Can A Blog Help In Bringing More Web Traffic?

We all know what blogs are but how much do they mean to us when it comes to internet marketing? We’ve all heard of people talking of blogs being traffic baits but is that true? And if so, how does one use their blog to pull traffic? In this post, we will go through some of the best approaches that one can make use of a blog to gain more visibility and increase traffic to their website.

First off, a blog gives a website life and increase engagement. When people frequent your website, they will be more inclined to share posts which will in turn bring in more readers who could turn out to be clients and customers. This and many others are the reasons why blogs are necessary in marketing. Below are more reasons why you need a blog and how to get the best with it;

To Build Credibility And Trust With Customers And Clients

We are in a world where client-marketer relationship matters more than anything else. In an environment where there are lots of scams all over, very few people will trust anyone or any website to the point of placing orders with them. With that in mind, it is important to make sure that you have the customer’s trust and that they can count on you. That way, you can confidently make sales and win clients.

Aside from building credibility and trust, you should also remember to build an email list from the visitors who come to your website. If you have been around long enough then you must have come across the overly sung cliché “Money Is in the List”. This is because once you have people in your list, they will go nowhere and they have given you multiple chances to sell them something. Without a blog, it would be hard to pull people to your email list and this is another reason why you need to have a blog on your website.

Blogs Helps Create Free PR

Depending on the level the bloggers are, they stand a chance to be on the spotlight. We’ve all seen bloggers being interviewed by journalists and other authority bloggers. And that is free PR there if you are looking at it from an internet marketer’s point of view. And what do you have to do? All you have to do is have a blog with relevant and informative content. As you grow, the blog grows with you and you will build you brand and PR also. Being a blogger also keeps you on the know which in turn makes you a leader and an influencer in your niche. Depending on your skill and passion to grow in your niche, there are no limits with the use of blogs. In a nutshell, I is a tool that sets you ahead.

It is therefore very crucial to not only have a blog but make it as engaging as possible so that you can get as many buyers and clients as possible.  The more exposure you have, the better the performance.

Blogs Helps You Come Up With A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

drive traffic to your blogThe web is made up of content and written form of content is the most popular and comparable to none. With blogs in place, you can have a well-structured and solid approach to content marketing. People rely on content every day and with your blog, you will be able to reach way more people that you can ever imagine. Search engines have become the talk of the town and this is because they send organic, free and high converting traffic to websites. Search engines like Google love quality and informative content since they would like to provide their searchers with the best there is. With a good content approach which screams quality and theme, you stand a high chance of leveraging tons of traffic from Google and other search engines.

You however ought to keep in mind the relevancy factor so that you can make the best conversions from the efforts you make.

Numbers Have It

According to recent studies, many reports state that websites with blogs are 60% more likely to benefit with sales and conversions than those without. If that doesn’t prove the reason to have a blog then nothing else will. Traffic is paramount to any online business and a blog helps to not only bait the traffic but it will also help to keep the audiences engaged and locked. Giving people more information will make them informed and want to buy from you other than from another source that lacks information.

You need to make blogging part of your business and allocate more time and effort towards it. The more you use it, the better it will be for your business. And the fact that you do not need to be a guru to run a blog just makes it even perfect. With a few mouse clicks you can quickly install a blogging CMS and be running in no time.

Final Word:

If you have a website that doesn’t have a blog then you haven’t been serious with your internet marketing. Gone are the days when one could just slap a simple site and expect people to flock in and buy their products and services. With almost every business using the web to woo clients and customers, it is time that you up your game and come up with a solid strategy of making it big in the internet marketing scene. A blog can do wonders for you if you use it well. Following the approaches mentioned above, you can make it big with your blog.

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SEO Traffic – Actionable SEO Strategies To Improve Web Traffic

By now, it is a well known fact that SEO is one of the best ways to get solid and high converting website traffic. But it still remains a big challenge for many people, especially amateur marketers who are just getting started with their internet marketing. The main problem that makes people fail in internet marketing is because they do not have any actionable plan to follow. 

In this comprehensive write-up, we will go through some of the best SEO practices that will help one generate tons of web traffic from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

What Is SEO & Do I Need It?

For the sake of beginners who do not have an idea of what SEO is, here is a breakdown of what it entails and why it is necessary for any website. 

SEO is basically the practice of optimizing a website and making necessary tweaks to ensure that it is search engine friendly. Search engines like Google have set some standards and algorithms that ensures that the searchers are getting quality content and as a webmaster, you therefore need to ensure that your website is well optimized to meet these standards. Otherwise, it will be very hard for your site to stand up against the competition who have met these standards. 

Why SEO And Not Any Other Kind Of Traffic?

seo web traffic

There are many reasons why one would want to stick to SEO besides many other web traffic strategies online. Below are some of the reasons why SEO traffic is loved by many people across the web.


If there is one thing that you need to be cautious about when generating web traffic, then it has to be quality. There are bazillion ways of generating web traffic on the internet, but most of them will fail you when it comes to conversion. This simply means that you cannot just use any method to get that traffic, but rather only work with those that deliver great results. SEO traffic is well known to be very effective and of high conversion rate than most in the industry. This is because they are highly targeted. With SEO traffic, you are only getting people who know that they are looking for. For instance someone who is looking to buy a laptop on the internet goes to the search engine and puts in a keyword such as “Cheap laptops”. If you are selling laptops and your site happens o be on top, then you will surely be getting targeted prospects and you can always expect to get more sales and conversions. 

