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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

If you have been in the online marketing game for a while then Alexa isn’t something that is new to you. However, for the beginners who are familiarizing themselves with the industry, Alexa is a web traffic analysis tool which crawls the web and ranks website based on their traffic. It lists about 40 million top sites and can be an awesome tool to gauge how much a particular website gets. Besides this, many people have also used it for many other purposes such as instances where a website is on sale and one is looking to find out more about the site traffic.

Getting higher Alexa ranking is something that many people have been into. However, there are challenges when it comes to this as it 0only quantifies high quality web traffic. So if you are intending to sell your website or get offers from advertisers you have to make sure that you have good quality Alexa traffic metrics. In this post, we will go through some of the best ways to get traffic and increase Alexa rankings. Before delving onto that, here are some of the reasons why you’d want to increase your Alexa traffic.

Why boost your Alexa rankings?

Are you wondering why you need to boost your Alexa rankings? Here are some of the best reasons why you need to care about Alexa and how your website is ranked on the analytic too.

-Getting More Advertisers

If you are running sites with the sole purpose of selling advertisement space on them, then metrics like Alexa ranking matter. Having a better Alexa ranking will help your website to appear credible and woo advertisers to make advertising offers to you that will be worth your while.

-Increase The value Of Your Website

The other reason why Alexa should be in your checklist of things to consider is when you are considering selling your website. Like every other business, websites can be sold and traffic being one of the most considerable aspects, Alexa is a must consider. Having better Alexa ranking means that your website shows impressive traffic potential and thus attracts more value.

Ways To Increase Your Alexa Rankings

The following web traffic methods are not only good to boost your Alexa traffic rankings but they will also get you high quality traffic that will lead to conversions on your products and services.

Supercharge Your Social Media Sharing

Social media is one of the most common means of generating high quality traffic to any website. The fact that the social media brings together over a billion people means that every niche has a chance to grow through the social media sites. It is also free to get started and unless you wish to rake in more running free projects can easily get you tons of traffic which will get you more sales as well as help to boost your Alexa traffic ranking.

The only thing required from your end is to actively engage in social media. Many people have failed in social media because they ignore the powers it has and what they can achieve from them. You need to create a social media strategy and make an equally similar marketing schedule like you do to other traffic sources.

Guest Posting From Authority Sites

Guest posting is yet another web traffic source that we couldn’t afford to miss on our list. It is the process of writing posts on other sites with the intention of sending traffic to your own website. Usually when making these posts, you leave a link pointing to your website and people will follow it. To get the best out of guest posting is to publish your guest posts on authority sites that receive a lot of web traffic.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to also get your brand known and get good SEPO rankings.

Boost Your SEO

increase web trafficJust like the case with social media, Alexa crawlers are always eyeballing the search world and they are keen to spot the keywords that are sending traffic. So while SEO is pushing your website and getting you laser targeted traffic, you are sure to also get better Alexa rankings as time goes by.

SEO is the process of ranking website pages based on the keywords on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The SEO process may somehow be a complicated one for a total beginner but as time goes by one can easily master the ins and out of SEO marketing. It is a well worthy process to learn.

Bonus Tip:

Website speed is something else that will either boost your rankings directly on indirectly. Since many things are considered in the rankings such as the number of page views among other things, your page speed needs to be top notch. Since user performance will also affect the SEO and the page views, it will indirectly affect your Alexa ranking as well. There are several ways that one can use to increase their page load speed such as caching system which can be easily be implemented using scripts and plugins.

Getting a good reliable host is also something that you need to keep in mind as this can determine the speed of tour website.

Final Word:

As it has always been said, numbers don’t lie and that is something  that you wouldn’t want to take for granted when it comes to the internet marketing scene. Alexa being one of the most trusted tools is something that you should give much thought. Apparently the old days of installing a toolbar to get higher rankings on Alexa are long gone and one needs to do much more. The good news is that you can use the above traffic sources to get higher Alexa rankings.

We can also help you increase your Alexa ranking using our high quality traffic sources which will also get you sales and leads. We have been helping thousands of sites push their Alexa rankings and get customers to their site and we are sure we can do the same for you too.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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