How Do You Build An Amazon Affiliate Website?

Have you heard of people who make a lot of money by building an Amazon affiliate website? This is a great way that you can also earn good money. This article provides you with a guide on how you can build an Amazon affiliate website. The good thing is that you can build this website within a day with low cost and effort.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Learn some basic HTML

If you do not have knowledge on HTML you need to first learn HTML skills so that you can be able to create hyperlinks, insert images and perform text formatting.

Decide on the topic

You should select a topic you have knowledge and the one that you are interested that you will be dealing with. Select a narrow niche so that you are distinctive.

Choose a domain name

You should choose a domain name that is keyword rich. You need to think how people will find your website in the search engines when doing the search. This will ensure that it will be easy for them to find your site.

Register the domain name

If you do not have technical knowhow, you need to register your domain name. You will save a lot of money by selecting a low cost provider.

Set up web hosting

This is the point where most people building Amazon affiliate website make mistake. For this kind of a website, you will not require a very expensive web hosting. Search online so that you can get the cheapest hosting but with good reputation. Look for a host that provides unlimited domains so that you have the opportunity to run several sites like the one you have on the same web hosting package.

Install blog software

It is advisable to have a blog that with provide your site the structure you need and allow you to post new content quickly. WordPress is the perfect choice because it is an open source and free, easy to install and very powerful.

Make it appealing

mockup-654585_640One of the major advantages of wordpress is that it has a wide range of templates available for you to select. They help change the look and feel of your website and make it attractive for web visitors. You should also select wordpress theme that is most appealing and which matches your website.

Create the categories

Most of the blog software available allows you to create sub categories to assist you as you organize your entries. This will make it possible for your visitors to narrow their search specifically according to their interests.

Sign up as an Amazon associate

It is simple and free to sign up. All you need to do is to visit Amazon and client on the join associates tab at the bottom of the page. Then, your site will be reviewed manually before approval.

Develop your blog Amazon build-A-ink

This is necessary in order for you to find it easier to link your affiliate ID built in. Drag the individual items onto your links favorite menu or links toolbar.

Other simple steps include building your first link, blogging your review, building out your website and them promoting it.

Increase Visitors For Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Snapdeal being one of the top E-commerce marketplaces globally boasts a gargantuan load of products which are sold to thousands. But beyond all this, it has also given online marketers a golden opportunity to make a killing by being an affiliate. The affiliate drill is pretty much similar to any other you have ever come across online.

Affiliates have been enjoying fair commissions from the platform for years. But how does a newbie who has no ideas about traffic make money? In all honesty, it is a bit tough for newbies, but the good news is that we are here for you. In this write-up, we will be covering some of the tested methods on how to increase visitors for Snapdeal affiliate program.

Best Traffic Practices For Snapdeal Affiliate Marketers

Rethink Social Media

There is a bazillion amount of traffic lying in the social media sites, waiting for someone to come reap them. Among the advantages that one could get with today’s social media is targeting. These companies have all the details about the audience, so targeting is much easier. Are you ready to do so? However, you shouldn’t just jump into the bandwagon blindly. Doing so could see your bank dry up without getting anything substantial from your campaigns. You need more of testing to determine which approach works perfectly.

To get you started here are some of the top sources where you can run your campaigns on social media.

1) Pinterest Promoted Pins – So far, this is one of the best social media approaches that has seen high yields. Promoted pins is when someone creates a pin and instead of letting it freely find it’s way, you promote it. With a Pinterest pins account, you can even make sales by hot-linking the pin to your cart.

2) Sponsored Facebook Posts – There are plenty of gems to be unearth from Facebook sponsored posts. Facebook even has an inbuilt search engine which helps marketers in better targeting.

3) Sponsored Tweets – Similarly with Facebook sponsored posts, sponsored tweets appear in between user content gaining lots of attention.

4) YouTube –  With billions of interactions, the sky is the limit with YouTube. The only thing that you need is to create a video and make a realistic budget for your video campaigns.

Re-targeting Traffic

This is one of the top secrets that super-affiliates are using to make more sales than many newbie affiliates. All of us by now know that 90% of online shoppers don’t buy stuff the first time they come across it. So why not reach to them again and try to woo them into picking the product? The re-targeting method has been tested to work with almost every niche, so why not try it? Although you can still make money during the cookie period, retargeting is guaranteed to get you more sales. To get your feet wet, here are some of the top known platforms for re-targeted marketing.

1) Google Adwords Retargeting – The platform mostly reaches out to Google Adsense sites, Youtube and Android apps audience.

2) Adroll – Reaches to audience on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

3) Retargeter – Reaches out to audience using Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Facebook, Emails and Twitter.

4) Perfect Audience -The platform reaches out to audience from Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter

Search Engine Optimization

SEO as it is known to many is the process of making a website visible in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you are focusing on selling Snapdeal products, you need to make sure that buyers find your website among the top when they are looking for reviews and the latest offers.

SEO isn’t very hard, but could be challenging to beginners. The advantage with SEO is that the traffic is free, highly targeted and the method is also a long term approach. If you are new to SEoO it is recommended that you find a professional to help with getting your site on top pages for the products you market.

Influencer Marketing

caddy-161016_640For some marketer’s this is the future of marketing. With billions of fans actively on social media, there needs to be a more serious approach to tame the audience into buyers.

Influencer marketing is an approach where focus is put on one specific individual who has massive following. This is contrary to other marketing approaches where the focus in on the market.