SEO Traffic Is Free

What is more better than free web traffic? When it comes to getting traffic from the search engines, you are getting it for free. Of course you will have to incur some costs in the beginning, but after that, the traffic knows no bounds and will keep flowing in as long as your website is ranking on top for your targeted keyword. You will however have to watch out for competitors and not just sit there knowing that you have already ranked and have nothing to worry about. Competitors will always try to topple you and it is your duty to ensure that you provide quality content and keep optimizing to avoid getting dethroned on the front pages. 

If you are therefore looking for a high quality source of traffic where you don’t have to spend to get conversions, then you have to invest some time into learning a thing or two about ranking a website on search engines like Google.

SEO Isn’t Hard

Truth be told, SEO isn’t as hard as many people put it. Of course there is a learning curve to it, but it has been done before by many amateurs and there is nothing impossible with it. The only thing that one needs is to be patient and follow through with the algorithm standards and avoid doing things wrongly as they are not supposed to be done. One of the things you need to be aware of is there are there are white hat SEO strategies and Black hat SEO tactics, both of which are different. IT is always advisable to choose white hat since your website doesn’t not go against SEO algorithms which is usually the case for black hat strategies.

If you are a beginner who is looking to generate traffic from SEO, then there are lots of blogs, forums, E-books, lots of materials and guides that are sure to help you get started with the search engine marketing. 

It Is Proven

If you have always wondered why SEO has become very common and many marketers doing whatever they can to squeeze every juice from it, then it is simply because it has a proven track record. As long as the search engines like Google and Bing exist and people use them to find things online, it will remain a relevant approach to marketing. 

Whether you own an eCommerce site or a blog, SEO traffic is something that you really need to consider. So, if you are looking for a high quality web traffic strategy, then SEO is the way to go. 

Getting More SEO Traffic

increase seo traffic

Now that you know what goes on around the SEO game, here is the nitty-gritty and the techniques that you need to use to leverage more traffic through SEO.

On-Page Tweaking

One of the mot underestimated approach that many people miss when they are doing their SEO marketing is failing to consider on page optimization. Most people only give too much attention to off-page optimization and building backlinks forgetting the foundation of the website and its structure. There are a lot of things when it comes to ensuring that on page factors are spot on. From tags, to titles and keyword optimization on the description, everything should be spot on. 

If you are unsure of what on-page optimization tweaks you need to make, then there are plenty of online tools that you will find useful in helping you make these tweaks. On-page is equally important as off-page optimization and by doing backlinking alone, you will not get the desired results and could end up losing a lot in the process. 

Internal Linking

Yet another important but highly ignored part of SEO is the internal linking of a website. There is a point that most SEO marketers always go through. A time when your website doesn’t go beyond a certain page. So you find yourself stuck even you think you have done everything else possible to get to the top. One thing that could be going wrong is the internal linking of your page. Linking the website’s internal pages together could seem like a non-issue or something that is very basic, but it can spell the difference between the success of a website and its failure. Besides just helping people to easily navigate and getting access to more related content, this practice is loved by search engine crawlers and they usually credit a website with such a linking structure. It is therefore important to always do internal linking on pages that are related to ensure a good flow, solid structure and also gain some authority. 

Website Speed

The speed of a website may sound like a less important factor, but it actually is very crucial and a big concern if the website speed is low. When a website sped is low, it means that people will not be able to load it easily and that means that they can close the page and use another website that is faster instead. With that in mind, it is always good to ensure that your website is good enough and doesn’t become the cause of your failure. The good news is that there are many known ways to bolster a website’s speed. 

First, you have to make sure that you have a good hosting with enough bandwidth and resource allocation. This is the first step into achieving a fast running website. Secondly, be sure to use web caching to compress images and ensure that your site loads the images faster. There are other techniques to ensure a fast loading site, but these are the most common ones that you need to consider. 

Do Quality Off-Page Marketing

Building links and giving the site the credibility that it needs online is a must when it comes to SEO. There are many ways that one can  use to generate backlinks for their website. Some are clean and good, but some are also shady and will not work for a long time before the search engines crack down on you. It is therefore important and advisable that one build good quality links that will boost a site’s performance on Google. The website’s linking profile is something that you have to adhere to as getting penalized is now more common than ever. 

Diversity is also something that one has to adhere to in order to get good links that will rank your website. Backlinking is crucial to make your website appear higher in the search engines, but it is also one of the hardest. A mistake with backlinking can cost your whole site, so do it with caution and always stay updated on the latest backlinking strategies hat work. 

Final Word

Having covered some of the most crucial ways of leveraging the best out of SEO, the ball is now on your court. Implementing the SEO strategies could take some time, but considering that SEO traffic is a long term achievement, it is definitely a path that is worth pursuing. 

