Guest Blogging Traffic Steps & Best Practices For Beginners

If you have been in the online marketing game then Guest blogging, which is otherwise known as guest posting is a common term that you come across every time. If you are however a newbie and just getting started and don’t know much about it, then this post is for you. Guest posting is one of the best ways to market an online business, website or brand online, and you can almost be certain of the results later. It is basically the process of writing a blog post on someone else blog or website, hence the term “guest blogging”

So what do you need to succeed with guest blogging and where do you start? Here are some of the steps and best practices that every beginner in online marketing should follow to boost their site traffic which will lead to more sales.

Find Guest Post Targets (Outreach)

the first step is to find guest posting targets. These are the websites and blogs that you believe are the best fit to write for. There are a number of known ways that one can use to find the right sites. First, you can start with searching on the search engines like Google and Bing using specific keywords that better defines your niche. You can learn of certain search strings that usually come in handy when using search engines.

The other option you have is to use social media to find out the best trending sites in your niche and reach out to their owners.

When you have these sites, list them down along with the corresponding contacts of the owners. Next, you need to start contacting the site owners. This process if called outreach and it involves pitching the owners and asking them if you can write a post on their site about a specific topic that you think the audiences of that site will enjoy and find informative. You should repeat this with all the sites and eventually you will get some responding positively accepting your pitch.

Get Your Guest Post Ready

Once you have been accepted, the blog owners might specify a topic for you or give you the freedom to write your own the way you like it. While writing the post, be sure to sound authoritative and knowledgeable of the topic and this will make the readers believe and trust you as a solid source of information. The content written should however be up to date and very accurate.

Adding a little humor and making the whole post interesting to read is also something that you may want to consider. People love reading funny side of things and that is your chance.

When it comes to ending the post, finish with a bang and ask the readers to share the post. This will get more people to read the post.

Follow Back & Respond to Every Comment

Depending on the size of the blog that you have posted on, be sure to expect some good responses from the reader through the comments on that site. It is always a good idea to always respond to these comments as it helps the readers understand and get answers to questions they have pertaining the topic. It is also the best chance for you to prove your prowess in the area. This will help you hook them and win them as your followers and they will eventually land on yr site and hopefully end up buying and becoming your regular customers.

Guest Posting Best Practices

Here are some of the things that will help you boost your guest posting and ensure that you are getting the bets from it.

Stick to your niche – It is always very important to ensure that you are working with sites that are strictly in your niche. You don’t want to go marketing your pet products in an automotive blog because there wont be anyone interested.

Give it your best – The next thing you want to do is to give it your best. From reaching out to more blogs to writing the guest posts to your best knowledge, everything needs to be spot on.

Don’t forget to link – the primary purpose of guest posting is to give you traffic and this is usually done thorough the link you use on the content. Some blogs might not allow you to link on the body of the content but they give you the chance to link through the author byline, in whichever case, do not forget to link you your website or blog.

Focus on authority blogs with lots of traffic – The other thing that you must keep in mind is that the traffic you generate will depend on the authority of the blog you have posted on. Authority blogs have more traffic than newer ones and this should be in your mind when reaching out.

Final word:

We all need web traffic to be successful online and there are hundreds of ways that one can start using to generate the much needed traffic. Unfortunately, not all traffic sources bring good results and only a few are proven to work. Guest blogging is one of these proven techniques and this posts contains all you need to know as a beginner on how to get started and start generating traffic easily using the strategy. We’ve made it easy to understand and follow making it easy peasy for every newbies out there. Internet marketing pros can also borrow some few pointers to enhance their guest posting strategies.

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6 Actionable Ways Of Creating Content That Pulls More Traffic

Highly trafficked sites know the main ingredient to getting lots of people to visit their site or read a new blog article whenever it is published. However, many webmasters out there are still struggling trying to find out how one can achieve this. The truth is, they are using actionable and proven strategies and you can do that too and start getting swarms of traffic to your website. So how does one create content that attracts more visitors and get you more conversions? In this guide, we will go through 5 actionable approaches that you can implement on your website and start seeing your graph rise. Here they are;

Reverse Engineer Your Content Strategy

We all know that creating more content on the site builds a larger site and one that is more authoritative. We have been made to believe that creating more content is the way to go, forgetting that it is not just any kind of content. In almost every niche, there are those topics that are hot and proven to yield more traffic and conversions and these are the ones you should be putting more focus on. On that account, you need to visit your old content checking out the ones that performed best and create an article on the same topic. This will be like bumping up the post with some freshness and you can expect some viral traffic from it. This is an approach that many big companies are sites are using and you too can use t to change the way you run this.

