Get Traffic To A Blog – Blog Traffic Tips

So you’ve created your blog and have muscled-up all the energy to keep updating it regularly. But you are then struck by a problem: Nobody is visiting the blog. And not you’ve started wondering how and where to get traffic for your blog. This is a situation that most of us go through especially when they are getting started with the marketing and traffic generation grind. Marketing your blog and getting traffic isn’t that hard if you are doing the right thing. However, it can turn out for the worst if you are not cautious of what you do. It is a well known fact that only a small fraction of websites and blogs make it online. Others fail and close up shop because they fail to do the right thing. 

So, how does one get the best blog traffic? Which are the best ways to generate that traffic? In this guide, we will go through the various ways that people use to get high quality blog traffic which you too can copy and implement on your site. Here we go!

Buy Traffic For Blog

For a beginner or someone who doesn’t know much about internet marketing, one would start thinking and asking themselves why they would buy traffic for blogs. After all there is free web traffic, Right? Well, there are free web traffic sources, but most of them won’t give you the results you expect. Some of the free traffic sources that you will find on the internet will just send you useless traffic that will not have any impact on your site. So, you will be wasting your time, and when you realize you are not getting the desired results, you find yourself quitting. 

Having said that, traffic isn’t just traffic, and not all traffic will get you sales and leads. In the light of all that, below are some of the best places where you can buy high quality blog traffic that will get you quality visitors who will become customers.

Pay Per Click

Perhaps the most popular and trusted way of buying traffic on the internet is Pay Per Click (PPC). With this traffic strategy, you will get to bid on a number of keywords that you choose and when a visitor clicks on the advertisement to visit your website, you are charged the bid price. It demands some learning before one gets to use this strategy and although it could take some time, it is worth leaning it.

Sponsored Posts

Imagine being able to post your blog post to thousands of readers who are ready to buy from you. That is the opportunity that sponsored blog posts presents to you. When it comes to sponsored blog posts, you simply pay a blog owner to post a blog on their blog which is advertising your blog or a product that you have. With the link included, you will be able to generate lots of traffic to your blog. The trick with this approach is to work with bloggers in your niche and focus on larger and more authoritative blogs that have a large reader base. 

Banner Advertising

Advertising on other websites is also a great idea, and banner advertising has been gaining traction since the web started. Banner advertising is a form of campaigning that involves renting a spot on a website. You create your own banners that links to a page on your website and then place that banner on the site you are buying the ad space from. The prices will vary from site to site depending on the number of traffic that the site receives. 

And Web Traffic

We happen to also have a dedicated blog traffic service, which has inspired positive reactions from many people. You also don’t have to take our word for it. There are lots of reviews about our web traffic services, which is enough testament to show you how serious we are when it comes to traffic generation. Be sure to get in touch with us and we can discuss a good web traffic strategy for your blog.

These are some of the best ways to buy blog traffic, and they have been tested over and over and proven to work.

Harness The Power Of Social Media

Social media like most of us knows is it a place where you have fun and chat with different people. But from a marketer’s point of view, it is a sweet gem of opportunities awaiting to be exploited. And that can be true if you have the right strategy. Many bloggers will swear by the power of social media when it comes to generating traffic.

Fact has it that there are over a billion active people on social media all across the globe. And if that isn’t enough to shed some light to the countless opportunities in this free market, then nothing else will. There are several ways in which one can tap into social media, and below are some tips to get you rolling.

Focus On Building Relationship

increase blog traffic

As much as you need traffic for your blog, aggression is something that doesn’t work in social media. Although one may consider selling their products outright, they may not get good returns as compared to when they could have when they focus on building relationships. Social media is meant to be a platform where people interact and doing the interaction helps to build trust which in turn gives users better reasons to trust you with whatever you have to offer to them. 

Dedicate More Time & Share Regularly

Most people do not consider social media to be as powerful as any other marketing strategy. Social media marketing can be as good as any other marketing strategy and for this to work for you, more time and dedication is necessary. People also subscribe to fresh content which means that sharing frequently will give you an edge in getting more visitors to your blog.

Consider Advertising

Almost every social media site you will come across today offers some kind of advertisement package. Investing in these advertisements, which are usually cheaper than most advertising modules could turn out to be very powerful and get things done. Most of these advertising also come with good targeting factors which ensures that the traffic you get is of good quality and will get you conversions.

Influencer Traffic Is Up For Grabs

Anyone who has been closely monitoring the web marketing arena will tell you that influencer marketing is the way to go. If you are still new to the internet marketing world and wondering where the word “influencer” comes from, then it is simply someone who is influential in a particular niche. This type of marketing is called influencer marketing for that matter. The process of having influencers promoting your content or products through their social media profiles or website starts with outreach. If you have done guest posting before, then it follows the same procedure. You pitch your product or proposal to the influencer and when they decide to promote the article or product, you can pay a certain agreeable fee. Depending on the influencer, some can even share the content for free. Below are some of the tips to keep in mind 

Find influencers who are in your niche – One mistake that most people make is to fail to target. By way of example, it wouldn’t make any sense to reach out to influencers in the fashion industry yet your blog is about automobiles. It just won’t work and will be a waste of time and money. 

