Automation Tools To Boost Your Social Media Traffic

We all know the power of social media and with over a billion users actively engaged on a regular basis, this is where the world is. You can find almost anyone of any age actively chatting or communicating with others over the social media space. It has also opened new avenues for internet marketers and with some good strategies, one can reap a lot of social media traffic that is enough to change their internet marketing game. However, sometimes the process of generating traffic can be a tedious process an would be perfect if there is something that can help simplify it. The good news is that with the lots of softwares on the internet today, automation has become the name of the game and there are lots of them out there that can do pretty much anything.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best softwares and tools that will help you to up your social media marketing game by focusing on automation.


There is little doubt on whether Hootsuite is a reliable and quality software that one can count on to deliver in social automation. Almost every expert out there will tell you that this is the ultimate social media automation tool. It does pretty much anything that you would be doing on a regular basis to improve your social media interaction. With the use of Hootsuite, you can integrate pretty much any social media platform out there and have things running smoothly without having to visit to post a tweet or update your Facebook posts.

Even better news is that there are both free and premium option to choose from which makes it perfect for anyone who is getting started to test out some of the features that the software comes with. Of course the premium option has more features and will produce much better results, but the free option is a good place to start for amateurs who are still familiarizing themselves.


Mention is a handy application that marketers can use to better understand their content performance on various social media sites. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know who is sharing your content and quoting your content or social profile? This is something that you can easily use to gauge how you are performing and getting things done. How this software works is by tracking and monitoring hashtags, usernames and other things that are attached to your brand such as your brand name or website name. It will help you to understand how viral your content goes and how much growth and attention you are getting through social media. It is also a tool that many internet marketers are using to understand whether the strategy that they are implementing is serving hem as it should.

Social Oomph

This is one that has been in the social media arena for a while and has proven to be very effective in managing and interacting with people on the social media sites. It started as a twitter targeted marketing tool, but as time went by, other social media sites have been added. It is very crucial especially when it comes to handing things like twitter direct messages as it can help you to auto-respond to people who contact you with your own custom message like you would see in a company email. The only downside is that there is no free version of this tool to test. Overall, it is an excellent tool that is worth investing on for use in monitoring your social media marketing without having to log in to each one of them every time.


BuzzSumo is yet another powerful social media marketing tool that can also be used in many other instances to measure and better understand your competition and trending topics that one can put more focus on. It has become one of the most important and a must have for many internet marketers since it is an effective way of generating traffic to a website.

Using the software is also pretty easy and once any newbie gets used to it, they can know what topics to focus on as they are trendy and the ones that people are looking for.

Agora Pulse

social media trafficLastly, is Agora pulse which resembles Buzz Sumo in many ways including the features and functionalities. With this tool, you can plan and schedule posts with a lot of ease. Things like running contests, performing social media analysis and quizzes can also be achieved through this platform, which makes it one of the most superior applications you can have in your social media marketing arsenal. Even better it can help you to compare your campaigns with that of your competitors giving you an edge an helping you achieve better results over your competitors.

As compared to Buzz Sumo, this is more customer oriented and one will love most of the features and efficiency that it comes with. So, if you are serious about taking your competitors down and generating more social media traffic the easy way, then this is a tool that you need by your side.

Final Word:

Anyone who is not using social media is missing a lot and they are not taking advantage of the low lying fruits that they could be benefiting from. To succeed, one needs to strategize and come up with a good approach on how to win the game. Shared here are some of the best kickasss social media marketing tools that will help you automate your internet marketing and get more social media traffic that will improve the performance of your website.

To get the best tool to use, you have to test different ones to see one that suits your site promotion strategy. The good thing is that most of them either offer free trial or have a free option. If you find the process of getting social media traffic, then you may want to consider our high quality traffic packages. We are certain that you will love the experience that you get from our web traffic.

Beginner’s Guide To Increase SEO Traffic

As long as search engines like Google continue to be the backbone of searching and finding information on the internet, SEO is something that is here to stay. If you are still new to the whole SEO thing, then it simply is the process of optimizing and making a website search friendly and easy to discover through search engines like Google and Bing.

The optimization basically involves on page optimization that deals with ensuring that the on site factors are spot on. Off page optimization on the other end involves getting backlinks for the site. Backlinks help build a site’s authority and credibility hence getting a boost in the search engines. Here are some of the things that beginners can do to increase their SEO by tweaking their sites to stay ahead of their competitors.