Make Your Headlines And Content Irresistible

The secret to getting more traffic and click through rate over impressions is to craft content that the reader cannot resist. content is everything online and the fact that there is competition everywhere, you need to make your content stand out from the rest and give the reader a reason to click on yours. The better your article title, the more traffic you stand to get on your site which also translates to more sales and conversions. So how do you create outstanding headlines and content? The best way to do this is to check out the top sites in your niche and see how they are doing it. That will give you an idea on how to create content that goes viral and those that will pull in more traffic.

Focus On Long But Informative Content

Content length is something else that you’d want to put more focus on. Research has shown that websites with lengthy content build more authority and dominate the search engines meaning that they are getting more traffic. But why is this the case? It is simply because a lengthy article is one considered to be more credible and comprehensive. This means that if you are looking to build a huge site and grow your web traffic, you stand to make your site big and get tons of traffic in the long term. However, you are not just going to create any kind of content. you must make sure that the articles are informative, interesting to read and worth reading all through.


Your Content Promotion Matters

Most of us write content and post it on their site without ever considering the need to promote and ensure that people are viewing it or not. the truth of the mater is that very few people if any will find your content. Gone are the days when you’d post an article and start seeing swarms of traffic flooding in. These days, you need to work extra hard and push your content to have better visibility.


80/20 promotion is something that has been talked about many times in the internet marketing wold. What this means is that you should put 20% of your time on content creation and the other 80% in promotion. It is an approach that many marketers agree to and there is no reason why it wont work for your website.


Use Automation Tools Whenever Possible

Time is of the essence in every industry and this also applies to the internet marketing world. If you want to be successful online, you must make sure that you have a good time plan and you do not waste much time on things that do not work. While many amateur marketers struggle with little strategies like sharing content on social media, big sites that have grown are automating these tasks. There are tons of online tools and softwares that makes automation a seamless thing. This means that you can stop wasting more time on setting up that Facebook post and let the tools do the work as you work on something else. There are lots of tools each with a different task and you will find lots of them for free. This will guarantee you high quality traffic that is consistent over time.

Always Test and Try New Strategies

getting better trafficHow many times do you try a new strategy on your site? If there is one thing that separates successful marketers and the many who fail, it is trying new things. Websites are different in the way they perform and there is no specific method that is surefire to every site. This means that a strategy that doesn’t work for one might work perfectly for another. So the best way to know if a strategy works for you is by trying many marketing strategies to find one that works perfect for your website. although at times it could be expensive, it is well worth the invested time and money.

Final Thoughts

Traffic will always remain the key to a successful website and with the strategies shared above, you will be better off than many sites. These strategies are guaranteed to boost your online visibility and get more traffic and sales.

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How to Increase The Number of Backlinks For a Website

The number of people selling products and ideas online is increasing at an alarming rate. This therefore means that online marketers need to be aware of the simple strategies to use to increase backlinks to their sites or to make their online visibility and acquire more traffic.

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This is what we call link-building. Link-building entails the creation of links to several other websites online with the sole purpose of increasing the visibility of a website. This article educates you on how to increase the number of links for a website. These strategies are simple to use and yield admirable results. The following are some of the things that will help you increase backlinks to your website:

Build your website’s visibility on search engines results pages. The higher the visibility of your website on these pages,the higher the number of people who visit your site. This is because, your site will always pop up whenever customers search for something on the internet that is related to what your site offers. This will lead to more people knowing more about your products. There are tools on the internet that can help you increase your site’s ranking on search engine results pages. Look for those tools and use them appropriately.

Hire professionals. There are people out there who have specialized in link-building. These people know each and every trick in this area that increases the number of links to a site. Use such people for better results. Enough research and advice-seeking will help you locate the right professionals for the particular job.

increase backlinks easilyMake your site authoritative and easy to link with. This means professionally developing your website. Ensure that all the tiny details that classify a website as professionally developed are followed to the later. The content written on your website should be well researched on and should be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. Making your site easy to link with is also important. This is because, most people will find it easy to link to your site increasing the number of links to your site.

Use blogs. Start a blog where you blog interesting and great content regularly. Ensure that the content is catchy to attract several people. Also, comment on other people’s blogs and ensure that your comments are well-thought off to attract more people to your site or to make people want to link their websites to yours.

There are many other strategies that you can use to increase the number of links to your site. Proper research will help you identify these strategies for better results.