Reach out to as many influencers as possible – Like guest posting, the more you reach out to influencers, the better your chances of getting featured. And this also means that you will have more traffic to your blog. It may be a time consuming process but definitely worth it. 

Reach out to big and upcoming influencers– It is very obvious that reaching out to established influencers will get you more exposure and traffic. However, it is also worth considering upcoming influencers as this will help you take advantage of the low hanging fruits. 

Blog Traffic Tips

blog traffic

Besides getting web traffic, you need to know how to get the best out of that traffic. Below are some of the crucial pointers that one needs to keep in mind as blog owner to squeeze the best from the traffic that they are getting.

Build An Email List

We all know the power of email marketing, or at least have heard of some success with it. For decades, it has proven to be very powerful in both short and long term strategies. One of the reasons why integrating email marketing is important is that you will have access to the traffic at anytime. Once you have an email list, you can send out newsletters and emails which can be your moneymaker for a long time. 

Interact & Link Up With Other Bloggers

Building relationships and connecting with other bloggers is a good way of building your online reputation. Although they may be considered your competitors, there are many advantages that come with linking up with other bloggers. First, you get to exchange ideas and can learn a lot on how to improve your site performance. 

Join Marketing Forums

If you want to be better in something online, then there is no other better place than in the forums. With forums, you get to interact with other marketers and share many things. You also have a chance to ask your questions and have them answered by other experienced webmasters. So, if you are serious about getting more blog traffic, then it is high time you join a few social media marketing and other similar forums. 

Wrapping It Up!

A blog without traffic is not a blog. You cannot claim to be doing blogging when you don’t have any visitors or traffic to your blog. It is the only way that you can generate income which will sustain the blog. As such, you need to know what traffic sources and strategies to implement to get the ball rolling. The strategies and tips shared above are very crucial when it comes to this and besides that, they are simple to implement. So regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional blogger, you will find them to be helpful.

However, if you find it to be time consuming and demanding too much, you may want to buy traffic for your blog from our custom web packages. We have been in business for a long time and are certain about helping you get things done.

7 SEO Traffic Mistakes You Need To Avoid

By now, we all know that search engines are the king of web traffic. Getting ranked on Google or Bing for a highly searched keyword is like getting a share of the web. Getting your website ranking on top means that you will get free organic traffic from the search engines. Since these keywords are highly targeted, you can also expect to get high conversion rate from the traffic. This is one of the main reasons why the search engines are regarded as one of the best places to get high quality traffic to your website. But there are things that one needs to keep in mind when they are using the search engines to get website traffic.

In this guide, we will highlight some of these common mistakes that people do which affects the way they are getting traffic from the search engines. Here they are;

Poor Keyword Research

SEO starts with keyword research. Finding profitable buyer keywords that are easy to rank for and those that one is sure to get their website on the top spots. One of the big mistakes that many people do is to assume that people might be searching for a particular keyword and then create content based on that assumption.

To find the best keywords, one should use a good keyword research tool which will help them discover more keywords and those that are easy to rank for. There are plenty of tools out there which can help you do that. Some of them are free while some are paid for. They are crucial tools to finding the highly profitable keywords and whether one should pursue the keyword.

Failing to Optimize Your content

The next thing that you will want to do after determining the keyword to go with is to ensure that the content is of the best quality and that it is optimized as required. Some of the things such as keyword density, content length, keyword prominence, and keyword in tiles among others should be taken care of. The website should also be made to be speedy and other tweaks taken care of.

This is a very important part of Search Engine Optimization and without this, you will find it easy to beat your competitors and rank above them. You may need to do a little background research if you are still new to SEO to find out more about on-page optimization.

Poor Web Design That Isn’t Responsive

The past decade has seen the web revolutionize into the next level of tech, most noticeably with the innovation of smart phones and smart devices such as the tablets. Accessing the net has now become easy-peasy. However, from an internet marketer’s point of view, you need to make your website responsive and easily navigable to make users easily navigate and surf your site seamlessly.

Some of the latest technologies such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the future of how search engines will work. The technology is still young but it has already shown a big impact and how the web can shift, especially with the use of smart devices.

Ignoring social Media

Most of us think that SEO is all about writing keyword rich posts and getting backlinks from other sites. Research has shown that search engines such as Google and Bing use social signals to determine the relevance of a web page. A website with more social interaction such as more tweets, Facebook likes or Google plus shows that the website appeals to many people. Search engines see this as a plus and give more value to a website that has these social signals.

If you therefore want to be ahead of your competitors, you need to engage in the social media so that you can get these social signals which are seen as a plus. It is also something that is very easy and any newbie can do it. Just be on the social media, share your content and let the viral effect take control.

Keyword Stuffing

It is hard to believe even at this era, people still slap keywords anyhowly on their website content with the hope of ranking higher in the search engines. While it may spike the site on top, it can only last for a short while before it is shot down due to algorithm updates.  Marketers need to understand that SEO took another angle and content needs to be themed and structured to meet the audience’s needs. Google and other top search engines have taken their algorithm to another level where search engine positioning will depend on user interaction.