Here are  a few reasons why Influencer marketing can help you close more deals easily.

  1. It is easy to get started with and doesn’t need any experience.
  2. It isn’t as costly as media buying.
  3. Being in social media, it has the backing of viral effect.

Let’s consider a scenario where 5 top Instagram influencers take snaps wearing the same attire. This creates a boom and an instant demand for the attire giving the affiliate a chance to profit from the trend.

How do you get started with Influencer outreach?
The best way to get started is to reach out to the not so popular influencers. This will make it easy for you to get more acceptance and if they also charge for that, it won’t be so costly. Also you should use the top social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Embrace Email Marketing

If you have been online for a while roaming the internet marketing arena, then you must have heard of the old cliche “money is in the list”. Although this is a song that has been sung repeatedly, still not many people opt for this.

Much similar to running retargeting campaigns, email marketing helps you to each out to clients and customers who don’t buy the first time.

Email marketing works perfectly if you are already receiving a sizable amount of traffic to your site. This way, you will end up getting more clients and customers opting in to your subscriptions.

Final Word:

The methods mentioned above are some of those hat have stood the test of time and brought in some of the most impressive results. It’s up to you to choose a strategy to use but it is always recommended to try several.

If you want to buy quality traffic and get better Snapdeal conversions then we are here for you. See the crazy offers in our packages page.

Buy Google Traffic – Does It Pay Off?

Most amateur marketers who are still learning the ins and out of internet marketing usually find themselves on a hard spot asking themselves if it is worth buying web traffic. Among the most common and most successful ways of online marketing is to turn to Google, the behemoth of search engines and display advertising. It is also a platform where marketers have made fortunes. Buying Google traffic isn’t anything new, and many new businesses are signing up to advertise on the Google Adwords platform. However, a majority of them do not make bank from buying the traffic.

Most beginner marketers fail because they do not have an idea on how to strategize to get the best out of their marketing. although the process of buying web traffic from Google is as easy as signing up and bidding, there is more to it that one needs to keep in mind. Not only are there competitors who are doing everything to stay in front of you, but you also need to make sure that you are bidding wisely to get a good return on your investment. Without doing this, you could end up burning all the money without getting the expected results.  Below, we cover some of the reasons why buying Google traffic is a crucial move and how to get the best out of it.

Why Buy Google Traffic When You Can Get It For Free

If you have been in the internet marketing game for a whole, or perhaps have been spectating and still not yet made your move into the marketing, then you must have learned that one can get free traffic and others opt to buy them. The big question that lingers in the mind of many people is, why would one buy web traffic when they can do SEO or use social media sites for free? The simple answer to this is that free web traffic sources are limited in many ways as compared to buying web traffic. Here are some of the limitations that come with buying free traffic as compared to buying traffic;

Free Traffic Vs. Buying Google Traffic

  • It takes a lot of time to strategize for free traffic. Some of the free traffic sources like SEO don’t just start generating traffic instantly like you would find with Google Adwords and other forms of paid traffic. You have to spend more time (usually months) before you start ranking on the search engines to start getting traffic to your website. So, instead of going this route, many marketers opt to buy traffic because it is faster and easier. One can start expecting to get tons of traffic as soon as their advertisement is approved, which makes it one of the loved traffic strategy by many professional internet marketers.
  • With free traffic sources, you are limited in the amount of visitors who can visit the website. For instance search engines will limit one to the number of searches depending on how the keyword is popular. But with paid traffic such as buying Google traffic, you can bid for as many keywords as you can afford. As long as you have the money to spend on advertising, you can increase the amount of traffic to your site as you wish and have them flow for as long as the advert is on.
  • Buying traffic also gives one full control of  how they can run their online business without the risk of fluctuation or losing traffic. This is the opposite with free traffic such as Social media and SEO where you have to adhere to certain search engine rules that must be observed. Any alteration and changes need to also be within the set rules, otherwise one risks losing the flow of traffic to their website. In short, buying Google traffic and any other reliable paid traffic strategies offers better reliability as compared to free traffic sources.

Expectations With Google Traffic

While most amateur marketers expect to buy Google traffic easily and start seeing traffic pouring to their website, most of them are surprised to come find that the whole Google marketing system is a huge jargon. It is beyond buying traffic, but rather a strategy based marketing where one will have to invest wisely to get back their investment. What is the reason behind buying google traffic? Everyone engaged in digital marketing always wants to make money by the end of the day. And this means doing whatever it takes to flip a dime into two.

Buying Google traffic is not for everyone – Depending on your website, Google can either accept or reject your website. There are certain rules and restrictions on the websites that are accepted into the Google advertisement system. It is estimated that there are over 3 billion bad ads taken down every year for different reasons. It is therefore important to ensure that your website meets all the Google advertising standards and that the ads displayed are well designed and structured to meet those guidelines. Without doing this, then buying Google traffic might not work perfect for you.

Good keywords always come with competition – Buying Google traffic isn’t as easy as paying for traffic and expect to start seeing traffic coming to your  website. There are lots of competitors who would do anything to stay ahead of you. This depends on how your niche is competitive. There more the competition, the higher the bidding price will be. In theory, the bidding price of a keyword will depend on how competitive it is.