But what if you don’t have time? Can you still get high quality traffic to your site? Of course you can. Despite the fact that most of the traffic on the internet is shady and won’t work, there are those that have been proven to work. Among others you can consider is to buy high quality traffic from credible sources on the internet. Having being on the internet delivering high quality web traffic to clients from all niches, we have what it takes to generate traffic to your website. You can check out some of our web traffic packages that best suits your website. You can always make settings to ensure that you are getting highly targeted traffic from the niches and location that you need. 

How To Easily Increase Audience Engagement For Your Website

The sole purpose of your website is to bring in customers who will make sales and serve the role of an online business. Traffic and audience are however the most important asset that will determine the direction and the fate of you online business. To win your audience trust and have them locked and moving your business, you also need to make sure that they are fully engaged and buying. Here are some of the best ways in which you can easily woo your audiences and get them locked and become assets to your online business;

Engage Them Through Social Media

Show me anybody who doesn’t have a social media account in this era and I will show you one who doesn’t know what a smart device is. With the trendy world that we are living in which has been taken over by smart devices, where everyone is always logged on to at least one social media actively, there is no reason why all marketers shouldn’t be delving on that direction. The good news is that social media marketing is easy and doesn’t need you to do much. As a matter of fact, you can even start social media campaigns without having to spend a dime. Depending on how engaging your content or media is, you stand a chance to go viral which will in turn give you tons of traffic and increase in sales and conversions.

There are also social media ads which you can invest in from the various social media sites and this is something hat has been proven to work over and over. Although you will spend, you are sure to get good returns. You should however focus on learning the basics of social media advertising and how to optimize your ads for the best return on investment.

Channel The Traffic To Your Email List

Email marketing has been around since the web was born and there is nothing that can stop it. Almost every successful website always has an email list which they use to promote their stuff to their customers and clients. So what makes email marketing so lovable and perennial? When you build an email list, you stand a chance to win long term customers and clients. This is because when you have captured potential customers, they will stay in your email list for a long time. This means that you can send the email newsletters and even offers which will increase your chances of selling to them. Beyond this, having people in your email list means that you can sell to them more than once unlike most selling strategies.

They always say that money I in the list and this is true. Again, the more people you have in your email list, the more money you will make due to increase in potential customers and clients. Email marketing isn’t hard but could involve some basic mastery of how to get people to subscribe to you list and how to get the best out of it. Although it could take one some time and probably some costs for the email softwares, it eventually pays off in the long run. It is something that every serious internet marketer should have running on their website.

Answer To The Questions In You Niche

People all over have questions and problems that are waiting to be solved by an expert. Now, if you came in to rescue someone, they could end up being your customer or client, simply because you came to answer to their call. So how does one go about this? The best way to capture the attention and answer to the questions and problems that people are facing is by being active on niche forums. For long forums have been some of the leading spots to engage with other people by finding solutions to specific issues and queries. Establishing yourself as an expert and attending to queries will earn you trust from man people which is the first rule to win thing customers hearts.

There are some question and answer sites like Quora which are also hot spots for finding and engaging with people in your niche. Yahoo answers is also another question and answer site which you can take advantage of and engage with people in your niche while leaving a link for your website which they can follow. The secret with these sites is to be helpful. The more people find you to be helpful, the more they will trust you and your brand which means more business for you.

Final Word:

There is no better internet marketing strategy that will get you results than that you will get when your audiences are engaged. For your business to succeed, you need traffic and not just people visiting your website, but they need to be engaged so that you will make sales. Without that bit, you could just be getting people who are not buying and that is something hat many webmasters have had to go through.

The other thing that you need to ensure is spot on is the traffic targeting. Not all the traffic sources will give you people who will end up as customers and clients. There are many traffic sources but you have to make sure that wherever you are channeling your traffic from is a credible source and the traffic is targeted. Getting non-targeted traffic is like throwing aimless punches, which you do not want to do especially keeping in mind that there is an ever growing competition.

If you are looking for high quality traffic that is guaranteed to boost your conversions and get you more sales then you might want to check out traffic packages which we have been serving for many years. We have helped hundreds of online businesses grow and there is no doubt that we can also help yours flourish. You can be confident with our traffic packages because they are highly targeted and one can target the source based on location, age, gender and keyword used by the potential audience.

How To Make More Money With Little Website Traffic

Ever heard of websites that make lots of profits with little traffic? Although this is a rare case, there are webmasters whose focus isn’t to get choke-load amount but to optimize the little they have and make more with them.

The more traffic you generate, the more sales you will make. This has always been the rule of the thumb and almost every internet marketer will agree to that. While this makes practical sense, there is another way to leverage potential even with little amount of traffic. In this guide, we will cover some of the practical strategies that you can implement on your website and see tremendous returns even with little amount of traffic. Below are the things that you need to know:

Capturing Leads With Email Marketing

Are you capturing leads on your website? Ensuring that you keep your audiences attached to your website is a surefire way to boost your sales and improve your online business. Many case studies have revealed that first-time audiences rarely convert. With this in mind, it is advisable to find a way to get your audiences to stick or come again. So how do you do this? Capturing leads and using email marketing is one of the strategies that has stood the test of time and will surely guarantee you more sales.

To get started, you will need to create a lead capture page, which many marketers love to call a splash page. You will also need to create a product that you will be offering your audiences in exchange for them to opt in to your email list. The product needs to unique and something that they need so much.

