How Do You Build An Amazon Affiliate Website?

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Have you heard of people who make a lot of money by building an Amazon affiliate website? This is a great way that you can also earn good money. This article provides you with a guide on how you can build an Amazon affiliate website. The good thing is that you can build this website within a day with low cost and effort.

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Learn some basic HTML

If you do not have knowledge on HTML you need to first learn HTML skills so that you can be able to create hyperlinks, insert images and perform text formatting.

Decide on the topic

You should select a topic you have knowledge and the one that you are interested that you will be dealing with. Select a narrow niche so that you are distinctive.

Choose a domain name

You should choose a domain name that is keyword rich. You need to think how people will find your website in the search engines when doing the search. This will ensure that it will be easy for them to find your site.

Register the domain name

If you do not have technical knowhow, you need to register your domain name. You will save a lot of money by selecting a low cost provider.

Set up web hosting

This is the point where most people building Amazon affiliate website make mistake. For this kind of a website, you will not require a very expensive web hosting. Search online so that you can get the cheapest hosting but with good reputation. Look for a host that provides unlimited domains so that you have the opportunity to run several sites like the one you have on the same web hosting package.

Install blog software

It is advisable to have a blog that with provide your site the structure you need and allow you to post new content quickly. WordPress is the perfect choice because it is an open source and free, easy to install and very powerful.

Make it appealing

mockup-654585_640One of the major advantages of wordpress is that it has a wide range of templates available for you to select. They help change the look and feel of your website and make it attractive for web visitors. You should also select wordpress theme that is most appealing and which matches your website.

Create the categories

Most of the blog software available allows you to create sub categories to assist you as you organize your entries. This will make it possible for your visitors to narrow their search specifically according to their interests.

Sign up as an Amazon associate

It is simple and free to sign up. All you need to do is to visit Amazon and client on the join associates tab at the bottom of the page. Then, your site will be reviewed manually before approval.

Develop your blog Amazon build-A-ink

This is necessary in order for you to find it easier to link your affiliate ID built in. Drag the individual items onto your links favorite menu or links toolbar.

Other simple steps include building your first link, blogging your review, building out your website and them promoting it.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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