Useful Ways on How to Get More Visitors to Your Website

A large number of visitors in a website will guarantee its success. This is because visitors that visit a website will leave comments, share your content to other visitors through social media, link back to you from other sites, buy your products and refer your site to their friends. In this guide we will cover how to get more visitors to a website.

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Having visitors to your website makes a great positive difference, but how do you get these visitors to come to your website in the first place?

Outlined below are useful ways on how to get more visitors to your website.

Establish Your Brand As The Authority

Visitors will come directly to your website when you establish your site or blog as an industry authority. You can do this by taking time and effort to create quality content and a professional looking image for your website. Let your content be useful to your visitors and it can only be so if it is valuable. Take time and spend money in branding your website by having a professional-looking logo and a good professional design for your website. A great looking site will no doubt have a great impact on your website and will appeal to many visitors and even get them to repeatedly come back once they visit.
Offer Quality User Experience

A website that provides a good user experience to its visitors will always have a lot of traffic. Ensure that your website loads quickly and your content is easy to access and read. Avoid cluttering your site with ads or bombarding your visitors with intrusive pop-ups. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate and if it is an interactive website, let it be user-friendly. Let your visitors feel satisfied by providing exactly what they are looking for. When your visitors have a great experience on your website they will always come back.

Use Social Media Platforms

Take advantage of the social media platforms and promote your site through them. Post links leading to your website on your business’s social media pages. Have social media buttons on your website to lead any visitors to all your social media profiles. Encourage all your social media followers to visit your website by posting content and sharing links to your website with them. If you have a great number of followers on your social media pages, let every single one of them know that your website exists and how it would benefit them.

Link To Other Authority Sites

Link your website to other authority sites who already receive high traffic. If you link to them and have quality content and good branding, high chances are that they will link back to you. This will allow the large number of visitors who visit those authority sites to visit yours too. Your search engine rankings will of course increase and that will attract even more visitors to your website.

With the above ways you will definitely get more visitors and maintain high traffic on your website for a long time.

How To Increase Your Traffic With Little Marketing

As internet marketers, all we ever want is to make sure that we are getting the best out of our strategies. Getting more traffic is always the goal and most webmasters will do all they know and spend countless hours trying to get visors to their site. Sometimes getting the web traffic becomes tricky especially for newbies who have little experience with marketing. Many beginners fail in the online marketing world due to this. In this guide, we will go through some for the easy traffic methods that can be implemented by anyone including newbies. Here they are;

Leverage long tail Keywords For SEO

SEO is probably one of the bets internet marketing strategies in today’s world. Search engines like Google and Bing have become the most commonly used sites to find stuffs online. This has made them to be the backbone of the internet and without them, finding anything on the internet would be hard. From an internet marketer’s perspective, having your site appear on top of these sites is one of the bets things that will ever happen to your site on the web. Why? Because when your site is on top, you will get more visitors which translates to more leads and sales. But SEO is one of the hardest techniques with lots of competitors to face off with.

The best way to survive this, regardless on the age of your site and the experience you have on the internet marketing world, long tail keywords is the best way to go. You need to find long tail keywords that have less competition and try to rank them on the search engines. Compared to seed keywords, you are very likely to succeed with this method. Although long tail keywords sometimes have less searches, you can come by very easy keywords which you can rank effortlessly. Long tail keywords is an easy way for newbies to break through and easily get more traffic without spending much time and money.

Tweak Your Site For Better Performance And Visibility

Among the most forgotten thing by most marketers is to optimize their site for both performance and visibility. This is among the crucial things to succeeding online simply because your site means everything both to our visitors and the search engine crawlers. So what do you tweak on your website? Among the thing should be checked on every website is the site speed. You have to make sure that the speed of your website is spot on and will not lag loading when visitors are browsing it. To do this, you need to make sure that your hosting is good and provides enough resources for your site to load fast. To speed up your site, you should also consider using various caching techniques to compress the pages and load them on-demand. This will ensure that you are using less time to load pages and that the experience of the site visitors will be good. Search engines also give credit and higher consideration to faster loading sites.

