Buy targeted traffic that converts

Buy Targeted Traffic That Converts

If you built a website but isn’t getting any traffic or visitors, then you’d rather be without it. The main purpose of a website is to present your website to a wider range of audience online. Be it an E-commerce store, a simple blog or a small business website, you need traffic to make your business worthwhile.

But getting the traffic to your website has become more difficult with the current web tends. For you to get traffic, you must have mastered a thing or two, keeping in mind that these strategies also change with time. Buying traffic has however being an under-seen means of getting traffic, yet it solves the issue right off the bat.

It is however important to keep in mind that not all traffic sources are guaranteed to give you the desired results. We’ll be discussing the best ways to get targeted traffic in this post. However, before that, here is an in depth overview of why you need to be extra cautious when buying traffic;

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Just Any Kind of Traffic

Low or No conversion
Most traffic providers online are fake or provide low quality junk traffic and you’ll be lucky if you will get a sale from them. Imagine spending hundreds or thousands to get thousands of traffic and in the end make no sale. As scary as it may be, you shouldn’t just jump on a deal blindly.

Questionable risks
If you have been planning to buy that super-crazy deal to send swarms of traffic to your site for a penny and hope to make a killing, you should think twice. Among some of the risks you would be getting into includes getting banned if you work with third party advertisers. Most third party companies like Google Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank are always quick to raise the ban-hammer on websites with spam traffic.

Monetary Losses
Apart from being just marketing guff, you not only risk getting low quality junk traffic to your website but you also throw away your hard earned money.

But why do this when there are killer ways to get solid traffic that gives you high conversions? Below are ways to buy targeted traffic that converts for your website;

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Want to buy laser targeted website traffic that is sure to give you results? PPC (Pay Per Click) has been known to give results and some people even get results instantly. With PPC, an advertiser pays whenever an ad is clicked from the advertising network.

You have to master some of the things to make the strategy work for you. Some of the things you need to know includes the terminologies, setting up campaigns and making reasonable budgets.

Mastering some of the terminologies and strategies could take weeks to months, but the knowledge gained is worth the time taken learning.

Among some of the notable high performance networks when it comes to PPC advertisements include;

-Google Adwords
-Yahoo-Bing Network
-7 Search
-Propeller Ads

CPA Advertising

What if you could only pay when your product is purchased, download or installed? As much as it sounds far-fetched, all this is possible through CPA marketing. CPA means, Cost Per Action which is an advertisement module where an advertiser only pays for an action done. The marketing module has been around in a while though not many people use it.

Technically, there is always an agency that acts as the medium between the advertiser and the publisher (owner of the website). When the website owner promotes the offer to their audience and an action is done e.g signup or purchase, the publisher gets paid a certain amount. Among some of the things you need to know before getting started with traffic acquisition method includes knowing the good CPA agencies who can be trusted. You should also ensure that the cost per action gives you a realistic profit margin.

The approach comes with lower risks since as an advertiser, you only pay for results. If you decide to go with this marketing model then here are some networks you should consider;

-Adscend Media

Social Media Marketing

tablet-1617361_640This may not be the best option as the others above but you can be sure to get some positive ROI if done well. There are a variety of advertising modules with social media which may be based on the impressions or clicks. Based on your niche, you may need to do a little background research to determine which one is perfect for you. Among some of the top social media sites that have proven to provide high quality traffic includes;


Choosing to go with any of the above can give you high quality of traffic and good ROI. The thing with social media advertising is that it needs lots of testing which may not be the ultimate option for people who have little funds to spare.

And Web Traffic

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We have a huge network of websites from all niches which are waiting to send the traffic to your website. Be sure to get in touch with us or head over and checking our ongoing traffic packages. We are also available to help you set up you campaigns and make sure you are doing it correctly.

Final Word:

As much as traffic remains the driving force for an online business, you need quality traffic sources to make ends meet.

Although some of the networks mentioned above may be a bit costly from the many offers you’ll come across online, you will find them to be way better and better performing. If you are looking for somewhere to try buying traffic and don’t have much experience, we recommend you try out our services. We are certain you’ll love the output.

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