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Beginner’s Guide To Increase SEO Traffic

As long as search engines like Google continue to be the backbone of searching and finding information on the internet, SEO is something that is here to stay. If you are still new to the whole SEO thing, then it simply is the process of optimizing and making a website search friendly and easy to discover through search engines like Google and Bing.

The optimization basically involves on page optimization that deals with ensuring that the on site factors are spot on. Off page optimization on the other end involves getting backlinks for the site. Backlinks help build a site’s authority and credibility hence getting a boost in the search engines. Here are some of the things that beginners can do to increase their SEO by tweaking their sites to stay ahead of their competitors.

Focus On Low Competition Keywords

Search engine optimization is all about choosing and working with the right keywords. For beginners, it is always advisable to go for keywords that have lower competition since these are easier to push and get ranked on the search engines. Getting these keywords isn’t also as hard as many people might think. With tons of softwares and online tools, one can easily discover and find keywords that are easy to rank and work with. Although most of the low competitive keywords tend to have lower number of searches, working with them is easy and doing this for multiple of them will get you good results. Soon as your site has grown and gained enough reputation, you can go ahead and work on more complex keywords.

Focus On Building Quality Backlinks

When it comes to ranking, off page optimization is a crucial part that must be used to push a web page top of the ranks. The process of building backlinks can vary and it all depends with the strategy that you choose to use. There are different backlinking approaches that one can use, but being a beginner, one needs to avoid black hat techniques as they could end up messing the whole strategy. You should focus on solid backlinking strategies like guest posting and getting links from authority sites since this will give more credibility and boost power to your website. Other solid backlinking strategies that you can use includes Web 2.0, editorial backlinks and citations for local business sites.

Content Is Very Important

The most important part your website is the content. The content is the part that will entice the audiences to buy or take an action on your website. Without solid content that are well written and the sales pitch is up to par. Without a good sales copy, then you will get low conversion rate and fail to get the best out of your content and hard work. But what if you are not good in writing sales copies and enticing content? There are lots of freelancers from top freelance sites that you can hire to write a good article that gets you results. Freelancer sites is something that many webmasters are using to easily get their content written fast and at an affordable cost.

Your Site Speed And Navigation Matters

Did you know that the speed of your site can actually change the way search engines rank it? Imagine visiting a website and waiting for 2 minutes for a single page to load. I bet you will give up in a matter of seconds and consider visiting another website instead. While this may seem like an audience based issue, search engines too favor sites that load up fast. This is something hat you need to keep in mind and make the necessary tweaks to see that the site loads up fast. So how do you make you site load fast? The first step is to get a stable and fast hosting service. there are tons of hosting services that you will come across online and getting the best might take you time, but worth it.

Engage With Audience Through Social Media

classifieds trafficIn today’s world being absent in social media is like living in a dark world. Social media is more than just interacting with friends and businesses too are finding it more important as a good marketing platform. If you want to succeed online, you must do social media marketing. Today social media has become part of almost everybody’s life and numbers have it. The top 3 social media sites alone have amassed over a billion active users making it a potential target market for internet marketers who want to take their business to the next level. One major advantage that comes with social media is that there are all kind of niches giving every internet marketer a chance to market their products and services without any limits.

Final Word:

Search engines are the future of the web. They have been long used as the backbone of the web and imagining a world without Google and Bing to most of us seems wrong. From the internet marketers’ point of view, one should therefore focus on making sure that their website will be visible on the search engines and that their clients and customers can find them easily. To do this, you need to follow a certain criteria and come up with a solid strategy to ensure that you stay in front of your competitors and that your site ranks high in the searches. With the above strategies, you can easily emerge top of your competitors and get tons of web traffic in return.

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