The next tweak you don’t want to miss on is the search engine on page. Your site needs to be optimized well in order to beat your competitors on search engines. Things like titles, keyword density and content length needs to be put into consideration. Making these tweaks on your site can boost your site’s visibility and rankings on Google without any other marketing effort, you will see a rise in your web traffic.

Create Viral Content

promote a websiteContent alone can change the traffic flow of your website and it doesn’t matter whether it is a new site or whether the site has been around for a long time. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “content is king” and has been sung in the online world more than anywhere else. Without good content, you will fail online because nobody is willing to read poor content that does not give them the information they were looking for. However, besides creating content that people are looking for, it is also important to make sure that they will enjoy reading through it and will be enticed to share the content. This is where viral content comes in. You need to craft content that will get more shares and create a ripple effect that gets you more traffic without the need to push it.

Content with humor has been proven to be effective in creating the viral visibility. This means that you need to not create flat content and focus on more than just informing but also making the articles interesting. You could also adopt other content types such as media and the use of info-graphics which have also shown good results in getting more traffic especially from social media suites like Facebook and Twitter. Focusing on creating the viral content can get you traffic since the content keeps getting shared. And the better the content is the more traffic you stand to get.

Final Word:

Getting traffic to a website will always remain as the most important goal for very webmaster. It is the only way that one would say they are successful online and without the traffic, there are no sales and leads and literally no business. Newbies fail most of the time because they cannot find the right traffic strategy to use on their site. With the above techniques, one can easily generate more traffic to their website without much hassles. They are straightforward strategies that are easy to implement and get started with.

If you are however finding it hard to implement them or find it to be time consuming, then there is one other solution for you. And it is to buy traffic. Although you might find it to be another big huddle, we have created one of the best way to serve clients including newbies. Our high quality traffic is sourced from a huge network of sites across multiple niches making it easy for anyone to get started and get tons of traffic to their site. Be sure to check out our sales page for some affordable high quality traffic.

How to Make Money Affiliate vs Google AdSense

The internet has become a global business point for millions of businesses since the introduction of affiliate and AdSense programs. We have seen website owners who started their websites with nothing making so much money within a short time. Here is how to make money online with the two;

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Are you wondering how a pauper struggling on the internet turns out to be a wealthy person? This does not happen overnight, it takes time and patience, not forgetting that there are rules to obey on How to make money affililiate vs adsense. It has been discovered that Google AdSense has become the best in the advertising network that pays through its ‘pay-per-click model’. Aside Google AdSense, there are hundreds of other AdSense programs that you can make use of in earning cash online.

However, owners of website have to adhere to the program policies that have been set for this type of business online. A mistake can cause you to lose your AdSense application which is why it is important that you read the Google Webmaster Guidelines. When a website sells text links or hosts copyrighted contents and doing the clicking, this may cause the end of the affiliate or AdSense program.

arrow-1538699_640How to make money affiliate vs adsense is simple and can be done by anyone. Though, the two programs have their advantages and disadvantages. When you apply for an affiliate program, you earn money as sells are made under your website. You can add an affiliate links or ads to your Ad spaces if you would want to participate but it requires that you should place them in such a way that your viewers can be able to click without tricking them to do so.

There is information online that would give you details of various AdSense and affiliate programs that you can use on your website in making money. There are so many websites that would be able to monetize your contents in different ways with or without AdSense. These can be in the form of affiliate networks, banner ad networks, alternate pay-per-click, sponsored posts, in- text ads, paid guest posts and in-image ads. It depends on you to choose the best way on how to make money affiliate vs adsense.