Tips And Tricks – How The Gurus Are Leveraging Google Traffic

Buying traffic has always been one of the trickiest side of online marketing, and without a good strategy, you could find yourself overspending beyond your advertisement budget. To succeed, you must make sure that the money spent always gives you a return on the investment. First off, one must understand that buying Google traffic doesn’t come cheap. So, how does one buy Google traffic? And what are web experts and the so called Gurus using to get positive return on investment from Google traffic? Here are some of the web traffic tips and tricks you may want to consider;

Bid On Low Competitive Buyer Keywords

When you are on the Google Adwords platform, you will realize that there are lots of features in there, most of which can determine the success or failure of an online business. Although low competition keywords may not have as much traffic as those that have higher competition, bidding on many of them will give you more traffic that can yield good returns in the end. This is a good approach, that is especially good for amateurs who are getting started with buying Google traffic. It is easy to follow and one would spend less hence they could leverage to get more visitors to their website.

Optimize Pages And Split Test

The big difference between amateur marketers and experienced ones is the way they approach marketing. One of the crucial things that one must have if the are paying for traffic is to do more tests to find out which approach gets them valuable visitors who bring in the money. With split testing, one created different versions of the same page with different triggers and call to actions to test and see how visitors will experience it. It is through this approach that one gets to know which one sells better and gets more results. Once one has established the bets performing landing page or advert, they can spend more knowing that it offers a good Return on Investment.

Use Advanced Marketing Tools

One of the most important thing that one needs to know when doing online marketing is to keep track of their site and campaign performance. Without doing this, then you are bound to fail since you do not have a clear strategy that tracks performance. With some of the tools that you will find in the market, you can find out more crucial information that can help one to better market their website and get more traffic and web visitors in the process.

Know Your Competition

Perhaps another thing that most amateur marketers ignore is finding out more about the competition and knowing how they are playing the game.  you need to dig up as much as you can if you are looking for long term web traffic that gives you leads and helps you to build a good foundation for your entire business. With some of the advanced applications and softwares that you will find in the market, you can do in-depth research and spy on almost every move that you competitor does. This enables many to replicate and create web traffic strategies that have already been tested and proven to work.

Arbitrage Marketing

This is yet another web traffic generation strategy that many marketers are quickly grinding on. Buying Google traffic to send web visitors to a website is more of an arbitrage approach where you spend money to get back money through traffic. The advantage with this kind of marketing lies with the different bid prices on the ads which through various optimizations will yield more than what one spends. This is especially a good marketing approach for viral websites that have eye popping content. Arbitrage marketing however involves using aggressive means to pull visitors to visit a website, which is not suitable for most websites.

These are some of the strategies and approaches that the so called web marketing gurus are using to generate high quality traffic to their websites. They are pretty much easy and although they can take some time to implement them, it is not rocket science and the results are really worth the time and effort spent.

Google Traffic Alternative

If you find the whole process of buying traffic from Google to be too complicated, or you simply don’t have time to focus on it, we can help you achieve results faster and more efficiently. We are marketing experts who have been grinding in the game for more than a decade, and our sole existence on the web is to help busy webmasters and webpreneurs to generate high quality web traffic and leads more efficiently. You can head over to our website sales page to check out some of the web traffic packages that best suit your website.

We are experts in paid traffic and know what works and what doesn’t. With our web traffic that is sourced from various high quality sites, you can expect nothing short of excellence. You will be joining hundreds of other webmasters who get high quality web traffic that gives them leads and sales.

Top Small Business Website Traffic Secrets To Grow Your Site Fast

Growing a website to gain authority and become a go-to resource isn’t that easy. You need to pull every string and learn strategic internet marketing techniques to get traffic to the site. Traffic is everything to a website and without it you cannot get sales and conversions. The more traffic that flows to your site, the better it is for you in terms of leads, conversions and sales. So how do you go about getting traffic to your website?

We’ve prepared this guide to specifically highlight some of the best small business website traffic secrets that anyone can use to get high quality results. All you need to do to get this traffic is to take action and implement them. Here they are;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Graced by top internet marketers for being top performers, SEO is a top quality traffic source and that will not change as long as search engines like Google exist. Many people will always rely on the search engines to get results of products and services that they would like to have. That being the case means that webmasters should put their attention and focus on ways of getting ranked for top value keywords. The higher your website and the more keywords you rank for, the better sales and conversions that you stand to get.

Traffic from the search engines is totally free, unless you decide to bid for the keywords so that your website appears on top of others as an advertisement. If you are not in a rush to get traffic, then settling with SEO and building you way up the ranks is a good way to approach this.

The only downside with SEO is that you could have to wait long and if you are still an amateur in the game, you may face fierce competition from experienced folks in your niche.

Paying For Traffic

The other option that you have with traffic acquisition is to pay for it. There are thousands of webmasters including a lot of blue chip companies who have learned that paying for traffic is the best way to go. Perhaps the biggest advantage that you will get with paid traffic is the fact that the traffic is instant and you have total control over it. You can choose how to run your traffic campaigns and the determining factor to scale and capitalize on this traffic is your budget.

There are a lot of traffic agencies and vendors that you will come across online who offer different forms of traffic under different niches. The only thing that you need to successfully ruin your online campaigns is understanding and mastering some go the ins and out of paid traffic and how the system works.

