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Most amateur marketers who are still learning the ins and out of internet marketing usually find themselves on a hard spot asking themselves if it is worth buying web traffic. Among the most common and most successful ways of online marketing is to turn to Google, the behemoth of search engines and display advertising. It is also a platform where marketers have made fortunes. Buying Google traffic isn’t anything new, and many new businesses are signing up to advertise on the Google Adwords platform. However, a majority of them do not make bank from buying the traffic.

Most beginner marketers fail because they do not have an idea on how to strategize to get the best out of their marketing. although the process of buying web traffic from Google is as easy as signing up and bidding, there is more to it that one needs to keep in mind. Not only are there competitors who are doing everything to stay in front of you, but you also need to make sure that you are bidding wisely to get a good return on your investment. Without doing this, you could end up burning all the money without getting the expected results.  Below, we cover some of the reasons why buying Google traffic is a crucial move and how to get the best out of it.

Why Buy Google Traffic When You Can Get It For Free

If you have been in the internet marketing game for a whole, or perhaps have been spectating and still not yet made your move into the marketing, then you must have learned that one can get free traffic and others opt to buy them. The big question that lingers in the mind of many people is, why would one buy web traffic when they can do SEO or use social media sites for free? The simple answer to this is that free web traffic sources are limited in many ways as compared to buying web traffic. Here are some of the limitations that come with buying free traffic as compared to buying traffic;

Free Traffic Vs. Buying Google Traffic

  • It takes a lot of time to strategize for free traffic. Some of the free traffic sources like SEO don’t just start generating traffic instantly like you would find with Google Adwords and other forms of paid traffic. You have to spend more time (usually months) before you start ranking on the search engines to start getting traffic to your website. So, instead of going this route, many marketers opt to buy traffic because it is faster and easier. One can start expecting to get tons of traffic as soon as their advertisement is approved, which makes it one of the loved traffic strategy by many professional internet marketers.
  • With free traffic sources, you are limited in the amount of visitors who can visit the website. For instance search engines will limit one to the number of searches depending on how the keyword is popular. But with paid traffic such as buying Google traffic, you can bid for as many keywords as you can afford. As long as you have the money to spend on advertising, you can increase the amount of traffic to your site as you wish and have them flow for as long as the advert is on.
  • Buying traffic also gives one full control of  how they can run their online business without the risk of fluctuation or losing traffic. This is the opposite with free traffic such as Social media and SEO where you have to adhere to certain search engine rules that must be observed. Any alteration and changes need to also be within the set rules, otherwise one risks losing the flow of traffic to their website. In short, buying Google traffic and any other reliable paid traffic strategies offers better reliability as compared to free traffic sources.

Expectations With Google Traffic

While most amateur marketers expect to buy Google traffic easily and start seeing traffic pouring to their website, most of them are surprised to come find that the whole Google marketing system is a huge jargon. It is beyond buying traffic, but rather a strategy based marketing where one will have to invest wisely to get back their investment. What is the reason behind buying google traffic? Everyone engaged in digital marketing always wants to make money by the end of the day. And this means doing whatever it takes to flip a dime into two.

Buying Google traffic is not for everyone – Depending on your website, Google can either accept or reject your website. There are certain rules and restrictions on the websites that are accepted into the Google advertisement system. It is estimated that there are over 3 billion bad ads taken down every year for different reasons. It is therefore important to ensure that your website meets all the Google advertising standards and that the ads displayed are well designed and structured to meet those guidelines. Without doing this, then buying Google traffic might not work perfect for you.

Good keywords always come with competition – Buying Google traffic isn’t as easy as paying for traffic and expect to start seeing traffic coming to your  website. There are lots of competitors who would do anything to stay ahead of you. This depends on how your niche is competitive. There more the competition, the higher the bidding price will be. In theory, the bidding price of a keyword will depend on how competitive it is.

Tips And Tricks – How The Gurus Are Leveraging Google Traffic

Buying traffic has always been one of the trickiest side of online marketing, and without a good strategy, you could find yourself overspending beyond your advertisement budget. To succeed, you must make sure that the money spent always gives you a return on the investment. First off, one must understand that buying Google traffic doesn’t come cheap. So, how does one buy Google traffic? And what are web experts and the so called Gurus using to get positive return on investment from Google traffic? Here are some of the web traffic tips and tricks you may want to consider;

Bid On Low Competitive Buyer Keywords

When you are on the Google Adwords platform, you will realize that there are lots of features in there, most of which can determine the success or failure of an online business. Although low competition keywords may not have as much traffic as those that have higher competition, bidding on many of them will give you more traffic that can yield good returns in the end. This is a good approach, that is especially good for amateurs who are getting started with buying Google traffic. It is easy to follow and one would spend less hence they could leverage to get more visitors to their website.

Optimize Pages And Split Test

The big difference between amateur marketers and experienced ones is the way they approach marketing. One of the crucial things that one must have if the are paying for traffic is to do more tests to find out which approach gets them valuable visitors who bring in the money. With split testing, one created different versions of the same page with different triggers and call to actions to test and see how visitors will experience it. It is through this approach that one gets to know which one sells better and gets more results. Once one has established the bets performing landing page or advert, they can spend more knowing that it offers a good Return on Investment.

Use Advanced Marketing Tools

One of the most important thing that one needs to know when doing online marketing is to keep track of their site and campaign performance. Without doing this, then you are bound to fail since you do not have a clear strategy that tracks performance. With some of the tools that you will find in the market, you can find out more crucial information that can help one to better market their website and get more traffic and web visitors in the process.

Know Your Competition

Perhaps another thing that most amateur marketers ignore is finding out more about the competition and knowing how they are playing the game.  you need to dig up as much as you can if you are looking for long term web traffic that gives you leads and helps you to build a good foundation for your entire business. With some of the advanced applications and softwares that you will find in the market, you can do in-depth research and spy on almost every move that you competitor does. This enables many to replicate and create web traffic strategies that have already been tested and proven to work.

Arbitrage Marketing

This is yet another web traffic generation strategy that many marketers are quickly grinding on. Buying Google traffic to send web visitors to a website is more of an arbitrage approach where you spend money to get back money through traffic. The advantage with this kind of marketing lies with the different bid prices on the ads which through various optimizations will yield more than what one spends. This is especially a good marketing approach for viral websites that have eye popping content. Arbitrage marketing however involves using aggressive means to pull visitors to visit a website, which is not suitable for most websites.

These are some of the strategies and approaches that the so called web marketing gurus are using to generate high quality traffic to their websites. They are pretty much easy and although they can take some time to implement them, it is not rocket science and the results are really worth the time and effort spent.

Google Traffic Alternative

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