If you have been forcing keywords, then you need to change your strategy and make sure that your content is naturally themed and that you haven’t forced keywords.

Using Improper Backlinking Techniques

Acquiring backlinks for your site is something that has for long been proven to work in improving your website rankings on the search engines. But most of us do it the wrong way which ends up in getting the website penalized or getting it to be de-indexed. Black hat techniques such as spamming blog comments, wiki links and other un-natural link building have made many suffer the Google penalties. Most victims who fall to these kind of link building methods are beginners who have less knowledge about search engine optimization.

If you would like to get search engine traffic to your site, then you should focus on building white hat links such as guest blogging and press release which are acceptable in the search engine algorithms. Other means to cheat the system will result in your site getting punished and you will not get any traffic from the search engines.

Final Word:

SEO is one of the bets traffic sources on the internet and as such, anyone who is serious about internet marketing should consider optimizing their website to rank on top in the search engines.  It may be a tedious process but it definitely pays off in the long run.

If the thought of SEO traffic kills your nerves then you may want to check out our guaranteed traffic sources. We sell affordable, high quality website traffic for websites in any niche. Be sure to get in touch for any questions that you may have.

How To Use BuzzSumo To Get Traffic

If you ask any internet marketing pro on which of the best traffic tools that they must have, then BuzzSumo is definitely one that will pop up. It has been one of the most effective and powerful tools that one can have in their marketing arsenal. Bring a content based marketing tool, there are lots of ways in which you can make tweaks and customization to get the best out of this tool. In this write-up, we will go through some of the best ways to use it to generate more traffic through better content marketing. Here is the nitty-gritty on how to go about it;

Focus On Topical Research

It is obvious that whenever you are creating content for your website, you have some topics and subjects in mind. The problem is whether these topics are interesting enough and whether it will interest people. This is where Buzzsumo comes in to help you better understand whether the audience are interested in it. with the use of Buzzsumo you can just input the keyword on the search box and from there you will be able to see how trendy that topic is and whether there are topics that have been covered relating to it and how the reaction of the audiences was. This will help you to come up with an actionable plan and on how to get juicy social media traffic the easy way.

Work On your Best Platform

Different websites have different performances on different social media sites. For instance, a website would get high performance and conversions from Facebook traffic than they would get with the use of twitter. As such, it would be amazing to only focus on the platform that works best and avoid those that do not help you or get you any results. With the use of BuzzSumo, you can easily identify what platform you ae getting more traffic from and further integration with other apps like Google Analytics will also help you further understand which kind of traffic is bringing conversions, sales and leads. With this, you can easily know where to focus more time one and the platfoms that you should just dump.

Keep An Eye On The Stats

If there is one thing that you cannot afford to ignore when you are doing marketing, it has to be the stats. Many internet marketers are always keen to lean and implement new strategies that will give them an edge. The best way to achieve that is by ensuring that you keep track of what is going on with every strategy implemented. Regardless of the marketing approach that you opt to use, it is always important to know the direction and measure the results that you are getting so as to determine whether you are doing the right thing or need to change the marketing approach. With Buzzsumo, you can easily keep track and know how your post and web pages are receiving attention from audiences on the web.

Follow Influencers

The BuzzSumo application also helps to better understand other people in your niche and following them could help you adopt some good strategies which will in tun help your website traffic grow. You can easily search for topics and see some for the leading influencers under that topic. Furthermore, you can easily study their approaches and see the kind of content that they share and how they are using BuzzSumo to generate traffic to their website. You can narrow down to each influencer to further understand their content strategy and with the handy features of the tool, you can even organize them ion a list or categorize them to help you easily monitor and keep track of the influencers.

Use BuzzSumo To Build Authority

trafficWhen it comes to internet marketing, winning people’s trust and building an authority is something that everyone should be focusing on. If you want to succeed on the web, you have to make sure that people can trust you and your brand. With BuzzSumo, there are limitless opportunities an things that you can do to improve the image of your brand and build better authority. The best way to use this application to boost your image and brand is to search and discover websites within your niche that accept guest posts. This will help you do guest blogging the easy way which will help you to get backlinks and direct traffic. Guest blogging is something that has been around for a very long time and diving in using Buzzsumo couldn’t be easier and better simplified. Many people are using it this way and there are little applications that come close to this when it comes to handling guest post outreach. It’s just perfect and something that you will love.

Final Word:

BuzzSumo is an incredible application that helps internet marketers get better understanding about their traffic and do more research to know ho to use and implement better content marketing strategies to increase their site traffic. It is also an easy application to use and doesn’t need a lot of experience and expertise to master and use. Content marketing has also been a leading approach to marketing and this is the tool that you need to get the ball rolling. It helps you automate a lot of manual tasks that have always been an issue to most marketers and regardless of your experience, the tool is easy to use. So, every serious internet marketer out there who has a website or blog should consider getting their hands on BuzzSumo.