A lot of websites are enjoying the benefits that come with these programs. The only thing that is expected of you is to provide unique contents that would attract people to your website and avoiding some contents that may make you lose your application to any of the program

Affiliate Marketing Getting Website Traffic For Free

share-price-1013627_640An Affiliate is an individual who markets other people’s products on the internet for a commission on the individual sale.
Thousands of people do this because they can start making money almost immediately without the expense and time needed to produce a product themselves. Having a website is not necessary and there is no interaction with your potential customers beyond getting them to the sales page with free website traffic.

Getting involved in affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to make a lot of money on the Internet, but one should not go into it blindly. As an affiliate you must invest some time in research, this is absolutely necessary. Know what products you want to promote, how much you will make on each sale and the return rate of the product. If possible it’s a good idea to buy or request a sample so you know the product inside and out.

As a first time affiliate it’s a good idea to start with reasonably priced products making at least 50% commission. The most critical part of affiliate marketing is for free website traffic of course marketing. The issue of traffic is one of the most central and fundamental issues in making any money online. You can separate your marketing campaign into two distinct groups, paid and non-paid. Free marketing can be quite effective if you know how it’s done. Here is a list of the most popular methods for getting traffic for free.

Article marketing – A great way to increase your ranking with search engines and direct targeted traffic to your sites. You should write about what you know. If you do not have more information on your topic than does the average reader you should probably choose another topic. Write your article in a conversational tone so that it’s easy to read. Don’t make your article too long, remember it’s an article you’re writing not a book. A length of 450-750 words should be ideal. Your article should be informative and about your website topic. If its just useless information your readers will expect the same from your website.

Blogging – Writing a blog is also a good way to drive traffic to your site and increase your search engine rankings. Blogs were originally used as online diaries but have recently taken on a business dimension. Your blog should be focused on your particular niche. You should have several blogs with different providers and include your links in your blogs and profile. This is a good technique for increasing traffic and search engine rankings.

Forums – Participating in fofree website trafficrum discussions is another great way to meet people and get your URL out there on every post you make. You should join forums related to the niche you are targeting or the product you are selling. When you sign up for a forum you have the option of adding a “signature”. This signature will show up at the bottom of every post you make in the forum and should be used to promote your website links and products. Whenever you make posts you will then be creating links back to your site, while attracting the attention of the forum readers.

Social Bookmarking – This is a valuable and reliable way to get traffic and backlinks to your site. There are many social bookmarking sites such as Furl and These sites allow you to share your bookmarks along with a description with the public hence the term social bookmarking. The main purpose is to put your links in front of people who would hopefully also bookmark your site giving you more backlinks.

Facebook – Facebook is one of the largest online communities with over 1.5 billion members. It is a great place for networking with other people who hold the same interests and marketing. Another great benefit of Facebook is that it has dozens of different forums and groups related to specific niches. Be sparing with your use of music bites, videos and other media clips, you should create an attractive profile that is easy to load. Forget the animation and other bells and whistles, make it easy to navigate your profile and organize your information logically. Color schemes are important, use colors that enhance the look of your text and images not draw attention away from them. You should also use a recent photo as you are now. For help on designing a Facebook page profile consult the tutorials on the site.

How to Increase Your Internet Sales by Purchasing Chinese Website Traffic

The internet has made the world into a global community and for many online shopping has opened up a whole new world of options. For many people it allows them instant access to a variety of goods that they might not normally access too. Thanks to the internet, you can go online in China and make purchases from a vendor in the United States without any issues. This gives customers from all over the world more options than ever before. Below, we cover Chinese traffic- How to get the best and why you need it.

Online shopping is convenient for the shopper and it can be very profitable for the vendor. By selling your product online, you are making it available for consumers all over the world. However, to maximize your selling potential you want to make sure that your store is available to as many consumers as possible.

The Advantages to Selling to the Chinese Market 

First you should decide which markets you want to concentrate on. The Chinese market is a great market for the online retailer. A large and constantly evolving economic market, Chinese consumers are eager for the best of everything and they are willing to go online to find what they need. Online shopping allows Chinese consumers access to the U.S markets and a new selection of merchandise which they avidly consume. However, to take advantage of the eager Chinese market, you have to make sure that they are able to locate your website.