4 Ways To Bait Viral Traffic And Make Your Site A Big Buzz

If you ask any experience internet marketer about their online strategy, you will realize that all of them revolves around getting more web traffic to their website. Web traffic is the backbone and the reason why internet marketing exists. Without web traffic, there is no website and you can forget about any strategy that you have ever thought of. Among the best and most loved means of driving traffic to any website is viral traffic. Viral traffic is the process by which your website gets more visitors as a result of being shared and reaching out to more people. When your content is shared by more people, it creates a ripple effect and depending on certain factors such as how the content quality is, your content could reach thousands to millions of people. And the most amazing thing is that this can happen in just a matter of hours or days.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways to bait traffic and get your posts the viral share-ability that it needs to make your website a big buzz. These are the same exact approaches that the big websites are using to bait their audiences and readers and get thousands of traffic every single day.

Create Killer Content

The content is the selling point and determines how shareable the content is and how far it will go when it comes to getting it to go viral. How the content is captivating interesting and at the same time informative is what determines how much it gets shared. If you are really looking for viral traffic then these three elements should be spot on.

Creating list posts is also another thing that has worked for many blogger and webmaster over the years. If you visit any authority blog that has amassed a huge following like Mashable, you will realize that most of their pillar posts are mega lists which acts as resources and information hubs. What these mega lists does is its gets you tons of audiences over a short period and since they are informative and many people will love the points shared, they are inclined to share it. The sharing goes viral and soon your blog will be a big buzz. This is something that you can do with various twists but make sure that the content shared is informative and are meant to solve common issues highlighted in the subject.

Use Creative And Captivating Videos

Video content are among the things that are said to revolutionize and form the future web. More and more people are inclined to using videos as a source of information rather than the content. As such, every serious internet marketer who is looking for a long term internet marketing approach should consider videos as a marketing tool.

Creating videos doesn’t however have to be that difficult. There are a dozen softwares that you will find in the industry today which you can use to create videos even without having to face the camera. When you choose videos as your source of viral marketing, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. Here are some:

-Make sure the video is creative and informative. People are always ready to share something that they know will help others.

-Don’t forget to share the video in as many video sharing sites as possible to increase the visibility and chances of going vial.

-Be sure to give it the social media kick by sharing it through as many social media sites as possible.

-Reach out to bloggers as well as influencer sin your niche and ask them to share the video.

With the above pointers, you are sure to send your video viral and get massive amount of visitors to your website.

Infographics Are Taking Over

free viral trafficIf you haven’t created a few infographics in the past, then you have been messing up your internet marketing and you need to wake up and do something. Infographics are among the most common forms of media that is trending today. Not only are they easy to read and go through, but they are also fun to use. From the webmaster’s point of view, infographics are easy to make and they above all they are easy to share. This fact alone makes them easily go viral and with good marketing, infographics alone can be a dependable source of high quality traffic.

From recent studies that has shown high user interaction as well as the share-ability of the infographics, they are the perfect bait tool to help your website grow. There are a dozen tools that have pre-made templates and all you have to do is edit them and easily get your infographic which you can share through tons of platforms to get your word out. Always remember to add your website address on your infographics so that people can easily find you website.

Go Arms On Social Media

You must be on the social media and if you are not, then you can consider that as an internet marketing suicide to your business. If you keenly look into every business or successful online sites you will hardly find one that has no active social media engagement.

No matter what kind of marketing that you use, social media is a must use. With about a billion active people on social media sites, there is no other place where you can find such a mass. Whichever the niche you are into, social media is a good web traffic bait.

Final Word:

With the approaches highlighted above, you can easily give your website the traffic boost that it needs. They are some of the best techniques used by many huge sites to acquire thousands of traffic to their website. They are also easy to implement and anyone can use them.

Take some time to check out our high quality web packages which we guarantee will get you tons of conversions. We serve lots of websites online and have helped them to get lots of sales and conversions. It is due to this fact that we have been able to get lots of return customers who come back for more.

How To Increase The Page Rank Of A WordPress Site Very Quickly?

A word press site is an important marketing tool. However just having one will not automatically rank you number one on the search engines for there are many businesses out there that also own a word press site. However, it is not difficult to have a higher ranking neither does it have to take a long time for you to get there.Below is a comprehensive guide to increase page rank on your site.

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So how can you increase page rank of a word press site quickly?

Use Plugins

Plugins help in increasing your online visibility and there are a number of them. The plugins will help you to come up with better content for your website by showing you what your audience liked about your site and what they did not like.

For a word press site keywords are very important and there are plugins that help you know whether you have placed them correctly. Images are also very common in a word press site so having a plugin that will optimize your images is important. Search engines rely on tags and tittles to rank your images. There are plugins that will tag your photos correctly. Once the search engines have verified that everything on your website is of high quality, they will give you a higher ranking

Quality Content

For your word press site to increase page rank quickly you need to come up with unique content. Ensure that the information you are offering to your clients will not be found anywhere else. Take time to come up with attractive tittles that are easily picked up by the SEO engines. You also have to ensure that you keep posting new information on your site from time to time to remain relevant.