Focus On Low Competition Keywords

Search engine optimization is all about choosing and working with the right keywords. For beginners, it is always advisable to go for keywords that have lower competition since these are easier to push and get ranked on the search engines. Getting these keywords isn’t also as hard as many people might think. With tons of softwares and online tools, one can easily discover and find keywords that are easy to rank and work with. Although most of the low competitive keywords tend to have lower number of searches, working with them is easy and doing this for multiple of them will get you good results. Soon as your site has grown and gained enough reputation, you can go ahead and work on more complex keywords.

Focus On Building Quality Backlinks

When it comes to ranking, off page optimization is a crucial part that must be used to push a web page top of the ranks. The process of building backlinks can vary and it all depends with the strategy that you choose to use. There are different backlinking approaches that one can use, but being a beginner, one needs to avoid black hat techniques as they could end up messing the whole strategy. You should focus on solid backlinking strategies like guest posting and getting links from authority sites since this will give more credibility and boost power to your website. Other solid backlinking strategies that you can use includes Web 2.0, editorial backlinks and citations for local business sites.

Content Is Very Important

The most important part your website is the content. The content is the part that will entice the audiences to buy or take an action on your website. Without solid content that are well written and the sales pitch is up to par. Without a good sales copy, then you will get low conversion rate and fail to get the best out of your content and hard work. But what if you are not good in writing sales copies and enticing content? There are lots of freelancers from top freelance sites that you can hire to write a good article that gets you results. Freelancer sites is something that many webmasters are using to easily get their content written fast and at an affordable cost.

Your Site Speed And Navigation Matters

Did you know that the speed of your site can actually change the way search engines rank it? Imagine visiting a website and waiting for 2 minutes for a single page to load. I bet you will give up in a matter of seconds and consider visiting another website instead. While this may seem like an audience based issue, search engines too favor sites that load up fast. This is something hat you need to keep in mind and make the necessary tweaks to see that the site loads up fast. So how do you make you site load fast? The first step is to get a stable and fast hosting service. there are tons of hosting services that you will come across online and getting the best might take you time, but worth it.

Engage With Audience Through Social Media

classifieds trafficIn today’s world being absent in social media is like living in a dark world. Social media is more than just interacting with friends and businesses too are finding it more important as a good marketing platform. If you want to succeed online, you must do social media marketing. Today social media has become part of almost everybody’s life and numbers have it. The top 3 social media sites alone have amassed over a billion active users making it a potential target market for internet marketers who want to take their business to the next level. One major advantage that comes with social media is that there are all kind of niches giving every internet marketer a chance to market their products and services without any limits.

Final Word:

Search engines are the future of the web. They have been long used as the backbone of the web and imagining a world without Google and Bing to most of us seems wrong. From the internet marketers’ point of view, one should therefore focus on making sure that their website will be visible on the search engines and that their clients and customers can find them easily. To do this, you need to follow a certain criteria and come up with a solid strategy to ensure that you stay in front of your competitors and that your site ranks high in the searches. With the above strategies, you can easily emerge top of your competitors and get tons of web traffic in return.

If you need high quality web traffic without having to go through lots of hassles then you may want to check out our high quality web packages that we offer here at And Web Traffic. They are the same web traffic packages that are used by tons of webmasters and guru internet marketers. And you don’t have to do anything. After signing up and purchasing the traffic package that best suits your site, all you need to do is set the targeting and watch your website swell with high quality traffic that will get you conversions.


Improving Cryptocurrency Traffic With SEO

Have a Crypto currency website that you need to generate and acquire more traffic for? If so, then this guide is for you. With the understanding and clear fact that search engine optimization is the best internet marketing strategy, there is little doubt or debate on the efficiency and performance that comes with SEO traffic. Regardless of the kind of website that one is running, search engine optimization will continue being the number one source that they can count on in both the long term and from a performance angle. In this guide, we will be going through some of the best strategies that one can easily use to improve their sites and increase their crypto currency web traffic much easily. Here they are;

Get The Best Keywords

Keyword research is an important part of any website and with the right keywords you can never go wrong. There are various ways in which one can dig up the right keywords which includes a lot of tools and softwares that are found on the web. Keyword research is the first step to succeeding online since without knowing what keywords to focus on, there is no target and you might not get the right people to visit your website. When doing keyword research, you should always focus on getting keywords that have lower competition but still have more searches that are enough to bring a good impact on your website. This way you will be able to easily outrank other competitors on your niche without going through much hassles.

Getting to work with the right keywords is usually the difference between the beginners and professional internet marketers. If you would like to succeed with your online ventures, whether you are in the crypto world, have a Bitcoin, doge coin website or pretty much any other, then this is the first step that you need to keep in mind.

