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Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Traffic being the bread and butter for every website is the driving force and everything an online business needs to survive. It has, however, become a big issue for many webmasters who are in the adult niche. Being a discreet niche where the audiences are limited to a particular group makes it more complicated for amateurs to make it through. It can however become easy when you have all the right traffic sources figured out and set your campaigns right.

Getting traffic isn’t always a big deal, but getting the quality ones that converts sometimes becomes a headache. If you are thinking of buying general traffic and expecting it to yield results, then you might not end up making a dime out of it. You need to make sure that you are reaching out to the right audience who are looking for adult content. To get you up and running, below are four ways that you can get dirty cheap adult website traffic that converts.

Juicy Ads Network

If you’ve been in the adult industry long enough, then Juicy Ads network isn’t anything new to your ears. It has received a lot of attention from many users and also works with high profile websites which gives you the much needed exposure to generate highly targeted adult traffic. The model used in serving traffic is a CPM and CPC basis which means advertisers who wish to advertise through their platform will have to place ads and pay for impressions and clicks made to their website.

To get the best out of the network, you need to have a good understanding of how CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille) works. Otherwise, you might not get a lot of attention especially with the fact that you will be competing with other experienced marketers in the same niche. You may have to hire someone who has experience if you have a sizable budget. This will ensure that you don’t experience huge losses due to your little experience with this kind of marketing.

Exo-Click Traffic Network

Exo-Click is yet another traffic vendor that has been around for a while. It is one of the largest advertising networks on the internet and has a variety of advertising options that spans hundreds of millions audiences. Inside its network, there are different niches accepted among them is adult niche. This can be a good opportunity for adult webmasters who need some high quality targeted traffic.

The ad network is praised for a having an intuitive and easy to use platform than many other advertising platforms that you will come across. Like with Juicy Ads, this network also uses CPC and CPM basis only that with Exo-click, you get lots of different ad sizes to choose from. This is something that offers the advertisers a chance to test ads using different verticals and find out which one works best for them. This will however work perfectly if you have a huge budget that is enough for both testing and running the campaigns. Under a well-managed ad campaign system, Exoclick can be a great way to channel high quality adult traffic to your website.

And Web Traffic

targeted adult trafficTop advertising networks like Google, Bing and Yahoo aren’t don’t support Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content which makes it difficult for webmasters to reach more audiences. To help adult webmasters get the best of the web and reach out to their rightful audience who are always demanding for this content, And Web Traffic was born. For close to a decade, we have been in the traffic arena pulling every sting and implementing actionable strategy to ensure that our clients are getting the best traffic.

We have earned ourselves a name in not only the internet marketing industry at large but by also serving the adult industry with high quality website traffic. Our traffic is sourced from a variety of websites from dozens of niches and they are filtered and channeled to each of our client sites. You hardly need any experience to run campaigns in our network and on top of that you will have an account manager to help you through everything from setting up campaigns to making the ads work for you.

If you need a reliable adult traffic provider that personally helps you to figure things out and set successful campaigns, then And Web Traffic is the place to be.

Traffic Junky

Traffic Junky is another name that is popular with adult traffic advertisers and although some people find it highly competitive, it is still a network worth keeping in mind.

As an advertiser you can buy targeted adult traffic and you have the chance to set your campaigns as either a per click basis or an impression basis. There are also plenty of advertisement banners and display ads that one can choose.

One thing that you should know with this network though, is that it has tons of users which means higher completion and higher bids for the adverts. Traffic Junky will however work best for advanced adult marketers who have already established themselves and ready to take their traffic to higher levels. Used well, this is another network that guarantees you high conversions from the traffic it sends to your adult website.

Final Word:

The adult industry is a complicated one, especially if you have little experience in it. Knowing where to turn to in terms of traffic could however be the salvation you need to make ends meet on your side. Above are some of the leading ways that you get use to get high converting website traffic in the adult niche. If you however need a network that takes care of you traffic and preferences on a personal level, then you should consider And Web Traffic for that.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will love the fact that our traffic comes with the most affordable package than any of the other networks. So why not give a try to our service and see for yourself? High quality adult traffic awaits you on the other side.


Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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