It also helps to always answer the queries posted on your website by your clients, ensure you take time to do a good research on their questions before you post. This will keep your clients satisfied and they are bound to refer other people to your site thus increasing traffic on your site. To rank high on the search engines you have to have heavy traffic on your website.


increase page rankSocial media cannot also help drive traffic to your WordPress site. The social media platforms have become an important tool for online advertising. Ensure that you are on every social media platform and while at it ensure that your presence is felt. Tweet every post from your blog; share your photos on instagram and pinterest. Create a Facebook page where you will be posting creative articles about your business from time to time. It also helps to join a community that belongs to your niche and join the conversation.

Do not shy away from offering advice when asked and always remember to return the favor by commenting on your client’s pages. Ensure that you include share buttons on your pages for people to share your post and include links to your site. At the end of the day, you will find that more and more people will be visiting your site thus increasing your sites page ranking.

You do not have to wait for a long time to have a high rank on the search engines. There are proven tactics that you can use to increase page rank quickly. The one tool that will help you get that position is plugins. Use them to evaluate your keywords, your clients interests and tag your photos for you and once everything on your site is reliable then you will have a high rank.

Coming up with quality content is another way to ensure that you get that high ranking quickly. Invest in the content you put out there and you will be rising to the top within no time. Lastly but not least take advantage of the social media platforms to increase traffic on your site. The search engines will rank you higher if you have heavy traffic on your site.

Why your Website Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

Building traffic to a website takes time and skill which most people especially beginners find it to be a big pain. There is however no way a website can survive without getting traffic. It is therefore, a must to drive website traffic to get more sales and leads.

Depending on the approach you use to generate traffic, it could take months to get the right traffic that will get you conversion. Your knowledge of internet marketing also matters and will help you get around with some of the tricks.

Below, we will cover some of the things that you could be doing wrong with your traffic acquisition approach.

You Might Be Targeting The Wrong Audience

When talking about website traffic, it shouldn’t just be any random traffic. If you are serious about making sales and conversions from you website traffic, you need to make sure that the traffic is highly targeted and that you are getting the right type of audience.

To better illustrate the importance of targeted website traffic, here is an example;-

Suppose you are running a website selling jewelry and you need to channel quality traffic to that website, what would be the best way to do it? There are many options out there and among those that you will have to choose from includes buying generic traffic. This is traffic that comes from different countries, different genders and all kind of niches. Although this kind of traffic is cheaper, you shouldn’t expect to make a lot of sales and conversions from it. This is literally because the audiences were not intending to buy the jewels.

The other option you will have is to acquire targeted traffic from precise audience which is the best approach that you should be focusing on. With today’s internet marketing you can get laser targeted traffic based on location, niche, age and gender. Getting traffic that is targeted to your Jewelry website will guarantee you more sales and conversions because these audiences were interested in them.

It is better to focus on getting small amount of targeted traffic than a bazillion of them that are just random. Doing this guarantees that you are both cost effective and not wasting time with efforts.

Poor Keyword Targeting

SEO being one of the best internet marketing strategies has become bread and butter for every website out there. Regardless of the niche that you are in, there are millions of visitors who are using the search engines to land on your competitor’s websites. To stay afloat and ensure that you also get a share of this, you need to optimize your website and make sure that it is able to bait enough traffic.

To do this, you need to understand some of the basic SEO marketing techniques and the first that you need to know is keyword research. Keyword research involves digging up keywords that are being searched by audiences on the different search engines. This will allow you to increase your focus on what people are searching instead of putting effort on keywords that are less known.

Among the best keyword ideas that you should keep in mind includes;-

Focusing on long tail keywords which usually have lower competition and easy to rank for in the search engines.

Focusing on buyer intent keywords that guarantee more sales. These are keywords which are searched for by people who are interested in buying a certain product or service. Examples of such keywords are: – Buy affordable laptops, best lawn mowers to buy.

These are just two of the approaches that you can use to not only increase your website traffic but to also get better conversion rate from the traffic that comes to your website.

Your Content Could Be Of Low Quality

Buy targeted traffic that convertsSometimes the quality of content is something hat one should double check. Perhaps the content isn’t covering everything that the audience expects. You can choose to rewrite or add more information to top the existing content. If need be, you can also hire an experienced copywriter to rewrite the whole article and ensure that it is of the best quality. This not only ensures that the reads enjoy reading through it, but the process also increases the chances of closing in more deals.

So how do you know that the content quality is good enough to convert? There are several ways that you can use to gauge the performance of your content. Among them is monitoring and keeping track of user behavior and how they interact with the landing page. Using scripts such as Heatmaps should do most of this.

