Can One Get Traffic From Google Without Backlinks?

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If you have been in the internet marketing game for a while then you already know what SEO is and what a backlink is. With that said, the big question that many internet marketers, especially those that are still new and getting started is; Can one get traffic from Google without doing the off-page optimization that includes backlinking?

Google is a giant of the web that is known to help many businesses and marketers flexibly get traffic and make ends meet. There are millions of businesses and online sites that solely depend on Google to keep their daily business running profitably and without Google, they would be down on their competitor’s knees. Keeping that in mind, it is clear that Google is a traffic powerhouse that many internet marketers cannot live without. But, what is the best approach to get traffic from this Google? And do you need to do backlinking or any other off-page approach to get this juice? Below are some of the strategies that have been proven to work in getting traffic from Google without ever having to do SEO or backlinking.

Submitting Content To News Sites

You must have seen a trend in which internet marketers have their content featured on high authority news sites and wondered the essence of that. The truth of the matter is that Google always give high priority to news sites that have built their online credibility and trust over time and with your content appearing these sites for a trending topic, you will get swarms of traffic without any sweat and this is the reason why you need to use this approach. Most of the news seekers online rely on Google News and you need to take advantage of this and hop on the wagon whenever there is something newsworthy to report on your niche. Google News is an entity and a band on its own which receives millions of people seeking fro information and from a marketer’s point of view, this is a traffic gem worth pursuing.

It is an approach that has been used by many marketed over time and you are sure to get good results from it over time. And besides that, you will also be getting some good backlinks that will help your website get a good authority which can also get you higher ranking on the search engines as Google loves such authority backlinks on your website.

You will find hundreds upon hundreds of news sites that allow people to register and start writing and submitting newsworthy content. As long as the content is newsworthy and not too promotional, they will always be accepted and you can always do this for as many sites as you can and expect a good climbing graph in the traffic from search engines.

Write & Submit Press Releases

Do you use press release to market your website? If not, then you have been missing out big time. Press release gives marketers a chance to air their latest newsworthy content as well as get traffic from dozens or hundreds of sites across the globe where the content will be shared. Depending on the kind of press release you choose, you can also end up getting your page ranked on the search engines.

Besides the press releases helping you to get the word out it lands you on Google news in most instances which means that you get extended exposure and more traffic comes to your website. And when a website is featured on Google news, you can always expect good things. All in all, the decision to use press release is a well worthy approach.

Commenting On News Articles

Are you a newbie who has little or no budget to get started with SEO and other marketing strategies? Well, this is the strategy that you need to be using until you start making bank and upgrade to higher and more sophisticated marketing techniques. The approach is pretty easy and self-explanatory as it involves searching for niche based sites that are on Google News and commenting on them. This strategy helps to pass authority juice from the fresh content as well as traffic to your site. And this approach does not involve anything complex as you will just be reading and commenting on the latest emerging issues on your niche. It also helps your site to appear relevant in the eyes of the search engine crawlers and sooner you will find yourself starting to easily rank for good keywords on the search engines.

Buying Traffic

getting better trafficNext, you’d want to focus and consider investing on traffic by buying ad slots and getting it from quality traffic vendors like we do here at And Web Traffic. The tricky part with buying traffic is that there are lots of vendors who are scams and could lead you to a hole and a situation where you spend too much money and nothing to show for it.

Google is without any doubt the best online platform that allows advertisers to reach out to as many clients as they can. With its Google Adwords advertising medium anyone can set up adverts and start targeting them based on various factors such as age, gender, location among other targeting features. The accuracy and result driven nature that the platform offers has made it very unique and high performing than any other you will ever come across.

Final Word:

With these simple, yet powerful actionable traffic marketing strategies, you can always expect nothing short of good quality traffic that will transform and change the way you do things. They are also easy to implement and get things going with little effort.

If you even need something that eases up your work and gets you good results without much work, then you should check out our high quality web traffic packages that are used by thousands of webmasters and internet marketers from different niches. We are certain that the traffic will help you improve and up your game.

Increase Website Traffic = Grow Your Business

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