If you however find the use of this application to be a lengthy, complicated or time consuming, then you may want to buy high quality web traffic. We have been selling traffic for over a decade, helping online businesses get good results and sell more. If you would like to get the same, then why not check out some of our packages. We are certain that they will bring an impact on your website and change the way you do you marketing.

Getting Cheap Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Getting cheap targeted traffic is very important, when you first start an internet business. You can get cheap website traffic if you do it right. There are lots of ways to generate traffic on the internet for your site.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

But most of them are very expensive and if you believe the policy of “pay less but get more”, then you should follow some basic ideas to get inexpensive website traffic.

Traffic Exchanges
Lots of people don’t see the benefit from traffic exchanges, but they can prove very effective when they used in the right way. This method proves effective in both online home businesses or affiliate marketing. In this method all you need do is to develop your own webpage (along with information about the product or an opportunity that you are providing give some additional information), then submit them to a traffic exchange program, there are hundreds of them out there. This will increase your website traffic and it is inexpensive also.

Write and submit articles

Write articles about any interesting subject and post them on your website. If you think you don’t have the time to write any articles then get some help of a ghostwriter who can do the job for you. If someone else is writing articles for your website just make sure that you give him complete information about your product or opportunity and cross check the article for quality. You can increase traffic to your website by posting these articles on article websites also, most of which are free of cost.

Join Some Internet Forums
Joining some of the internet forums is also another way for getting cheap website traffic. You can always contribute something worthy into the forum and then your post will be published for all the world to see. At the end of the page after giving your comments you just mention your product in a single line or your signature. The signature statement of your product will prove effective, when posted in the forum.

Search engine optimization

It is another most inexpensive and an effective way in developing cheap website traffic. Include search engine friendly keywords into the titles while entering the data into your website. In the first paragraph itself introduce key words which are commonly used by internet surfers and are related to your product or the opportunity you are offering.

You can get lots of website traffic for your website without spending more money. Just follow some of the techniques which are mentioned in this article like usage of relevant keywords, submitting the articles, joining the forums etc to get cheap website traffic for your website.

Why Most Internet Businesses Fail And How To Make Your Succeed

If you have been an internet marketer for quite some time then you already know the hassles of getting a website to profitability. It is not as easy as most of us consider it to be and more often than not websites fail to meet the owners’ expectations. However, this all depends with the audience and the traffic that the site receives. Traffic is the lifeblood of a website and the internet business as a whole. So how does one get their website buzzing with traffic and reaching the expected goals?

Here are some of the big mistakes that has caused many internet businesses to fail which you should avoid;

Poor Planning And Strategies

Perhaps the very first thing that you ought to keep in mind is that traffic will only work for you and will give positive results only when you start your internet marketing with a goal. You need solid plans and approach to get results.

Here is a checklist of some of the things that you should be asking yourself even before you launch;

What budget do you have for marketing your website?

Do you have a time-plan and set goals for the online business?

Do you have the experience and expertise to take your internet business to the next level?

When you have answered these answers then you have a strategy and you will hardly fail in your internet marketing goals. One doesn’t just wake up and decide to jump into the internet to build a website and expect traffic to start swarming in. Just like starting an offline business which requires marketing, the same is with the internet. You also have to understand that this doesn’t happen overnight, but could require patience and at times could even demand a hefty budget.

Using Poor Traffic Sources

Ask any successful internet marketer and they will tell you that traffic is the lifeblood and the propelling force for your website. Without traffic, the whole internet marketing has no sense because you need people to come to your site either to make purchases or get your services. However, when it comes to traffic acquisition, not all traffic will give you the desired results. Some traffic will be a waste of time while others work perfectly. This means that there is an added task of finding out which traffic works for your website. Some traffic sources work for some niches while they may be horrible when it comes to others. For instance pop up traffic will work perfectly for gaming websites but the same traffic source even though targeted turns out to be somewhat poor in some niches like auto industry.

Running split testing on your campaigns is also something that you need to do so that you will know how your budget spending is. This is especially if you are using paid traffic sources to acquire traffic for your site.

Failing To Understand Your Competitors

This is one big mistake that you do not want to ignore. If you are serious about succeeding in every business, whether online or offline, you need to know who your competitors are and how to go about crashing them and getting your business in front of theirs.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way of knowing where your competitors are getting traffic from? This will help you to know what to focus on and what not to touch. Beyond that, you will also save a lot of time and money since you already know where to fetch you customers and clients. The good news is that there are dozens of tools in the internet marketing industry which will help you to spy on your competitors and know much about their marketing targets and traffic sources. So you can comfortably spy on them and know many things that you could have spent a lot of time trying to research on. Although most of these tools come with a hefty price tag, it is well worthy since you will save a lot which you could have spent time doing research.

Beware Of Online Scams

youtubeScammers are all over, whether it is offline or online. The internet is even worse when it comes to this and as a webmaster, you have to be wary of any offer that comes along. When you launch your website, you are in the eyes of millions of people and some of them are scammers who are looking for a way to loot your business. The most common scams are those that promise to help you to market your website which in the real sense most for them don’t have a clue in marketing. With this in mind, it is crucial to focus on working with trustworthy companies when you decide to hire someone to do your marketing.