Why You Want to Increase Your Traffic

The best way to make your website available to foreign markets is too increase the amount of web traffic. Websites and online stores that get lots of traffic come up first on search engines and are easier for the consumer to find. It’s not enough to get lots of web traffic in your home country though, you need to make sure that you get lots of web traffic from the market you are hoping to sell to, in this case the Chinese market, to make sure it shows up high in search engines in that country.

You could attempt to increase web traffic yourself by working to improve your SEO, maintaining a blog and increasing advertising. However these tactics are time consuming or expensive, sometimes both. The time you spend trying to increase your traffic yourself can be better used making sure that your website and product are the best that they can be. As for the cost, for the same amount you would spend on ad-revenue you can purchase Chinese targeted web traffic, which has a much more guaranteed result.

Purchasing Chinese Traffic

You may be curious as to how purchasing Chinese targeted traffic works. To do so, you contact a reputable traffic provider and specify how many visitors to your site you want to purchase. This number can be anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 visitors, however many visitors you need, you will be able to purchase them. These purchased visitors then increase the amount of visible

traffic your website has received, which raises the profile of your website. The more traffic your website has, the easier it is for the average consumer to find it. This is particularly critical in a foreign market like China.

If you decide that buying targeted Chinese is what you want to do, make sure to choose your traffic provider carefully. When buying targeted Chinese traffic you want to make sure you choose a provider who uses real people to increase your traffic and not proxies or bots. You want to make sure you are getting actual human beings as traffic because despite being paid visitors they could turn into a legitimate customer. Also, use of bots or proxies could actually hurt your ranking with the prominent search engines.

Long Term Benefits to Increased Website Traffic 

Choosing to purchase targeted Chinese traffic is a great and easy way of boosting the reach of your website. While there are costs to consider, the costs of purchasing the traffic should pay for themselves in after a short period of time through increased sales. Buying targeted Chinese traffic allows your website to be seen by more people and opens you up to a whole new market, which will in turn increase your sales and profits.

The internet age has changes the global market. Consumers are no longer limited to what they can by locally, instead they have countless options from all over the globe. As a vendor, it makes sense to capitalize on this change and to take advantage of the international market, particularly the ever-expanding Chinese market. To do that you have to make sure that your website is visible to consumers in China and the best way to guarantee that is to purchase targeted Chinese website traffic. The initial cost is a small price to pay for increased business.

3 Ways on How to Get Traffic on Hub Pages

If you have been struggling to get traffic from hub pages, you do not have to struggle anymore. Here are some of the best strategies on how we get traffic from hub pages.

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Keep your content fresh

It is good to note that all search engines try to look for the most relevant content. One of the clues that help them determine how relevant the information is, is the freshness of the information provided. The freshness of the content is determined by how often the content is updated. Thus, it is important to keep the hub up to date especially is the hub is based on data that changes with time. By doing this, you will also be able to attract more traffic because people get attracted and stay on page that provide fresh data or updated information.

In addition, it is important to ensure that your content is well structured, with clear and concise informative title, helpful summary and use of sidebars where relevant.

Get high quality backlinks

increase website visibilityBacklinks or the links from other pages are very crucial when it comes to the ranking your hub page gets on the search engines. If you get backlinks from high reputable and ranked sites, your hub page will attain better ranking. Note that getting links from spammy sites will not only affect your ranking negatively, but also may leads to penalties from Google that may end up being costly on your site performance even in other search engines.

It is also good to note that getting backlinks does not involve getting them by yourself. If people are interested or like the content you offer, they will link to you. This is a great way to get backlinks without having to pay for them. You should also avoid those links that are marked no-follow in the underlying code because Google does not recognize such links.

Make use of the keywords in the right way

When search engines are looking where to list hub pages for a certain search, they look at how the search words occur in the page. In addition, they look at how often the search words appear, in what context and the general ranking of the page. Thus, you should write in a way that the search engine will recognize your content as relevant to the search. This will ensure that your hub page will occur high up in the listing for that particular search, leading to more traffic.