Among some of the best of these traffic vendors and providers are;

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Gemini
  • net
  • Andwebtraffic

Social Media

social media trafficAre you looking for an easy way to get traffic to your website without going through tons of complicated stuff? If so, social media is something that you should be considering. Social media has been growing over the years and if you ask anyone who is doing marketing, they will tell you that it is a trove of free high quality web traffic. With a collective massive user base which goes as high as a billion from the 3 top social media sites alone, you can be rest assured that social media offers real opportunity for webmasters.

The other thing that makes social media as a good source of web traffic is the fact that it is free to get started and you do not need any form of capital. To get the best out of social media, you need to sign up for some of the top sites and be active. Engaging with other industry leaders is the best way to go and get more followers. Your follower base will increase slowly and as it grows, you will start seeing steady increase in traffic as well. Besides being a good traffic source, you will also love the fact that social signals are considered a plus for search engines and make your website more visible in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you have some money to spare, you can also opt to boost your website and get more traffic by paying for ads on these social media sites.

Sponsored Posts And Reviews

Sponsored posts and sponsored reviews is yet another way of getting lots of untapped traffic to your website. If you have ever done guest posting then it follows the same principle only that with sponsored posts you need to pay for the post. There are lots of sites which are willing to post your advertisement on the site and all you need to do is find them.

To get the best results with sponsored posts, here are some of the things that you should focus on.

-Focus on niches that are related to yours so that you can get visitors who are inclined to see your products. Focusing on targeted audiences is one of the best ways to ensure that you are dealing with qualified leads.

-Reach out to as many blog owners as possible to increase the traffic opportunities and get more links and build authority fast.

-Try focusing on high authority sites which already have a huge following and also help pass the authority juice to your website.

Final Word

Traffic is the skeleton and the lifeblood of every online business and the only way that you will see sales and conversions to your website. Without it, your site isn’t any good to you. Hopefully the above mentioned strategies will help you grow the website and get more sales.

However, if you are looking for a fast and a surefire approach to drive traffic to your website without any hassles then you can check out our web traffic packages. These are guaranteed ways to make your website a buzz with high quality web traffic that gets you conversions and results. We serve traffic to small businesses as well as big companies and internet marketers.

How To Build An Authority Site Getting Tons Of Web Traffic

Traffic is the most important thing to every internet marketer, because without people visiting your website, there is nobody to buy and make business, making your online business worthless. If you want to succeed online, you must know how to get traffic to your website. It isn’t an easy thing to do though, especially if you are still a newbie who is still grinding with the ever increasing competition from established websites. In this write-up, we have sampled and pointed down some of the best ways to help you build your site from scratch and make it an authority site that gets tons of web traffic within a short time. These strategies have been proven to work over and over and should get you more leads and sales as you implement them.

Network With Industry Experts And Influencers

If there is one thing that most people ignore in the internet marketing world, it is networking and building relationship with fellow niche experts. Although they are your competitors, there is always a lot to learn from them and share together. Only successful internet marketers know the power of networking and benefits of building relationships.

There are lots of groups and social communities where you can reach out to fellow bloggers and niche experts, discuss and share ideas. You will be able to learn their strategies over time and the challenge they are facing as well as how to go through the challenges that you are facing. although they are competitors, most niche experts and influencers are always ready and open for fair competition. Some are even willing to help you share your products and services with their followers which can give you a good boost especially if you are still a newbie. The only thing that you need to do is provide high quality information and always be available to help out where you can. This will establish you as a trusted industry expert.

Use Long Tail & Low Competitive Keywords

Search engine is an important part of internet marketing and as long as Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing rule the internet, you need to forge your way and ensure that you have a share of the traffic that these search engines are generating on a daily basis. These search engines have a set of rules and algorithms that they use to determine which website should rank for a certain keyword and as a webmaster, you are expected to understand the ins and out of these algorithms. It can be difficult, but one surefire way that newbies can get started with is to start with long tail keywords which are the less focus of the established sites. There are plenty of tools and softwares that you can use to dig up easy to rank keywords which can yield you tons of web traffic.

The use of long tails may not get you tons of traffic at once, but may require you to do it on more pages and you will get to grow your site traffic with time.

Consider Buying Web Traffic

Yet another thing that many beginners fail at is ignoring the power of buying web traffic. Many people would ask themselves, why buy traffic when you an get it for free? This is a wrong angle to internet marketing and one that could even sink your entire online business. There are some online businesses that cannot survive on free traffic alone and requires one to make an investment on the website to start getting solid traffic to keep the online business afloat.

There are lots of sites selling traffic online and you can easily buy the traffic and start seeing results right away. One thing that you have to keep in mid though is that the online world is just like the offline world and has its cons. There are lots of web traffic vendors that cannot be trusted because they use bots and softwares to generate traffic which will not add any value to your site since there wont be any sales. As such, you should be careful on which sites you are buying traffic from. You can check out our web traffic packages as we have been in business for many years and worked with many companies and online businesses.

Social Media And Bookmarking Never Dies

social mediaWith over a billion people active on social media sites, there is a whole new world where every business can get their share online. Regardless of your niche, going social is a must in today’s world. People are relying on social media every single day and many businesses are making thousands of dollars everyday through social media. If you are not actively engaging your prospects socially, then you are losing a lot of money and business to your competitors.

You need to set up your profile on as many social media sites as you can and always have time to share and engage with potential clients and customers. Social media groups are good spots to help people and hook up some prospective buyers and clients.

Social bookmarking is also one of the oldest ways to build an authoritative site and you should always consider it as both a short term and long term traffic strategy.