This way, you will reduce the chances of getting scammed and also get to work with solid companies who will guarantee you better results for your internet business.

Final Word:

Now that you know of the mistakes that have downed many internet markets and their online projects, isn’t it time that you changed how you do your marketing? Focusing on these strategies will not only help you to keep your business afloat, but it will help you establish an authority which makes your online business stable and perennial.

There are many online businesses that fail in their first year of launch and you do not want yours to go that lane. We have a made-for-you traffic packages which you can easily get started with and propel you business to higher levels. Our traffic comes from different niches and from many countries and you can easily target audiences based on different prospects. You can target them based on age, gender, keywords, location among other factors.

If you are serious about making your business a success, then this is an opportunity that you do not want to pass. We have been working with hundreds of companies and helping channel them traffic through our huge network which spans thousands of websites sending high quality targeted traffic regularly.

6 WordPress Plugins To Track Your Website Traffic

WordPress is among the best blogging platform which webmasters have used for long. It is loved for its flexibility and high end performance which you will rarely find with other platforms. However to get the best and ensure that you have full control of you web traffic, you have to understand and know how the traffic on your site is. This is done by monitoring the site with the use of plugins. In this post, we will go through some of the bets wordpress plugins that you can use to keep track of your website traffic so as to foresee and plan ahead.

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is among the bets wordpress plugins which enjoys a large user-base. Many people who have used this plugin feel that they cannot run wordpress without it. It is also arguable one of the most complete when it comes to features.

If you are looking for an all-round plugin that offers robust stats that you can rely on to make informed decisions and plan for better performance of your website, then Jetpack is that plugin. Beyond offering web traffic, you will also enjoy other high end features such as security and others that will help your website users enjoy better experience.

Google Analytic Plugin

Google is a giant in the internet world and there is no doubt about that. With a huge user-base of over a billion every month, you can already tell that this is a trove of opportunities for internet marketers and webmasters. Above this, they have also edged and become a powerhouse of traffic analytics and their Google analytics platform is a phenomenon platform that is loved by many webmasters. Like Jetpack it comes fully loaded with tracking and analytic features that will enable you to make solid decisions and understand your web traffic better. A huge percentage of internet marketers also use this plugin with paid traffic which helps them perfectly, thanks to the fact that the plugin can be easily customized with events tracking.

Optin Monster

What is traffic without leads? Nothing of course. As much as we are yearning for web traffic and doing what we can to drive as many visitors to our sites, we need to also make sure that they will end up converting. So how do we do this? By capturing the visitors as leads to the sales funnel. When you have a plugin that captures the audiences and puts them in your list, you are halfway through to making a sale. It is a proven fact that most visitors do not convert as sales on the first time and the best way to take control of such a situation is by using optin plugins.

Optin monster is a plugin that you’d want to use when it comes to this. Although the plugin isn’t free, it has proven to be worth every penny spent.

Foobar Plugin

Have you ever come across a floating notice bar on a website and got caught by the message it has? If you have been around the web for a while then you must have noticed one of these plugins in use. Having a floating bar for a notice is one of the easiest and best way to capture the attention of audiences onto a landing page or an offer. Foobar is one of the best floating bars that you can use for multiple purposes and the good thing about it is that it is free to use.

If you are planning on advertising and getting your message noticed easily by your website audiences, then the best way is to use a floating bar like the Foobar.

Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO is a huge part of the internet marketing world today and this is because many people rely on the search engines like Google to find products and information. Without sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo, it would be a big pain to find something in a huge web of sites that have nothing connecting them. As part of the SEO marketing, on page is something that you don’t want to ignore and this is where Yoast comes in. Almost everyone who uses wordpress is using Yoast to optimize their pages for better visibility.

Using the plugin is quite easy and there is even a setting wizard for anyone who is looking for something easy to use.

WordPress Popular Posts

To make your website more user friendly, you need to make it easier to navigate and the best way to do that is by arranging your posts and hoe they are served to your audiences. WordPress popular posts is the plugin that you need to make this a reality. It enables you to arrange your posts so that the most popular ones appear more on top. This increases the page-views on your website which is a metrics that is used by Google and other crawlers to determine the authority and how your website is more reliable.

This is one of those plugins that shouldn’t miss in your rolodex if you are serious about building a huge audience over a long time.

Final Word:

Web traffic is paramount to any internet marketing project. WordPress being one of the best blogging platform has tons of tools and plugins that can help one to come up with a clear and focused web traffic management. The plugins highlighted above are some of the best which you should look into if you are looking to boost your website to the next level.

If you are also looking for the best wordpress web traffic then you should consider our high quality web traffic which is laser targeted. We source our website traffic from thousands of sites as well as form our high quality resource domains. Depending on the kind of traffic that you need, you can customize the traffic and get high yields in the end. Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any question about how to set your campaigns which you can set based on your keywords, geographical targeting, age, gender among other targeting metrics.