You should then use the product as bait on your optimized splash page asking them to join your mailing list to get it. This has worked for many people all the time and should also work for you. The good thing with email marketing is that you can start small and benefit even with small amount of traffic.

Almost every expert marketer out there has email marketing integrated to their site, simply because they know the wonders it can do. Regardless of your niche, as long as people visit your website they will be opting in for your

Landing Page Optimization

Yet another common mistake that most marketers do is ignoring the landing page where audiences come to check out their offers. The content on the site needs to be top notch and copy-written with a persuasive tone that captivates the audience.

On a side note, you may also want to do split testing and create multiple landing pages which vary but with the same intention of selling your product or service. This is to test and determine which landing page converts better so that you can use it.

There are also some analytic tools which monitor user’s behavior and using them can also help optimize your landing page to yield better results. Without a well optimized landing page, even thousands of traffic could prove to be useless since they will have low conversion rate.

Focus On Getting Highly Targeted Traffic

website trafficIf you have been online for a while and have tried to buy website traffic before, then you already know of the different traffic options that you have when paying for traffic. You will come across lots of traffic offers from different online traffic vendors and among the options you are usually provided with is to choose the niche where your traffic should come from. Most webmasters have never understood the reason for choosing niche specific traffic and most just go with the general option which in most cases comes with a cheaper price tag.

While the cost of getting niche specific traffic is higher than the general option, the results tell it all. You will see higher return on investment with targeted traffic as compared to general traffic which has lower targeting. The reason is simply because you are reaching out to people who are already interested in the products that you are offering. If you would like to enjoy better conversions then ensure that you have precise targeting with your marketing campaigns.

Try Cost Per Action Marketing

While the unending trend of Pay Per Click (PPC) seems to be the real deal that everybody is into, CPA marketing is something else worth giving a try. This is especially if the products you are marketing are your own. CPA marketing is a marketing model in which you advertise your website and only pay when a specific action is made. This action could range from anything ranging from downloads, installs, email optins or even when a sale is made.

To demonstrate this practically, let’s assume you are running a website promoting your latest software which you would like people to sell. You could reach out to a CPA network and register with them an advertiser. furthermore, you will need to make an offer that makes the affiliates of that network want to market your software.

One could for instance offer a certain amount for any sale of the software or a trial signup. It is important to set a realistic amount for your offer to ensure that it is both competitive and at the same time it doesn’t go beyond your budget.

Final Word:

One can find ways to acquire thousands of traffic but if your website isn’t optimized for better conversions and reasonable return on investment, then it could be a waste of time sending traffic to that website. Even with little amount of traffic, you need to be getting some realistic results.

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How To Get The Best Out Of Social Media Traffic

Whatever website or blog you run, it needs to generate traffic to make the whole internet marketing game a well worthy venture. Without traffic the website is useless. After all a website is created to market your business online and without that, the whole point of its existence is useless. So how does one generate traffic for that website? There are several ways that one can adopt and create traffic for their website and one of them is social media. Social media comprises of different social media sites and platforms in which people can interact with others through the web. With this setup in place, internet marketers can also dive in and reap fruits from the social media sites. However, that can only happen when pone has done strategic and solid approaches to get things rolling as they should. In this write-up, we will go through some of the best social media traffic strategies that you can use to

Integrate Social Media Baits On Your Website

When you have made your website and you feel that it stands out, speedy and is most appealing to your audiences, you need to also make sure that it is perfectly designed for the social media. One of the most loved social media is the viral ability of the content. Your content can go viral depending on how people find it to be interesting. The more interesting it is more people will share it leading to increased web traffic to your website. You have to make sure that your audiences can easily share your posts on social media, tag themselves or do any other form of social media engagement on the content of your website. One of the best ways to set up social media baits on your website is to add social media plugins that allow users to easily share the content to their followers in the social media. There are plenty of buttons and plugins which can be installed seamlessly in a few clicks and will come in handy with sharing.

Optimize your Social Profile Pages

The other thing that you’d want to spruce up is to ensure that your social media profile page is spot on and entices the audiences to follow you or visit your website. You need to understand that most people who come across your content wherever they are will most likely come across your profile and at that point, you’d want to impress them and capture their attention. The best way to do this is to create a social media profile that stands out. A solid profile that won’t let your audience just pass by without following you or clicking on the link on your page. How then do you know that your profile stands out? You should visit the profiles of some of the industry influencers and see how they are doing it. That way you will get an idea of what to do and what to expect.

Connect With To Niche Social Influencers

Another trending approach that is common in the social media marketing world today is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is when you reach out to an influential blogger or social media expert in a particular niche and work with him or her to see that they share your content and posts so that you can get better exposure and branding. Since these influencers have already built their credibility, trust and user base, your content will get an instant boost and in many cases you will get swarms of traffic flooding your website. It is a strategy that even the major brands are adopting and using it to effectively broadcast their brands without paying a lot. The good thing is that it is easy to get started and doesn’t need any special skills to master the art of wooing the social influencers. If you have done guest posting before then the outreach part is pretty much similar. Also keep in mind that there is nothing that beats the quality of content that you provide either on your site or on the social media platform you choose. Quality alone can turn tables for you and get your site to an authority within no time.

