Tips on How to Get Cheap Facebook Ads

It is very essential for all online marketers to master how to get cheap facebook ads. You should learn how to trigger more traffic on your facebook page. This will help you to access more potential customers to buy your products.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

You should also master simple basics of testing, tracking and scaling your social media campaigns. Learning how to create and write effective Facebook ads is paramount to your success in online marketing.

Simple Basics You Should Learn to Boost Your Facebook Ads

-You should to learn how to get potential customers to buy your offer.

-How to navigate the viral nature of social media to trigger more traffic.

-When and when not to use Facebook Ads for your offers and why.

-How to create, write and optimize your Ads to maximize conversions.

-How to create highly targeted Facebook custom audiences and user lists.

Golden Tips on How to Get Cheap Facebook Ads

(a) Familiarize yourself with promoted posts:
It is advisable to target fans with promoted posts. This is vital because these posts work perfectly with one audience. Your fans are likely to engage you when they know and trust you. You can ask your funs questions you want them to weigh in on. This is also ideal for sales and conversions.

(b) Attract more fans with the new like ads:

These like ads are essential in helping you to increase the number of your fans. You should present these ads on the right- hand column of your facebook page. This ensures that they are not limited to just news feed.

(c) Avoid long texts on your ad image:

You should apply the 20 percent rule which states that your text overlay should not be more than 20 percent of the entire ad image. This is a very vital aspect to consider to avoid penalties before realizing any positive results.

(d) Focus on hyper-targeted advertising to save on CPC:

This will help you to create a reliable audience to boost the returns you get from your ads. You should therefore focus most of your early marketing effort to establish a strong fan base. A solid fan base assures you of getting better ad conversions.

(e) Substitute your sales with custom audiences:

You should target fans who already lead-like your email list. Custom audiences feature is very important in increasing conversion rates on your ad spends. You just need to upload your email list directly to face your facebook page. This will enable you to select custom audience in the targeting section of the ads dashboard.

(f) Boost your lead generation with facebook offers:

It is very ideal to create offers for your fans and potential fans. This helps you to build your email list. These offers are emailed directly to your fans inbox. You can simply create an offer by using a name and an email to set up a simple landing page for your giveaway. You should then link your offer to the landing page. You should then use your page wall to turn your offer into a promoted post.

(g) Split test your efforts:

This will help you to know the best ads and get the cheapest clicks. It is therefore very essential to split test the variables between your ads.

Other features you may need to split test include the following:

-Regular ad vs. sponsored story.

-Bidding model (CPM vs. CPC)

-Headline of your ad for external URL.

-Photo in your ad.

-Body of your ad.

In conclusion, the above guidelines are very informative on how to get cheap facebook ads. This will definitely help you to attract more fans on your ads. This is paramount to increasing your returns and conversions. Facebook is among the best social medial marketing platforms.

Benefits of Buying Blogging Niche Targeted Traffic

Are you planning to purchase blogging niche targeted traffic? This is an excellent idea because you will get a lot of benefits that will allow you reach your internet marketing goals within a short time. It is a great idea to buy the traffic to your site mostly if your blog has a significant amount of traffic from other methods of attracting traffic on your site.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

It is good to note that your blog may benefits from getting traffic using other means, but to get the amount of traffic you require, it may take time. However, by buying blogging niche targeted traffic, your site traffic will increase instantly. Thus, as you wait for other methods you use to get traffic to establish well, you will be getting a lot of visitors by purchasing traffic that is specifically targeted on your niche. Here are some of the benefits and things you need to know as you buy traffic.

Bot traffic vs. Real traffic


When you make the decision to purchase blogging niche targeted traffic, ensure you are buying real human visitors and not the low cost robot driven traffic. Avoid the less reputable firms that sell the traffic at a very low price because they make use of robot program to load your page repeatedly. You end up getting human visitors that are not real on your blog. Before when you buy the traffic, make sure that the traffic you are buying is viewing several pages within your blog. You can also make comparison of your bounce rates from this traffic to your normal average bounce rate from the visitors you get from other efforts. This will help you ensure that you are getting legitimate traffic with high value on your blog.

Purchasing traffic is affordable

Purchasing blogging niche targeted traffic is a cost effective method of getting traffic as compared to other costly options like SEO and PPC. This is as a result of the high fees charged by highly reputable SEO companies in the modern days. It is a fact that the more traffic you get from your blog, the better the ranking you get in the SERP’s.

When you buy the traffic specific for your blog, you also gain a competitive edge over other blogs in your niche. In addition, due to the fact that you are buying targeted traffic that pertains to your area, your blog will get higher conversion rate rather than other types of visitors coming to your blog.