You can as well think of implementing split tests. Split testing is the process of using different landing pages and lead capture forms on different instances to test which one works better than the other. You can do as much split testing as you can to determine which page is perfect for you.

Your Website Isn’t Responsive

It is hard to imagine that in today’s web, there are websites that one cannot load on different devices. With a majority of people using mobile phones and other smart devices, it is important to ensure that your website can be easily navigated. Otherwise you will be getting traffic but can’t get the best conversion since the website is hard to navigate through.

To make your website responsive, you should focus on using the latest CMS platforms that make the designs cool and responsive. You can also hire a web designer or a coder to help you convert or design a new responsive website. With this in your checklist, you can be sure to get more sales and conversions.


With the plain reality that a website without traffic is as useless as a business without customers, traffic remains the lifeblood of any online business. With the above issues addresses, you should be able to get some solid website traffic within a shorter period of time.

We also have high quality targeted website traffic which you can get today to give your website the needed boost to generate you sales and conversions.

Best Traffic Sources For E-Commerce Websites

With the internet becoming a part of life for many of us, there are limitless things that one can do including doing online shopping. With many advantages that come with the mouse-click shopping, many people are turning to the internet to buy things and get them delivered to their doorsteps. For marketers and anyone looking to sell stuffs online, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the huge amount of shoppers. Running an E-commerce website would for example give one a chance to retail their products fast and conveniently reaching out to many audiences.

Profiting from an e-commerce store however demands that one know the marketing approaches of reaching out to their buyers. Unlike offline shops or local malls where shoppers look for your shop, E-commerce demands that do a market analysis and reach out to their prospective buyers.

This shouldn’t however sound strange and hard to do. Below, we have covered some of the best known high yielding marketing strategies of getting E-commerce traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Assuming that you are looking to buy something from the internet, what would be your first move and how do you find that specific item? Most shoppers would use internet search engines like Google and Yahoo to learn more about the products they are looking for and where to find it. Google displays thousands of results in pages and it is obvious that shoppers will go with visit websites that pops up first on the search results. From a marketer’s point of view, the websites that appear on the front page are the most beneficiaries who get to make more sales from the items bought.

SEO is the process of marketing a website and making it appear on the front pages of search engines like Google where buyers will find it. Since there are hundreds or thousands of websites out there competing and selling the same product, search engines like Google uses certain algorithms and systematic protocols to display the most relevant products.

When doing SEO, you are required to optimize and make the products on your website search friendly and relevant. SEO demands some technical mastery but it surely is a well worthy course. Among its unquestionable importance includes the fact that the traffic acquired is highly targeted and offers high conversion rate.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is yet another marketing approach that has been online for a long time and anyone who have spent time in the internet marketing game would tell you that it is one of the best marketing strategies that one can use. E-commerce marketers have embraced the use of PPC from way back and it is also an easy way to make quick sales if you are not into strategies like SEO which could take months to yield results.

With PPC, you will pay for every click resulting from a visitor who is channeled to your website. The visitor comes from various websites who are affiliated with the Pay Per Click advertising agency that you have chosen to work with. To get started with PPC, you need to sign up for a PPC advertiser account and start setting up advertising campaigns.

There are lots of PPC agencies including Google Adwords and 7 Search which one could start setting their bids and reaching out to prospects.

Among the best merits that comes with the use of PPC is that it doesn’t take time to see results. After you place your order and bid on the appropriate keywords, you can start receiving traffic instantly and could even make sales from the first few clicks you receive at that moment.

Although it may demand a huge budget to get started, proper use of Pay Per Click could see high yielding with E-commerce. You only need to know the techniques and tricks in bidding and how to maximize your ROI. Sometimes hiring an expert to help with this is also a good option worth considering. It is a surefire marketing approach for anyone who has a budget and needs quick results.

Social Media Marketing

social-media-1432937_640Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the talk of the town these days and you will find almost everyone actively pursuing the latest trends in these sites. With a global reach and a gargantuan load of audiences, these sites pose a hub of opportunities for marketers. Many E-commerce sites are actively using social media to reach out to audiences interested in their products, thanks to the easy targeting features in place.  One can easily reach out to a specific group of audiences from a particular region, age, gender or interests. With this kind of targeting in place, it is clear that the traffic is well targeted and once can expect good returns.

The models used in social media marketing vary depending on the social media site. Most ad campaigns are served on a per click or per impression basis. Setting up campaigns is pretty easy and one only needs to know simple ad placement basics.

Above from social media marketing being an invaluable traffic source, it is also a good way of giving your brand good visibility. To get the best out of social media websites, it is advisable that one only focuses on the top websites and also learns some tips and tricks on how to go about maximizing their profit margins.