Final Word:

Getting traffic to your website should always be your main objective in your online business. It is the backbone to your online success and without traffic, you are better off without a website.

We are a traffic provider with experts in the industry who have years of marketing experience. This has always given us an edge ion providing nothing short of quality web traffic that gets out clients the bets conversion rates. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the industry, we can help you get more sales and leads by sending high converting traffic to your website, landing page or blog. So, why not jump in and we will help you get started with setting up your first traffic campaign?

How To Make Your Traffic Sticky And Get Better Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is a web traffic metric that is used to measure the quality of a website from the user’s point of view. Bounce rate is the measure of how a website is able to retain its visitors. A website that has higher bounce rate means that users may not find the website useful and thus leave the site.

To better understand what bounce rate is, here is a practical example.

When visitors come to your website, some would read the post where they landed and while some will proceed to read another post on your website, others will leave to another website. The rate at which people leave your site over the total visitors is what is termed as the bounce rate. Practically, the more people leave your website, the higher the bounce rate. Higher bounce rate is considered bad and something that one needs to work on since it reflects the quality of the website content.

Besides that, bounce rate is a metrics that is used by search engines to determine how important a website is. This is therefore something that needs to be looked into.

Below, we will go through some of the best ways to make a web page stickier and reduce the bounce rate:

Work On Content Readability

Content is what determines whether your visitors will continue to stay or leave your website. As such, you need to make sure that the content on the site is top notch and that it reads smooth all the way. The good thing with taking care of this part is that it is simple and all you need to do is either rewrite the content or ask someone to help do it for you.

To make sure that the copy is of good quality, it is always recommended that you hire an expert copywriter who will also ensure that the content not only reads well but also converts. You might also like to use some of the readability tools such as the flesch score analyzer which will help you determine the score and how the content is.

Avoid The Use Of Pop-Ups And Other

The next thing that you’d want to never do to your users is to piss them off. Audiences are among the most important part of your online business and you should do whatever it takes to continue having them. Although websites are meant to earn you an income from your online efforts, there are approaches that will deny you this and will even make it worse for you. Pop under and pop up advertisements is one that will chase most of you audiences away.

Imagine visiting a web page full of pop under ads that keep distracting you when you are trying to read something. The same way that you will feel bad about it is what other users will feel. Although pop ups could work in some niches, there are sensitive niches that shouldn’t have any of these. If you are therefore using pop under pop ups and other form of advertisements that will piss off users, you should look into it. Placing too many advertisements is yet another thing that you wouldn’t want to do.

Use More Captivating Call To Actions

How are the call to action on your website? The other thing that you wouldn’t want to miss on is how your titles and anchor links are tagged. They need to be convictive enough and inspire the users to click on the link. Doing this on many pages that are mostly visited will reflect a lower bounce rate thus a better themed site that demands attention.

Split testing several call to actions should also help you decide on the right one to go with. You need to take time to create and test different call to actions keeping track of how each one of them performs. Testing variants of the same page is also another thing that you should give much thought.

Improve The Speed Of Your Website

Have you ever visited a website that takes more than a minute to load? If you have then chances are that you never even dared to open another web page on that site. People love to interact with fast sites and those that give them results that they are looking for fast. Nobody is willing to wait for more than a few seconds to read then head to the cart and buy from you. If you wouldn’t like to lose your customers then you have to make sure that your website loads fast.

There are several ways that one can get their website loading fast including going for a good web hosting. When you have a good web host that is reliable, your website is allocated enough resources and your visitors will love the experience without experiencing downtimes.

Some other ways to speed up your website includes using caching scripts and plugins which will enable the website to load in-demand user requests without taking up many resources. If you have little knowledge of speeding up you website then you need to consult with an expert and speed up your site to improve your bounce rate and the user’s experience.

Final Word:

Bounce rate is something that should concern every serious internet marketer. It not only means that you will get more page views but the fact that these metrics are used by the search engines like Google means a lot. Marketers should do all things possible to improve their website’s bounce rate and the strategies highlighted above should be helpful.

If you are looking for high quality web traffic that will give you good conversions then check out some of our packages. We have been serving hundreds upon thousands of clients and helping them get better returns on the traffic that they get from us. We are certain that we will help you reach the same target through our high quality web traffic. We channel traffic from dozens of niches that come from many websites in our network and authority site partners.

How To Use Search Engine Optimization to Boost Your Sales

Internet marketing and generally selling stuffs online is not easy and that is just the way it is. If you ever wanted to get sales coming through, then you have to do lots in the marketing arena. If making sales was easy then everyone would probably be doing it and you can be rest assured that there could be more billionaires than there are today. In this guide, we will cover the art of search engine optimization and how to use it effectively.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Web traffic is the most essential nutrient that is required to get things running. If you are looking for a stable way on how to get website traffic to increase sales then this write-up will help you understand and harness the power of the search engine to do so.

First of all before moving any further it would be good to take an overview of what search engine optimization is and what it entails. Search Engine Optimization which is mostly abbreviated as SEO is a technique used by webmasters and Internet marketers to structure and make web pages get better visibility through the search engines. Why would anyone want their website to rank high? Imagine if you were going to buy a laptop computer and the best place you can think of is to purchase it through the Internet; you will most likely like to use Google or any other search engine that you know to find it. Assuming that you search for the term “cheap laptops”. You will get millions of results but you will of course pick the first ones since you cant peruse thousands of pages. If you were a webmaster having your website ranking on top pages, your business would be fairing well as you enjoy the sales from the first ranking pages. The same trend happens to millions of products that are sold daily through the Internet and this is simply the reason why you may want to rank your pages high.