Best Google Adworsds Strategies For The Best Traffic

Google Adwords is undeniably the best paid traffic source on the entire internet. Many internet marketers swear by it and fortunes have been made using this platform. Equally, there are people who have lost their investment in the platform, simply because their strategies did not go according to plan. Your success with google Adwords and any other paid traffic source all depends on how you execute your strategy and how effective that approach is. Keeping in mind the fact that there are competitors out there who are doing what it takes to steal traffic from you, there is need to have a solid strategy that guarantees you results. In this guide, we will go through some of the best Google Adwords strategies that will get you cost effective traffic yet easy to implement. Here they are;

Bid On Low Competitive Buyer Keywords

when it comes to Google Adwords, bidding is the name of the game. To succeed at it, you need to bid wisely. Overbidding on the price could make your business non-sustainable as it could become expensive, while on the other end, bidding low could mean your competitors have a better hand.

So how do you find low competitive keywords to bid for? Most of the competitors in the market always focus on high volume keywords. While this may be the way to go, low volume keywords are always abandoned, yet there are many of them that can make a huge impact in your internet marketing. You can find many of those low volume keywords and end up with a gargantuan loads of traffic flowing to your site.

Spy and Clone Competitors Strategy

How much do you know about your competitors and your niche? Understanding your playing ground is something that is crucial and necessary to stay afloat in the online marketing arena. There is no better strategy than understanding what your competitor’s formula is and this is something that you cannot ignore. There is also a likelihood that your competitors have scanned the entire niche and spied on every competitor they have. This gives then a good edge in making informed decisions on bidding and what to invest in. But how are they doing it? With tons of softwares and tools in the market, there are lots of ways that one can use to spy on their competitors effectively. Most of these tools are paid, but there is still a handful of them that you can find for free or with affordable pricing. these tools have a lot of features that helps you get a clear picture of how paid advertising is in a particular niche. From bidding to getting the entire budget your competitors use, these tools are ideal for every serious internet marketer. Using these tools will help you to get an edge in bidding and knowing which keywords your competitors are profiting from more.

Avoid Negative Keywords At All Cost

There are a number of words that should never make it to your Google Adwords campaigns. Some of these keywords aren’t worth bidding for since there is no buyer intent. Bidding on them is like throwing money away because they are not looking to invest or buy anything from the product and services that they are seeking. It is also a good approach to avoid these negative keywords from appearing in your campaigns if you are still new to the game. A few examples of these keywords would be “free”, “samples” and “free trial”. Clearly, the audiences looking for the products and services using these keywords have no intention of buying. Unless you have risen to an advanced level where you are offering free trials and samples that you are certain will lead to sales and leads at a later time, these keywords are not worth gambling on. Instead, you need to eliminate them and make them negative keywords so that they can never appear on your bidding campaigns. Most amateur marketers don’t do this, and they end up paying too much for traffic that doesn’t get them any conversions.

Always Keep Track Of Your Performance

increase website trafficAnother important thing that every successful internet marketer is always keen on is to know how they are performing and how their campaigns are doing. It is the only way that you know whether your investment is paying off or not. This is also among the things that sets apart professional internet marketers from newbies who struggle to make a dime. Keeping an account of performance on each and every keyword that you are bidding for is a good way of knowing whether your efforts are paying off or not. and you don’t have to keep track of these keywords manually. There are lots of analytic tools that you will find in the market that you can find for free. Among them is Google Adwords and Prosper 202, which are known to be among the best. They are also beginner friendly and setting up campaign tracking is a piece of cake. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be left behind when it comes to keeping track of your campaign performance and keeping track of your return on investment.

Final Word:

If you want to do paid advertising, then google Adwords should be your first priority. In terms of traffic volume, performance and quality of traffic, nothing else comes close to it. to succeed, you need to have a solid plan and approach that gives your competitors a run for their money. With the strategies above, you are sure to stay afloat and be more competitive in your niche. The strategies aren’t also hard and can be easily implemented.

However, if you find them too hard or too time consuming, you have another option and that is buying from traffic vendors like us. We have been in the industry for a very long time and mastered the art of getting high quality targeted traffic. We can help you get solid results with out niche targeted traffic. Hop in today and set your campaigns to start seeing traffic flowing to your site.

Why Paid Website Traffic Is Better That Free Traffic Sources

Getting web traffic to a website is all what every internet marketer is up to. Regardless of the niche and the kind of online business one is running, the only way that website will be successful is when there are visitors flowing to that website. And the more web traffic to that website the better performance since there will be increase in sales and conversions. There are many web traffic strategies and sources that people can use to drive traffic to their websites but they can be classified mainly to be either paid traffic or free traffic. Paid traffic is when the website owner sought to acquire traffic through paid channels like Google Adwords and Bing Ads. On the other end, free traffic can be achieved through various sources like from Google organic searches and free classified sites.

Although many might tend to debate, there are many reasons why one would like to stick with paid traffic rather than free traffic. Apart from being free, organic traffic and other free sources have their disadvantages that will make you want to only focus on Paid traffic. Below, we discuss the various differences and why paid traffic sources are much better.

