Ecommerce Tools That Will Boost Your Traffic And Sales

Running an ecommerce store isn’t that easy especially if you don’t have prior experience in running it. That alone makes it almost impossible for many internet marketers to make quantifiable sales and leads from their store, ending up with piles of losses and unpaid bills. But this kind of marketing requires more than just basic strategies and you’ll be better off with some Ecommerce tools.

In this write-up, we will cover some of the most crucial tools that will help you to give your Ecommerce marketing the much needed boost. Here they are;

CMS Catalogue Platform

Times have changed and technology keeps getting better and better improving how website owners interact with their customers. Among the things that have seen a tremendous change are the Ecommerce platforms that online shopping stores have. Gone are the days that internet marketers would depend on static HTML websites that had less interactive features for customers. In today’s Ecommerce, you need to use a more advanced CMS platform that keeps everything sleek and easy to manage. And if your website is still based on traditional Ecommerce platforms, then you are losing tons of customers who can’t navigate your website. Among some of the best platforms that you should consider using as your Ecommerce platform includes;

  • Woo commerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Volusion

These four platforms are among the best that one can find in the industry today. Buoyed by their easy to use interfaces, advanced features and fully fledged metrics systems in place, choosing to go with one of them could turn out to be one of the best investments that you would have ever turned to.

Analytics and Monitoring Tool

One crucial thing that most Ecommerce site owners fail to implement is an analytics tracking system where they can see the performance based on their visitors. Without knowing where your customers come from or which page they are visiting, you will not be able to make decisions that will improve your Ecommerce business. Implementing and using these tools is much easier than what most of us think. Here are some of the best analytics tools in the market;

Google Analytics – This is product from Google which is the most popular tracking tools that works on every platform.  The tools has an easy to use platform that tracks almost everything including traffic visits, region, traffic sources, bounce rates and even conversion rates. You may however need to have some basic analytic tracking skills to set up some advanced tracking such as those of conversion rates.

KissMetrics – This is yet another fantastic tracking tool that one can use to propel their Ecommerce website to the next level. It comes featured with dozens of features that one can use to create measurable data and make actionable moves based on the data.

Clicky analytics – Now when it comes to analyzing data from different angles, you may want to try out Clicky. Ecommerce being a very sensitive business needs customer centric analysis and addressing common issues is something that can change everything. Clicky has a number of unique features that you won’t find with any other analytics tool.

Customer Support and Loyalty Tools

Without being close to your customers, your business has minimal chances of living for long. You need to implement ways in which you can communicate with your customers, answer their questions and whatever queries they may have. Most of these questions are important when making purchases and most of them won’t buy unless these queries are clear. Below are some of the tools that you should consider using to improve your customer experiences and offer them the necessary support;

Zopim Chat Tool – when you present yourself in front of your customers who are on your website and be available to take their queries then you can increase your sales dramatically. Zopim is one of those chat tools that you can use to capture your reads attention and answer them any questions they might have. Amazingly, you don’t have to be on the website full time. This tool can still take messages and send directly to your email in case you are not online.

Lead Chat – Just like Zopim, this is another tool that you can use to capture real time leads from your customers. It is however different in the sense that it focuses more on converting the customers based on their website behavior.

Referral Candy – When your brand has grown enough and gotten a little popular, then why not get on the big boys wagon? Big Ecommerce websites like Amazon reap a lot by allowing internet marketers to become their affiliates. Referral Candy gives you the same opportunity to invite people and become affiliates on your Ecommerce website. This Ecommerce tool gives you every feature that you need to run a complete referral system including statistic and affiliate’s cut of the revenue they bring. It’s the ultimate tool that one must implement to increase their sales.

Product Management Tools

An Ecommerce business growth is influenced by your efforts and strides you make to push your products to the prospective buyers. But sometimes managing all that demands more time which most of us don’t have. Here are tools that you can use to manage your time, finances and the multi0ple channels that you could be running;

Kin – This is a tool that helps Ecommerce website owners to manage their HR tasks with a lot of ease. It is excellent for a growing Ecommerce business which has a team of employees under different departments. It makes things such as data analysis, onboarding and performance tracking all under the cloud.

Zirtual – Sometimes scheduling and running back end office tasks such as email box management and handling customers could get crazy especially on those busy seasons. This is a tool that you should give a shot to help you with all that.


These are amazing tools that we’ve seen working for dozens of sites that we have worked with. We are certain that they will also bring the necessary change to you Ecommerce website.