Top Tips To Get You More Social Media Traffic

Are you looking for a way to boost your social media traffic but don’t know where to begin? The social media marketing arena is one tricky side in the online world, but can also be your highway to success, depending on your strategy. Many people have their own ways of approaching it, and while others are a one way ticket to social media mastery, most of them are useless. It all depends with the approach you choose.

Below are steps to make social media work for you.

Make Your Profile Stand Out

First impressions can mean a lot and could either make or break your online success journey. Your profile is a reflection of who you are and whether one needs your attention. This simply means that you need to take your time to create an outstanding profile that sets you apart and one that also markets you. Be sure to add a link to your website on the profile description.

Automate Your Social Media Tasks

We are living in a world where time is of much essence – every second counts. Unfortunately social media is one of those arenas where tasks can pile up in numbers and sooner or later, you will find yourself doing repetitive work that eat up your time. Lucky enough, there are a bunch of softwares and automation tools out there that will help you do most of the automation, saving you that precious time. From tools that automatically update your status to those that help you in customer relationship management (CRM), automation is clearly something every webmaster should use.

Cross Post On Social Media Platforms

There are different social media platforms which have different impacts each depending on the approach that you opt to use. Although you will find many people opting to stick to at most 3 platforms, there is a lot of traffic on other social media platforms as well and you can make it big there too. If time is your excuse then the use of social media tools can help you to easily do cross platforms easily and tap the traffic that you have always been mission out on.

Be Consistent And Keep Up with The Latest Trends

The way to win the attention many audiences is to make a noise. You need to be all over and everywhere for people to see you as an influencer and relevant industry expert. Trending topics attract a lot of people depending on the niche you are. You should however make sure to focus and stay within your niche to ensure that you get highly targeted traffic.

Consider Paid Promotion

One of the few but crucial things that separate successful internet marketers from noobs is paid promotion. Most amateur marketers either don’t believe in it or do it wrongly. With hundreds of millions of users on social media, there are lots of opportunities regardless of the niche.

Paid social media promotion is like jumping on a moving wagon, it just gets you to the destination fast. Getting started with social media promotion is also not as hard as most of us consider it to be. You just need to spend a little time learning the ins and out of the social media and you are good to go.

Influencer Marketing

Also known as influence marketing, this is a marketing approach common in social media and puts more weight on using influential people rather than the general market. Influential people have already earned trust from their followers and over time, the strategy has been proven to work and get solid results. Since there are different levels of influencers, it is a good approach both for professionals and amateurs who are still getting started.

Understand Your Audience

How do you win your audience’s trust if you know nothing about them? Without knowing anything about the audience, the chances of succeeding online are slim. You need to know when your audiences sre online mostly and what they love. This way you will be able to create content that they need which will also increase the share-ability and traffic in general.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

There is no magic pill to success, but you can surely try something new with your own twist. Strategies are being realized every single day and you never know what works better than the other if you never try it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to always try inventing new strategies.

Engage In Discussions

There is always something going down in the discussion groups and being present and contributing sets you on wheels to success. Besides winning the trust of people in the industry, including experts, you will also be establishing yourself and your brand.

It’s All About Selling

email marketingSomething else that needs to stick in your mantra at all times is to keep marketing yourself and brand. Although you do not have to always be aggressive in selling yourself, you need to take advantage of opportunities when possible. You should shove your products and services in front of the audiences whenever possible. After all, there is always someone out there who is always in need of the product or service.

Mind Your Content

By now, we all are tired of hearing the clause “Content is King”, but that’s just what it is. To be successful in the online game, you have to make sure that the content you create is above par and irresistible among audiences. Take time to create informative content that is engaging to the audiences. This will create a viral effect on the content and get you more social media traffic in the process.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Stats

The secret to online success is to know the direction you are heading, and frankly speaking there is no better way of knowing that if without stats. Keeping track of your statistics will let you plan ahead of time and know what to tweak to get better results with social media traffic.

These are some of the best actionable and proven techniques used by successful marketers. Like clockwork, these are strategies that work all the time and make you a social media rock-star.

Proven Social Media Hacks To Get You More Traffic

Are you on social media and reaping the benefits by sending potential customer to your website? If not, then your competitors are taking lots of traffic that should have been yours. Social media comprises of platforms that have tons of active people with active numbers estimated to be over a billion globally. This means that each and every website business can thrive and become successful through social media regardless of the location the business is or whatever the language in use.

Getting traffic from the social media could however, sometimes prove to be a hard nut to crack, especially for those who are just getting started with internet marketing. In this guide, we have outlined and listed some of the easiest and proven strategies that one can use to conquer their competitors and generate tons of traffic. They are newbie friendly, so anyone can use them to tap more web traffic. Here they are;

Focus On Building Relationships

The purpose of social media is to build relationships and keep people engaged. Friends and families love to connect and share experiences with others. Businesses are also finding themselves in between these engagements and reaping big. Social media sites have classified people based on their interests and hobbies which makes them good sources of traffic for anyone looking to boost their online visibility.

