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Buy High Converting Traffic – A Beginner’s Guide

Assuming that you have a website ready and have learned the basics of the internet, you must have already learned that a website without traffic is of no use. Just like a mall full of products without buyers, it won’t yield you any returns an profits which means that it is useless and not worth any input. If you want your website to generate income and give you a good return on your investment, then you have to make sure that it is receiving enough traffic. 

However, there is more to it than just generating web traffic. Not every traffic you send to your website will give you the expected results. Some traffic sources are better than others. Among some of the factors that affect the quality of the traffic and the results that one gets is the targeting. When you have targeted traffic, then you will get more sales from your products and services.

What Is Targeted Traffic

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Before delving any further, let’s define what targeted traffic is and why it is considered high converting traffic. Targeted traffic is the kind of web traffic that is sourced from a specific place where intent is factored in. It is where visitors and the traffic channeled to a site are specifically targeted based on the niche, keyword, age, gender and other factors. This really ensures that the products and services on a particular website reach precise targets and audiences who have more chances of buying. 

Take it like a grocery store. A grocery store specializes in selling groceries which would appeal to vegetarians. So, if you have access to an online forum that deals with vegetarians, advertising on that site is considered targeted marketing. The results will also be better as compared to when you would advertise on a general forum. In the light of all that, targeted traffic is the way to go if you are looking for solid strategy that you can rely on to generate high converting traffic to your website. 

Increasing Conversion From Your Traffic

After covering the importance and the need to have targeted traffic flowing to your website, its time to increase the traffic, and below are some of the best known methods that are sure to get you targeted traffic that will get you high conversions. 

Creating An Email List

If you have been online long enough, then you do not need any introduction to email marketing. You are probably familiar with the phrase “Money is in the list”, which has turned out to be a cliche in the internet marketing arena. Email marketing has been around for decades, and as long as the internet is alive, it remains an active and reliable marketing strategy. Any webmaster can integrate email marketing into their website. It is a whole new process which is divided into capturing leads and another part which involves the actual marketing where one sends emails to the subscribers in their list. In all honesty, the field is wide, but beginner-friendly and easy to get into and learn the ins and out of it. 

On-Page Optimization

How is the content on your website? Is is the best that you can have? The content on a website matters a lot and can have a very huge impact on the kind of traffic that you receive. The copy needs to be top notch and besides that, easy to understand. The other thing on the page where visitors go to is that it should be easy to navigate and browse. This not only makes it easy for visitors to enjoy a smooth surfing experience but also make it fun shopping. Some of the other crucial elements that need to be good on the page should be the speed and the call to action which are very crucial. These last two might not seem important but it actually matters and can be the difference standing between your profits and losses. 

Split Testing

Scaling up is the name of the game if you want to succeed the online marketing game. And there is no other better way to do that beats split testing. If it is the first time you are hearing this, then split testing is a marketing approach that involves testing different versions of a landing page or an advertisement. The purpose of this is to test and figure out which one works better so that you can use it. This helps you to get better ROI and make better profits. There is a learning curve when it comes to mastering how to do split testing, but it is definitely worth the time spent and the investment. It is an approach that has been used for long and many professional marketers would swear by split testing as a marketing approach. 

Tracking Site Performance

Wouldn’t it be good to know how the website is doing? Well, to help you keep track and get analytics on your site, here are many softwares and online applications that are meant to help you do that. Some are free an others are paid. So, what is the importance of using these tools, and how does it help your website? When you understand the current position of your website, you ill be able o make tweaks to make it better. For instance if you are using SEO, you can keep track of the keyword rankings and get to improve them which makes your website rank higher and get more targeted traffic

Best High Converting Traffic Sources

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Want to know where to get the bets traffic that will increase your conversion rate and boost your site profits? Here are a few of them that are worth considering to help boost your site performance. 

Pay Per Click

When it comes to paid traffic, the most common approach, and arguably the most powerful and reliable that anyone can use  is pay per click. Here, advertisers pay for clicks and visitors who visit their website. Usually these adverts are sourced from agencies and platforms like Google Adwords which is one of the best platforms used by thousands of businesses and serves billions of traffic to different websites. The most important hing that comes with pay per click is the precise targeting which ensures that users enjoy high conversions. So, every time you are considering buying high converting traffic to your website, think pay per click. 

Search Engine Optimization

There is no internet marketer who doesn’t know what SEO is, at least if they have been online for a couple of months. SEO involves working to beat algorithms set by search engines to rank higher so as to get good traffic from them. Usually, the website owner does keyword research to find out which keywords they should be targeting and understand how many people they are reaching out to. The next thing is to create content themed to the keyword and finally start doing off page marketing which involves building backlinks which ensures that the site’s authority grows and ranks higher thus fetching more web traffic. It takes some time to rank a website and sometimes one may be forced to hire or outsource some of the services to get the job done. As tedious and time demanding as it sounds, it is a good approach that pays off. 

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts is a marketing approach that involves creating content for other websites which are then promoted as advertisements on those sites. If you are familiar with guest posting, then they are similar, only that sponsored posts are more created as advertisements and not really like the guest posts that are meant to offer information to the readers. Pretty much everything else from outreach are similar to guest posting. Sponsored posts are considered to be among the best high converting traffic sources because of the good targeting that one gets from advertising on their niche based website. That is unless you decide to advertise on a different niche which is not related to yours. And if you do that, you cannot expect to get anything good in the end since you are reaching out to different prospects. The pricing on each of the sponsored posts depends on the authority of the site and other factors such as demand for that advertisement spot. And although it can get expensive for some sites that have higher authority, it is always good to remember that you are also getting a lot of exposure which means more traffic. 

And Web Traffic

Of course we had to slot in ourselves, but it is not for any other reason besides the high quality traffic that we provide. We believe in the traffic delivered through our system and we serve tons of companies an other third party vendors. Why choose our traffic over any other vendor? Quality is the guarantee we give to our clients and traffic buyers. This is because we know the source of the traffic, which is through the various authority sites among other quality sources. Perhaps the best thing with our traffic is that they are very targeted and through our advanced platform, users can easily make the necessary settings and targeting to get the right traffic that they need. For instance, one can easily type in the keyword, choose their niche and set the right location that they would like to receive their traffic from. If this is not precise targeting, then you will not get anything better than that. 

Wrapping It Up!

Traffic is paramount to any online business or traffic and without i, the website is of no use. If you want to be successful in the internet marketing game, you have to make sure that the traffic you are getting is of excellent quality and come from sources whee you can make precise targeting and get good web traffic that will get you conversions. Without precise targeting, you don’t stand a chance in the internet marketing game. You could lose a lot of time and money in the process which could be hard to recover depending on how long you are on it. 

But with the traffic strategies outlined above, you can always get high converting traffic. And from our website, you don”t have to toil. We have done all the hard work of creating a good channel of traffic and we are ready to give you a bite of the cake. All you have to do is sign up, and make your order and you will be presented with a platform where you can choose the kind of traffic that you would want. 

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