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Beginner’s Guide In How to Increase Volusion Traffic

Are you using Volusion for your E-commece marketing? If you are still new to the internet marketing gam and have already set up your store, then you must be wondering how to get through to the next step which is getting customers to flood your website and help you make sales. It can be a challenging prospect, especially if you are still new to it. We have however made a comprehensive guide featuring some of the best traffic methods that you can easily use to increase Volusion traffic.

Beginner or not, here are some of the strategies that you should give a try to see how it fairs with your Volusion ecommerce website;

Sponsored Reviews And Blog Posts

Blogs are the backbone of the internet. They provide reliable information and experts use them to educate people on different matters and issues. With over 60% of websites being blogs, imagining a web without them is almost impossible. From an internet marketer’s point of view, blogs pose high opportunities and if done right, they could be a traffic avalanche that brings high quality traffic. Blogs grow with time and as they do so, they become trusted and grow their audience.  Now imagine getting your product in front of thousands of targeted audiences without having to lift a finger. It’s all possible with this strategy.

Most bloggers offer guest posting and sponsored reviews as a service which can be used by markets to reach out to many people. Expert internet marketers have been using this strategy to reach out to thousands of audience and it has been working well for them. The only thing that you need to ensure that your sponsored review and blog posts gets the best results is to ensure that you are targeting the right audience by focusing on the blogs that are in your niche. Also targeting blogs that have a huge audience is something that you may want to keep in mind for the best results.

Influencer Outreach

Have you heard of the latest internet marketing approach that’s got internet marketers crazily doing pitches over the web? Many expert marketers have said that influencer outreach is the new way to air your brand out there if you are trying to get known. But what is influencer outreach? Influencer outreach is a marketing strategy that involves pitching some of the leading influencers in the industry to help get your brand or website to their audience. They can do this by blogging about your Volusion website or brand on their blog or do this by sharing information about it on the social media. Doing this will expose your Ecommerce site which will then get the attention of thousands of users who could end up being your customers.

Again, like with the case of sponsored posts and guest posts, you need to focus on niche targeted and high end influencers who will not only get your Ecommerce store traffic, but will also ensure they are highly targeted. Getting started with this strategy isn’t hard but as simple as searching around for some of the leading industry influencers and reaching out to them. Some of them may charge to air out your brand, but it is a well worthy course that you can invest in.

Adwords PPC Marketing

website trafficWith 80% of internet users regularly visiting Google to find products and services that they need, internet marketers have every reason to use the platform for their marketing quests. Adwords is a section of Google which helps serve advertisements across the platform. Here, advertisers sign up on the platform, and pay to set up advertisement campaigns. Usually, advertisements are charged based on a per-click basis where the advertiser is charged whenever there is a click on their advertisement. You will also be bidding against your competitors which in many cases, pose a challenge to many amateur marketers. Google Adwords is one of the biggest and most popular paid traffic means that every internet marketer will swear by. The fact that you can target specific audience which makes it highly targeted makes this strategy easily scalable and one of the best you can have around.

You may however need some basic understanding of how PPC works and some trucks to easily get the best ROI from the platform. Alternatively, if money isn’t a big problem on your end, you can hire an expert who will manage your Adwords PPC campaigns.

Facebook Marketing

Ask anybody which is the best social media platform and they will, without a doubt tell you that it is Facebook. Apart from being everyone’s favorite social media site, it has also become internet marketer’s den where they use to get high quality traffic to their websites.

Just like Google Adwords, Facebook also provides advertisers with traffic through PPC basis where every advertiser is billed based on the number of clicks made on their advertisement. The traffic can also be targeted based on different aspects such as location, age, gender among other parameters. This increases targeting and makes the advertisement more relevant to the audience therefore increasing the conversion rate of you Volusion website. It is also easy to implement and a surefire way if you don’t mind paying to increase Volusion traffic.


Volusion remains one of the bets Ecommerce platforms that we have around. Setting up a store is easy and everything else is a walk in the park. The only part that becomes complicated is when it comes to sending traffic to the website. You could get stuck and find yourself trying endless methods of getting traffic and this becomes even worse when you are still new to the internet marketing game. Hopefully, the guide and strategies shared above will help you get traffic to your website.

If you however, need a surefire way to do all this, you might want to check out our high quality traffic packages. These are the same kind of traffic that we deliver to high authority sites on a daily basis and it helps them get high conversions. You could also jump in and start making money out of the web traffic.

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