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With the internet becoming a part of life for many of us, there are limitless things that one can do including doing online shopping. With many advantages that come with the mouse-click shopping, many people are turning to the internet to buy things and get them delivered to their doorsteps. For marketers and anyone looking to sell stuffs online, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the huge amount of shoppers. Running an E-commerce website would for example give one a chance to retail their products fast and conveniently reaching out to many audiences.

Profiting from an e-commerce store however demands that one know the marketing approaches of reaching out to their buyers. Unlike offline shops or local malls where shoppers look for your shop, E-commerce demands that do a market analysis and reach out to their prospective buyers.

This shouldn’t however sound strange and hard to do. Below, we have covered some of the best known high yielding marketing strategies of getting E-commerce traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Assuming that you are looking to buy something from the internet, what would be your first move and how do you find that specific item? Most shoppers would use internet search engines like Google and Yahoo to learn more about the products they are looking for and where to find it. Google displays thousands of results in pages and it is obvious that shoppers will go with visit websites that pops up first on the search results. From a marketer’s point of view, the websites that appear on the front page are the most beneficiaries who get to make more sales from the items bought.

SEO is the process of marketing a website and making it appear on the front pages of search engines like Google where buyers will find it. Since there are hundreds or thousands of websites out there competing and selling the same product, search engines like Google uses certain algorithms and systematic protocols to display the most relevant products.

When doing SEO, you are required to optimize and make the products on your website search friendly and relevant. SEO demands some technical mastery but it surely is a well worthy course. Among its unquestionable importance includes the fact that the traffic acquired is highly targeted and offers high conversion rate.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is yet another marketing approach that has been online for a long time and anyone who have spent time in the internet marketing game would tell you that it is one of the best marketing strategies that one can use. E-commerce marketers have embraced the use of PPC from way back and it is also an easy way to make quick sales if you are not into strategies like SEO which could take months to yield results.

With PPC, you will pay for every click resulting from a visitor who is channeled to your website. The visitor comes from various websites who are affiliated with the Pay Per Click advertising agency that you have chosen to work with. To get started with PPC, you need to sign up for a PPC advertiser account and start setting up advertising campaigns.

There are lots of PPC agencies including Google Adwords and 7 Search which one could start setting their bids and reaching out to prospects.

Among the best merits that comes with the use of PPC is that it doesn’t take time to see results. After you place your order and bid on the appropriate keywords, you can start receiving traffic instantly and could even make sales from the first few clicks you receive at that moment.

Although it may demand a huge budget to get started, proper use of Pay Per Click could see high yielding with E-commerce. You only need to know the techniques and tricks in bidding and how to maximize your ROI. Sometimes hiring an expert to help with this is also a good option worth considering. It is a surefire marketing approach for anyone who has a budget and needs quick results.

Social Media Marketing

social-media-1432937_640Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the talk of the town these days and you will find almost everyone actively pursuing the latest trends in these sites. With a global reach and a gargantuan load of audiences, these sites pose a hub of opportunities for marketers. Many E-commerce sites are actively using social media to reach out to audiences interested in their products, thanks to the easy targeting features in place.  One can easily reach out to a specific group of audiences from a particular region, age, gender or interests. With this kind of targeting in place, it is clear that the traffic is well targeted and once can expect good returns.

The models used in social media marketing vary depending on the social media site. Most ad campaigns are served on a per click or per impression basis. Setting up campaigns is pretty easy and one only needs to know simple ad placement basics.

Above from social media marketing being an invaluable traffic source, it is also a good way of giving your brand good visibility. To get the best out of social media websites, it is advisable that one only focuses on the top websites and also learns some tips and tricks on how to go about maximizing their profit margins.

Final word:

The approaches above have stood the test of time and if well implemented, they are sure to bolster any E-commerce website. They may require one to master the approach but it pays off in the long run.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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