Building SEO Friendly Shopping Cart

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The internet is growing and one of the features that make it important and influential is the ability for e-commerce. Just as the ordinary commerce is complicated with every feature adding to its value so is e-commerce. Two main feature of e-commerce that cannot be ignored when discussing online purchase are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a shopping cart.

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SEO Friendly Shopping Cart is a necessity in the current e-commerce environment. If you can recall, in the 1990s all businesses employed free e-commerce shopping cars in their online stores. It was the way of doing it that time. Owing to the fact that creating the carts is not a difficult tasks, many software programmers began creating the cars resulting to unprecedented increase in online shopping systems. Many software that serve this purpose were invented with some of them being popular now.

The only missing yet essential aspect about these carts is that beck-end programmers developed them. They did not consider the end users perceptive and habit. Marketing research and search engines were also not considered during the development of these systems. The systems were thus inefficient from an end users perspective.

What to look for in a shopping cart

shopping-cart-1451815_640SEO is a factor that cannot be assumed in the contemporary time. SEO continues to spread and become the predominant aspect of web design and development. Every business needs a SEO Friendly Shopping Cart to survive the current internet environment.

The recommended SEO friendly carts should have static urls with the name and product name in the address. Another attribute that is essential when it comes to these carts is the ability to 301 redirects any url on the site to another address. This way, the user will easily navigate the internet.

If the cart has the ability to auto generate titles and meta description, then that is a plus for the buyer and the seller. The cart should also be able to override all the titles and Meta description as well. The ability to place content above navigation in the html code should also not be ignored when considering the cart. Duplicate content is always bad for any internet feature. The cart should not have duplicate content. You should also know the security level of the cart before selecting it among the many. The cart should not be easily hackable.

SEO Friendly Shopping Cart

Everyone that has an online presence through a website for e-commerce needs to Develop SEO Friendly Shopping Cart. Without this feature, you are likely to suffer drop sales levels and being stuck in the pay per click system. Context independent banner ads and fees that are attracted from internet advertisements are also expected to affect a business bottom line without SEO friendly shopping carts. It simply becomes expensive to advertise and get customers onto your website.

Having noticed these shortfalls, many businesses are increasingly adopting a SEO Friendly Shopping Cart. These carts will bring customers directly to the products that they are selling to avoid the hurdles that exist without the carts. Even the giant in online sales Amazon is employing SEO to beat the smaller online stores that are competing in the niche area.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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