Work On Your On Page Factors

On page optimization is the next step after you have all the right keywords picked for your site. It involves all the processes, tweaks and optimization that goes on the website. This includes the HTML code structuring, website content, content length, keyword placement and prominence, among other factors. These elements are necessary to ascertain whether the search engine audiences will find your website or web page to be informative and helpful enough to solve the various issues that they are going through. You do not need any experienced expert to help you with most of the on page factors, unless it involves the deep code of the website design and structuring which might require and demand that one have some coding skills. Other than that, the other factors such as the content should be top notch and the keyword densities and other factors well optimized.

On page optimization is a very important part of your site which should not be skipped, rest you might not get to rank any of the keywords and stay ahead of the competition. It is important to always compare the site optimization with your competitors so as to know what exactly you need to work on to get the best results.

Don’t Forget Of Page Optimization

Off page optimization is yet another part of SEO that is needed by every website out there. It is the bread and butter of the site and this is what makes it teak and give you the juicy free targeted web traffic which everyone out there is looking for. Unlike the on page optimization, this one basically deals with everything outside the website but promoting the site in a number of ways that includes link building and adding credibility to it so that it appears more credible in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. Consider it as an up-vote to the search engines for it to rank higher. When it comes to backlinking, the more authoritative links a webpage has against a competitor site, the better rankings it stands to get in the search engines, of course factoring in that all the on-page factors are checked and optimized according to the provided search engine algorithms.

Mastering off page optimization might need some work and time, which might at first seem complicated for some beginners, but a little dedication and time can make it much easier. This is because it involves a lot of algorithmic adjustments and optimizations. Building backlinks to a website tends to also be a bit tricky and demand some experience. Sometimes it is best to always hire or outsource the off page optimization and although it can be a bit pricey, it will pay off sooner if you are working with a good experienced SEO expert who knows what they are doing. You may also consider buying traffic directly, something hat we have always been offering for many years.

Final Word:

As long as search engines are still in existence and remain the core of the web, search engine optimization is here to stay. With the strategies outlined above, getting more traffic to your crypto currency website couldn’t be much easier. Even better, these strategies are easy to execute making it easier for newbies and beginners to make it work on their websites.

To get the best out of the search engine and get lots of web traffic to your crypto currency website, you just have to deal with the steps outlined above. However, if you have any problems following through these, you might want to check out our web traffic packages. You can easily set up the right targeting so as to get the best performing traffic from them and within moments of fully setting it up, you should be good to go and you can start expecting tons of web traffic to your website. It is as easy as it sounds and you do not have to worry about anything at all. We are also here to help you set up and ensure that you are getting the best out of your investment input.

The Benefits of Buying Targeted Website Traffic

The key to a successful website is the amount of traffic it receives. Increased exposure not only increases your rankings in search engines, but visitors to your site are more likely to share the information with others and provide link backs to your website. Why increased web traffic is easy to understand; it’s the how that have many people baffled.In this comprehensive post, we will cover different ways of buying targeted website traffic and boost your conversions.

Buy Targeted Website Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

The Internet is a very big place, and it’s easy for those surfing the Web to become easily lost among the millions of websites that exist out there. So how do you get your website to stand out from the rest? One key strategy that many website owners are using is the purchase of website traffic. There are many service providers out there that have dedicated their businesses to creating traffic for websites by providing a guaranteed number of visitors every day, week or month. The numbers will increase over time, as your website becomes more popular. It’s an easy process, but some have been hesitant to resort to this methods, believing that the price isn’t really worth it or that there are alternative methods of gaining traffic that don’t have a price.

If you’re new to the prospect of buying website traffic, then here are some essentials you need to know about the process.

The Businesses Involved

Providing website traffic for a process is not an entirely new concept of making money as an online business. It became a lucrative franchise many years ago, and are even used by some of the big companies that have already been established on the market. However, going into competition against professional website can be a tough business, and can be difficult to get noticed. Even the use of optimization techniques, such as SEO writing and link backs, can only do so much. Purchasing website traffic will provide your site with the boost it needs to climb the rankings in search engines.

Where to Find the Right Business 

It pays to shop around in order to find the best deal for the features that your website really needs. A search for “buy traffic” on any search engine will provide you with a plethora of links to various service providers who can help you. Make a note of what is being provided and at what price. You’ll soon start to learn what are the commonly used features, and what an affordable price for those features are. If you’re just starting out, then you may just need the most basic of packages until your franchise starts to flourish. However, it’s not recommended that you resort to the cheapest option from the list of providers you find. You get what you pay for, and cheap doesn’t always amount to quality.

Look at Reviews

If you’re really torn between service providers, look at some forums and review sites to read the experiences of other customers. Nothing is more telling than the personal accounts of individuals who have purchased website traffic before, and want other people to know about their experiences. Don’t take any risks with a provider that customers have had unpleasant experiences with, even if the price for their services is tempting.

