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How Does Backlinks Increase Your Organic Traffic?

SEO has been a top traffic source for many internet marketers and that will remain for many years to come. As long as people are still going to use search engines like Google and Bing to find results from the internet, SEO is going nowhere. There are many benefits that comes with SEO and among the top most is the fact that the traffic is free and highly targeted.

When doing SEO, there are two major approaches that one should be focusing on. They are on-page and off-page optimization and both are equally important in making the website rank high in the search results. In this guide, we will go through off-page optimization which mainly involves building or acquiring backlinks for the website.

When you build backlinks and get links from other websites, it acts as a vote to the search engines and depending on the quality and power of the links, your website stands a chance to rank high in the search engines.

Understanding Backlinking And Off-Page Optimization

If you have been in the SEO game for some time then you already know how the organic traffic converts for your website. Getting organic traffic is however not easy as it involves some of the most complicated approaches such as backlinkling.

There are several ways in which one could build backlinks to their website, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you focus on quality. Here are some of the best ways to build backlinks for your website;

Focus On Latest Semantic Keywords

Perhaps the first thing that you should keep in mind before you start backlinking is to know the keywords that you would like to rank for. This will enable you to structure a plan to get backlinks based on the keywords. Getting keyword focused backlinks is the best way to push your website up for that particular keyword.

However, it doesn’t mean that one should slap the keywords randomly. Although that was something that worked a few years back, that is a strategy that is long gone. Today, you need to focus on thematic keyword structure which bases your keywords through a latent semantic index (LSI).  LSI is the use of multiple keywords that are considered similar to the main keyword. This brings up a unique and the much needed diversity that is known to propel web pages in the search engine.

Keep in mind the competition
While SEO is a juicy source of organic traffic, there is always something that competitor that is doing everything to make sure that they are above you. Keeping that in mind, you need to make sure that your strategy covers competition and does good to your website to make it rank higher than your competitors. To aid you in this, you need to use some tools to do that. The good news is that there are dozens of these tools which will help you to spy on your competitors and come up with a winning strategy. With these tools, you can see where your competitors are ranking, what keywords they are ranking for and what they have done to achieve the rankings. This should give you the idea on what you need to do next and how you should do it. When it comes to the tools, there are some that are free while others are paid.

Metrics matter And You Should Care

The other thing that you need to keep in mind is the web metrics. If you would like to push your website up the ranks then you need to monitor your keywords and know how they are faring against your competitors.

When building backlinks to your website, you should focus on getting links from authority sites which have established themselves. Getting a link from these sites will quickly give you a quality vote-up on the search engines and make you rank higher for the particular keywords. There is a common cliché in the SEO world that goes as “1 link from an authority site is equivalent to 100 from low authority sites” and practically this is true. One needs to focus on authority and not the quantity of links to the website.

Always stay updated on the current Search algorithms

The search engines keeps their algorithms updated based on the needs of the users and that is something that everyone should be concerned about. Due to these updates, the SEO strategies also changes and the most commonly affected part is the off-page optimization part.

To stay under the radar, you need to know and follow the latest trends from top SEO sites as well as internet marketing forums. SEO Google hangouts are also another place where you can interact and share with search engineers from Google.

Avoid black hat techniques at all costs and focus on white hat linking only which puts your website on top. Black hat techniques are not to deliver results only for a short period and later, everything else vanishes. This is because the approach taken through black hat SEO are against the search engine’s algorithms and it is only a matter of time before these sites get penalized. With white hat SEO everything is in line with search engines and such strategies will yield long term results.

Final Word:

As far as web traffic is concerned, SEO remains a key traffic source to many websites. To get a piece of the cake in the SEO world, you have to pull every search engine ranking technique to make SEO work for you. Although SEO can seem hectic, following certain proven strategies like the ones we’ve highlighted above will help you clinch top spots above you competitors.

If you would like to get a straightforward traffic formula that gets you results right off the bat, then why not check out some of the web traffic packages that we have here. We have been serving web traffic for many years and we are certain that we will deliver the best that gets you results. Get in touch with us and our team will help answer your questions.

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