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Every professional marketer knows that the pinnacle of online success lies with traffic. Without web traffic, there in no point in having your website in the fist place. It is a similar case to when nobody visits a shop in the real world.  There won’t be any sales to make. Google has been one of the best ways to generate high quality traffic that will get one leads and sales. This is because the traffic from these sites are highly targeted. The people you get from this search engine are those who know what they want and that is why they searched that particular keyword. It is therefore important to always ensure that your website is ranking on the top pages. That is the only way that you will be able to generate traffic and sales. 

The sad thing is that ranking a website on google is a hard nut to crack and demands that one have a good approach to doing it. Besides that, Google, like any other search engine keeps changing their algorithms making it harder to rank and consistently get traffic. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magic button that you could easily press and see your website ranking? Sadly, there is nothing like that and the only way to generate enough traffic from Google is doing it the long way. Everyone would be doing it and there would be no point of doing SEO. To succeed in the Google traffic game, one needs determination, creativity and a strategy. In this guide, we ill go through the step by step procedure one can follow to get high quality traffic from Google without getting penalized for failure to adhere to the rules of the game. 

Steps To Winning The Google Traffic Game

The good news to that is that there is a way around it and that is exactly what we will cover in this comprehensive guide. Below are the steps to ranking your website well without any hassle and penalties from the search engines.

Master The Search Ranking Algorithm

It is always important to understand the rules of the game before you get in the pitch. This is especially if you are a newbie and just getting started. Without understanding what google really wants and expects from sites like yours, you will be in trouble because you will not see a penalty knocking your site from the top pages. and once that happens, you will again find yourself back to the drawing board trying to figure out how to get back the rankings. Following the rules of the game will however exempt you from this and every SEO professional out there will tell you this. 

Over 40% of internet marketers cite the changing of search engine algorithms being their biggest concern, and that just shows you how much it maters. 

Mastering search algorithms also means that you have to do more research and stay updated all the time. This means been active and religiously following every step to the letter. You can always stay updated by being active on most SEO and internet marketing forums and blogs. This way, you will know what is going on, what you need to change on the site and what to stay away from. 

Know Your Current Google Search Rankings

You cannot improve something that you do not know. And as such, you need to know your current search rankings to ensure that you know what you need to work on. To know and keep track of your rankings, there are tons of online tools and softwares that will help you keep track of that. In most cases, all your need to feed in to these softwares is the website URL and the keywords that you are targeting on your website. These tools not only shows your the current rankings but will also help you to store the data so hat you can make graphical and detailed analysis of the progress and whether you are improving on the searches or not. Depending on the search ranking tool you choose, there are those that offer more features such as competitor analysis and tracking which will let you compare your strategy with theirs and whether you are beating them or not. 

In most instances, these keyword ranking tools are paid for although there are those that are free but limited. Getting free ones are good for beginners who don’t have much to spend. The downside with hat is that one will be limited to the number of features they are getting from those tools. these tools are however worth the investment as thy will help you know where you are and the direction at which your website is headed. 

Focus On Buyer Intent Keywords

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Now that you know how tracking and keywords are important, it is high time one focus on buyer intent keywords which will help one achieve good results, rather than just traffic that does not become leads or sales. You can rank on top of the search engines but will never make a dime out of that keyword, simply because you are not ranking for the right keyword. If you want to succeed in the internet marketing game, it doesn’t end with generating web traffic, but rather making use of those traffic and ensuring that it gives you returns for your investment and time. 

The good news about finding buyer intent keywords is that you don’t have to sweat at all. There are tons of online keyword research tools and software platforms that will help you do this with just a few mouse clicks. and the number o information and details you can research and dig up on a keyword will also depend with the tool that you get. Some will give you the general competitiveness which some will analyze and tell you why you are able to beat the competitors who are on your way. Here you can also learn some of the things that your competitors have done which you haven’t implemented on your website. It is recommended that you invest your time in digging up as much keywords as you can and try to figure out which one of them is the best in terms of competition and ease of ranking it above your competitors in the search engines. 

Make On-Page & Performance Tweaks

There are some things that one can do simply by using a software and getting to know where the problem is, and his can mean a lot in terms of rankings and setting the website on a new pedestal. The most surprising thing is that many of the websites that rank on second and third pages and struggle to reach the top can easily make these adjustments and see a dramatic rise in their rankings and search engine traffic. It is therefore something that cannot be neglected but should be given enough attention to increase the site’s traffic. Below are some of the most crucial things that one needs to implement and change on their site an they can see an increase in their Google traffic

Website speed – Website speed is a very crucial factor to the website. Imagine visiting a website which takes a lot o time to load the next page. If a site takes a lot of time to load then it simply means that users, including buyers will have a hard time navigating or making purchases. Besides that site speed is a very important factor when it comes to the search engines. since they will always want to present the best to their users, they have to make sure that the higher ranking sites are speedy enough. The good thing is that such things can be easily resolved by using some caching tools and also making sure that you have a fast and reliable hosting. You can use tools such as Pingdom to help you with that. 

On page SEO factors – The site’s SEO on-page factors are also crucial for the success of a website. This includes things such as keyword density, content length, Keyword usage and prominence among other things on the website structure. On page factors act as a foundation to higher search engine rankings. They are equally as important as off-page optimization and can make a huge difference. 

Off-Page Optimization

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Lastly, but most importantly, you have to do responsible backlinking that will ensure that your site receives a credible score in the search engines. If you have been online for a hile then you know what backlinking is and you must have also heard about the good and importance of having it in your marketing strategy. This part is the most delicate and one needs to be extra keen on their moves and hat they choose to implement. Doing backlinking is a two ended sword which can either make your site rank higher while it can also affect the site negatively by getting you penalized. Backlinking is sometimes spammy and this is what search engines like Google are always looking to cull out from their searches. 

To be on the safe side, be sure only implement credible backlinking and avoid any shady lack hat methods you may come across. This ill not only ensure that you are safe from any algorithm updates as well as getting higher search engine ranking that will get you more web traffic to your website

Final Verdict

There will always be better websites than others, and it is up to Google and other top search engines to determine which one is best for their visitors who are searching through their platform. As an internet marketer, it is always important to know how to rank a website online if you want to make bank. To help you out in achieving that without the fear of getting penalized and having you start from scratch, we’ve prepared the guide above with step by step procedures on how to crack the code. The good thing with the steps is that they are very straightforward and easy to follow making it easy for anyone regardless of their internet marketing experience to get started. 

If you still find it to be a hard nut to crack, then you may want to check out our high quality web traffic packages that we have been serving our long term clients with. If you choose to work with us, then we will make sure that you succeed by helping you optimize your site to get the best out of it.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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