If traffic is still an issue and you can’t get your Ecommerce website to higher grounds then why not check out the amazing traffic packages that we have. We work with Ecommerce website from all niches and we are sure, there is something in for you too.

How Can I Drive Traffic To My Blog Easily?

The blogosphere is getting bigger and busier with each passing day. It currently has more than 100 million blogs and is still growing. All bloggers want to drive substantial traffic to their sites. The success to get traffic depends on various factors. Here is a guide to drive traffic to your blog easily.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

There are several traffic generation methods that one can use to have better results, but their success depends on how well the blogger uses them. Here are seven simple, but essential tips that can increase traffic to your site and blog.

Consistent and Quality Writing

Updating a blog with useful and up-to-date information is the first step to get the blog’s audience. What the blog contains is what will keep learners and readers coming back for fresh and useful content. Ensure that the blog contains meaningful information and update it occasionally to maintain the audience interest and loyalty. Furthermore, frequent posts increase the chances of the blog being noticed and given preference by search engines such as Bing and Google..

Update and Use the Blogroll

Adding links of the preferred sites to your blogroll allows the owners of those blogs to access your blog and add reciprocal links in their blog rolls. This is an easy way to make the blog accessible to several readers at the expense of other bloggers. Readers who use the link to the blog can find it interesting and possibly become loyal readers.

Take Advantage of Comments

Comments are simple, but essential tools that can increase the blog’s traffic. Enthusiastic bloggers should respond to all comments left on a blog. A response is a good way to show that you value the reader’s opinion and will increase their loyalty. Make it a habit of leaving comments on other blogs together with your blogs link. Many people read comments and are likely to click on any of the available links to have a glimpse of the your source of information.

Submit the Blog to Several Search Engines

Yahoo and Google are some of the best search engines that bloggers should submit their contents. The search engines have “submit links” where bloggers can submit their blog’s URL. The engines can then provide the content in their search results. Submitting the blog to the engines does not give it a guarantee of resurfacing at the top of search results, but its chances of being included increase.

Associate Blog’s Content with RSS Feeds

Having an RSS feed in every blog makes it easy for loyal readers to read your blog and know when new content is published.

Use Images

blog-715777_640Images help a blog look pretty and increase the chance of being found in search engine and social listings. Google and Yahoo have image search options that can help you drive traffic to your blog by posting relevant search engine optimized images.

Add Tags to Your Blog

Adding tags to blog posts takes a short a time and results in additional traffic. Tags are similar to links and are often the target of search engines. They also help readers access your blog when they make searches on blog search engines.

To drive traffic to your blog, you need time and effort. The above mentioned tips work well, but bloggers should be patient. It is impossible to have thousands of visitors up from ten in a week. Success in getting blog traffic requires commitment in terms of resources and time.

5 Adult Traffic Tricks That Will Boost Your SEO Traffic

Are you ready to get tons of adult traffic to your porn site? The adult industry is one of the best performing niches worth high returns. However, at times it gets hard to break through especially if you are still a newbie. It’s an industry that is saturated and there is a lot of competition making it rock hard for newbies to easily make a kill. However, there are some tricks and tips that one can easily use to boost their adult traffic through SEO. In this guide, we will go through some of those tricks that you can easily implement within no time and you will be up and running with swarms of traffic to your site. Here they are;

Pick Long Tail Keywords

If there is one surefire way to rank first on search engines like Google, it is working with low competitive keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords that have longer phrases and there aren’t many sites competing for such keywords. This makes it easy for any new website to easily get on top of Google and other search engines. These keywords might not have a lot of searches but working on more will help build a bigger audience base over time.

There are plenty of tools that you can find online which will help you dig up those long tail keywords. Some of these tools will also give you a rating and advice whether it is a good and easy keyword that you can rank for easily.

Focus On Optimizing The site’s On-Page

How much time do you spend analyzing your website on page factors? If you spend less time doing this then you should dedicate more time so as to get better traction on the search engines. Doing on page optimization entails a number of tweaks that are crucial in ranking a site in the search engines. This includes optimizing the content, keyword density and prominence as well as media content such as images on the site. Working on the on page optimization alone could increase traffic dramatically especially if you are working on low competitive keywords.

Even if you are still a newbie and leaning SEO, on page SEO is one of those simple techniques that you need to start with. It doesn’t take time learning them yet can change things and start sending tons of traffic to your website.