Unusual Traffic Sources That You Are Probably Not Using

The website traffic acquisition game is one that every internet marketer is always on toes looking forward to something new. This is because without traffic your online business is dead and won’t make you any dime. Although there are dozens of web traffic strategies that one can implement on their website, sometimes it gets trickier and hard to get that traffic.

In this article, we will cover some of the unusual web traffic approaches that aren’t known by many internet marketers yet they are powerful and can be a goldmine. Here we go;

Blog Communities

Are you building a good relationship with your fellow bloggers? Do you have a little chat with the influencers in your niche? If you haven’t been doing any of these then you have been sabotaging the growth of your website. Building a relationship is one of the most important rules of winning the internet marketing game. Sometimes you have to see your competitors from a different angle and in this case, you should be building relationships with them.

The best place to do this is through blog communities which aim to bring people from different niches together. You should focus more on building relationship with people who are industry leaders who will easily help your blog to grow. These blog communities are all over and you can easily join them.

Push Notifications

Yet another approach that you should consider is push notifications. Not many people use push notifications yet they are one of the most effective ways of getting back visitors to your website.

Push notifications includes the use of a script that is inserted to your website and whenever a person visits your site, they are asked if they would subscribe. With only one click, their preferences are saved on their browser and whenever there is something new on your site, they get the browser notification.

The fact that it involves a painless push-button process makes it even more preferred than email subscription. Many internet marketers who have used push notifications can swear by it.

It is now a proven fact that the first visitors to your site do not convert to customers on their first visit. As such, you should be doing retargeting efforts and using push notifications is one of the most effective ways to do so. Implementing push notifications on you website is an easy process which involves pasting a code or simply installing a plugin and all is set.

Paid Content Promotion

Do you pay for your content to be promoted to other sites? Most of us never do that and believe that after posting the content, somehow the readers will find their way to read it. While this holds some truth in it, this could only be limited to people who follow you on social media or as subscribers. What most of us forget is that there are a whole 99% of people who might need to see your content but they are not able to do so. As such, you need to give your content the much needed kick to reach more audiences. Doing content promotion can be done through a number of ways. There are many sites out there that one can buy advertisements to get their content read by more people. Among the best of them includes social media advertising which is loved by many marketers. The advantage that comes along with social media advertising is the fact that the post shared has the potential to go viral and get lots of visitors. The targeting feature is also helps to target those that have interests specifically in your niche.

Post Roundups

Ever heard of post roundups or link roundups? These kind of links and posts are based around building relationship and sharing with other bloggers in your niche. Basically, what one does is to create a list or collection of posts that are based on certain topics. To better explain the concept followed, consider a blog owner who has created a post about “how SEO works” and then there is another one who has created “The best tips on SEO”. Now assuming that there are a lot more posts that are similar to these you will go around handpicking the very best of them and then create one single post that hosts them all. What you will be doing is creating a big resource that people can come and check out and refer to. According to bloggers and internet marketers who have been doing this kind of marketing approach, they have not only increased the amount of traffic to their website but they have also reported getting tons of backlinks from other websites.

Post roundups is therefore not just a traffic acquisition approach but also one that will help you climb up the ladder and build an authority site. The best thing about it is that you do not need a lot of skills to master anything and anybody regardless of their experience can launch it.

Final Word:

Are you tired of SEO, email marketing and every other web traffic strategy that makes you sweat it out before getting conversions? Worry no more. With the above strategies which are newbie friendly, you can launch your traffic strategies easily and start getting results. They are some of the very rare strategies that few people know about.

If you would like to hop in to our website traffic wagon and start getting solid results from your traffic, then you are welcome to do so with our traffic packages. We have been serving tons of clients ranging from big companies to beginners who are just getting started with web marketing and the results have been amazing. And you don’t have to take our word for it, it is all visible through the testimonials that they leave us. Now, if you are serious about taking your website to the next level, then check out our affordable web traffic packages.  For any questions or if you are still confused about buying traffic, then we can give you some advice.