Better Control With Paid Traffic As Compared With Free Traffic

Don’t we all love to be in control of whatever we do? I guess we all do. Now if you have been actively doing SEO and getting website traffic to your website through organic searches then you know the many challenges that come a long with it. Although the traffic is free, you are always under the ever changing algorithms which can be changed at any time and could render your website useless anytime because you could be on the other side of the algorithm.

But isn’t paid traffic the same? Paid traffic has no such limits as algorithm changes that can directly affect the advertisements and campaigns. Instead, with paid traffic, you run your campaigns based on your set budget and targeting prospects. There is also no limit to the traffic that you get since it is all dependent on the budget that you have allocated to it. This makes paid traffic much reliable when it comes to traffic as compared to free traffic.

Growth Is Faster With Paid Traffic

With the fact that paid traffic has no limits and you can always do whatever you want as long as you are within your set budget, growth is something that you can expect to happen at the pace you set. If you choose to create a bigger budget, the faster the traffic flows to your website and the more the sales you will get which translates to a faster growth. On the other tip if the scale, the opposite is true with free traffic. When you rely on free organic traffic, you have no control over the amount of traffic that flows to your website. Unless you do more optimizations which could take more time to optimize, your site will grow at a slower pace. If you are therefore looking for a faster way to grow your business online, you should give much consideration to the paid traffic option.

Easy Scalability

As said above, you will have total control of almost everything with paid traffic sources. You can decide to boost your traffic as much as you can and you can also choke the budget and stop the traffic from flowing into your website. Beyond this control, one also has the options to make tests and determine what is good for them and what is not right. You can optimize your campaigns to make sure that they are profitable and that there are no wastage of funds, thanks to many campaign optimization tools that has made this simple in a snap. Split testing is a well-known conversion rate optimization technique which involves testing different ad sets and campaigns to see which one of them works perfect and which one you should stop focusing on. Doing split testing with paid traffic is much easier as compared to free traffic sources since you cannot control the amount of traffic among other things from the free paid sources.

The Paid Traffic Challenges

10 Top Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO, Google Or Social MediaEverything has its challenges and with paid traffic there are those challenges that you should also be prepared for. Apart from demanding hat you have a budget ready, there is the competitor factor. You should be ready to meet with the competitors and grind a long with them regardless. The scary thing is that you could be a newbie and you find yourself in the midst of high end competitors who would easily crash you and get you out of their way. Besides this, you should also have some skills and mastery on how to run paid campaigns. Although it could take some time to master advanced paid traffic optimization, it is a well worth learning process that will eventually pay off.

Final word:

Free traffic and paid traffic have been used since the internet was born and they will continue being used over a lengthy period of time. The question whether you should choose to use paid or free traffic for your traffic acquisition all depends with you and your website needs. Having cleared the air above, it is clear that there are advantages in both and although one has the choice to choose, it is good to understand that paid traffic gives you more control as compared to free traffic sources which you will need to rely more on algorithms.

If you are looking for high quality web traffic for your website, then you may want to check out our paid traffic packages which we have been serving webmasters and internet marketers for many years. We serve traffic from dozens of niches and source them from a variety of sources in our network. This is traffic that you can always count on to bring a change to your website and get you more sales and conversions. Take advantage of our low prices and propel your site to the top today.

Why Every Marketer Needs Paid Traffic

When you decide to venture online and bolster your business, you have to make sure that you are also receiving good amount of traffic that will set your business afloat. But how do you achieve this? The Internet world is full of strategies that are sometimes tricky and could be a brainy task to implement them. Below is how to use paid traffic to your benefit.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

A webmaster has two ways to choose when deciding to acquire traffic to their site. One can choose to either get free traffic or pay for them. If you decide to go the free path, then there are some things that you must master. The other side of traffic generation demands that one put up some investment. Many people have been asking why you would need to pay for traffic when you can get it for free. The answer to that is that free isn’t actually enough. The big question you should be asking yourself is; How do you buy web traffic? And where do you buy high quality ones?

If these questions linger in your mind, it is because you are aware that most of the traffic sold online are just a hype and never get you anywhere. You need to invest in high quality traffic that will result into conversions and sales of your product and services. So how do you make this happen? Before delving deep into the actionable ways to buy legitimate traffic to your website, lets take a little ride and look at the top 3 free ways to get traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, which is popularly dubbed as “SEO” is the optimization of a website to get better visibility in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are lots of things involved in SEO and there is no guarantee that one can land on the top pages. Some of the advantages of using SEO as a means of traffic acquisition is that it is free and laser targeted. The results from SEO are perhaps among the best that you will ever come across in the Internet marketing world. However, getting results is like mastering rocket science. To scoop the top ranking spots, one will have to be well skilled in SEO and follow up on each and every ranking factor involved.