Build High Quality Links

Link building is one thing that many adult website owners ignore. Backlinks are considered a vote up by search engine crawlers and they define the relevancy of a web page in relation to the entire web. If your competitors have more links that you do, then they stand a higher chance getting more traffic from the search engine that you. There are many ways that you can build backlinks to your website and you should diversify and get links from as many sites as you can. You should however remember not to just get links from any site but those that are both from adult niches and those that are authoritative in the niche. This ensures that you get quality traffic and links that mater in the eyes of the search engines.

Understanding Your Competition Traffic Sources

If there is information that you don’t want to miss out on is those of you competition. You need to understand their traffic sources, how they do business and how they make it big online. Apparently, most successful webmasters, probably including your close competitors all know much about sites in the niche. Getting information and knowing how they succeed will also help you to implement new workable traffic solutions for your adult website.

So how do you spy on them? There are plenty of tools online which you can use to gather information on traffic sources, ad spending and traffic flow of your competitors. Different tools will work differently and they will also vary in costs. You need to do some research and read reviews to find out which one is perfect for you.

Ensuring That You Have A Speedy Website

content marketingFrankly speaking, speed is everything when it comes to getting the best out of online marketing. Regardless of the niche that you are ion, readers and visitors will not spend long enough if your page load speed takes time. Sometimes it takes a split second for a visitor to decide whether to continue staying on the site or leave. If your site isn’t loading fast enough then the visitors have no option but to leave and get the information somewhere else. So how does one make sure that their site loads fast?

First off, you have to make sure that the site is hosted on speedy servers. You can look up reviews and do some research on the best hosting sites around. Secondly, you can also use a content delivery network (CDN) which will help you serve content much faster as they host the heavy media temporarily for you. Another way is to ensure that you have caching on your site enabled. These are some of the best ways to speed up your site and ensure that you are getting the best of it.

Final Word:

Let’s all face it. Getting web traffic isn’t an easy task, especially if you are still a newbie in the industry. Many website owners fail and only a few who take action get through and make their websites successful. The above strategies have been proven and many successful webmasters are still using them to leverage tons of traffic to their website. Putting effort on these strategies will yield you good results on your adult website.

If you are looking for a quicker way to get adult traffic for your website without having to go through much hassles and complicated strategies then you may want to consider our high quality adult traffic packages that we have been using to generate traffic for our hundreds of clients. The traffic is high quality and you are sure to see good results in the end.

Buy Clicks for Your Website

A website is created to represent your business online. It is supposed to help people find and do more business with you. But truth be told, it doesn’t serve its purpose if it not getting any website visitors. The life of an online business is dependent on the amount of traffic conversions resulting from the site. So how do you go about getting traffic to your website? There are plenty of ways that one can use to get exposure and get more website traffic to  a website. However, not all traffic channels can give enough quality to yield results. Below is a detailed overview why you need to buy clicks for your website and why this is one of the best methods.

Why Buy Website Clicks?

Buying Clicks Can Get You Instant Results

We all love to see results sooner, but we know that it doesn’t come very easy. If you are serious about getting website traffic and seeing results instantly then buying it should be your priority. Other methods such as SEO needs one to be more patient. While this is the case for most methods, buying traffic can get you results instantly when acquired from the right source.

It also doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with an aged website or you just started it. While social media, SEO and other traffic acquisitions could demand your site to have some authority before seeing clicks, buying clicks is a surefire approach.

Total Traffic Control

As much as SEO and social media traffic are high quality traffic sources, it is difficult to predict the amount of traffic that you can get from them. But what if there ways a way to have measurable results and a way to predict outcomes? With buying website traffic, you have total control and can decide the amount of traffic that you need. Your set budget determines what you get.

Furthermore, if you are a result driven marketer, you will also find it easy to calculate and determine which campaigns work better than others. This gives you a chance to easily scale up and get better results.
This simply means that you have more concern to focus on the return on investment rather than the hassles of getting traffic. If you have the budget to drive traffic, then investing in traffic should be in your mind.

A Painless Way to Build Your Brand

brand-1027862_640The main point of doing marketing is to close more deals and make more profit. But building a brand is something else that many businesses will always look forward to. Apparently, nothing else does it better than buying website traffic. With the fact that the visibility is instant, you can always count it to get your brand out there.

