Best White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Traffic

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Traffic is all we think of when we think online success and many internet marketers are willing to go miles and spare tons of cash to invest towards getting traffic. However, sometimes it gets tricky since not all the traffic that one gets online will work as they expect. Also, with the rise of automated traffic generation tools, there are lots of fake traffic vendors around which you want to stay away from. In this guide, we will go through some of the best white hat SEO techniques that will help you to double your website traffic and dramatically increase your sales.

Go Mobile

Fact has it that close to 70% of people accessing the internet use their mobile phones and other smart devices and if you are to make it in your internet marketing game, you have to make sure that you get a bite of the mobile market by making your website stand out and ready for mobile. It’s surprising to learn that there are lots of businesses with websites that aren’t optimized for mobile and it costs them a lot.

So, how does one optimize their website and make them mobile ready? There are many tweaks that you need to do as a webmaster to make your website search engine worthy and start receiving traffic from the search engines. You can do coding and tweak some line of codes but there is another simpler way of doing it and that is by using premade themes that are mobile friendly and you are all good to go. Search engines are always looking to give their users the best and that is possible only when they serve websites that are mobile responsive and this is the very reason you should be concerned about making your site responsive.

Implement Schema On Your Website

Have you ever Googled up something and found a dedicated answer on the top results? Or come across a series of questions that have been highlighted for you on the search engines? This is something hat is common and if you have your website highlighted among others you stand a high chance of getting tons of traffic and sales in turn. But how do you get your website on top and get highlighted by Google and other search engines? It is simple; you just have to implement Schema mark up on your website.

Schema markup is a coded language that websites uses to notify the search engine bots about the type of content that a website is presenting. So for instance if you run a review kind of site, you can use review markups and Google and other search engines will easily know that you are presenting a review and easily highlight your content on the review format. Although this sounds like rocket science, it actually is easy to implement as there are lots of plugins and scripts that you can use and install in a few mouse clicks. It is something that you do not want to ignore as it has shown great results for users.

Make Your Site A Social Bait

Social media has always played a major role in the internet marketing game. Ask any experienced marketer how they have experienced the power of social media and they will tell you that it is something that every serious internet marketer should be doing. To get the best attention on social media and have your site become a buzz with tone so quality traffic, you need to make social media baits that will entice people to click and share your content on the social media sites. This can be easily doesn’t by ensuring that the content stands out and by making sure that the social media sharing buttons are well in place.

What more? Social media is one of the simplest internet marketing models and doesn’t require any initial investment to get started and get tons of traffic. It actually depends on the time dedication and the effort that one puts in them. With top sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being among the most visited sites in the world, you have the chance to showcase your online business to the whole world with just a little time to spare. If you would like to get your social media marketing to a more aggressive level, then you could spend a little more cash in buying ads which will get you more traffic much sooner than going the free social marketing route.

Do Influencer Outreach For Link Building

Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization and something that you’d really want to be cautious about. Building links is like getting an up-vote and asking Google to consider your website for the top spot. The more quality links that you get to your website the more chances your website gets in ranking higher in the search engine results. Among the best way to get high quality links is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the process of reaching out to the most influential bloggers and industry experts and asking them to help you spread the word about your website. Since these influencers already have a huge following, they will get your website more exposed which will in turn send in more traffic and sales.

Final Word:

These are among the best white hat link building techniques that you can easily implement and get more quality links to your website. Backlinks are crucial in the ranking process but you also need to make sure that you are getting quality links which will get you more rankings. Getting links from sites that have been around long enough and those that have higher authority is the best way to go.

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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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