ting about all that is that all niches are there and anyone can get started and build up a following much easily without any prior experience need. 

Like with any other automation such as email marketing, there are lots of social media automation tools that you will come across. Among the most popular ones that you can easily get started with includes Hootsuite which features tons of automation features and can be used across multiple social media sites. As long as social media is part of your marketing strategy, it would be a wise move to start automating some of the tasks to achieve more and start sending in tons of more web traffic to your website. 

Contact Autoresponders

social media traffic

As your website grows, it is a common thing to come across visitors who have queries. This is mostly if you are in the service business where people will be trying to contact and query some of the things that you have to offer to them. If there is one thing that is sure to help you get better in your business and grow your site traffic, it has to be good customer care, and having a good autoresponder system in you site is one step to achieving that. Having such a system on the site will not only help to ease communication, but since it helps you to communicate, you will be able to keep the web traffic that flows in since you can handle and give them what they need or answers they seek. 

The good thing with most of the advanced auto-responders is that they can take in more than just replying. Visitors to your website can leave comments and queries and you can always come back and get back to them if you were not online at the time. Overall, this is something that is worth investing in and will help save a lot of money by serving more visitors who you could have lost. And as always, a happy visitor will always come back for more hence more visitors and potential prospects to your website. 

These are some of the most common automation that you can use on your website. Although these aren’t all, there are others such as those softwares used to function with search engines. whichever you opt to go with, they are crucial tools that will ease the hard work and help you do things much faster and more efficiently. 

Final Word:

The strategies outlined above have proven to be very invaluable. Web traffic is an important part to any business and sometimes it can be a difficult process acquiring them. Considering that there are competitors and all sorts of challenges to face, automation is one of the best ways that one can use to leverage more web traffic and generate all that they could ever want. Following the approaches that we have outlined above, one should be able to achieve the right amount of traffic and good conversions from the automation they employ. 

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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