When you don’t have time to spare and the expertise to do the marketing, then you could opt to buy traffic. It gives marketers an easy breakthrough without requiring them to do the hard marketing trolls.

No Experience Needed

Buying website traffic isn’t as risky or difficult as many think.Unlike most other traffic modules, buying clicks just needs you to be conversant with the agent’s user interface. Perhaps the only experience that you need is to use a computer. Some of the things that you would expect is to set a daily budget, demographics, starting and pausing campaigns.

This makes buying traffic one of the easiest methods to reach out to more audience.

Things to Keep in mind while Buying Clicks for Your Website

1) Buy Only From Trusted Sources

Spam is on the rise and you need to be more cautious especially in a niche that is dominated by robots. There is a rising trend of fake traffic companies popping up on the internet offering website traffic and hits. They use softwares designed to mimic human behavior and visit client’s sites using proxies. This makes it look like real users but they definitely won’t buy from you. If you are not cautious, you could end up buying junk traffic that won’t be beneficial to your business.

2) Create a Funnel

Many people usually forget about this part, yet it is one of the easiest and most important to implement. If you want to retain traffic and get higher returns in the long run, then you should consider getting your traffic through a funnel. This means you can start by building a list from the acquired traffic. Since most of the traffic will not convert the first time, you can have them in your list and can always get them later. This is one of the best methods of ensuring that you have a good return on your investment.

3) Buy Targeted Traffic Only

If you want solid results, then you must focus on reaching out to the people who are looking for your products or services. Luckily, it has all become easy with the various targeting tools found in some traffic providers. You can focus on reaching out to a specific location, age, gender among other targeting factors.

4) Have a Reasonable Budget

When you have decided to buy website traffic and want to get traffic from purchased clicks, you should create a good budget. This will give you a chance to test various traffic approaches and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

5) Consider Value

Cost doesn’t always define good or bad traffic sources. You need to dig deeper and know more about the quality you are getting. Most low quality traffic sellers offer irresistible offers that lure webmasters into buying their junk traffic. Having a good balance between quality and cost is something that you can’t ignore.

Final Word:

Living in a modern society where the internet usage has become a norm, marketers needs to focus on getting high quality website traffic to bolster their site and reach out to more visitors. Buy clicks for your website in this case is one of the easiest method as to do this.

Should you consider this as an option, we are would like to welcome you with a bonus traffic package to get you started. Check out the discounted traffic packages or get in touch with us for more.

How To Use Guest Blogging To Generate High Quality Traffic

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without blogs given the fact that most of the information that people seek are found in blogs. From an internet marketer’s perspective, blogs serve as traffic magnets which hook and engage audience. Every marketer knows that traffic is the backbone of any online business and without it, a business will fail. Besides being a traffic acquisition method, guest blogging also helps build online brand and authority really fast.

In this guide, we will look at guest blogging and how to use it perfectly to build an online empire using it.

Focus on High Quality Authority Blogs

When you want to build an authority website, you should first start by focusing your attention on the big blogs that are already rated top. But how do you know which ones are quality blogs? Although it is easy for most people to point out an authority website, here are some of the things that you can check out to determine a website’s authenticity and authority.

Age of the website— Good authority websites always have the age factor and the best way to do this is to analyze the domain.

The content quality – You can as well peruse through the front page of a website and you will get an idea on how a reliable a website is.

Social media activeness – with social media taking the center-stage engaging every niche online, it is obvious that a good authority site will have a good social media following enough to create a buzz.

Using online analysis tools – there are plenty of web tools which you can use to gauge a website’s authority to determine whether it is worthy or not.

With these few authority factors in your checklist, you can be rest assure that you will be getting some high quality traffic from the websites.

Stay Within Your Own Niche

There is one big mistake that almost every newbie marketer does, and that is focusing on general niche for guest posting. Although one can easily get blogs accepting them for guest posts, it is important to note that it isn’t only about getting just any kind of traffic but high quality ones that is targeted. Getting targeted traffic from related website will increase the conversion rate of your leads and sales.

By way of example; assuming that you run a website that markets gift cards and you target a general niche blog to publish your post. People with different interests frequent the general site, each with a specific interest. Although you may find a few people who might be interested in gift cards, they rarely end up buying them. In simple terms, targeting a general niche is a gamble that won’t give impressive results. The results won’t be compared with someone who would have focused on a gift blog where most audiences are interested in gift ideas and such.