The best way for you to get good results on social media is to first focus on winning people’s trust by building relationships with them. You should engage with them by answering their questions, join social media forums and groups and help with questions and issues. This will also help you establish yourself as an industry expert who people go to when they need solutions. After winning their trust through this, you can easily recommend products and services and you can get good returns from the sales. You will also be building a follower base which will get you more web traffic in the long run. As opposed to diving in with aggressive selling, building relationships is a long term social media marketing approach that will get you more visitors and repeat buyers over a long time. If you are looking for a way to build your online empire, then this approach is perfect. Also with the fact that you do not need any experience, makes it even better.

Regularly Engage Your Social Media Audience

If you have been studying social media trends then you must have realized that there is something that major sites and brands are consistent with and that is actively keeping their audiences engaged through the social media. Whenever these big brands have an update or something newsworthy, social media is one for the first places that the news will make headlines. This clearly shows that they have put their social media audiences as a priority and following on this trend will also get you good results.

You should make sure that your audiences are regularly updated and get something from you. Always remember that the social media is meant to engage and doing this regularly (once or twice a day) will ensure that you not only get traffic to your website, but will also expand your follower base as there is always the viral effect when readers share your content with others. Social media is a good source of traffic and if you are seriously in need of high quality traffic, then keeping them engaged regularly is something that you do not want to miss out on.

Create Viral Content

Not every content goes and performs as expected. There are several types of content that have been proven to work and others that are just pure junk that will not bait any traffic. Among the best known content that you should be focusing your attention on is viral content. Viral content are the type of content which are created to attract and bait audiences to the site. They are also crafted to create a viral effect and get more shared in the process of getting more visibility. Today, there exists sites that are created primarily to use this strategy to get traffic and it has been proven to work out perfectly.

So how do you get started with creating viral content? Viral content needs you to have good knowledge of copywriting and creativity. This will give you an edge in writing enticing, engaging and convictive content which will bait and keep the readers wanting more and more. You can always hire a freelancer to help you with this if you are not familiar with crafting viral content. You also have to make sure that the information shared is fresh and informative. This way you will win the hearts of many readers and also be able to get more from the ripple effect that is created from the sharing.

Final Word:

Social media is one of the leading traffic sources for most of the authority sites. To get a piece of the cake and start getting traffic to your website through social media, you have to know the ins and out of social media marketing. The strategies outlined above, will help you get started and help you to get high quality web traffic for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Free Viral Traffic Strategies To Use in 2016

If you have been closely watching the web, then you must have realized of the new traffic craze that is getting traction with many webmasters. The thing with free viral traffic is that you don’t have to worry about optimizing your site for search engines. It is also much faster as compared to SEO.

But does this traffic really work? And if it does, how do you get free viral traffic to your website? Although it seems many webmasters just had a wake up call on viral traffic, it isn’t anything new. Many big firms have adopted this traffic approach for a while and it has always worked for them. So undoubtedly, it is pure gold. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the various proven free viral traffic strategies that are worth diving into.

Social Media

Most of us might have used social media to get traffic but are you doing it correctly? Although social media is a honey pot, there are ways to fetch the honey inside. Most marketers spend little time on social media sites pasting their website links hoping that it magically goes viral.

Social media is all about sharing and interacting with people. Over-doing anything else apart from that could render it useless and you can forget about traffic. You need to build a relationship with your followers and those you follow before you start marketing yourself.

When you do this, the people whom you have interacted with will share your information, which will then share to others in their network. This is how the viral effect builds up and the relationship tying will keep growing and sending you traffic.

Use Traffic Exchange Programs

Although the paid option of this traffic model works better, you could always start small without any investment. With traffic exchange, you share other people’s content ion your site and other people share your content also on their websites. But what is the essence of this? If people love the content on your website, they will consider you a favorite source. This could make them to either bookmark you or come back for more later which means more traffic to your website. And that’s not all. It only gets better since your post gets lots of chances of being shared to other people.

Use Viral Baits

social-media-640543__340There are lots of tricks to use to get your website to get that viral boost. Among the most effective one is using viral baits to get people to share your content. It is like bribing people to share you content in exchange for something they need desperately. Below are two killer approaches that you can use as bait for your visitors and get them to share your posts more.

E-books – Writing an e-book guide isn’t that difficult if you know your niche well. E-books works perfect if you would like to bait visitors and ask them to do something to get it. Here you can ask them to share your post or the book itself. This is a surefire way to get more exposure.

Use viral plugins and scripts – since viral traffic has gotten so much attention, there are lots of plugins created to help webmasters with this. There are social media locker plugins that allows visibility of certain content only when it is shared. In simple terms, a user shares the content and the content becomes visible to them.

Use Forums to Spread the Word

Are you still leveraging the old Forum marketing strategy to get traffic? Many people have abandoned forum marketing with the claim that they are dead. Surprisingly, there are many people getting swarms of traffic from forums alone. Forums didn’t die, but the approach used could be dead.

Forums are communities with people who are serious about discussing about specific matters. In a similar way, you should blend in and build a relationship. Most people make the silly mistake of entering a forum and starting to post links to their websites. Doing this could lead to being banned or failing to meet the expected target.