Consider Paid Social Media Advertising

drive trafficIf you have been on the internet marketing game for a while then you already know about paid advertising and you also know that top social media sites provide this alternative for people to buy the traffic. Although the free traffic option is a great one and people are using it, there is nothing wrong with spending some cash to try out paid social media traffic. Many people are reaping good returns from social media paid advertising. You should keep in mind that social media platforms have tons of user information which in turn becomes a good targeting option to marketers out there.

Final Word

Traffic is paramount for any website and you should do everything as a marketer to see that you are sending continuous traffic to your website. Otherwise, you will fail to see any good results on the site. With the above guide on how to tackle social media marketing, you can expect good returns after taking those steps and executing the above named strategies. They have been used by many marketers and has proven to work over time. So there is no reason why you cannot make it big with social media marketing.

If you are looking for high quality web traffic for your website then we’ve got the right dose for your site. We have been serving high quality web traffic for almost every niche out there and we are glad to say that our clients are thrilled by the quality and we are most certain you will also love it. So why not check out our high quality web traffic service? After you sign up and purchase a package you can easily customize the traffic that you get based on different targeting parameters. Hop in and get started today. If you have any questions before purchasing traffic then you can also get in touch with us.

Top 5 Ways To Buy Mobile Traffic

Gone are the days when internet accessibility was only possible through the use of old bulky desktop computers. Today everyone can surf the internet conveniently wherever they are, thanks to mobile technology which has revolutionized everything. From an internet marketer’s point of view, it means that there needs to be a shift and start optimizing for mobile traffic. There are dozens of ways to harness mobile traffic to your website.


How is mobile optimization different? Although the approach is pretty much similar to the general marketing, there are various practices that are meant to augment mobile performance.

Among some of the tweaks that are needed to push a website to get mobile traffic includes;

-Making the website responsive so that it can be easily accessed from any device. This is also among Google’s recommended design patterns.

-Optimizing mobile site for browser user friendliness. Not all mobile browsers pick up websites similarly. Ensure to make necessary tweaks so that your website appears well on every browser.

-Ensure that all your pages can be indexed by the search engines.
-Page speed is important and should also be on your checklist.

Without pulling punches, here is our distilled list of the top 5 ways to buy mobile traffic for your website.

1. Social Media Sites

This won’t come as a surprise to many markers especially with the well known fact that people use social media on their phones more than in their PCs. So if you need to grab your customers by the throat, then social media sites is where you need to be. Ads can be based on a “per impression basis” or a per click basis.

You may need to do bits of research to find the best approach. Although it may be costly depending on the niche, it often pays off. also with the fact that the traffic is cheap, this is something worth giving a try.

Here are some of the most common places to buy traffic through the social media;

-Facebook Sponsored posts.
-Pinterest Sponsored Pins.
-YouTube Advertising.
-Twitter sponsored tweets.
-Reddit Promoted Posts.
-Instagram sponsored ads.

Half of the world is super-active on these platforms and you can buy unlimited amount of traffic from these sites.

2. CPA Traffic

Have a product that you are wondering how you can make sales? Imagine coming across a system where you only pay for an active sale or lead. Your investment doesn’t go on waste. If that is a model that you would like to give a try, then CPA marketing is for you. How does CPA marketing work? As an advertiser who has a product, you reach out to a CPA network presenting your product. Once accepted to the network, you are required to pay a certain amount. You are then required to set an amount to be paid when an action is done. Here you can decide whether you will pay when a sale is made or when you get a lead.

The only downside of this approach is that you will need a bigger budget to run CPA campaigns. This is because the networks try to prevent ads running out while they are being advertised.

There are always thousands of marketers waiting to help you reach out to customers. If you have a big budget, then perhaps it’s time you make that leap and start making money.

Here are a few CPA networks that serve high quality mobile traffic;
-Max Bounty
-Click Booth
-Never Blue
-CPA Lead

3. PPC Mobile Traffic Networks

buy-targeted-trafficIt didn’t take long for the PPC marketing world to realize that they needed to also extend their reach to mobile users. Today most PPC platforms offer targeted mobile traffic for their clients. With this, you simply signed up for a PPC agency as an advertiser and set advertisements where you pay when someone clicks on an ad to visit your website.

There are 2 major classifications of PPC mobile traffic. Here they are;

1) Horizontal Ad networks – Also known as blind ad networks, these networks offer high volume of traffic at affordable rates but they have low targeting.

2) Vertical Ad Network – These networks are geared towards delivering highly targeted traffic to advertisers and are more costly than horizontal networks.

Note: Avoid blind networks when you are running targeted campaigns. Although blind networks are usually cheap to get started with, you could fail to reach your desired goals since the traffic sources are randomized and masked.

4. Buying Banners

Ever thought of buying banners as a way of harnessing traffic to your site? Apparently it also works well for mobile traffic. There are hundreds of sites who are selling their ad spaces at affordable costs which you should take advantage of.