Ensure That the Quality Of The Articles Are Excellent

Everybody wants their blog to be informative and not to be filled with junky crap which is meaningless to the end user. Just as you would like to post great content on your website, you should also craft high quality posts for your guest blogging campaigns. Every blog also have their writing style which you should adopt and get inspiration on how the content should be. While this can be a bit tricky, most blog owners do offer to write the blog post on your behalf and post it for you. This is the best option, though it will cost you more. You can also opt to find your own writer and give them instructions on how the post should appear.

Doing this will ensure that your post not only gets published but it will also attract more attention from that website’s users. You will also enjoy the social advantage and depending on the quality of the post, you stand a chance of drawing in lots of traffic from the social media sites.

Think Company Blogs

blog-1513528_640Depending on the niche that you are in, company blogs could be the perfect place to build relationships. Company blogs aren’t so flooded and overused by many markets making it a good spot to start. Why does this work? Most companies do not have time to keep updating their blog and if you step in and tell them the importance of regularly updating their blog, you can stand a chance to write for them. This gives you the golden chance to reach out to the company’s audiences and woo them by channeling them to your site.

Since you will be focusing on niche related company blogs, the quality of traffic will be perfect and of the right quality.

Reach Out To As Many Blogs As Possible

Perhaps the most interesting thing with guest blogging is that it has no limit and your efforts determine how far you will go and how much traffic will flow to your website. You are the boss and your efforts will determine your success with guest blogging. Every niche is wide on its own having thousands of websites to exploit and reach out to.

Another thing that you may want to do is to regularly post on blogs that you have been accepted before. It is much easier to submit to a blog that you have posted to earlier and there is no harm in doing that. You can always try out different keywords and twists to increase the chances of landing on many more blogs.


With the above tips in mind, it is now time to take action and reach out to high trafficked blogs. Guest blogging is a powerful traffic acquisition method and if used well, it can generate thousands of traffic. Regardless of whether your website is new, guest blogging is something that you should give a try.

If you feel that guest blogging is too much and need a quick traffic formula that gets you results instantly, then why not check out web traffic packages. With many professional marketers on board, you can start making sales and conversions from your website today.

How Buying Targeted Site Traffic can Increase Sales

Anyone offering a product or service online usually has in mind the characteristics of a customer. The same case applies to website traffic. But when investing in traffic you need to make sure that it is targeted traffic in order to convert better.

Buy Targeted Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Traffic can either be generalized or targeted, although generalized traffic is a poor choice as the site owner never knows what he or she is getting. Buying targeted traffic is an excellent way of increasing sales with targeted visitors. This is because the site owner will get potential customers who are likely to buy the products and increase sales.

By purchasing targeted site traffic, it becomes possible to narrow down visitors to the targeted audience. This can be done by buying in a specific age group, zip code or gender. The site owner can even breakdown the target further using more particular niches. The more the number of people seeing the website, the more the potential clients who will be interested in buying something sold in it. Hence, by driving in more and more visitors, one increases his or her chances of sales.

Building backlinks in order to optimize a website is a common SEO strategy. Backlinks may be an excellent way of increasing the optimization. However, they can also do the exact opposite if the website owner does not have backlinks of good quality. By buying traffic from real live people, one will notice that their page rank will start rising. This will also further increase the amount of generalized traffic to the site.


Purchasing targeted traffic may be more expensive. The good news is that the benefits associated with it are well worth the money. In addition to influencing the increase in sales, targeted traffic also increases the site’s popularity, which is a very vital benefit. If the website owner increases the popularity of his or her site, it will receive even more traffic, resulting in even more sales. Simply put, buying targeted traffic triggers a chain of reactions that act as a loop for increasing sales.

When someone buys site traffic, he or she gains exposure to members of the internet community who may otherwise have not known of their existence. This success can be boosted further by making the information on the website easy for visitors to share via the social media and links. It is also advisable to test various kinds of traffic and stick to the one that offers the best results.

For site owners looking for a convenient way of increasing visitors and sales, they buying targeted site traffic is the way to go. In addition to being fast and easy, it also requires minimal time, energy and setup.

The Benefits of Buying Traffic for Affiliate Links

In affiliate marketing, one of the most vital components is the general audience. Irrespective of how good a product is, web users can only know about it if it is advertised properly on a website. Rather than sending random traffic to a site, it is advisable to send targeted web users in order to provide them with what they are looking for.