Some of the major things involved in SEO is Keyword research, On page optimization and Off-page optimization. All these approaches requires one to be experienced and be very knowledgeable to achieve results. There are also many other challenges that are involved with SEO and before getting a website to rank. Simply put, if you want to win the SEO game and harness its powerful traffic, you have to master every bit of it and fully implement it on your website.

If you would like to leverage the power of SEO and use the laser targeted traffic to your advantage, then I advise you check out our packages. We have a big network of websites from every niche which have ranked well for a lot of keywords. We can divert the traffic to your website and we guarantee positive results on your end.
Social media traffictree-1148032_640

Much has been said about the media traffic and its suitability for online business. It is one of the easiest traffic to acquire and the best thing with it is that it goes viral. If done well, social media traffic could end up being an autopilot traffic bait that will keep sending a choke-full amount of traffic to your website. some of the top social media sites that one should use to generate a gargantuan amount of traffic includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn. These sites are known to induce a viral nature on a post or anything shared on them.

Although social media traffic is perhaps one of the easiest yet free to get, its downside is that it has a very low conversion rate. Relying on social media alone as a way to propel your business could end up being a huge mess. The reason behind this is that the traffic isn’t targeted to the people who are in need of your products and services. Nevertheless, social media is a good way to build up your brand.
Article marketing and Syndication

Another approach that is long known to deliver good results both in terms of traffic and conversion is content syndication and submission. Here, one is required to write content and then submit to other websites, of course with a link back to your website. After the article attracts traffic, they will be channeled to your website.

This is however a tedious approach that requires a lot of dedication and could take a lot of time. If you would like a surefire and a guarantee way to get over this, then I would advise you check out our crazy offers where we guarantee you positive results from the traffic we deliver. Our traffic are high quality and you can never go wrong by choosing us.

The three approaches above are perhaps the best ways if you are looking to venture into the free traffic arena. Venturing into each of the above techniques has a downside which either demands better understanding or time and resource dedication. Now, what about the paid traffic? Is it worth the investment?

There are various ways and sources to buy website traffic. But you have to make sure that you are acquiring some quality ones which will guarantee you good returns. To get you started in the paid traffic world, I would advise that you look at the following factors before you jump in and buy some traffic.

What to look at for buying traffic

Before you venture or contract a paid traffic vendor to get you traffic, here are some important things that you need to keep in mind.

What’s the guarantee?

A good web traffic provider will provide their buyers with a guarantee. No matter how the deal is sweet from a vendor, you need to get a guarantee and the assurance that the traffic is up to the right standards. This will ensure that you are getting real value and traffic that will convert in the long run.

You will rarely come across such traffic providers as there aren’t plenty of them that offer real value to their clients. Most of the fake traffic vendors in the industry offer a low price for their traffic packages therefore luring many amateur marketers. You should always stick to the fact that if a deal is too good to be true, then it really is. Ensure that the traffic vendor you choose offers you guarantee of high value traffic.
Testimonials and reviews

If you would love to get traffic that you are sure will work for you, then you should ensure that other have used it and they have had good results. To avoid all the hypes and the fake traffic agents who are rising on the web, you have to be extra cautious. There are lots of agencies which sell fake traffic which is generated from robots meant to mimic human behaviors. These traffic wont make any impact on your business as they aren’t real human.

That said, you need to make sure that the website traffic provider has reviews or testimonials of real people who have bought traffic from them. If things get tough and you would like someone to discuss with about your website traffic acquisition, we are ready to help and give you the traffic that you need.
Vendor Credibility in the Industry

If you blindly dive into the paid traffic industry without factoring in the company’s credibility in the industry, you are doomed to fail and your business will go down. You really need to be keen on the fact that there are lots of traffic sellers and careless resellers who do not care about the quality of traffic that they are offering to their clients.

What is the point of wasting your hard earned money investing in crappy traffic providers who never deliver? To know whether a company is credible, you should think of contacting them either on phone or through their email. Ask them questions regarding their experience in the industry and how they run their business. You will be able to gather a lot of information by just contacting the vendor. By doing this, you will be able to filter out bad vendors who in most cases wont respond to their calls or even answer your questions.
Sources of High Quality traffic

Perhaps you would like to know where we get our paid traffic from before you invest in us. Below are some of the paid traffic techniques that we have used to provide traffic to our satisfied clients over the years.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay per click is a paid traffic mode where a client pays for traffic whenever a visitor clicks on an advertising display and lands on their website. This traffic means has grown recently not only because it is an easy way of getting traffic but it is also known to deliver results. If you want to get instant traffic that is of high quality, then PPC could be your first bet.

We have been implementing this kind of traffic for close to a decade and we have always seen our clients businesses rise. If you would like some laser targeted traffic to your website then we will help you achieve a stable flow of high quality traffic to your website the hassle free way. You wont even need to go through the hard trolls of setting up the ad display because we do everything for you.
Media Buying

quick trafficWouldn’t it be good to get traffic from high authority websites from your niche? Media buying is all about leveraging traffic by taking advantage of space leased by other websites. Many businesses have been focusing on media buying where they usually submit their banners to the other sites. However, it may take a little investment to set up a successful campaign. We have you covered with that and you don not have to go through the challenges or pay an extra buck for that. You will also be excited to learn that we have access to a huge network with a variety of niches ranging from health to casino related sites.