Final word:

The approaches above have stood the test of time and if well implemented, they are sure to bolster any E-commerce website. They may require one to master the approach but it pays off in the long run.

Do you find the marketing approaches above to be confusing and hard to follow? Fret not; we’ve got a straightforward hands-free solution that you can always count on. For many years we have been helping E-commerce marketers and business owners to generate more sales online and we are sure that we will make the same for you.  We provide high quality targeted web traffic to your products. We make the whole process simple by giving you a user friendly interface where anybody without any marketing experience can set up campaigns and start making sales. So, what are you waiting for? Hop in and start getting high targeted prospects today.

Paid Traffic To Your Website – Does It Work?

Traffic remains one of the most important things and assets to any website out there. Be it a blog or a website, you need people to come in so that you make money from it and get your return on investment. Perhaps you’ve tried your hand in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing among other kinds of traffic methods. If none of them seem to work, then it is time to find another alternative traffic method. For most people, the other known alternative is paid traffic, which simply involves paying third parties to send traffic to your website. 

In this guide, we will comprehensively look into the world of paid traffic, what it entails and of course try to answer the question whether paid traffic is worth it. 

What Is Paid Traffic?

Perhaps the first thing that we need to understand is what paid traffic is and what it entails. As the name suggests, paid traffic is when a webmaster or a website owner buys web traffic by either paying for advertisement spots on other sites or paying traffic from advertising agencies who will then source traffic from other sites with the help of publishers. Unlike what many perceive that paid traffic is only paid per click, it involves all sorts of advertisements such as banner and ad placements where a web owner invests in some web space. 

The Different Types Of Paid Traffic

paid traffic to your website

As aforementioned, there are different types of paid traffic, and to further give you an understanding abut it, below are some of the best paid traffic sources that one can use to generate good quality web traffic

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a paid traffic strategy that involves webmasters paying for advertisements through a pay as you go module. One is basically charged every time there is a click on the advertisement that leads to their website. It is the most common  type of paid traffic that one can find and with the success rate that it has see, it is undoubtedly very powerful and the way to go if you are looking for a fully managed means of generating paid traffic to you website. Google Adwords is perhaps the moist well known platform that uses paid traffic. 

Here, thousands of internet marketers and online based businesses manage their advertisement campaigns that are served through Google and affiliated website partners. The network has succeeded to be one of the largest and most reliable traffic sources because most of the online users use Google for their daily searches. There are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo who also offer similar pay per click services. 

To succeed in pay per click, there are strategies that must be put in place. Among them includes split testing campaigns to ensure that you are getting the best ROI from the investment and doing thorough keyword research to find less competitive and bid cheaper to beat the competition. 

Social Media Advertisement

Social media is yet another market that has proven to be very effective when it comes to internet marketing. Considering that the global social media market has over 2 billion active users, it surely is a good spot to set up a website. Everyone has a hobby and somethignt that they are interested in, and with the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter having all the details, webmasters and internet marketers can make precise targeting and get more usable traffic by advertising through them. 

Social media marketing is however not that easy, and many people could find themselves generating a lot of traffic from these sites without actually getting any sales or return on their initial investments. Without a good strategy to follow and implement, it could lead to your downfall and an end to your online endeavors. With social media, one has to understand that visitors who are there aren’t primarily intended to buying anything unless it really appeals to them. So instead of focusing on quick selling, one should look at it from a long term perspective and consider using methods such as email marketing to lock them in. Targeting is also a crucial factor since these people need to precisely love what they are getting for them to actually buy from your site. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your precious time. 

Infleuncer Marketing

Any avid internet market knows what influencer marketing is. If you don’t, then it is basically the kind of marketing where an influential social media figure helps to promote a brand or a product to their own followers and audiences. Content marketed through the social media platform or on the influencer’s website is still considered to be part of this. This kind of marketing has demonstrated amazing results for many people and has become a favorite new way of reaching out to masses. Why does influencer marketing and why is it better than most other traffic? First off, influencer marketing is effective because it is based on the influencer’s solid trust with their audiences. Since the audiences have laid their trust and know the influencer, they are more inclined to buy and go with the recommendation they are getting from the influencer.

To get started with influencer marketing, it pretty much follows any other outreach approach similar to that used in guest posting. You basically peach and reach out to influencers wither through their social media platforms or through their websites an ask them to help advertise your product or website. The negotiations on the charges and other requirements between the website owner and the influencer will them kick off. One of the reasons why influencer marketing is excellent is that it works for both beginners and pros regardless of whether their site is new or old. 