Buying Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Traffic plays a crucial role in the success of an affiliate marketing business. Buying site traffic is an effective way of promoting new products without incurring high advertisement costs. Below are the benefits of buying traffic for affiliate links.

It’s quite easy to understand the basic principles of site traffic. When an affiliate marketer has insufficient numbers of visitors to his/her site, making an adequate amount of commission is difficult. However, with more traffic flowing to the site, one’s commission on affiliate sales can increase significantly. What such a marketer should do is to get as many web users as possible to click on affiliate links and purchase the products. The more the traffic coming to a site, the better the chances of this happening. By purchasing traffic for affiliate links, a site owner is investing towards his/her potential income.


Buying traffic will instantly earn the website thousands of visitors from around the world. However, the website owner will have to choose the type of traffic or visitors they want for the site. The institution selling the traffic will customize it in accordance to the site owner’s target audience, geographical preferences or general preferences.

Anyone who owns a website or blog knows only too well that flow of visitors can be quite unpredictable. Often, there are no ways of stabilizing the amount of visitors that the site attracts daily. Purchased affiliate links traffic is a variable that can be controlled and capable of bringing consistency to a website. Such control allows the site owner to regulate the flow of visitors as well as the commission from affiliates.

Purchasing high quality traffic for affiliate links can bring the website owner a higher return on investment. This is because it will popularize his/her online activities, thus guaranteeing gaining of higher conversion rates. A good traffic seller will help track the amount of traffic being directed to a website. The site owner can then figure out the best strategies for affiliate marketing. Convenience is probably the biggest benefit of buying traffic. By investing in paid traffic, there is no need to put too much effort in promoting the site using other means.

6 Missing Social Media Ingredients To Boost Your Website Traffic

Social media has become the flesh and bone to every website online, simply because social media sites have become part of everyone’s life. From an internet marketer’s point of view, the platform is a hub of hungry buyers and clients awaiting to be leveraged. However getting this traffic to your sales funnel isn’t always easy as there are many processes involved and practical strategies to be applied.
Below, we cover some of the best on-site tweaks that anyone can do and in turn harness gargantuan loads of traffic to their website through the social media websites.

Implement Social Media Tracking In Your Marketing

Having a clear understanding of how you are faring at the social media networks is perhaps the first thing that you need to implement if you are serious about making social media your traffic source. There are plenty of tools in the market today which helps marketers get insights of the latest niche trends and some which go to the extent of showing how a website is doing in the social media. With the data acquired, you will be able to know where to strengthen and even do tests to know which social media campaign works better than the other.

Although most if the tools that you will come across come with a price, it is still worth investing in them.

Install Social Media Sharing Plugins

How audiences interact with your website determines how your website stands a chance in the various social media platforms. Most newbie marketers forget that social media starts on their website where you need to make necessary tweaks to enable the content to be easily shared. To do this, one would need to use at least a few social media plugins.

Depending on the web platform that you are using, there are plenty of them out there all serving the same purpose of giving the website content that push. You should focus on using the popular plugins which increase audience’s interaction easily giving them an option to share the content.

Use More Visuals in Your Content

What kind of content do you share on the social media? Long gone are the days when one could post anything and get instant social ripples. Today, you need to keep in mind the fact that there are competitors who are pulling every string and making every word count. With that in mind, you also have to take necessary measures and ensure that you are also competitive in your social marketing approach.

You are responsible for making your content get the visibility it needs. Using visuals and catchy graphics is one strategy that had been proven to work over time, and definitely one that you need to give a shot. Using more visuals provides a more interactive alternative to the old boring content that is also overused. Some of the best performing visuals that have stood the test of time includes inforgraphics, Gif images and short explainer videos. While creating these visuals, you should also make sure that they display clearly to ensure clarity and better visibility.

Lock High-End Content Using Social Media APIs

This is yet another guaranteed way to not only increase the share-ability of your content on the social media but it also boost the social following. The process involves baiting audiences with something that they need in exchange for a social media follow or share.

What you need to get started with this method is to create an in-demand digital product such as an e-book containing some rare to find information. Once the e-book is ready, you should upload it to your site and then restrict its access by using social content lockers. Social content lockers are coded plugins which restricts the access until an action such as sharing the page is done.

A practical example would be someone who has some high quality content and for audience to read it they would need to tweet it in their account. After tweeting it, the content shows automatically. This not only applies to twitter but can be done with other social media networks, thanks to the variety of plugins in the market today.