If you have always wanted to get a hands off traffic source, then we will unleash limitless amount to your website. It would be more costly to hire directly on your side, but we’ve leased enough and we are giving webmasters all over a chance to increase their website traffic.

Contextual links

Contextual paid traffic is perhaps one of the new web traffic breed that webmasters all over should be focusing on. Bloggers and webmasters all over post links inside within their posts and pages and this generates a lot of traffic for other websites. In a nutshell, this is the traffic that one gets from other websites internal posts. If properly implemented, this traffic has proven to be a good one not only in a long term but also in terms of conversion.

We have also been doing this on a large scale and using some authority sites to drive traffic to our clients’ sites. If you would like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, you can check out our season’s low web traffic packages that suits all niches.

Final word

We hope that this guide has enlightened you on the different approaches on traffic acquisition and why paid traffic is a good way to save time and bolster your online presence. You can forget about the SEO hassles, drop the content syndication approach and focus on ready traffic that we will provide to you. We give you a guarantee seal since we have seen it work for our clients all the time.

We have served thousands of clients ranging from small business start ups to huge corporations. There is no reason why your business model won’t fair well with our high quality traffic. We are second to none and we are concerned about your return on investment. We strive to see that you are satisfied and we know that your business is our success. If you have questions or facing any difficulty and need a traffic acquisition consultant, you are welcome to speak to one of our experts.

4 Ways to Increase your Alexa Rank

Alexa rank has great influence when it comes to business. People tend to have more respect for companies that hold better Alexa ranking. Therefore it is important that you understand the ways that you can increase your Alexa ranking. This article offers some of the tips that will ensure that you increase your Alexa rank.
Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!
Below are some of the ways that you will attain the high ranking.

It is advisable to ensure that you site or blog is always updated. By keeping your site or blog updated at all times, this will ensure that your people are always engaged. It is good to note that Alexa usually rank depending on the traffic you get, meaning that the more traffic you get, the better ranking you will hold. Keep new updates daily for your visitors to read your posts. Within a short time, you will realize that you will get high traffic. Try to maintain an average number of posts you publish every week. In addition, make sure that your posts are informative and relevant.

desk-1456142_640Another way to ensure that get better Alexa ranking is to promote your own work. You must be able to promote your new posts. It is good to note that no one will care about your posts unless you are popular. You can promote your posts by use of social media and other strategies that will make your posts more exposed on the internet. With more exposure, you will gain more traffic that will in the long end boost your Alexa ranking.

Link building

Linking building is a great strategy that can help you improve your Alexa ranking because Alexa counts referral links. By getting high quality links from highly reputable and ranked sites you get a lot of traffic. Your site or blog will also rank higher because of the increased traffic. However, ensure that you only get the backlinks from high reputable sites and follow the link building rules to get the best results.

Gain more traffic

It is also good to note that it is only the traffic that visit from Alexa toolbar installed that determines your ranking. Therefore, you have to add Alexa widget, sign up for Alexa and then make verification of your blog or site. The codes added in your site will count more traffic, leading to increase your Alexa rank.

By following the above tips, you will gain better Alexa ranking that will make you popular and gain more success.

8 Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Web Traffic

In today’s world where the internet have an effect on everyone’s life, webmasters should always look for the best ways to get the best of their internet marketing strategies. Automation is a very crucial element that needs one to be keen and ensure that they are ahead of their competition and getting the best. In this guide, we will go though 8 of the best marketing tools that will help you boost your web traffic.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Knowing your site speed is something that is very important. You may be asking yourself why this even matters with regards to traffic. The reality is that search engines like Google and Bing are always looking for quality sites that will load fast to their searchers. Slow loading sites have no chance because they do not offer the bets user experience. As such, using Pingdom website speed test which is a free tool that tests the speed of the sites and rates them is very crucial. There are other speed test tools but Pingdom stands out.


How do yuo know what to blog about r write the next post about? You need a solid strategy to ensure that your readership is evergreen and that you are getting the best out of your content. This can however only happen if you are crafting and providing your audience with the best and the latest trending content. This is where Buzzsumo comes in. This amazing tool analyzes the social media pointing out the latest trends based on keywords. Having the tool will help you get good suggestions on the best content to create for high amount of traffic.


Competition is inevitable and will always be there, even in the internet making world. With search engines being the bets traffic source out there, you need a marketing tool that will help you revolutionize your marketing from the bottom to top. Spyfoo is a good marketing tool that will help you identify low competition keywords and those that are highly profitable so that you can easily rank high in the seach engines and get more traffic.