Why use Search engine optimization?
There is a reason for everything and as for SEO there are a number of reasons why one would stick to use it to harness traffic. Here are some of the key reasons why one would invest in SEO.

1) It is long term
Everyone would love to enjoy sales and positive ROI in their business for a long term. SEO is one of the best traffic techniques that are considered evergreen and highly converting. Once one has ranked on top they can continue receiving traffic with little or no maintenance on the site.

2) High conversion rate
If you are looking for the best way on how to get website traffic to increase sales then SEO is the perfect choice. One of the core values that search engine has as compared to any other is that one can optimize for a buyer keyword which means that one can focus on ranking a keyword that has high potential of converting into sales. An example of a buyer keyword is “buy cheap Toshiba laptop”. In this keyword, it is clear that someone is looking to buy the particular laptop and will be a great fortune for one who ranks high for the term.

3) It is hassle free
With SEO one does not necessarily have to invest or pay anything to get their pages ranking. Although newbies may spend a lot of time to rank a web page, it is well worthy of the time as it will pay off in due time.

Approaching Search Engine optimization

seo-896175_640Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a cliché and a regularly used term to many webmasters and Internet marketers today. There is always a 3 step process when doing SEO to get a web page to rank. Here are the steps;

-Keyword Research
Keyword research is the process of choosing the perfect keyword to target and rank for in the searches. It is very obvious that competition is everywhere and the best thing to look when going for a keyword to rank for is to go for the low competitive ones. How do you know that a keyword is low in competition? Finding a low competitive keyword may be difficult without the use of Keyword research tools. There are plenty of keyword research tools out there in the market that one can use to measure and get different analysis on the keyword. Some tools go as far as showing the weakly optimized sites which one can take advantage and outrank. Keyword research is a MUST do step if one is looking for a surefire way to increase sales through the search engine.

-On-page optimization
This is the second step and also one that should not be messed around with. It starts with the writing and structuring content to meet the search engine standards. Not every content will rank since the search engines are tightening the rope to get their searches the best quality content. To write high quality ranking content, one needs to be familiar with the current SEO content algorithmic changes before starting off. The next step of on-page optimization is to structure the website and the content layout in a way that the search engines find ease to crawl and rank the pages. These will involve things like optimizing meta tags, description, title tags and image tags. On page is also a must do step that every website owner who is serious about ranking their site should not ignore.

-Off-Page optimization
This is the final step and the most important of all. If you do the other steps and leave this step, then you may consider yourself having done zero-work. Off page optimization deals with how the website being ranked for is relating to the rest of the web. Backlinks are the main focus in which one will mainly focus on when doing off page optimization. They are the links that point to the content being ranked and the search engines consider them to be good signals when considering a web page to place on top. Authority flow is also another thing that the search engines use to gauge websites. If a website has more authority backlinks than the other competitor, then it will be favored to rank higher. One should however not forget to only focus on the white hat methods when backlinking to avoid being flushed out of the search engine ranking pages (serps). Staying up to date will also help one to know what they are doing right and what they need to focus on to be in line with the search engine terms.

Search engine has proven to be among the best ways to get untapped traffic through a long term and is the best solution for people who are wondering how to get website traffic to increase sales in their online business. The above steps are all important and will give one the best way to harness quality and evergreen search traffic.

Can One Get Traffic From Google Without Backlinks?

If you have been in the internet marketing game for a while then you already know what SEO is and what a backlink is. With that said, the big question that many internet marketers, especially those that are still new and getting started is; Can one get traffic from Google without doing the off-page optimization that includes backlinking?

Google is a giant of the web that is known to help many businesses and marketers flexibly get traffic and make ends meet. There are millions of businesses and online sites that solely depend on Google to keep their daily business running profitably and without Google, they would be down on their competitor’s knees. Keeping that in mind, it is clear that Google is a traffic powerhouse that many internet marketers cannot live without. But, what is the best approach to get traffic from this Google? And do you need to do backlinking or any other off-page approach to get this juice? Below are some of the strategies that have been proven to work in getting traffic from Google without ever having to do SEO or backlinking.

Submitting Content To News Sites

You must have seen a trend in which internet marketers have their content featured on high authority news sites and wondered the essence of that. The truth of the matter is that Google always give high priority to news sites that have built their online credibility and trust over time and with your content appearing these sites for a trending topic, you will get swarms of traffic without any sweat and this is the reason why you need to use this approach. Most of the news seekers online rely on Google News and you need to take advantage of this and hop on the wagon whenever there is something newsworthy to report on your niche. Google News is an entity and a band on its own which receives millions of people seeking fro information and from a marketer’s point of view, this is a traffic gem worth pursuing.

It is an approach that has been used by many marketed over time and you are sure to get good results from it over time. And besides that, you will also be getting some good backlinks that will help your website get a good authority which can also get you higher ranking on the search engines as Google loves such authority backlinks on your website.

You will find hundreds upon hundreds of news sites that allow people to register and start writing and submitting newsworthy content. As long as the content is newsworthy and not too promotional, they will always be accepted and you can always do this for as many sites as you can and expect a good climbing graph in the traffic from search engines.