Types Of Content That Will Help You Get more Web Traffic

Content is the backbone of every successful website and the better you create content, the better you are in terms of getting traffic to your website. There are tons of content types and each have different impact on your marketing. However, knowing which content to create and which one to ignore is one of the things that differentiate successful marketers from those that won’t make a thing out of their efforts. In this guide, we will go through 10 of the best content types that you need to use to bait more traffic to your website.

Using Infographics

Inforgraphics isn’t so old as compared to many other content types but it has a big impact making it one of the best traffic strategies that one can implement. Many people are using them for branding and mostly on social media to share information. But why are infographics so successful?  People need information that is both comprehensive and easy to understand and infographics offers just that. You can share a ton of information in just one image and the fact that people love it, it can go viral sending even more traffic to your website. Although they can be expensive to create, it is the kind of investment that you wouldn’t regret because it will get you back what you invested.

 Using Video Content

According to market research, videos holds the future of the web. There are more people who are inclined to using video to find information online. Although it is not yet beaten the use of written content, the rate at which the gap is closing in is worth noting.

Creating videos isn’t also as hard as many people think and anyone can create videos regardless of the niche that they are in. There are plenty of tools that you can use to create videos easily, so that shouldn’t be your excuse.

Creating Free E-book Guides

People will always appreciate anything that is written to perfection and covering a topic in a blog post is usually not enough for some subjects. Sometimes one needs to dig deep and this is where you come in with your free e-book guide. The e-book has no specific length and you can create it easily with the simple and available tools. You can create as many e-books as you can and share them for free. In exchange, have the visitors subscribe to an email list or a social follow for the book. This will ensure that you are building your email list and social media base to reach the prospective customers later. It is an approach that has been proven to work over and over and there is no reason why it won’t work for you.

Roundup Posts

Another type of posts that you need to be keen on with is round up posts. Round up posts are posts made by bloggers rounding up the best of something. For instance one can blog about the best websites of the month. Such posts are known to pull a lot of traffic because they are loved by people who are always excited to learn about highlights in their niche. There is no limitation on whatever you can do roundup on and regardless of the niche you are in, there will always be something to do roundup on. You’ll need to be active in updating your round up posts regularly so as gather regular visitors as time goes.


Do Interview Posts

If you have been reading blogs long enough, then you must have come across some blogs that do interviews on people who are mostly influential in a particular niche. These posts are known to pull in a lot of traffic to a website. The most amazing thing is that anybody can do these interviews without the need to ever meet the person in real life. Technology has evolved and in doing interviews, you can do them from a number of platforms like Skype and other communicating applications. You just need an appointment with the person that you are going to interview and you are all set and done. Whether you have a new website or an old one, this is something that is sure to work.

Guest Posts Are Still Powerful

guest bloggingGuest posting is perhaps one of the best known marketing strategies that have been around for a while now. If you are still new to it, then it is just like posting blogs only that this time you are doing it on someone else’s blog, hence the name “guest” post. Guest posting gets you more traffic and helps you build your brand authority. All you need to do with guest posting is to reach out to bloggers in your niche and ask them if you could share something on their site with their readers. To be successful, you must have something good to share related to the niche. Depending on how good and trendy the subject is, you are likely to get accepted for guest posting opportunities. The more authority sites you reach out to, the better and the more the traffic you will get to your website. You should also remember that the more you reach out the more chances of getting more guest posting opportunities.

Final Word:

These are some of the best content strategies that you can easily adopt and start seeing the web traffic graph rising in no time. They are also easy to implement given that they do not require any expertise in internet marketing. Anybody can get started with a site of any age, so be sure to take action and get more traffic to your website with these strategies.

If you still find time to be against you or the strategies hard to execute then be sure to check out our affordable, high quality web traffic which is used by hundreds of sites every month. We have been in the internet marketing world for many years and we are certain that we will give you the best traffic that will get you sales and leads.