Semush is yet another marketing tool that is used by thousands of internet marketers to get an edge in the search engine optimization arena. It boasts having one of the largest analytic database on the search engines content which is crucial for every serious internet marketer out there.

If you are serious about getting ahead of your competitors in the search engines, then this is an amazing tool that will get you good results in the end.

If you have been running a blog o a website for sometime now then it is obvious to you by now that you can end up having a very long post or page url which frankly speaking is ugly and difficult to deal with in some instances. But what if there is a way to shorten that url have a shorter version of it. is the tool that you need to use. does more than just shortening your url and also provides analysis on the number of clicks the link has been clicked. This is best especially if you do not have a tracking software or script on your website.


Subreddit might not be a tool like the others but more of a categorized discussion group. It is however very different from any other discussion groups out there and the reason why we have exclusively added it along with the best marketing tools is because the traffic that subreddits can generate are tremendous yet all you have to do is very little.

Every time, you make a post and add it on a relevant subreddit, you stand to get tons of traffic to your site. Just be sure to make the post outstanding and informative so as to attract more attention and send more traffic to your site.

Google Analytics

How much do you keep track of your website performance? Knowing how your website is faring will help you strategize and come up with solutions to a number of marketing challenges. google analytics is one of the best traffic analysis tools that you can find in the industry.

You can also use Google analytics in an advanced level to track other web activities such as conversions, click through rates and sales conversions by using scripts. Such a tool is crucial to someone who is serious about the future of their online business.

Aweber Email Marketing Tool

As the old internet marketing saying goes “money is in the list” and this means that with a well set up email marketing system, you will easily be able to make a lot of money in the process. You will however need a tool to help you achieve this. Tasks such as sending email campaigns to hundreds of people in one click and setting custom campaigns isn’t something that can be done manually. Aweber is the tool that can help you get that done in a flash. It is regarded as one of the best email marketing tools and you can count on it to give you the bets email marketing results in terms of reaching more users, attracting more and making your sales.

Final Word:

Automation is something that is becoming more popular in today’s internet marketing world and we all need it to get the best out of the marketing strategies that we implement. With the above marketing tools, you can easily get to up your internet marketing game and be able to boost your site traffic and sales much easily. The good thing is that these tools are beginner friendly and most  of them do not require any purchase for you to get started.

If you are looking for a way to get high quality web traffic to your website, then be sure to jump into our sales page and check out the latest deals that we have. You are sure to get high quality web traffic from our network. That is regardless of your location and niche.

How To Get Traffic From Slideshare

Most people do not take advantage of slideshares to generate traffic. Slideshares are similar to videos and people love information that has been nicely compiled and has a good flow. Like videos, slideshares give users an effortless content access and you can download hem for later reading and usage. Knowing that people love this kind of content should give you a clear idea as a marketer that there are opportunities that are waiting to be exploited. You can however reap the best out of it if you use the right approach. 

In this guide, we will go through some of the things that will help you get more traffic and use Slideshare to the full potential. But before delving onto the actual strategy, here is an overview and a little understanding about Slideshare as a platform;

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a website and sharing platform that has been online for more than a decade. It ranks among the world’s top visited sites, and that should give you an idea of how many people visit the site every single day. It is estimated that 80% of the website visitors to Slideshare come from search engines, which means that they are highly targeted and can generate you tons of highly qualified leads that can change your online business for the better. We all know by now that organic traffic is the real deal and what you would want to have to get sales coming through. 

Surprising enough, using this platform is free and doesn’t cost a dime to subscribe and post. Of course, unless you are looking for more premium features such as those that gives you more exposure on the platform. If you know what you are doing on Slideshare, you do not need to pay, and will still generate tons of high quality traffic. 

Slideshare has earned praises among thousands of bloggers across who are using it to boost traffic. One more thing that yo will love with Slideshare is that you will get a very powerful link back to your website. And if you understand the essence of having a good linking profile, then you have more reason to try out Slideshare. What do you have to lose from trying using the platform anyway?

The Traffic Potential With Slideshare


The potential and things you can do with Slideshare are limitless and you can confidently add it to one of your traffic generation streams. 

You are probably asking yourself if your niche is supported or if your type of site will generate good traffic from Slideshare. If you do your homework and peruse the web for case studies and success stories, then you will realize that people are getting results from all niches and different types of sites. Regardless of whether it is an E-commerce site or a blog, Slideshare is a great addition to your traffic generation streams. 

So what is the amount of traffic that you can get from Slideshare? Nobody can measure traffic estimates to a certain website, not even from Google which is the largest source of traffic to most online sites. Your success is all as a result of hard work and dedication to a certain strategy. However, many bloggers and users on the platform who have started from scratch without prior knowledge have reported thousands of traffic surging to their website within the first 6 months. If that doesn’t inspire or motivate you onto the Slideshare traffic wagon, then nothing else will.