Ask the Right Questions

Another procedure that will help you make the right decision is asking the provider about the services they carry. Questions pertaining to the means in which they generate traffic, the quality of their customer support, if site stats are provided for a cost or for free, and if spamming techniques are used in the process are just some of the few that should be raised before deciding on a service provider. You want to know that you’re entering into a contract with a professional who is reputable and cares about the needs of your website.

The Sources of Visitors 

There are many means that are used to attract visitors to your website. The majority of them will come from banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, and floating ads. These are distributed all over the Internet so that users can have a much easier time of finding your website within the multitude of sites that exist. Clicking on an ad takes them directly to your website, and they can then spread the news to others.

What is the Guarantee? 

Depending on the kind of service provider you choose, targeted website traffic may be guaranteed or not. Don’t confuse traffic with the concept of sales; the point of these service providers is to increase the number of visitors you get, but there is no way to force them to conduct business on your site. This is an important consideration in determining whether purchasing website traffic is right for your needs, especially if you’re using your website to conduct business.

Buying targeted website traffic is not right for everyone’s needs, so it’s important that they are considered before you invest your money in a service that may or may not work out for your best interests.

How to Get Your website on Google 1st Page

In this posting, I am going to cover the basics concerning how to get ranked in the search engines. You’re probably here because you really are a network marketer and are having problems generating prospects similar to the other 97% of people who are involved with network marketing. Well, I’m here to show you the actual comprehensive strategy on receiving ranked on the internet, quickly! Below we cover important ranking aspects including Google page rank.
Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!
There are numerous search engines in existence on the web nowadays, the best becoming search engines, yahoo, bing, msn, etc. Most of us use them for finding information and facts efficiently and quickly. Anything you want to be familiar with, simply google it…I personally bet you’ll find the answer.

As network marketers, we all know that the best method to have rapid increase in our own Network marketing business, whatever that organization is, will be to set our opportunity in front of as much people as you possibly can. You’ve heard this ahead of, this is really a numbers company. The extra men and women you’ve seeking, especially in this particular economic climate, the greater the results you’ll have.

This is when search engine optimization is necessary. I am about to reveal to you a way to make use of the world wide web along with the millions of people that are DEMANDING info on working from home, an alternative life-style, more income, etc. The fact is there are so many men and women looking for what you are offering, you need to simply put yourself out there to allow them to locate the information they’re trying to find.

Listed here are my personal steps for finding ranked in almost any search engine:

First, you must have your own blog site. I’m not discussing or anything such as that. You’ll want a property exactly where people can understand you actually plus what you have to offer, and you also need to have complete control over anything that is taking place inside your website. I would recommend purchasing your own domain and web hosting providers, like GoDaddy and Host Gator. Then create your blog utilizing WordPress. These are really cheap options and have absolutely worked incredibly well for me.

Subsequent, you have to create the content material. I like to recommend for all of my leaders to write an article each day for three months and you will start off producing up to 50 targeted leads each day, I promise that. It could be how-to articles or blog posts, network marketing testimonials, product or service testimonials, lead generation recommendations, mlm suggestions, whatever you feel you’ve got some knowledge in. To me, personally, I like to write posts pertaining to topics that are obtaining a lot of searches on the internet. To achieve this, I personally use a powerful tool referred to as Google keyword tool. Basically, I can make use of this tool to find out the amount of searches on search engines a specific key word is receiving. Enter in the keyword, and it’ll reveal to you variations of the key word and exactly how a lot of men and women per month are looking for the idea.

workspace-766045_640For me personally, I usually discuss something that is getting among one thousand and also five thousand searches, and some thing with lower than 500,000 outcomes, or in simple terms, not a great number of competitors (a minimum of initially). I take this keyword and use it in my content about 3% of the time or in with regards to each and every other paragraph. That way, Google can see that my info is relevant to the keyword and that can aid in receiving positioned on the 1st page of search engines. As you actually can most likely tell, if you’re able to get positioned on the actual 1st page for specific key phrases you will see a huge percentage of people who click more than to your blog, this is how you begin producing the insane number of leads each day for your business. This particular is a highly effective technique, nevertheless it will not take place overnight.

When on the lookout for link companions do not just link with websites that have a google page rank of 4 or higher. Link with any one and absolutely everyone you will get an opportunity to. When you hyperlink to someone that has a google page rank of zero, this will not harm your Google  page rank. It is going to only improve it because you are acquiring a link back to your internet site. Google does not take a look at your back hyperlinks page ranks to ascertain what yours goes to be. It basically looks at how lots of back again links you have.