A good place to find a database of sites to buy ad space from is Buy Sell Ads. Here you will find hundreds of sites listed and you can choose based on the traffic volume as well as the niche. This makes targeting more easy which raises the quality of your traffic too. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when buying banner traffic;

-Compare different sites and find the one which charges a lower cost
-Do your homework and find out where that website is getting their traffic.

-Limit yourself to your niche and avoid getting traffic from general niche sites. This improves the quality of traffic which yields more conversions.

5. And Web Traffic

What if we told you that there is a way to get traffic without exposing yourself to many risks? Imagine forgetting about testing and running blind campaigns. This is all possible here at And Web Traffic. We are one of the longest quality traffic providers online and to keep up with the internet marketing trends we have inclined our focus on mobile traffic.

And the best thing with choosing us is that we have handled all the hard tasks and all you need to do is to get the traffic and watch your business sour.

Why we are better than the rest;
-Highly targeted traffic.
-Traffic comes in affordable packages.
-No experience needed.
-You get all the support that you need to get started.
-We have huge volumes of traffic.

Final Word:

In today’s world where mobile is the new PC, marketers ought to take action and focus on where their audience are. The methods above have stood the test of time and are worth trying.

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Best Way to Promote My Website?

Every internet marketer or online business owner is always looking to drive more traffic (visitors) and in particularly targeted traffic (people interested in your area of business) to their website. The more targeted traffic you have landing on your site the more money you will make, pure and simple.
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If you are new to the online marketing world or are perhaps on a very tight budget you will be pleased to know that there are many great ways to promote your website for free. The slight downside is that for although you are not paying anything to promote your business, it is costing you your time. That’s the trade – off.

Here are my favourite methods in which to promote a website for free online.

1. Create and upload videos to video sharing sites. Sites such as YouTube are already heaving with visitors, YouTube has something like 2 billion unique visitors a day. Create a video that offers some quality information to your target audience and at the end of the video include a brief call to action such as click on the link below to get traffic to my website.
2. Post regularly in forums. Online forums are packed with people looking for help and information. Find a forum that is related to your niche and start posting quality answers to people’s problems. Be sure to include a link in your forum signature so people can visit your site.

3. Create a press release. Utilise those writing skills that you have hidden away from your school days. This is one of the best ways to promote a website for free. Create a brief paragraph or two about your business and what you are doing that is unique and submit it to a number of press release sites. An example could be a newbie who has struggled online for a year makes their first sale etc.

4. Article writing. If you are an expert in your field, share that knowledge with other people, even if you are not an expert you can always do a little research on the subject and create some content from the findings. Article writing is a great way to also boost your credibility in the eyes of your target prospects as they come to view you as an authority figure.

5. Network on Facebook. Create a separate profile for your business and start to add people interested in your field of business as your friends. Start to interact with these people and share information with them. They will naturally want to find out more about you and what it is you do.

How to Increase Traffic for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Flipkart is one of the longest and trusted brands in the E-commerce world. Beyond being just a popular buyer’s avenue, it also gives marketers the opportunity to make money through their affiliate program. One can earn from 4% to 20% which according to the industry is a fair share. Getting started with their affiliate program is easy and the commission rate is also impressive. But all this doesn’t come easy. You need to have high quality amount of traffic to make sales and earn the commissions. How do you get that traffic? In this guide, we will cover 4 proven traffic channels on how to increase traffic for Flipkart affiliate marketing. Below are the traffic strategies we recommend you to try.

Facebook Marketing

With Facebook being the most visited social media site, there’s a lot in store for affiliate marketers. But that only happens when you do it right. There are several ways that one can use Facebook to reach out to gargantuan loads of visitors. Here are ways to do so;

-Using Facebook Groups – Jojn as many groups in your niche to get more reach.
-Sharing posts on timelines – As a bonus, you could request to post on your friend’s timelines too which boosts your reach.
-Sponsor your posts by paying for Facebook sponsored ads.
Running contests could bring up a viral effect on your posts. There are plenty of tools to help you launch Facebook contests.
-Giving out free stuffs in exchange for a like or share. This is a new trend that marketers are using to reach out to many people. There are many scripts to help you do this easily.

Things to note:

If you are on a low budget or want to start small, then Facebook groups and timeline sharing would is for you. It may take up most of your time as most will be repetitive tasks.

When you are ready to mash things up and get swarms of leads to your site, then you need to spare some bucks and get started with Facebook advertising.

Pinterest Marketing

As crazy as it may sound, Pinterest could be your best place to increase your Flipkart traffic. Pinterest has been doing major tweaks lately which has in one way or the other given marketers a leverage point. Among the most notable features includes the “Promoted pins”. Promoted pins allows store owners to sell directly through Pinterest.

While people share the images of your Flipkart product, they can buy the product by clicking on it. So as your ads are propelled by the viral effect, you also get a chance to sell directly. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone.
If that isn’t one of the easiest ways to sell on Flipkart, then nothing else could come easier.

Search Advertising

What if it was possible to get the exact visitors that are looking for the product you are struggling to sell? It’s possible and amazingly you can get he visitors almost instantly. The secret all lies with search engine advertising. When you do search engine advertising, your advertisements appear along or on top of the search results. This makes your advertisements a priority and since these advertisements are targeted, you will make huge profit margins. Below are some search advertising leaders that you need to use;

1) Google Adwords

If you have been keen on the internet marketing world then Adwords isn’t nothing new to your ears. It is Google’s advertisement engine and is the biggest advertising network.