Be Consistent In Posting

Go to any experience webmaster and they will tell you that the secret to succeeding on any platform online is to be consistent in how you share your work. Fail in doing that and you are in trouble. Slideshare is like social media sites where people come to get information quickly and when they find good value in what you have to offer, then they will want more from you. So, what do you expect if you cannot post them content? Of course you will be losing traffic, and also losing the chance to grow. There are many bloggers who have attested seeing great results by dedicating more time to Slideshare as a source of traffic. 

imagine yourself in a position where you have found really helpful content on Slideshare. Of course you will follow that person to get more from them. Even better you will share that content with your followers on Social media. But what if they do not post again for the next 6 months? Of course you will be frustrated with that. And everyone else will not love that. Slideshare is a platform that can yield good results if well nurtured. You need to take the strategy seriously if you want to get good results from it. 

Learning from the above, you will not love to go through the same. So, posting consistently will give you a lot of benefits and there is no limits to how much you can grow with this platform. 

Share Top Quality Content

Just like with any other platform, the information you share will determine your success online. If you are thinking that since Slideshare offers all the opportunities and you can just pull some content and create a random slideshare to post, then you are mistaken. Quality is always King and will always be. If you want to get high quality traffic from Slideshare, then you have to do it the right way, and that is by sharing the best quality content that you can get. 

Although it is a struggle starting and especially when you do not have enough following, it grows with time. And one of the key factors to superior growth on this platform is to have the best content. Take your time creating slides that are both attractive and informative and be more precise about them. 

You also need to understand the art of summarizing things because not everyone has the whole day to read through dozens of slides. Usually having about a dozen is enough and you should be able to squeeze in all your thoughts and information onto those slides. That said, you need to dig deep and share content that will add value to the users.

Share Rare & Useful Content 

If there is one thing that many people love, it is great content. People always want to learn something new, and with Slideshare, you can easily get tons of it. However, one way you can even entice them to follow you or head to your website is by sharing rare pieces of content. Getting something like that is priceless and knowing that they cannot find it anywhere else makes it even better. 

So what are some of the priceless masterpieces you can share? A few examples are case studies, market research analysis and similar content. such content can get a lot of shares from both amateur and experts and could lead to a viral effect which in turn gives you a lot of traffic to your website as well as increase in your followers. 

Squeeze Blog Posts To Slideshare Outlines

blog traffic

There is a new trick and trend among many bloggers, and they are reaping big from it. Many people are turning their blog posts into slideshare outlines, a very easy and efficient approach that has given many people tons of traffic. If you are lazy or don’t have a lot of time to research and find new topics to share, then there is a way to quench your audience’s thirst by giving them great content. Although there are a number of content softwares that you can use, it doesn’t take a lot of time to summarize a post. Probably 20 minutes and you are done with it. 

Quality content never gets old, and as such, you can decide to start sharing your old blog content. Focus on the most popular ones for better results. This strategy will ensure that you are consistent with your posting even when you are too busy too create new content. 

Use It To Built Your Email List

Email marketing remains one of the best internet marketing strategies, and if you have the right approach to it, then you can see amazing results. One of the challenges of email marketing is building a good email list that you can market to. and with the use of Slideshare, than can change for the better. Slideshare offers tons of options and you can use the high quality traffic from this platform to send them to your landing page where you can capture leads. 

Again, the quality of the content comes to play here. If people see quality content on your Slideshare, they will be compelled to sign up to your email list. 

Final Verdict

Slideshare has shown great results and proven to be invaluable in many ways. And if you have the right approach to using it, you stand to get tons of high quality web traffic. With the strategies and approaches shared above, you will get good results from it. Above all, signing up and sharing content is free. So why not use it for your benefit? whether you are a beginner or an internet marketing professional looking to get more web traffic to your website, this is a strategy that you can always employ. 

If all proves to be difficult, or perhaps don’t have time to follow through with Slideshare, then why not consider getting a don-for-you traffic from us? We have been selling high quality web traffic for many years and we are certain that you will love the quality you get from us. We source the traffic from different high quality sources. Besides that, they are dirt cheap and you will be amazed with the results.

7 Simple Online Hacks To Improve the Visibility Of A New Website

Most newbie marketers always feel that getting traffic is a hassle and many give up along the way.  While growing a new site demands a lot of dedication and some marketing mastery, there are some simple proven ways that beginners can use to propel their website and get thousands of website traffic within a very short period of time.  In this write-up, we will cover some of these methods which have been tested over and over, and you can use them to get your website more visibility.

So, do you want to get 100,000 website visitors within three months of launching? Read on and be sure to put the strategies below into action for some high quality web traffic to your site.

Do Internal Page Linking

Naturally, a website that is informative tends to have related information or at least some reference within the website itself. On that account, building a website with a good internal linking structure not only makes it an authority website but a surefire way to harness traffic. Search engines like Google love internally linked websites and see them as informative hubs therefore giving them more credit in their web rankings.