You need to share relevant high quality information and get to know how things are done in the forum. This hints you when and where to place your website links.

Run contests

Yet another powerful viral marketing approach is running contests. But where do you start from? It may sound complicated to code a contests script. Surprisingly, you wouldn’t be needing any coding skills to run contests. You can find dozens of ready made scripts and apps which can be set up in a few minutes.

What do you need to get started? You need to ready the ultimate gift for the winning contestant. This gift has to be a special one and not free to find elsewhere. You also need to make sure that the contest page can be easily shared.

When you have your contest running, people many people will share it and many more gets to visit your website.

Things to Keep in Mind while seeking Viral Traffic

Here are some of the tings that you need to keep in mind when focusing on getting free viral traffic.

1) Make sure your content is top-notch
People won’t share crap that doesn’t make sense to them. So make sure that what you are sharing stands out and is interesting to read.

2) You need to be patient and persistent – Although viral marketing could get you instant traffic, you should also be ready to go through some obstacles. You need to keep trying and using different twists to see how it works for you. This is because some strategies work better in other niches than in others.

Final Word:

If taken seriously, viral marketing is a high quality source of free viral traffic that anyone can use. The above strategies should be enough to get massive amount of visitors to your site.

Also, if you need more traffic to your website, the hassle-free way, be sure to check out our packages. You can as well get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you get more traffic to your site.

How To Get Traffic From Quora

Quora is without a doubt, one of the best online forums and discussion sites across the globe. People on the platform get to share and interact with many others out there pertaining almost any subject and niche. If you are a marketer though, this can be a great opportunity to get lots of traffic to your website. Regardless of the niche that you are in and whatever you are focusing on, as long as it is legal, you will find questions that relate to it on Quora. So, how does one get traffic from this site? The pointers and approaches shared below will help you to easily get as much traffic from Quora as possible;

Be Super-Active

Perhaps one of the most important things that you’d want from a site like Quora is to always keep yourself engaged and be super active when you are interacting and answering people’s questions. Just like social media, the most active people get the attention of many audiences and that is the best way that they can build their brand and authority on the site. Posting once in a while and ignoring to post again is one way that you will start losing your audience, but doing it regularly will increase the chances of having people visiting your profile and website. Again one should remember the more posts they have and more answers they answer, the more exposure they get and the higher the chances of getting more traffic to their website.

Focus On Building Relationships

Quora is considered to be within the social media arena and that simply means that interacting with people and building a relationship with them will help you gain more credibility and get more sales and leads. Although you can easily add links to your posts and make a quick buck, it is always advisable and a wise move to first focus on getting popular and building yourself a name on the site and within your category so that you can get more people to your site who can easily believe you and buy right away from your site. It is always great to go for big topics that you have more understanding about since this is where there are going to be more people and audiences.

Be Comprehensive With The Answers

The way you answer questions is very crucial and you should always do it in a way that people will love and understand the way they are done. Comprehension and facts are relevant to build credibility and trust among users and this is something that you should always be concerned about. Quora allows users to even add images and embedded videos and links which is another plus when it comes to sharing and giving detailed information in answering questions. When you have the best answer, it gets voted up which means that it comes to the top of others and this means more exposure to your profile and how much you stand to get. The more you get your answers voted up, the more traffic you will be building over a long time.

Target Trending Topics

When it comes to trending topics, everyone always have their eyes glued on and looking to get the best out of it. As a marketer, you need to take advantage of this and keep track of your niche to know what is trending so hat you can quickly participate on such debates. Many internet marketers who have used Quora and other question-answer websites will tell you that trendy topics can be an amazing way to drive tons of traffic effortlessly which can also lead to more sales and leads. Using some of the top tools like Google Trends is one way to stay ahead and know how some of the topics are performing over time. Following this approach over time and subscribing to some of the topics will keep you alert and always on toes on the trending subjects to comment and answer on.

Tag Other Answers And Active Users

Sometimes it helps to tag others who have covered the topic and inter-relate some for the answers as it will help to expound on the topic and help other people get a better and clearer understanding about it. Quora is like most social media sites which you can easily tag and use hashtags and other signs to quote and add users. With the ability to use hyperlinks, you can also link to other pages which in this case could be other answers that relate and are relevant to the one you are handling. Inluencers also play an important role and if you quote them and their content, you could end up getting a lot of traffic since they could recommend your answer to others as well.

Final Word:

If you have always worked tirelessly to create content but have had problems delivering it and getting people to read it, then you are not alone. Generating traffic is one of the hardest things that many webmasters go through every single day. However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you know what to do and have the right traffic source. In this write up, we’ve covered Quora as a source of traffic, a site that hosts millions of regular visitors. Following on the strategies and tips highlighted above should help you to easily win more traffic to your site the easy way.

If you still have problems getting traffic to your website, then you should consider buying high quality web traffic. We have been in the web traffic business for a long time and we are certain that you may love the traffic packages that we offer. So, please check out some of the packages on our sales page and pick one that best suits your site for the bets performance.

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