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Buying cheap traffic nowadays is a difficult task. Due to the fact that there are many web stores selling traffic, it is hard to find the most reliable one if one is not aware of what to look out for in such web pages. Many websites selling traffic normally sell it at an affordable price hence many people can afford to buy without breaking the bank. It is important to buy traffic while understanding the kind of traffic you are purchasing. Some websites offer extremely low prices on traffic, but they will only spam out ones information to people who have no intention of seeing the website in the first place. Some websites will even stop paying people to come to a particular website, and those are places that should be avoided when searching for a place to buy traffic from.

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Here are some tips on how to buy traffic and increase return on investment:

Never buy traffic from fake traffic brokers:

Avoid traffic brokers who are willing to offer packages such as a certain number of guaranteed of hits or visitors at very low costs. With these traffic brokers, there is no control over where the traffic comes from. Buying traffic requires that one to have total control over who the people are and if they are real.

*Track where your traffic is coming from:

It is important to track campaigns especially when buying from multiple sources. This imperative as it gives an insight into those traffic sources that are converting better.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising:

Some of the most popular PPC programs include Google AdWords and Yahoo search marketing. In fact, these programs have the greatest potential of getting web traffic. The best part of these programs is that payments are made for the website traffic received. Besides, these two search engines give one the chance to set budgets hence it is easy to control the amount spent every day, week, and month and so on.

Moreover, Google and Yahoo provide ideal reporting tools allowing one to determine the keywords that convert best. This is important to avoid wastage of money on terms that do not result in a sale.

One important secret on how to buy traffic through PPC advertising is starting out small till one understands how to buy traffic well. Set aside a monthly budget and test various keyword phrases to find out which works best.

Buy traffic through Facebook Advertising:

It is important to understand how to buy traffic using facebook since this is the most popular social media platform with over 300 billion viewers a day. They are two important things to have in mind when buying traffic using facebook advertisement.

First, create targeted advertisements. Secondly, improve your click through rate. Facebook click through rate plays a key role in boosting exposure and economical at the same time. Creating targeted advertisements enables one to reach the target market. This very crucial in tracking the click through rate and be able to rectify any ads problems that may arise hence improving them.

By creating a highly targeted advertisement, one can increase their click through rate. Facebook is very convenient because ads are set to appear to specific people only, based on the requirements set for the ads. For example ads could be set based on interests, age, location, gender, and specific groups within the Facebook community.

Due to the fact that Facebook advertising is based on display rather than search, ads appear automatically according to the settings as opposed to when a user conducts an on-site search. Therefore, it’s imperative to select the settings carefully after proper market research. This allows for accurate defining the target market and come up with ads that target a specific segment of the market.

Due diligence:

Take for example buying solo email advertising or other services which allow marketing to another person’s traffic. It is good to find out where the traffic comes from. Do the visitors choose to come to the site or are they being forced or incentivized.

Consider split testing:

Strive to better traffic sources that may be providing very decent conversions. And if certain traffic sources are bringing positive results, then the reason might be that the ads are using some tweaking. Simple rewording of a headline can dramatically change the amount of traffic.

Set up a schedule of tasks that drive traffic:

facebook traffic

Setting up a schedule of tasks on a daily or weekly basis that can bring traffic to a particular site is another good way of buying traffic. For instance one may plan to undertake forum postings on Mondays and Fridays; post to their blog daily or after a certain specified period of time, write articles after every other day and even post on other relevant blogs on Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays. These tasks will certainly increase traffic.

Do away with set-and-forget paid traffic campaign: 

Constantly monitoring paid traffic is very important because something small may change and cause traffic to diminish or stop altogether. This allows one to avoid wasting money and receive nothing in return. Paid traffic is all about maximizing return on investment, hence it’s imperative to constantly tweak and test the campaigns for optimal results.

Buying traffic can be a daunting task at times but it can also take as little as twenty minutes if you know what to look for in a web store which sells traffic. The most important thing is being fully aware of the benefits of buying traffic so as to get your money’s worth.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

Buy Website Traffic NOW!

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