2) 7 Search

This is yet another search network that has been around for quite some time. It may not be the most powerful search engines but it has has proven to be a cost effective option especially for those who are getting started.

3) Yahoo advertising

Yahoo is among the top 3 search engines which makes it every marketer’s honey pot. Running search campaigns follows a similar routine like the other search engine advertising networks which is easy to set up.

4) Bing Ad Center

When you want to win big in the online game, you need to roll with the giants and Bing is undoubtedly one of them. Bing Ad center has been improving it’s ad serving quality and is surely something worth giving a shot.

You will need some time to do research and bid on each keyword with each of the networks above before launching your campaigns. This ensures cost-effectiveness in your ads.

Search Engine Optimization

seo-1675515_640Whether you have all the cash to jump-start campaigns or not, SEO is something worth looking into. First off, it gives you a chance to get highly targeted traffic and secondly, this is long term traffic.

While SEO could be seen as a free way to get quality traffic, it could be costly especially if you are still new to the game. This is because you will need to do on page and off page optimization. This includes tasks such as creating themed content as well as reaching out for backlinks. If you have no clue, then you may need to hire a professional to help you out.

Here are some proven approaches to doing successful long term SEO;

  1. Target long tail keywords – Broad highly searched keywords have become saturated and difficult to rank for especially for nee sites with no authority. If you want an easy way around, you have to target long tail keywords with lower competitors.
  2. Be up to date with SEO trends – One downside with SEO is that it keeps changing. You need to be on toes every time to ensure that you aren’t doing anything against the search engine’s policies. The best way to be updated is to follow top influencers and regularly keep an eye on internet marketing forums.
  3. Be patient with results – SEO isn’t an overnight strategy that gets you results instantly. It could take months for it to start yielding fruits.

Final Word:

Hopefully, the above strategies answers your quest on How to increase traffic for Flipkart affiliate marketing
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Remarketing Traffic- How To Improve Your Site Conversions

As much as well love to see traffic flowing into our websites, there are things that one ought to keep in mind, and that is conversions. Traffic with no conversions is useless and will cost you money and time. So how does one go about this problem? Wouldn’t it be an amazing approach to each out to the visitors again to try to persuade them to visit your website to check out the product once again? It is an approach that has worked and that is what remarketing is all about.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways that one can use to get their remarketing right and generate tons of high quality web traffic that will get them better conversions. But first, here is an overview and some of the basic things to know about remarketing traffic.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing, otherwise known as retarget marketing is an advertisement module where one reaches out to customers and visitors who had earlier visited their website. It is a well known fact that people don’t always buy products from you the first time that they visit your website. Fact has it that only 2% end up buying on their first visit. So what about the other 98%? How does one increase their chances of buying and getting them back? 

The answer to that lies with remarketing. It has been proven time and time again that reaching out to visitors who have been on your site and didn’t buy will drastically increase the chances of selling that item. 

So, if you are looking for a way to reduce abandoned carts and have more people buying from you, then this is the best way to do it. 

What Is Possible With Remarketing?

blog traffic

Wondering what you can achieve with remarketing and whether it will help your online business to get more traffic and generate more sales? Well, below are some of the things that you will love and can achieve with remarketing. It goes without saying that the possibilities and what you can do with remaketing depends on the type of platform that you opt to use. 

Reaching Your Previous Visitors

One reason why remarketing is becoming very popular is for the obvious reason that reaching your previous visitors and bringing them back to the site will give them a reason to buy. This is because some people often need to reconsider and perhaps after checking out more other options, they will be convince that you have the better offer. There are many retargeting platforms that you can use including Google Adwords, Adroll, Retargeter, Perfect Audience and many others. It is a well worthy approach that will yield good results if done correctly.

Reaching Out to Competitor Visitors

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a system where you can reach out to your competitor’s traffic and woo them to your website to buy your products? Now you can do that. As brutal as this sounds to your competitors, it is a matter of facing it or the competitors will push you off the cliff and you will be out of business in no time. There are dozens of advertising agencies which are available and ready to help you achieve this without the need of using cookies and other traditional methods. 

Better Branding

Thirdly, another great reason why remarketing is a good way of marketing your site and reaching more audiences is that you will get better branding. More people will be able to learn more about your website and get you more traffic and conversions which is all we need. So, there is every reason to choose remarketing as a marketing approach. You just have to press the right buttons and use the right approach to woo customers and audiences into the cart. 

Remarketing Traffic – Step By Step Guide

Now that you have a good understanding of remarketing, here are steps o win in the remarketing game and get high quality web traffic that will get you good conversions. 

Timing Is Key

If you ask any experience internet marketer, they will tell you that marketing requires good timing for it to work efficiently. For most of the online businesses that fail, one would find a number of faults such as advertising to the wrong audience or using a set-and-forget system which in turn does not deliver or convey the message as one would expect it to do so. In such a situation, the budgeting cost will be eating up the profits which causes the business to collapse and go down. 

