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Are you getting traffic to your website but not making anything from it? The hassles of getting website traffic aren’t as easy as most people consider it to be. There is a difference between getting traffic and getting quality traffic. There are many sources that you can use to generate traffic to your website, but the only thing that differentiates it is whether it gets you results or not. Very few people are able to generate traffic to a website and get results and this is why you will find many online businesses collapsing.

Buying traffic is one of the best ways to get both instant website traffic and one that is of quality. You, however have to make sure that you are working with legit sites and those that will propel your ROI. Below, we will go through some of the best paid traffic sources to get quality traffic that converts. Here they are;

Google Adwords

Google is no doubt the bets search engine in the globe which serves hundreds of million users every single day.  This makes it an excellent place to be if you are considering where to get traffic for your website. Google Adwords is a section of Google which helps advertisers reach out to many search users based on their interests. When you sign up as an advertiser, you are able to bid on keywords based on your niche against your competitors.

To get started, you should have some basic understanding on how to run online ad campaigns as well as how to optimize them for the best ROI. It could take some time to understand the techniques involved but taking the time to master them is a well worthy course. Among some of the things that makes this source a good one is that you can make laser targeting and get highly targeted audiences to your website. This makes your conversion rate and profit margins excellent.

Google Adwords is considered one of the best paid traffic sources and this is all evident from thousands of advertisers who have been using the traffic source to establish their own online empires.

Social Media Campaigns

Almost everyone who has internet access is active though social media. Research has it that there are hundreds of millions of people who are actively engaged through social media on a regular basis. You can easily harness free web traffic through many social media sites, but there are hidden and sweeter gems when you advertise through these social media sites.

Like Google Adwords, buying traffic from social media sites is a guaranteed way of reaching out to target prospects. Since the social media sites have details about every person on their site, you can easily target people based on their hobbies, age, interests, geo-location and other features.

To get started with social media advertising, you have to sign up as an advertiser with the top social media sites. Among the top most sites that you can get started with easily includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. There could be other sites but these are the most that have millions of traffic and will help you scale better and get impressive results. Just like Google Adwords, social media sites use a PPC (Pay Per Click) model which an advertiser only pays when a visitor is referred to their website. To get the best out of social media advertising, one needs to scale and keep track of their campaigns to ensure that they bring good ROI.

Sponsored Posts/Advertisements

buying targeted trafficYet another crucial traffic acquisition method that one should look into is sponsored posts. There are thousands of blogs which you will find in almost every niche and most of them will have an advertisement opportunity in which they are willing to sell to willing advertisers.

As an internet marketer, you need to be aggressive enough to take advantage of such advertising opportunities which can help you boost your online marketing needs. If you are familiar with guest posts then sponsored posts is much similar to it and the only difference is the fact that it is paid. To get the best results from sponsored posts, you should make sure that you are working with authority sites that are established and that you are also focusing on the right niche. This will ensure that you are reaching lots of targeted audiences who can easily convert and make your sponsored post advertisement count.

This is a two end-sword approach which not only gives you tons of traffic to your website but it also gives you a link which earns you authority and brandability that is much needed in today’s online marketing.

And Web Traffic

Are you looking for a hands-off traffic formula that gets you traffic real quick without taking you through the hardcore hassles? If so, then And Web Traffic is one of the traffic sources that you should be looking into. Here at And Web Traffic, we have been serving our customers and clients with web traffic for over a decade and they always come back for more every time. This is because we give them high quality traffic that gives them conversions.

From blue chip companies to small business websites, we have mastered the art of traffic generation that beings results. Regardless of your niche, age or gender, we are here to deliver the best traffic to your website. To get targeted website traffic, we have a highly sophisticated system that lets our advertisers target various audiences based on a number of factors.


Website traffic is the determining factor on whether an online business is a success or a failure. It however, takes a lot of toiling to get high quality website traffic that gets you conversion. With the above paid traffic sources, you can be up and running and expect to reap big from them.

If you are also serious about driving high quality site traffic that gets you results, but you still don’t want to go through the ups and down, then you should consider getting our web traffic packages. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with any traffic queries that you may have.

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