Focus on Quality Rather Than Quantity & Sharing Frequency

The so called social media gurus will tell you that you should post more frequently to capture the attention of many users. While it makes a lot of sense to share content more frequently, not everyone will have the time to create content everyday while maintaining the same quality. Quality should be of more significance than the frequency at which you share the content. It is better to share less content that add value to the audience rather than a dozen of them that is redundant.

Start Social Media Polls

Have you ever come across a poll in between your tweet or Facebook post? If you have been a regular user of the social media platforms, you must at some point come across one. Marketers use social polls to capture a wide range of audience and build their brand online.

To get the best results, you need to focus on a hot, trending topic but make sure to stay within your niche. This ensures that you are not only getting the attention of many people, but also ensuring that you are getting relevant people interested in your niche.
With this, you will increase visibility of your social media account which translates to more visibility of your brand.

Final Word:

Numbers never lie, and with the bazillion amount of audience roaming the social media networks, every internet marketer should be hedging for a spot and reaping the benefits of the traffic avalanche. If well, implemented, the above strategies are enough to propel even a new website to get huge amount of traffic.

If all this sounds too much for you and just need a traffic quick-fix, then why not checks out our high quality website traffic packages. These are the same packages used by hundreds of online marketers across the world. They are highly targeted based on niche, geo-location and gender which guarantees better conversion rates.

Increase Website Visitors To Your Site Without Buying Traffic

Wondering how to increase website visitors to your site? Nowadays there are very many creative ways that can be used to increase web visitors of which some may cost you some money while others will not. Below is a list of some legitimate ways that you can use to boost the number of visitors in your website.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!


Offer free, original, and quality content on your site – this is one method that has been found to be very effective for increasing traffic to a website. The method offers people something that cannot be found anywhere else or not in the same level of quality. Create content that will be helpful and useful to the visitors, and keep it afresh.

For your website to be fully functional and successful make sure you keep tags in place and the links are not broken. If it is not possible for you to generate content for your website you can opt to outsource.

Supplement your original content 

Find products that are free and which will allow you to fully use the content that is premium branded and which is legally allowed to be shared.

Try and get more backlinks on your website as this will help to increase website visitors

Get a proofreader that will help you in case of poor spelling and grammar mistakes which tend to reflect badly on the information and services that is being provided. Always avoid judgments that are not warranted by making sure that your writing is in order before online publication.

Avoid any generated information as it is no longer useful and let your team be creative online and never at any time should you ever copy and paste information from any other website as nowadays it’s very easy to detect any copied material.

Improve your search engine ranking 

This can be done by being focused on your content on keyword that is related to your topic. This is what is referred to as Search Optimization Engine (SEO) and it will be of help to people who want to find your website when searching on the web. Your keyword you should make sure it is naturally flowing with the text and when doing word brainstorming make sure they comes naturally to people of all ages when they are looking for the type of your site. Do not over do the keywords as this will result to a very low searching ranking of your website.

Get linked 

In web management this is very important and by trading your links with other websites that are related closely to your website subject may result to bringing more website traffic. Link only to the sites that are dead on topic and this will help your visitors. Apart from trading links you can also classified ads, half page ads, banner ads among others.

When doing your link exchanges do not be too excessive and do not make it to be the entire link building method.

Use social media 

increase web traffic

By posting a compelling content you will be building a loyal following. Share and follow other users who may at one time or the other reciprocate and follow you. Keep yourself updated with the social media and always find time to post content as it’s worth it. Let your friends and people following you on social media to become your community and they will be of help to you in promoting your content for you. This will help you in saving you time and the content will be shared further that using other conventional strategies.

Advertise your presence 

Apart from using links in your website it is very important to look for other ways of increasing web traffic. Get time and write a list of other ways that you can think of that will help in getting your web being noticed and opened. In case you may be having money consider paying per click but find a way first of how you will be able to limit your expenditure to the level you want.

Make your own e-zine that is related to your website and for a reminder that is regular for people to visit your website. All free e-zine directories should be submitted on the internet.

Apart from advertising on electronic media you can also use the print media like newspapers, magazines, business brochures or any other nationwide publications which are well known to increase website visitors to your site.

Amazon vs. Flipkart Affiliate Program

If you have been in the affiliate marketing game for a while then you must have at some point tried comparing different affiliate programs. What of an Amazon vs Flipkart comparison? These are two great E-commerce platforms which have been running for a while. And just in case you have tried one of them and wondering how the other platform works, here is an in depth review. Lets unfold the goodies and the caveats by comparing both networks and see which one is better than the other.