Instagram Traffic – How To Increase Instagram Visibility And Get More Traffic

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms today. It’s flocked by hundreds of millions of active users regularly, all from different geo-locations and niches. Not many marketers have been able to crack the code about generating traffic from Instagram and this is simply because it is different and demands a different approach that the tactics used in other platforms.

Being a photo-inspired social media platform, you need appealing images to capture the attention of your followers and the general audiences. You also have to be locked into your niche and avoid sharing images that are irrelevant. These are just but the basics of winning in the social media site. Below is a complete guide on how to leverage the social media platform and generate traffic that converts.

Make Use Of Hashtags

The culture of using hashtags started years back with Twitter and has since then being adopted by multiple social media sites. Instagram has also adopted the use of hashtags and has so far seen a lot of people using it as a tool. Hashtags are meant to help people discover and share trending topics by categorizing them. The best way to win your audience with hashtags is by creating content based on the trending topics. You can easily create humorous memes based on the trending topics in your niche and you will easily gran the attention of many viewers. Depending on how engaging the images you create are, you stand a chance to enjoy the viral nature of the social media which will get you more exposure and traffic.

Hashtags are the fuel of social media and you will lose a lot without implementing them. They are like the key that opens up social media potential. As long as you do not overuse them, you can count on it as a good way to source fresh targeted leads to your website.

Use Influencer Marketing

Every industry has their influencers and niche pro and reaching out to them to help you in your marketing quests is just one of the best ways that you can get your website more visibility and traffic. If you are still new to influencer marketing, then it is the process of reaching out to top industry experts asking them to help you with marketing. Since these people have more followers they will get you in front of many audiences without much on your side. If you have ever done guest posting, the outreach process is pretty much the same only that this time you are reaching out to influencers through Instagram. All you have to do to get started is find some of the best potential social media influencers in your niche, collect their contact information then reach out to them with a pitch.

Getting the attention of top influencers however depends on the content and nature of what you are promoting. If you are promoting a unique product or service that is in-demand, then penetrating and getting the help of an influencer could be easy. Some influencers also charge to help promote your brand which is fair enough depending on the number of follower that they have. Always focus on working closely with influencer with more followers to get even better results.

Many online brands are using influencer marketing to boost their brands which so far has shown tremendous performances. There is also no reason why Instagram influencer marketing should not work for you. Once accepted by the influencer, you can agree on the terms and have your post online. You shouldn’t forget to add your link so that you can get traffic to your website. Otherwise it could end up being a waste of time.

Optimize Your Instagram Channel

trafficHow is your Instagram profile? Does it captivate and inspire audiences? Instagram is somewhat different compared to other social media sites but the best part about that is that almost everyone who comes across your posts and images must go through your profile. With that in mind, it is easy to capture the attention of the audiences if you have what it takes. You need to start with the profile and make it as appealing as possible. Under your profile, you have an opportunity to put your website link which is something that you should not ignore. It is probably the only perfect spot that you will use to direct visitors to your website.

The next thing that you’d want to do is to combine your social media channels. As much as Instagram is a good social media channel that can be used as a standalone platform to generate qualified leads, you may also love the experience even more when you have all your social media sites combined. Research has shown that combining the effort of social media sites will help you build your follower base and credibility even faster.

Final word:

There is nothing that you can compare with social impact and Instagram traffic is the new craze that you should be focusing on. Whatever niche you are in, you stand to get incredible results with Instagram. Understandably, Instagram could become a big challenge especially for newbie social media marketers and the above pointers should be enough to keep you rolling. They are some of the best strategies that are used by social media marketing gurus and the best thing is that it is easy to clone them and implement for your website.

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How To Logically Increase Website Traffic (Without Building Links Or Adding New Content)

The internet marketing world keep setting complex day by day and marketers find themselves throwing in all they got to see that they make sales. Among the most used marketing approaches includes SEO and content marketing. But what if you were to live without these strategies? Could you still get traffic and conversions from your website without building links or creating new content? In this guide we will cover some of the bets ways to get your website flooded with traffic without having to worry about link building or writing new content.