Write & Submit Press Releases

Do you use press release to market your website? If not, then you have been missing out big time. Press release gives marketers a chance to air their latest newsworthy content as well as get traffic from dozens or hundreds of sites across the globe where the content will be shared. Depending on the kind of press release you choose, you can also end up getting your page ranked on the search engines.

Besides the press releases helping you to get the word out it lands you on Google news in most instances which means that you get extended exposure and more traffic comes to your website. And when a website is featured on Google news, you can always expect good things. All in all, the decision to use press release is a well worthy approach.

Commenting On News Articles

Are you a newbie who has little or no budget to get started with SEO and other marketing strategies? Well, this is the strategy that you need to be using until you start making bank and upgrade to higher and more sophisticated marketing techniques. The approach is pretty easy and self-explanatory as it involves searching for niche based sites that are on Google News and commenting on them. This strategy helps to pass authority juice from the fresh content as well as traffic to your site. And this approach does not involve anything complex as you will just be reading and commenting on the latest emerging issues on your niche. It also helps your site to appear relevant in the eyes of the search engine crawlers and sooner you will find yourself starting to easily rank for good keywords on the search engines.

Buying Traffic

getting better trafficNext, you’d want to focus and consider investing on traffic by buying ad slots and getting it from quality traffic vendors like we do here at And Web Traffic. The tricky part with buying traffic is that there are lots of vendors who are scams and could lead you to a hole and a situation where you spend too much money and nothing to show for it.

Google is without any doubt the best online platform that allows advertisers to reach out to as many clients as they can. With its Google Adwords advertising medium anyone can set up adverts and start targeting them based on various factors such as age, gender, location among other targeting features. The accuracy and result driven nature that the platform offers has made it very unique and high performing than any other you will ever come across.

Final Word:

With these simple, yet powerful actionable traffic marketing strategies, you can always expect nothing short of good quality traffic that will transform and change the way you do things. They are also easy to implement and get things going with little effort.

If you even need something that eases up your work and gets you good results without much work, then you should check out our high quality web traffic packages that are used by thousands of webmasters and internet marketers from different niches. We are certain that the traffic will help you improve and up your game.

5 Social Media Principles That You Need To Implement For More Traffic

If social media marketing isn’t part of your pillar traffic approaches, then you are missing out in some high quality, easy web traffic. Social media have become a daily ritual that over a billion people are actively engaged on. From a marketer’s point of view, this could be a great opportunity to make a killing from almost every niche online.

But how do you go about social media marketing and get thousands of traffic flowing to your website? Below, we have covered 5 easy to follow techniques which you can implement under any niche.

Set Realistic Social Media Traffic Campaigns That You Can Achieve

We all know that there are bazillion people at the social media sites. This has gotten most of us excited to the point of setting goals which can’t be achieved. It is important to understand that building a social media relationship is important and it takes time. On that account, one is advised to focus on building solid relationship with the audience on a reasonable scale rather than spamming links to get people to visit your website without getting the help they needed.

When you lay down a time plan and allocate time for your social media campaigns, you should know how much you can achieve depending on the goals you have in mind. Whether it is a short term goal or a long term one, you should pull all strings to see that it is implemented perfectly.

Test Different Tactics As You Go

No marketing is perennial and there will always be a new marketing approach coined every day. This is because people keep changing the way they use the social media and how they interact with each other. As such, as a marketer, you also have to be on toes forging for something better to get your website more visibility.

There are many ways to win the social media game but you also need to understand that finding the best requires that you dedicate yourself to testing them and finding out which one works best. Spying on your competitors and learning their traffic acquisition methodology is also something that you can do.

Have A Good Schedule To Be On The Social Media

Most internet marketers would admit that social media is just a spot where they spend their extra time after doing other stuff. While social media marketing might not demand a lot of time, it is important to remember that ever minute you spend doing something there counts and is very valuable.

Social media marketing, like any other type of marketing should be given a considerable amount of time if you expect it to yield you results. If you are a serious internet marketer then you shouldn’t underestimate the powers of social media marketing. Schedule tasks regularly and take some time to interact and connect with other people through social media. This has been proven to boost brand visibility as well as building an authority website.

Artificial Intelligence And Robots

The world we are living in is quickly changing and tech is taking over. We simply can’t ignore the use of artificial intelligence and robots which are helping folks run almost every task. If you have been on the internet marketing scene for a while then you must have come across various softwares that does lots of things.

The thing with these softwares is that if they are not used properly, they could bring more harm than good to your website. Some black hat marketing techniques such as spam backlinking is just one example of a bad use of robots and softwares. Usually these websites don’t last long and get minimal amount of traffic. The best way to use robots and the artificial technology is by using them to simplify tasks that

Chatbots are a good example of a robot in action. While it mimics human behavior and triggers some action based on user’s executions, they are meant to only improve their experience without being a dreg. Implementing this approach along social media campaigns has shown tremendous effect on marketing campaigns, something you should be doing too.

Always stay Updated with Social Media Sites And Trends

There is nothing bad in the social media space like being left behind and you are left behind trying old techniques and struggling to make them work. If you don’t frequent the social media sites then one day decide to implement a campaign, not knowing that the platform underwent some changes, you will find yourself revolving around strategies that won’t give any results.