So if Google one day decided to link to some site which was just produced which internet site has a Google page rank of 0 and has a domain that goes some thing such as this: mywebsite.geocities it is web page rank wouldn’t increase although Google page rank is 10, it’s rank would nonetheless be zero mainly because it could only have that one back again link. Here is how to get more traffic to your site.

How to Increase Conversions on eCommerce Website

There are lots of eCommerce websites developed every single day but what happens to many of them? They end up nowhere and becomes a loss to the owner. The main reason for the demise of these eCommerce websites is because they do not get conversions. In this post, we will cover several proven ways to increase conversions on your eCommerce site.

If you ever want to run a successful eCommerce website then you have to make sure that it is converting, otherwise you will be fighting a losing battle. What does this mean? It means that you have to get laser targeted traffic and prospective buyers other than wanderers who never buy from your store. There are various ways to optimize for conversions and in this comprehensive guide, we will focus mainly on how to increase conversions on eCommerce website without undergoing any hard trolls.

How to get laser targeted traffic (prospective buyers)increase conversions

You will agree with me that any visitor to your eCommerce website who doesn’t buy anything isn’t worth spending time with. On that score, it is necessary to target prospects who you are certain will end up buying from you. But how do you do this? There are various ways that marketers are using to achieve this and below we cover three of the major ones and how to leverage maximum potential out of them.

Search engine Optimization

SEO, as it is commonly known in the internet marketing world is perhaps the best method to target for real buyers and increase conversions on your site. Although it involves a lengthy and a time consuming process to improve a website’s visibility, it is all free and worth the time invested. To start the SEO marketing process, you need to first start by doing a keyword research. Since you are working on getting traffic to your eCommerce site, you will need to focus on buyer keywords. Buyer keywords are those that are searched by prospective buyers.

For instance “buy Lenovo Laptop” is a buyer keyword since the person searching for it intends to buy a Lenovo laptop. On a side note, you should also consider focusing on long tail keywords since there is little competition hence easy to rank for. After the keyword research, you will need to optimize your website as well as also do some off page work which involves building reputable backlinks to your website. If this whole thing sounds like rocket science to you, then perhaps our ready targeted traffic to your website will help you boost your eCommerce sales instantly. Check out the packages and pricing and grab our season’s low offer.

Increase conversions with PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an advertising module where advertisers pay for every click that they get from the publishers who display the advertisements. PPC has grown to be among the best traffic acquisition methods that webmasters are using today. Although it requires an initial investment to get started, the results are almost instant.

If you are looking for an instant traffic solution then this is probably an easy way to go. Google Adwords and Bing ad network are on the leading edge when it comes to PPC traffic. The secret to winning with PPC is to split test different campaigns and amplify on those that are working well. To help you deal with the expensive advertisement fee, we offer affordable packages from our own network which has hundreds of authority websites.

Media Buying

Media buying differs from PPC in that it doesn’t necessarily have to work on a per click basis. With media buying traffic approach, an advertiser can buy banner space from a website owner. This is however usually done through some advertiser brokers. One of the most popular broker in the media buying industry is Buy-Sell-Ads ( If you are still wondering how to increase conversions on eCommerce website with media buying, then you have to make sure that your landing page will result into good conversions and your advertisements are attractive enough.

Final word

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that if you have to buy website traffic, you have to make sure that you are buying targeted ones who will not end up being a waste of your time and money. There are hundreds of websites that you will come across but finding the right one becomes a brainy task. If you need to consult an expert before you buy traffic, make sure to drop us a line and we will help you get the best traffic for your eCommerce website. We hope that this post has been helpful especially in answering your questions on how to increase conversions on eCommerce website.

Best Practices To Tap More Web Traffic To Your Site

By now you must have learned that creating a site without a blog is like suicide in this modern world where everything is done online. Long gone are the ages when one would just create a 5 page website and expect people to start flocking in and buy stuffs from their website. Blog has turned out to be a tool that is used to entice, attract and keep your audiences engaged. But you also have to keep in mind that you just don’t create a blog and start writing just anything that comes across you mind. This is a crucial step before you even start the blog part of your website. There are also other tons of web traffic generation techniques that you might want to lean as you grow your website. You should also keep in mind that there are tons of scams and rusty methods that might not work for you website due to a number of factors. In this write-up, we will go through some of the best practices that you can make your website work for you to help you get more website traffic. Here we go;

Know The Keywords To Write About

Some years back, one would just brainstorm by themselves and come up with an article in mind. But nowadays with the search giants like Google being keener on the content they display to their users, you could end up with little or even no traffic if you are not keen on what you write about.