Buy High Quality Website Traffic

Sometimes it makes much sense to focus on buying traffic rather than getting organic traffic for the site. Organic traffic approaches like SEO needs time and skill and if you don’t have any of that then getting traffic to your site becomes a huge hassle. But why not buy the traffic instead? Paid traffic has its advantages too which includes better targeting and higher conversion rates.

When you have decided to go ahead and buy the traffic, you will realize that there are dozens of ways to buy traffic online. You however ought to be keen as there are lots of scams which claim to sell you real traffic while in the real sense, they are script generated. To be on the safer side, you have to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable seller that has been in the industry for a while. You also need to do some background research to find out which paid traffic source works best for your website.

Re-Share Your Best Articles on Social Media

Have you ever asked yourself what happens to your old content when you keep adding new ones? Of course they get archives, but sometimes you could have content that attracted lots of traffic and become one of the most read. In most instances, the information contained in them are still fresh and helpful to readers. Although creating fresh content has its own advantages, you could as well revive these old helpful articles by sharing them on social media.

Here are some ideas on how to get around this;

-Use content that got a lot of readership and lots of social media shares. Using these articles will replicate the same viral effect and get you more readers.

-Reach out to influencers and ask them to check out the article and share it if they like. If it is a good post that they love, then you will get more exposure and more website traffic to your website.

-Use as many social media platforms as you an to get your posts maximum exposure.

Do Regular Internal Linking

Many of us keep pumping posts on their website making them stacked up without any relationship. One might think that having huge number of content is all you need to build an authority site. While this factor carries some weight, you need to have a site that is well structured. Growth hacking and building authority might not be easy for you if your website doesn’t have a good link structure. Internal link building has also shown tremendous results in pushing keywords to the front pages of the search engines.

Besides helping you build an authority site, you will also get to reap the benefits of organic website traffic as well as increasing page-views.

Invite Guest Bloggers to Write on Your Website

typewriter-801921_640How about getting free content posted on your website? you don’t have to write content on your site if your website has gained some authority. Many bloggers in almost every niche is always looking for somewhere to brand themselves and also bring their site to the public’s attention. Allowing guest blogging on your website is one way to do this, and it doesn’t cost you anything. All you need to do is create a page with instructions on how you would like the content to appear. You could also join guest blogging communities and instantly meet many guest bloggers in your niche.

And there are even more benefits of allowing guest blogging in your website. Here are the main ones.

-It brings organic website traffic. While not all content written by guests on your blog will be SEO rich, you will end up ranking for many long tail keywords.

-Bloggers who post on your website often share the post with their followers and at times link to it from other websites. This helps in driving in lots of targeted visitors to your website.

-Guest blogging helps you to interact and build relationships with other bloggers and industry leaders in your niche. This could yield some other long term results.

Be Active on Niche Forums

The use of forums used to be the rage 5 years down the line. Does it work today or did it die? Forum marketing didn’t become obsolete but the approach used to channel traffic changed. Today, one needs to look at forum from a different angle other than a traffic source. Many internet marketers abused forum marketing by spamming them but the reality of the matter is that there are many people on the forums. That fact alone makes it a good spot for anyone who knows how to do it. The key to success with forum marketing is to be helpful and avoid being sales oriented. I you try selling something on the forums without building good relationship with the members, nothing good will come out of it.

A good example of a high traffic community where you can be helpful to other people in your niche is Quora. Once you’ve gained more followers and made yourself known, traffic will automatically flow to your website.

Final Word:

Although most marketers have the notion that creating content regularly or building backlinks is the way to go, there are always other ways to get traffic. The methods above are some that have stood the test of time and proven top notch results.

Sometimes getting traffic is the only missing ingredient in your online business. Consider checking out our low cost web traffic packages to see which one fits your online business.

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