When you decide that Social media will be part of your marketing strategy, you need to put focus on the top social media sites. Know what’s trending in your niche and make sure that you actively become part of it. Otherwise you might not enjoy the social media traffic advantage that many people are talking about. If you are very busy and can’t avail yourself for such work, it is recommended to hire a freelancer to help you run the social media tasks. Depending on your strategy, the process will pay off.

Final Word:

Social media is a powerhouse and a high quality traffic gem for anyone who is serious about taking their marketing to higher levels. It however requires good time management and setting up realistic goals. One should also be fully dedicated to implementing and getting things in line.

If all these social media strategies are off your time plan then perhaps it is time you try out something else for your website. We all know that the main aim of doing all these is because traffic is what makes an online business thrive. So have you ever thought of acquiring targeted traffic from other sources?

We would like to help you channel high quality traffic to your website by offering you an irresistible offer. We work with many internet marketers and companies to help them acquire website traffic that gets them conversions. We can do the same for you today. Head over to our traffic packages page and check out the current offers. We are certain that you will love the end results. You can also get in touch with us with any queries about buying website traffic.

5 Proven Ways To Increase Etsy Traffic Within 3 Months

Do you have an Etsy shop and aren’t getting enough traffic to drive sizeable amount of sales? Worry not. This guide is all about helping you know about the best ways to increase Estsy traffic through effective and proven methods and within a very short time frame. Amateur marketers fail to reach their goals and objectives simply because they lack actionable strategies. This post aims to make a change on that and help you get relevant traffic that will convert into customers.

The good things about these strategies are that they are easy to implement and does not require technical skills in online marketing. So, anybody can simply get started regardless of their marketing level and skill. Here are the methods;

1)    Understand your Target Audiences and Reach Out To Them

There is nothing that is so horrible in the whole internet marketing world that is as pathetic as poor targeting. You cannot market your Etsy bracelets to someone who is into a financial business. It just won’t work. So if you have bracelets or earrings in your Etsy shop, you need to know who you target audience are so that you can make efforts to reach out to them.

After identifying your customers and prospective buyers, you should then optimize your profile to be as captivating as possible. Consider this as bait to anyone who comes across your profile.

Once this is done, you can then go ahead with you outreach and your normal errands of posting and sharing some of you best products to display on the front of your shop. With all this in place, you are sure to get more attention from people who did not care earlier about your shop.

2)    Extend Out With A Blog

Something that may already seem overly-discussed is the importance of having a blog. There are a bazillion reasons why a blog is so important and the first and most important is to communicate and bait people to your Etsy shop. Blogs are meant to be informative resource sites which offer valuable information to the audiences. By way of example, let’s consider two Etsy shop owners. None has a blog and another one does not have. The one who has a blog can post detailed information about an ornament or whatever they are selling on their Etsy shop. Whoever comes across this information on the blog will eventually be more convinced than one who did not see it.  The person with the blog will therefore make more sales than the pone without.

Blogs are thus important tools for anyone who is serious about getting more sales through Etsy.

3)    Integrate Social Media With Your Etsy Shop

Etsy is meant for people who have creative things to offer the world. People love things that are uniquely crafted and designed and do you know what other thing the world loves? The social media. Now if you haven’t integrated the social media to your store, then you are missing out on some quality social traffic that can easily be turned into sales. With over a billion of active audiences that are aggressively looking for something cool, it could be your best place to introduce your original creative products in front of them.

Many people have reported seeing tremendous boost in their sales after using social media and there is no reason why it won’t work for you too. Pinterest and instagram are two social media sites that are good places to get started and the fact that their audiences are image centered, you can also share images of your products.

Your image can easily get shared and go viral depending how good it is. And that could mean more Etsy traffic and sales to you.

4)    Dig In To Know More About Strategies Of Top Performers

Buy Clicks for Your WebsiteEvery business faces competition, whether online or offline. Going neck to neck with competition is something that is common and to keep your business alive, you must act and stay in front of them. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by digging deep into learning their strategy and knowing what works for them.

To get started with analyzing and spying on your competitor’s marketing, there are dozens of tools online which can tell you anything from the campaigns that your competitors are using to the amount of traffic that they are getting. Even though this might sound more complicated, it is easier to get the analysis. You can start by using Craft Count. This is a tool that keeps track of Etsy statistics monitoring ever shop. With this, you can start seeing how other shop owners are optimizing their shops and why they are getting some good attention. Clone the ideas and make more sales too.

5)     Optimize For Esty Search

One other thing that many people need to understand is that Etsy is also a search engine that is listing millions of products. When audiences and buyers come by to shop, among the things that they do is to search for something. Now for your shop to appear among the top results and for your products to appear, you need to do some optimization. Some of the optimizations that you should be looking into includes using keywords in product descriptions, titles and in the tags. You should also know which are the most common searched terms so that you can know the keywords that you need to focus on more. To get ideas on this, you can use any external tool such as Google keyword planner to know how popular a keyword is.

Final word:

Now that you have these proven traffic methods, the ball is on your court and it is up to you to take action and implement them so that you can start seeing sales. Without taking action, these strategies are useless to know since nothing will come out of it unless you put them to use.

We understand that it could be a bit tricky and perhaps you are caught up with time. If that is the case, or perhaps you need some quality traffic to drive sales on your Etsy shop immediately, you may consider getting one of our high quality traffic packages. These are legit traffic from our huge network consisting of hundreds of websites from all niches. They are also the same traffic that hundreds of marketers are using on their website to make thousands in sales. So why not jump in and see how it works for you?

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