Paid Discovery

Yet another effective paid traffic method that gets less attention from many marketers all over is paid discovery. Paid discovery is more of a recommended content type of advertising which may not be as effective as pay per click and influencer marketing, but it is still a worthy web traffic avenue. As a matter of fact, and something that every webmaster needs to keep in mind before venturing onto this, it is worth noting that it isn’t for every website. It works perfect for some websites but not for others. For instance content with viral social media content and things such as games fair well with this kind of traffic, but might not actually show good results when it comes to a medical website. 

Targeting is also important when it comes to paid discovery. Although most of the content found here are considered general, better targeting and knowing what kind of sites your adverts are sent to is an important thing to ensure that you are spending less to get valid and more targeted visitors who are more profitable on your site. Among some of the most common paid discovery sites includes Outbrain and Taboola who boasts having millions of active visitors every month. 

Advantages Of Paid Traffic

advantages of paid traffic

To further understand paid traffic and figure out whether it is good for your website or not, it is important to look into the advantages that one could get by using them. Here they are;

You Have All The Control – If there is one thing that you need when it comes to web traffic, it is control. With free traffic sources, it is hard to know many things which from a statistical point could help improve things and get more profit. But with paid traffic, you are on a platform where you decide where the traffic comes from and you are able to know things such as click through ration which can help you scale up and improve many things. 

Better Targeting Means Better Business – There is no other kind of targeting that you will even get online that beats paid traffic targeting, Period. And with better targeting comes more profit. You can make precise targeting based on different factors such as location, age, gender, keyword, niche among other things. This ensures that you are getting good traffic and visitors who are interested in what you have to offer because they fit in those target categories. 

No Holds Barred – With free web traffic, you only have what you are getting and are limited by things such as keyword positioning and such. However with paid traffic, that is the opposite. The only thing that stands in your way in terms of traffic you get to your website is the budget that you have allocated. You can do as many tests as you can and reap even better with better click through without being charged extra. This kind of marketing freedom is surely a good way to improve and boost your business. And as long as you have more to invest, there is no limit as you can always enjoy more web traffic flow to your website. 

Disadvantage Of Paid Traffic

Like every other web traffic strategy out there, paid traffic too has some disadvantages and things that one might want to keep in mind before investing. 

Takes Some Time To Master The Art – One thing that you need to understand is that paid traffic isn’t an easy avenue and a way to get traffic easily. Although you are paying money, it doesn’t mean that you will start seeing swarms of them coming to your website out of the blue.It is a process and besides strategizing, you need to lean a few things a bout a particular traffic method, which sometimes takes a lot of time to master. 

Unfair Competition – If there is one thing that one can’t avoid when it comes to paid traffic, it has to be unfair competition. It always seems unfair to find a beginner competing head on with an amateur marketer who just has little to spend on their advertising. This always lead to the big advertisers taking up most of the traffic and leaving the small advertisers to scratch for the little they can get. 

Final Verdict

Paid traffic is worth it only if you know what you are doing and do everything strategically paying attention to the fake traffic providers and ensuring that your ads and campaigns are well set to give you a positive ROI. 

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Cheap Alternatives To Facebook Advertising

Today over half a billion internet users are familiar with Facebook which for the longest time has been a resourceful and effective advertising tool. With time, however, the charge per click has increased leaving many businesses with no choice other than to look for cheaper and probably more effective alternatives to Facebook advertising

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Another reason why Facebook fails to meet the typical advertisers’ needs is that it is still viewed as a fun page to connect with friends and family. Very few people will actually access the social site with the aim of making any purchase. In fact there are users who will find the advertisements destructive and invasive. Some will even go as far as blocking a business or company which obviously has a negative effect on the business. Some of the cheaper alternatives to Facebook advertising include:


With a record 1 billion users it is safe to say that You Tube is an excellent platform to advertise on. The most popular ads are those that appear just before the selected video otherwise known as pre-roll ads. There are also in-video overlays and traditional banner options which are minimally intrusive yet very effective.


Another good option that could work wonders for your business is Twitter. Twitter has 243 million users who could establish a reliable and long term client base for your business. It also has a wide range of effective options ranging from sponsored hashtags to promoted tweets which come at an affordable cost per engagement. For instance, interaction with a promoted tweet by following or retweeting is chargeable yet very cheap.



Though not as popular as You Tube or Twitter, Reddit does the trick as well and can yield high amount of quality traffic. It is the perfect place post those ads which need to be seen. Despite engaging an enormously male demographic, one can target specific categories in the site that have a different and probably wider audience. Ads on Reddit are comparatively cheap and have some campaigns starting from as low as $5.