Search engines have become the sole traffic source to many websites and the traffic quality that these search engines provide is of good quality, much better than many other traffic sources. This is why focusing on the right keywords has become more important than ever. So how do you find those keywords? There are a number of tools that are available online which helps you to find out which keywords your potential audiences are searching for. These search tools will also help you find keywords that have low competition therefore making it easy for you to rank easily on the search engines.

Social Influencer Marketing Is Gaining Traction, So Should Your Site

Among one of the best internet marketing strategies that have recently shown amazing results includes influencer marketing. An influence is someone who has a say in a particular industry and is considered a mentor or an expert in that niche. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where you reach out to top influencers and pitch them asking to them to help you market your brand or products and services.

Tons of big brands are adopting the social media influencer marketing and using it to boost their brand and so far, it has shown tremendous results and a very promising future. Perhaps one of the most important things that makes this a phenomenon internet marketing approach is the fact that it works fast as compared to other traffic strategies like SEO which could take weeks to months for one to see results. Just like with the case of guest posting, one does the normal outreach only that this time you will be using social media and sending pitches through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Something else that you have to keep in mind is to focus is to reach out to only those in your niche and also make sure that the have enough followers to give you the much anticipated results.

Keep Your Audience Engaged through Social Media Platforms

web trafficHow often are you on the social media? Probably 7 out of 10 people you meet are active on social media today. Numbers translate to over a billion active people on social media each with at least 2 social media platforms. With the fact that social media has taken the center stage and become a daily routine to many people regardless of their interest or location, it opens up a great opportunity for internet markets who are looking to harness the potential of social media.

To get started with social media, you do not need to spend a dime and all you do is to build relationships and ensure that you keep your audiences informed with the info that they need. Keeping them engaged will give your site more visibility and more traffic. Many online businesses have succeeded through the use of social media and there is no reason why you cannot also make it big through the social media sites. With the fact that it is free to get started and there are tons of twists and strategies that you can use, you can easily make bank with it. There are also plenty of tools that will come in handy when it comes to automation and speeding up the process.

Final word:

Traffic is what makes a website teak and live up to its purpose. Without visitors coming to your website, you are doomed and you might not make it in the internet marketing game. Whether you are running an ecommerce store, a local business or just a basic site, you must make sure that it is getting enough traffic to generate the much needed income and leads. There are many ways to doing this and among them are those discussed above. These are simple yet effective ways that anyone can implement and generate tons of traffic and make more money.

If you are however in need of quick traffic, you might as well consider paid traffic where you spend some bucks and get traffic channeled to your website. This is mostly seen as an easy way around if you are not looking to spend a lot of time waiting for strategies to bear fruits. Paid traffic is known for instant delivery of results and that is something that you stand to love with it. However, not all traffic sources can be counted on. Some are poor and will not bear you any fruits. If you are serious about getting traffic, then I suggest that you check out some of our affordable, time-tested traffic packages which we have been using for many years.

Why Paid Traffic Is Better Than Free Web Traffic

For anyone who has been in the internet marketing industry for quite some time now, then you already know that one can get traffic in two ways. You can either get them for free or pay for them. There are lots of free traffic sources that you can come across today which are both a mix of good and poor traffic sources. This is the same case when it comes to paid traffic as there are those that will have a good impact on your site and those that will not have any significance to it. But one for the big questions that you will hear from almost every newbie out there is; Why would you pay for traffic when you can get it for free?

Both paid and free traffic strategies have stood the test of time and proven to offer success to internet marketers all over. So, What is what makes them different? And Why would one pay for the web traffic when they can get other for free? In this guide, we will explain the need to have paid traffic and why they are considered better than the free traffic option.

Why Choose Paid Web Traffic

Paid Traffic Get You Instant results – Paid traffic has no limits and one can get them for as much as they can afford. This is a different case when it comes to free traffic because you will be depending on various things such as the Google and search engine algorithms which can sometimes chance and demand you to be on toes to lean and try to regain the lost traffic. For paid traffic, once your ad campaign is set up, you can start receiving the traffic instantly and for as long as there is a budget allocated in your account. Free traffic won’t also get you instant results because it takes some steps to implement the strategies involved. And if the free traffic is received fast, they are most probably of a lower quality and will have a very low impact on performance of you website.

Scaling Paid Traffic Is Easy

If you have been doing internet marketing for a while or have an understanding of how things work, then you already know that at some point, you’d want to scale your traffic just to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment. When it comes to paid traffic, you have good control over your site traffic as you can easily change and make adjustments to ensure that the traffic is working towards your goals. For free web traffic, they will come in based on previous efforts an you will not be able to control how they will perform on your site. So, whenever you are looking for traffic that gives you control over your performance, Paid traffic is the one you are looking for.