Optimize for the Social Media

Most people have always put too much effort into optimizing a website for the search engines, forgetting that the social media is among the most visited sites across the globe.

Among some of the advantages that one may want to dive into social media is that you can start your marketing with a little budget or even do it for free. To get the best out of your social media strategy, you should focus on using numerous social media sites. The more sites you are active in, the more visibility you get.

Ensure Your Site is Responsive

Back then, one could easily make a website by stacking up basic-coded pages and publishing them. In today’s world where everybody has a gadget of their own which they use to access the internet, it demands that one have a responsive website. Creating a responsive website ensures that one doesn’t lose any amount of traffic because their website couldn’t be rendered. This means that you can easily host any audience on your site regardless of whether they are using their phones, laptops or any other device to surf the internet.

Keep Track Of Your Traffic Data

Do you mind take time to know how your website fairs online? If you are serious about marketing then you should. Keeping track of your website performance campaigns helps you to determine which strategy works perfect for you and which one you should stop wasting time on. Among some of the best tools that you can get started with includes Google analytics, Google Webmaster and Clicky.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Email marketing has been one of the best marketing strategies that have been used since the birth of the web. The reason for its perennial use is simply because it works. And if email marketing is still something strange to your ears, it’s just a marketing strategy like any other. It is simple to learn but could take some time to get to an advanced level. The returns are however incredible if done well. The first rule with email marketing is to know how to capture leads. This process is usually a time consuming and the most important since it is where you get your customers and clients. Once that is set, the next steps of making an email list and sending out newsletters becomes a walk in the park.

Before getting started with email marketing, it is advisable that you do your homework and research to know the tips and tricks of email marketing.

Submit Your Site To Top Aggregators

hand-895592_640Many internet marketers would argue that the era of using aggregator sites for web traffic is long gone. However, with the fact that these sites have loads of people visiting on a daily basis, there is big traffic potential. To get the best with aggregator sites, you have to make sure that your website is high quality and that you also focus on submitting to authority aggregator sites that receive lots of traffic. A good example of an aggregator site that has lots of traffic is

Think Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most debated online marketing techniques, but many of the marketers which have used it know that it can skyrocket a new site to a buzz in no time. Guest blogging is the process of writing blog posts on other websites and blogs that are related to yours. This is done with the aim of getting your website more visibility and to send in high quality traffic. There are lots of websites that are ready to accept guest posts from other bloggers, so it’s an opportunity waiting to be exploited. To get you the best results, you have to make sure that you are working on websites that are in the same niche as you are and that you are writing informative blog posts that will attract the readers to want to know more from your website.

Final Word

Coming up with a checklist of marketing approaches to use might be a pain for a newbie marketer. Traffic acquisition and website visibility however doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack. If you are willing to take action, expect some high quality traffic and better visibility of your new website with the use of the marketing tactics above.

We also have a surefire, quick launch option for those who want to get instant traffic and start making sales. Through our network of sites where we channel traffic from all web niches, you can get started and start making sales as soon as today. We get traffic from contextual links placed on high authority sites. We serve traffic to many high authority websites, helping them make sales and close more deals with clients.

If you are ready for some serious traffic boost to your website, then why not check out some of our traffic packages while the offer is still on.

Major Benefits of Buying Contextual Targeted Traffic

The rapid development of internet technology experienced in the modern days has led to many changes. What worked easily in the past require a lot of efforts and hard work to work in the modern days. If you want your site to get a lot of contextual targeted traffic and have the information read by many people you have to use the right strategies to attain this.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

It is good to note that your site may be well designed, but this cannot be a guarantee that you will get the traffic you require. It is good to know the words that are easily recognized by the major search engines to allow your site be ranked higher. Having the required SEO is important for good dimension to your website on the internet, but at times this is not enough. Buying contextual targeted traffic is crucial at times if you want to continue enjoy a competitive edge over your competitors. You will be able to attain the required amount of traffic within a short time, thus you attain your internet marketing goals fast.

Contextual Targeted TrafficWhen you buy contextual targeted you will have a high number of visitors on your website. This means that you will be able to gain more earnings. Buying contextual targeted traffic is a perfect solution for you because you get real visitors who will likely like your products and become your permanent customers. In addition, you get visitors who are willing to share information with their followers in the social media platforms leading to more business customers.

Buying contextual targeted traffic makes your business more visible and transparent. A site without traffic cannot bring any profit to your business and so making the decision to buy the traffic will make your site more useful and alive. It is only through careful planning and investing that you will be able to buy valuable traffic that will help your page appear on the first page of the different search engines.

In order to get the valuable contextual targeted traffic on your website you need to work with specialized companies that have a good reputation in offering such traffic. If you are new in the market you can seek for recommendation from other web owners on the best companies that sell the contextual traffic. You can also search online to get reviews given on the different providers in order to make an informed choice when buying the traffic.

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