Content discovery platforms

Taboola and Outbrain fall in this category and could make perfect alternatives to Facebook advertising. Though relatively new, these two have already carved out a name for themselves following their creative approach where they’ve recruited extremely high quality content sites to post their ads. Even more exciting is how they are able to make recommendations across a large number of websites related to what one is reading on. An excellent choice for those who wish to promote a content rich page.


A highly interactive tool that gives users the opportunity to discover new and informative content by simply indicating what they like or dislike at every stumble. StumbleUpon receives an average 2.2 million submissions monthly hence it guarantees accurate findings that will leave the user satisfied.


AdWords offers an amazing chance to small companies which may not afford top level key words. This is by allowing them to use alternative yet creative keywords to advertise which is also effective in drawing potential customers to buying the product.

Rather than run the risk of having your advertisements ignored on a social platform like Facebook, it would be wise to try other more reliable and effective tools that stand a higher chance of succeeding.

Tips For Promoting Your Website with A Low Investment

It is now easy for small businesses to have a website and while there is a high potential for them to succeed, this only happens when they develop and sustain a strong web presence. Promoting your website is all about getting the word out for people to know and interact with it. It is a very important process that requires time, resources and expertise for it to succeed. A huge number of small businesses are establishing their internet presence and it is very easy for them to fail if they are not promoted well in order to serve their purpose. If you have a website that you want to promote cost effectively, there is no need to worry because the digital world is highly changing and there are many ways that you can do that.

Here are tips that that will help you promote your website cheaply.

Incorporate SEO On Your Website

Internet is now a great place to do business because a huge number of people prefer to do their shopping online. One way of exploiting this profitable niche without spending a fortune is to follow good SEO practices which allow your website to be placed on top of search engine result pages for greater visibility. There are different ways to do this including keyword optimization which is analyzing the search behavior to find out phrases that surfers use when looking for the products that you sell. Others include optimizing high ranking pages, important elements and links while making sure that your website is user friendly in terms of loading time, design and navigation. Optimizing your website for local search also ensures that you are found more readily by the local community that is more likely to buy from you.

Work On Your Links

There are many website promotion tactics that no longer work but definitely not inbound links. This is because links from good quality, high-ranking and relevant websites have the ability to boost your website rankings on the SERPs. Since these links cannot be bought, you need to have great content in your website that other people may want to share so that good quality links come to you naturally. One good way is to have a blog or make good contributions in forums and discussion groups and then include your link when signing. Inbound links are used by search engines like Google to determine the position of your website.

Post Lots Of Good Quality Articles

Content plays a very important role when promoting any website because people are relying on the internet to get information. Writing or paying someone to write articles for you is not an expensive thing to do and this is necessary so that you post them to popular websites and blogs. In the end, this information resource will end up promoting your business especially if they remain there for a long period of time. The articles that you write should be on topics that are related to your business so that you can position yourself as the thought leader in your industry. Multi-purpose content is also good because they can be leveraged in a wide range of ways.

Make Use Of Social Media Platforms

People use the social media to connect with family and friends and this is the best place to promote your website for free. The fact that there is a huge population in the social media means that you will get high visibility and attract different types of people. In order to succeed in promoting your website using the social media, you will need to take your time and resources to build up an audience that you can trust. This can happen by asking for or responding and contributing to comments in your blog or social media groups that you are part of. It is also good to start conversations with your friends of followers in various social media platforms. Short and sweet videos are usually widely shared in the social media and you can make unprofessional short videos about your business that can make a big impact as long as they are engaging. After making them, you need to upload them to a variety of social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest among others.

Learn To Create Original, Fresh And Quality Content

Content is still the main factor that you can use to promote your website. This is because the internet is a virtual market place where people do business by exchanging information. People go online to look for information on what they need and search engines will direct them to any website that has the most relevant information depending on the phrases that they use in the search box. When they visit your website, they expect to get the information that they need and may be make a purchase if they are satisfied. However, if they find that the information is unsatisfactory; they will click back and continue searching for the information in other websites. This shows that creating good quality content is an effective way of promoting your website.

Leverage Online Reviews Sites

Did you know that content that is generated by your customers can greatly promote your business? This is because people leave their opinions about your business publicly for all to see. Positive feedback is good and you can use such testimonials on your website as part of your marketing material. For this to succeed, you need to ensure that you offer excellent customer service so that there is no room for negative testimonials. Check out our web traffic packages for the best paid traffic.

Promoting your website with low investment can be as effective as other ways that are usually expensive. This is as long as you take your time to learn and understand what your website needs in order to be successful. Building a website is just the beginning of a long process that requires maintenance, scaling and expansion. With millions of similar websites around the world, the need to promote your website in an aggressive manner cannot be underestimated.

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