Payment Terms

Every marketer out there to make a killing, and it all boils down to how payment are favorable. When it comes to seeing who pays better there are a few angles to look at it from. Here are 3 most important ones;

1) Commissions
Fipkart pays its affiliates ranging from 4% up to 20% depending on the type of product and the volume of sales. Books fetch from 6% – 12%, electronics and gadgets fetch 4-6% while toys could go as high as 20%.

On the other side of the scale, Amazon pays affiliates from 4% up to 8.5% depending on the sales volume.

2) Cookie Policy
Here comes the bitter-sweet part. When an visitor you have referred visits an affiliate platform, the browser cookie is tracked for a certain period of time. If the user buys the item before the period ends, you still get the commission. Both Amazon and Flipkart have a 24 hour period of cookie tracking. While both seem to have tied on this, there is a twist. Amazon doesn’t somehow doesn’t allow embedding affiliate links in emails. This means if you do email marketing, Amazon waives the commission. Flipkart would be better on this.

3) Payment period and Threshold
Who would like an affiliate network that takes ages to process their payments?

It is always important to know when payments are made and how they are made on a network one chooses. Amazon processes payments after 60 days. For instance you make sales on January, you will get payments in late March. Flipkart on the other side pays within a period between 30-60 days. 60 days might mean a lot, but it all depends with the refund policy.

Inventory Size

Inventory could mean a lot especially for marketers who would like to diversify into a variety of niches. Since consumers also love selecting from a wide variety of products, you need to be up for this. And the only way to do this is by working with a big network or multiple. But there are lots of disadvantages that comes with being an affiliate with multiple network. Since almost all affiliate networks pay for higher sales volumes, it would be great to focus on one.

So which between Amazon and Flipkart has more inventory? Amazon is the obvious winner here. It has been in the industry for longer too which has given it an edge in expanding.

Market Competition

How experienced are you in term of affiliate marketing? It is always important to keep in mind that there are other affiliate marketers and you are in a competition. But wouldn’t it be easier if one focuses on selling products with lower competition? Lower competition products could mean low lying gems but it could also mean that there is lower demand. Flipkart has plenty of low lying gems but they have lower demand as compared to those on Amazon. This could mean business either way but it is all yours to gauge.

If you are getting started and don’t have an idea on how to tackle competition, then Flipkart is a little better for beginners. Although there are some low competition niches in Amazon, seeking the help of a professional would also be great given that there are lots of inventories.

Target Market

Abandoned carts is an Affiliate marketer’s nightmare. And what makes that sad is that most of them are due to the target market. There are lots of E-commerce stores running online which allows affiliates in their platform. however, just a fraction of them can ship to different regions globally.

A good affiliate program should have an established shipping channel to ship the products purchased. Otherwise it could end up burning the affiliate’s reputation and their efforts also gets wasted. Luckily both Flipkart and Amazon serve the global market although Amazon has better penetration.

If you intend to market internationally, then Amazon could be the ideal option.

Similarities Between Amazon and Flipkart

ascending-graph-1173935_640Here are some of the common things that you can always count on with both affiliate programs.

Affiliates Approval
Joining both networks is free. You however need to have your site comply with the terms of service of each affiliate network. In most cases, having a good website with great content is all you need. And just to be on the safe side and avoid getting banned, make sure to always stick by the terms of service.

Customer service and Integrity
Would you like to put all your effort only to have your referred customers treated badly? Amazingly, you wouldn’t hear such from these affiliate companies. Over the years, customers have always received the quality of service promised.

Tools availability
In order to perform and get impressive profit margins, an affiliate marker needs tools. Amazingly, both amazon and Flipkart have supplied necessary tools of trade for the affiliates. This ranges from track-able links, banners, widgets among others.

Scams are on the rise online and many affiliate marketers lose a lot by joining shadow networks. Luckily, the transparency with Amazon and Flipkart speaks for itself. These are some of the leading companies and you can always count on them.

Final Word:

In all honesty, in an Amazon vs Flipkart battle it is clear that there are more advantages in joining Amazon over Flipkart. However some products on Flipkart could be higher paying than those on Amazon. You can therefore opt to go with Flipkart if you intend to promote some of these products.

And just in case you have been struggling or ant to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, why not get some high quality traffic from us? Check out our amazing packages today.

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