Best Paid Traffic Sources For HYIP Websites

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Are you sick and tired of trying to get free traffic that never worked for your HYIP website? Using free traffic could have it’s advantages but you really have to work hard for it and ought to have also mastered internet marketing in and out. But have you ever considered using paid traffic to bolster your HYIP website? There are many advantages of using paid traffic especially given the fact that you can start getting traffic and conversions soon as you launch your campaigns. The other well known advantage is the fact that targeting is top notch.

Below are some of the best paid traffic sources that you can use to launch high converting HYIP campaigns.

Google Adwords

If you ask any internet marketer of the best paid traffic sources, Google Adwords is one of the first that will come to their minds. Not only because it is operated by one of the largest media companies but because it delivers results.

Google Adwords works through a PPC model where an advertiser pays for every click resulting from their advertisements.

To get started with Google Adwords, you first have to make sure that your website landing page is set up and ready to capture some leads. Then you can sign up to create an advertiser account. Within the platform, you are provided with keyword research tools that will aid you in finding related keywords with bidding for. You also get to target specific audiences based on their interests among other factors. Runnign campaigns is pretty easy using the platform and might only require mastering basic advertising skills.

Chitika Advertising

Chitika is yet another advertising company that has been in the industry for over a decade. they serve ads through publisher websites which comes from a wide variety of niches and regions. Like Google Adwords, Chitika uses a pay per click advertising module although advertisers can also opt for CPM (per impression basis). Many HYIP marketers have recorded high returns from the use of Chitika.

To get started and launch campaigns through Chitika, one simply crates an account, make deposits and start creating campaigns. Creating advertisements is easy and one only needs basic knowledge.

Another thing that advertisers will enjoy with Chitika is the fact that there are low minimum deposits.

Chitika however doesn’t have the best targeting options especially with tier 2 countries. It would be perfect for any HYIP marketer who is looking for audiences in tier 1 countries.

Pop Under Traffic Networks

Yet another popular kind of traffic that you won’t like to miss out on is pop under traffic. If you’ve come across pop ups and windows that open up behind your browser that’s what pop under is. Despite the approach not working for just any niche, HYIP is one of the industries that works perfectly with pop under marketing. Getting started is very easy and also affordable. The model used with pop under traffic is on a per impression basis and the more creative your advertisements are, the better returns for you. One can get thousands of impressions without spending much.

The only downside with pop under traffic is that it involves a lot of testing to figure out which of the ads works better. This might demand that one have some skills in setting up advanced campaigns. It is however an invaluable traffic acquisition method worth trying.

Social Media Advertising

social-media-1432937_640Social media is an approach that we couldn’t fail to mention in this list. With social media websites getting floods of visitors regularly, it surely is a hive of opportunities that HYIP marketeers should dive into. Almost all top social media websites offer advertising options on their website. The most common advertising module that is used by these sites is PPC and CPM.

Although one can use the social media sites effectively to grow their marketing for free, it demands a lot of time and patience which most of us are not up for. Below are just some of the most popular social media advertising options that one should consider.

Facebook Sponsored posts – these advertisements can be targeted based on your preferences and appears along other user’s Facebook posts.

Twitter sponsored tweets – Like Facebook sponsored ads, sponsored tweets these advertisements appear along user’s tweet feed.

Pinterest sponsored pins – Here you’ll have to use an image which is hot-linked to the offer being advertised. Pinterest ads also have great targeting options.

LinkedIn Advertising – LinkedIn has over 450 million active users and allows advertisers to target them based on their interests. It is a good option worth trying.

And Web Traffic

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Final Word:

There are hundreds of websites selling website traffic online, but the only thing that makes a difference is its quality and whether it will convert. A huge fraction of them are spam and will only make your website status worse that it is.

We know that getting traffic sometimes becomes very difficult and that is why we started this website. Our main aim is to help people like you who want to get quality traffic and make sales. To get you started, please visit our traffic packages page to see our affordable traffic packages. You can also get in touch with us for any questions concerning traffic and we’ll be ready to help.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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