Good Traffic Consistency

If you have used free traffic sources such as SEO and social media for your website, then there is one thing that you surely won’t argue. The consistency of the traffic from these websites cannot be predicted which means that you cannot plan or make some goals. This is the opposite when it comes to paid traffic because you can not only estimate and get precise traffic volumes to expect, but you can also expect a particular range of sales in the end. Anyone looking for such kind of traffic that is consistent will only consider paid traffic rather than free traffic sources.

Better Audience Targeting

Don’t you want the kind of traffic that lets you choose your audience? Among the reason why paid traffic marketers will swear by it is simply because you can make precise targeting on the audience that you expect and want on your site. This simply means that if you want to push a product to a particular age in a particular location, you can do it simply by using a number of filters and this means that you can sell more products and get the attention of the people that your product is geared towards. This is unlike free traffic which will not give you such options and control.

Paid Traffic Does Better Brand Building

Brand building is something that you cannot ignore in today’s society where people buy based on what they know and feel is right. Giving your business a good name is a very crucial step towards success and there is no better way to do it online than with paid traffic. Free traffic will not give you much when it comes to this since it is limited and people do not have an idea about what to search and where to find you in the first place.

The Downside Of Paid Traffic

We all know that everything has its own downside and here are some of the bad things and disadvantages that one can expect from paid traffic.

High competition – Having money is a good thing when you are into paid traffic marketing since you can easily bid and get more attention and traffic. This simply means that anyone will a low budget might get crashed and could demand a lot of pulling to get things done.

Scams are on the rise – Scams are all over and the internet is one place where people have lost a lot of money, even more than the real offline world. Since paid traffic involves transactions and the use of money, it is something that one would want to be keen on or else find themselves buying garbage that will not help their website or business.

Final Word:

Web traffic is something that all of us need to propel our online businesses and with a good understanding of the game, comes success. Paid traffic has been a good source and fuel to many online businesses.

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Tactics To Use Your Old content To Get More Traffic And Conversions

We can all keep creating content for our blogs and sites but how good is that doing to your brand and online business? Of course it is always a good idea to keep the blog fresh and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines so as to get more and more traffic to the site. But did you know that you can leverage your old content to get more traffic to your site? This is without having to create new content on your site. Here are some of the approaches that you can use to get more from the aging content on your site.

Sort Out the Old Content By Performance And Re-Post The Best

We all have that content that made a big wave, and if you have been a blogger for a while, you still know the content hat sent you tons of traffic. You might have then asked yourself how to make it work and get you even more traffic. Big sites and blogs always take action and ensure that they have used the content to woo more web traffic to their sites, and you too ought to have used it in the same way. but how do you do this?

You can re-post the content. Although you shouldn’t just duplicate it, you can rewrite it with some fresh ideas only changing a few things and updates if there have been any. If you have been in the online world, then you already know that this happens especially with successful blogs and sites. Just be sure not to make the post a clone and appear as a repetition of the other one as it could irritate the visitors. This is an approach that has been proven to work over and over and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you too.

Split Test With Different Call To Actions

Check out your old content and see which ones are receiving god amount of traffic. After that, you should start split testing and changing a few things on your site to see which approach and tweak gets you results. Many site owners and internet marketers know that split testing is one of the bets ways to ensure that one can get the best return on their investment, therefore it is something worth going for. It is also not as hard as many people would think. As long as you have basic internet marketing skills, you are good to go.

How does one get started with split testing?  The first thing is to have two or more versions of a landing page and then start by changing things like headings, call to action or button tests and see which one gets you better results. Positioning of buttons and call to actions could also have an effect and worth testing.

Re-Optimize Your Old Content Based On Algorithm Changes

If you have been running your site and online business for a long time then chances are that you have content that dates back years. With time, such content even if they were ranking on top of the search engines, they will start dropping in rankings. This is usually due to the fact that search engines are always changing their algorithms with time. This means that with every change, your old content stands a chance to lose its ranking because it doesn’t meet the recent changes and that is a loss to you in terms of traffic. So, the most important thing to do is to revisit these pages and make some tweaks to ensure that they are compliant with the search engine requirements. The good new is that with several plugins on your site, you can make these tweaks in a matter of minutes and you are set.

This is an approach that many people ignore and forget to use on their sites, yet it could effectively make a huge difference and get you a lot of traffic in the process.

Implement New Media Content

Revitalizing and making your content evergreen is something that you surely would want to do. And with the fact that there are lots of media content that you can create and get tons of traffic by doing that, this is something that every serious internet marketer should do. Among some of the content hat you can always consider include; infographics, videos, slideshows, e-books, power-point presentations and much more. So, how does one go about this approach. All you need to do is convert your written content into one of these and share them on social media and other platforms. Depending on how the content is interesting and informative, it could go a long way as it could easily go viral. And it doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of tools and softwares that will help you create infographics, e-books, videos and any other form of media you can think of. This is an easy approach that doesn’t require you to create any new content but instead help you leverage more traffic within minutes.