When remarketing, you need to understand your potential customers so that you can know when to reach them and what exactly they need. So before starting any remarketing campaign, it is first good to make an analysis and know what exactly you are up to avoid any misfortunes that may come along. 

Reach Out To Abandoned Cart Prospects

ecommerce traffic

Abandoned carts is something that is sure to come around, and there is no way that you can avoid that. The only thing that you can do is try to reach out to the users or customers that have abandoned them. It is an approach that has proven to work over and over, and if done right, you will reap big benefits from this and get to convert some of the customers that you would have lost. There are several ways that are known to help people recoup and get back customers who have abandoned their carts. Among them is reaching them through their email. 

Since you already have their email, you can reach out to them with a customized offer or ask them to give you a reason why they abandoned the cart. You can give them a discount or sweeten the deal even further by giving them a free delivery. As long as you are still within profit, it would be valuable to try and woo such a high prospect back. This is a bird in hand and you cannot afford to loose them. This is an approach that is easy to follow through and although it can be a tiresome process to reach to each abandoned cart prospect, it has one of the highest chances of converting and is well worth the effort. It is also an approach that almost 30% of retailers use and has always proven to work all the time. 

Retarget With Pixels

Retargeting uses a different advertising approach which tracks cookies on user’s browsers and can later be used in small data packets called pixels. It is these pixels that tracks the user’s behavior on the site and then later on present them with ads of the pages and sites they had already visited. So with pixels, reaching out to convince the prospects to reconsider buying is simply what it does, and this is something that has been proven to improve and increase the sales by a large percentage. Since only 2% of customers buy on their first visit, it makes more sense to reach out to them and using these pixels is a proven way of achieving that. Research has shown that it can increase conversions of abandoned carts for up to 20% depending on the strategies and how good the niche is. 

Thee are lots of online platforms that offer pixel marketing and the best way to choose one that delivers is to consider those hat have a wide range of coverage. Some are linked to other networks while some other platforms like Facebook and google have their own large user database which is enough to run their own independent retargeting marketing. Google and Facebook are among the largest networks on the web and working with them is one surefire way to get more remarketing traffic that will get you good conversions. 

Split Test Ad Segments

If there is one thing that every internet marketer should never ignore is the power of testing. Testing new ad units will not only help you to discover the best that gets you more conversions but the process will also save you a lot of money by avoiding some of the bad ad sets that you would be using on your website. Without knowing which ad works better, you could be dealing with low conversion rate that isn’t the best budget for your website and that could be costing you a lot. 

Split testing is simply the process of testing various ad units to determine which one works best and gets you better ROI. It takes some time and also some investment to get started and although it can be costly, the results you will get from the studies you conducted are good and will guarantee you better results in the long run. 

Final Verdict

Traffic is everything in a website, but that doesn’t cut it if there is no conversions. In order for it to reflect and get you the results that you need, you must make sure that they get right kind of marketing which in this case is remarketing. Remarketing is the process of wooing back prospects in an effort to convince them to buy a product that they had seen on your site before. The process is very effective and the retargeting traffic has been proven to be more powerful than most of the other traffic strategies in the market. Shared above are some of the best ways that retargeting traffic can work for you and generate more conversions. 

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How to Promote a Website With a Low Investment

If you own a website but running low on promotional money for your website, you should consider looking for a way to promote your website with a low investment. If you are running on a tight budget, the following low investment promotional techniques will bring effective results, by driving more traffic to your website. Below are ways to promote your website cheaply;

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the easiest method of promoting your website, as it is easy to learn and implement the basics to your website. By incorporating SEO on your website, you can easily improve the ranking of your website in search engine results, which will in return drive more traffic to your site.

Reciprocal Linking

Letting others place a link to your site on their website is an easy way to promote your website with a low investment. Apart from the normal benefit of any user that visits that site seeing a link to your website, you also get an advantage at a better search engine ranking for your site, as search engines such as Google use inbound links as a crucial part of the whole idea that determines a sites position.

Write Articles

write-593333_640The major strategy of article marketing is that you write an article and then give it out for free to a number of websites, blogs or magazines. Your article will end up with a resource box that will promote you and your business.

The good thing about this kind of website promotion is that if you find your articles posted on popular and well known websites, they can stay there for a long time, prompting your website without any effort on your end.

Social Media

Social media is not just a great platform for people to connect with friends and family; it is also a great platform to promote your website with a low investment as a great population of people can be found there. Promoting your website in social media can be an effective way to get website promotion as it will offer you a high visibility inexpensively. Different social sites attract different type of people,. Before attempting to use a specific social media and creating a number of followers, ensure that you select the right social media for your marketing needs.

Create Fresh and Quality Content

No promotional technique will work effectively if your content is not of quality; the type of content that other people would wish to read, market their website and blogs on social media. You can easily get quality content by writing it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The approach you choose will be determined by your budget and your time. Coming up with your own blog can be very effective in marketing your website because blogging about your topic, you will get the chance of becoming an active member of the blogging team, creating a web of friendships and links. Not forgetting that your blog will be rich in keywords, which will increase your search engine optimization.

To promote your website with a low investment effectively, you need to concentrate on the techniques consistently over a period of time, which will in turn bring positive results by driving traffic to your site.

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