Final Word:

Let’s face it. We all know that as time goes, the old content on our websites and blogs are pushed back and in most cases, traffic will stop flowing into them. But there is a way to make that content work for you and get you more traffic again.shared above are just some of the proven strategies to help you achieve that. Implement them and you will surely have more traffic to your site without having to create any new content.

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Social Media Traffic Mistakes That Are Keeping Traffic Away From Your Site

The social media is undoubtedly a very powerful digital marketing strategy that can move your business to the next level. This is not something new and almost every business that operates online has some form of social media presence. The theory behind this strategy is that a big number of online users engage through the social media and if you happen to write great content, they will engage with it and bring a good flow of traffic to your website. While this has worked quite well for a good percentage of businesses, it has become a complete fail for others.

Unlike SEO, PPC and other digital marketing strategies, social media marketing brings you traffic for free. However, this is only possible if you stick to certain rules of the game and avoid mistakes that include the following:

  • Having No Plan

Do you have a social media marketing plan in place? A good plan defines what you intend to achieve with your strategy and how you will go about achieving it. If you want your account to drive traffic then you should stick to that and not mix it with entertainment, public relations, customer service or other purposes. This is very important because it will define the kind of niche to target, the type of content to post and the amount of time to spend.

In other words, you need to be serious with your social media marketing and spend good amount of time and effort. This is because it has a huge potential of generating a good flow of traffic to your site. With 25% of the world’s population being active on social media, you need an actionable plan as bait in order to drive this traffic to your site.

  • Targeting The Wrong Niche

Has anyone tried to talk you into something that you are not interested in? This can be very annoying especially if that person it trying to sell to you something related to it. This is exactly how it will turn out if you insist on targeting just anyone in your social media campaigns. Just like you, social media users have different interests and you should only target those that show interest in you kind of product or service.

If you keep firing in the wrong direction then you should not expect to hit the target. The success of your social media marketing campaign highly depends on whether you are reaching out to the right audience or not. Without this, you should expect a lot of misses and poor results. For instance, if you are selling sporting gear you should target sports enthusiasts and not fashion lovers or farmers because they are certainly not going to be interested in your product.

  • Limiting Yourself To Top Social Media Sites

When you decide to make use of the social media, it doesn’t mean that you only use the top platforms available. Many business owners think that social media is all about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and so they limit themselves to only these ones. The truth is that there are over 100 social media sites globally and these numbers are increasing by the day. The best part of it is that these sites are unique and so they each attract a good number of users. Establishing your presence in small social media sites can work wonders for you given that they are not overcrowded by marketers.

Another thing that you should take into account is the fact that social media demographics are changing. The ones that were on top yesterday are not the same ones today and will not be in the days to come. This is because the users’ preferences change and this is why platforms like WhatsApp, QQ, Qzone and WeChat have come to beat platforms like Twitter and Instagram in terms of the number of users.

Top social media platforms are undoubtedly the real deal when it comes to the number of traffic that they can bring but this does not mean that others should be completely ignored.

  • Lack Of Proper Automation

With social media being an integral part of the society today, it is important for you manage your campaigns very well to ensure that you are achieving your goal. One such way is through automation which enables you to easily keep up with the never- ending social media demands. The problem is that many social media marketers have done it so wrong such that it has ended up jeopardizing their entire social media marketing. This has come through the sending of spam updates and links that do not add value to the users. In the end, they become a nuisance making them to unfollow, unfriend or simply withdraw from your account.

  • Poor Budgeting

Every business marketing strategy that you plan to implement needs to be financed well. While social media marketing success can come freely, you may need to pay for advertisement campaigns in order to get good results. This will require proper budgeting or else the project will become costly and unsustainable in the long run.

For successful social media campaigns, you need to come up with a realistic budget and track the performance of each campaign well. This is to allow you realize the campaigns that are performing well to optimize and scale them for even better results.


A website that is flooded with thousands of visitors will sell and grow your business and this is something that you can achieve with social media marketing. However, this can only come if you employ a strategy that has been proven to work and avoid mistakes that have the ability to reverse any of your potential gains. The above mistakes are common among internet marketers who often complain of getting poor results and you should avoid them in order to make your social media marketing a success.

If you want to improve on your website traffic, it is good to use a web traffic package which can be optimized to accommodate your preferences in terms of niche, geographical locations and many others. This is what our traffic package can do and we have been serving a huge number of internet marketers who have witnessed successful results.

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