How To Change Non-Converting Web Traffic To Sales

Traffic is of no use if it doesn’t convert and yield any sales to your online business. Acquiring web traffic is easy but the big question that you need to ask yourself is whether that traffic is of good quality to yield good results. There are many traffic sources online but only a few of them will give you the returns that you expect. This is because the internet space is full of dodgy traffic vendors who will promise you everything to see that you side with their traffic service only to shock you with some spam traffic. For one to get good results in traffic, you need to make sure that the sources are verified and proven to give you high conversions and sales.

Besides this, you also need to optimize your web landing pages to increase conversions from the site traffic. You may be getting good traffic but with low conversion rate. In this guide, we will go through some for the best ways to turn the non-converting traffic to real customers and leads which will give you the results that you expect.

Rewrite Your Content

As they always say, Content is king and this simply means that without having a good copy that boosts your conversion, then you may as well forget about getting those leads. Content is what speaks and brings conviction to your readers and this simply means that every word has to be convincing to get you those sales and conversions. Audiences need the information to be factual as well and ensuring that you have the best resourceful information on your website will help them get what they need.

Even if you have to hire or outsource the content it is well worth the investment if it will bring conversions. The only thing that you need to be careful about is to ensure that you have the right content writers. You need to make sure that the writer you get will deliver good content that will get you the sales and conversions you need.

Run Split Testing On Your Campaigns

Split testing is one of the most effective ways of testing and increasing your website conversion rate. It simply involves the process of running two or more separate campaigns with the same intention of testing and finding out which of the sets work better than the other. This is something that has been tested and proven to work for a long time and will definitely work for you too.

The good thing with split testing is that it involves a straightforward process that is easy to understand and implement. By way of example, let’s say that you have a website marketing coffee beans and you have one brand which was recently launched. If for instance you are running the campaigns and using paid traffic from a particular source like Adwords, then you have to create different ad sets as well as different landing pages. These campaigns should then be run on different times and every stats recorded. After the end of the exercise, you will have come up with good records enough to judge which page performs better than the other. After this, you will have known which page to use in your campaign.

Focus On High Quality Traffic Sources

Something else that most of us have always failed with is choosing the right traffic source. Wrong choice of traffic source will yield poor results which in many cases records poor conversion rates. While this is the case with many ad campaigns being run online, many people still do not easily figure out that it is the quality of traffic that is to blame. We ought to understand not all traffic sources will work for just any kind of website. Some websites will work with some traffic sources while others will not. Pay Per View (PPV) is one of the best examples to use. This traffic source focuses on delivering traffic on an impression basis and most of the traffic serving comes through pop up and pop-unders. While this traffic source will work perfectly for niches such as games and entertainment, it is a horrible choice to use in niches such as business.

You should also consider switching traffic sources to test which one works better than the other. This will enable you to understand which traffic source will work best for your website.

Some of the bets traffic sources that you might want to consider includes;

Social media traffic – With over a billion users active on these sites, you surely have a trove of audiences. And the good thing is that they are in every niche.

Paid Traffic sources – You might want to look into media buying, PPC (Pay Per click), display advertising and contextual advertising which are some of the bets paid traffic sources used today.

SEO (Search engine optimization) – loved for their lase targeting and the fact that the traffic is free, SEO is something that every webmaster should look into.

Final Word:

Web traffic is one of the most crucial subjects that every webmaster is always keen on. Getting web traffic might not be a challenging thing for many people who have been online but going them to convert is another thing. This whole thing boils down to the quality of that website traffic and also how one acquires them. You cannot just pump any web traffic to a website and expect it to give you results.

With the above strategies, one can easily get their site high conversions. It is always important to also keep in mind that to get solid results, one has to do a lot of testing and introduce different twists on something.

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Ecommerce Traffic Trends Guaranteed To Boost Your Store Visibility In 2017

Have you been running your Ecommerce store but not getting enough traffic and conversions? Building an ecommerce store to perfection is a hard work, but getting traffic to that store demands even more hard work and dedication.  Acquiring and getting steady flow of traffic to a website demands that one have some internet marketing skills to be able to execute some strategies.

In this article, we will go through some of the 2017 trends that you need to look out for. These trends shows the various swings at which the ecommerce world is tilting towards and you should use it to forecast and come up with actionable Ecommerce traffic strategies for your store. Here they are;

User Engagement Gets More Important Than Ever

As much as competitors are out there, hungry to sweep you out of business, you need to step up many things, but most of all is Customer engagement. Being in the Ecommerce business, you must have already learned by now that the customer is the driving force and the lifeblood of your business. Without them, there is no business. However, it should also be noted that customers do not pop up and buy right away from your site. A big percentage of those visiting your website do not make a purchase on the same day. That means, you have to impress them, win their trust and give them a reason to come back again.

Being customer-centric and gearing to provide the best for the users is one way to keep your customers happy and a reason your Ecommerce business stands a chance to grow and become a better brand. Imagine if all customers that came to your site, reached out to you concerning questions on a product that you are selling. If you are not there to answer and take long, your customers will have left the site and thought of some other place to get the product. Using communication scripts and plugins to enable customer communications is something that you would like to start with.

Mobile Traffic Optimization Taking Turns

Remember when smartphones came and swept the internet? It was a revolution that changed everything from how the normal user browses the internet to how shopping was done. Everything became a snap and as technology keeps improving, we see a lot of things happening.

Most recently, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) have gained traction and could be the next big thing that we internet marketers should watch out or. What AMP does is that it helps mobile users to get instant content on the go. It aims to serve the needed content fast and reliably by reducing the time taken to load multiple pages. If you are serious about harnessing Ecommerce traffic, then this is something that you should be having implemented already. Since speed is much needed, I is obvious that people will love to use websites that use AMP. Similarly, Google would love to give their users the best and as such, it is obvious that AMP enabled websites will be favored.

You need a few tweaks on your website code to make your website AMP powered. If you have no coding background, then it is advisable you get someone who knows how to do it to help you out.

If you want to stay abreast your competitors, you need to up your game and be focused on acquiring tons of leads by making your website easily navigable through mobile phones.

Contextual Shopping Gaining Traction

contextual targeted trafficThere is a new Ecommerce trend that has been undergoing tests from major players, and it’s big. As much as we might consider this to be something new, there are many experienced marketers who had foreseen it coming. Big companies like amazon have shown interest in it and have already made strides into implementing it on some of their stores. Many marketers have termed it as data-fed shopping at its finest, and so it seems.

Contextual shopping or contextual Ecommerce as some experts are terming it, is a form of marketing that involves using product links along informative content. Be it a shopping guide or an article, when you place a link along the content, the reader finds it to be relevant and ends up clicking it. Some major stores are using dash buttons as part of their contextual Ecommerce marketing approach and it seems to be working pretty well.

But is it better that the current methods? Contextual commerce aims to bridge the issues that we have in our flawed internet marketing approaches.  Take for instance, somebody who is selling some shoe down the street in a small shop. For that person to get people to visit their shop, they will rely on passersby to hop in, shop around and see if they get something that they would like to buy. There are several flaws in this traditional form of marketing. First up, you are relying on someone who probably had no intention of buying a shoe, and most likely they won’t end up buying. Sadly, this is a better explanation of how we have been doing Ecommerce marketing.

But can you imagine the results if you wrote an article and when someone is reading it, there is a relevant link within? The results have been impressive and something that should be adopted by some serious internet marketers.

Final Word:

Staying ahead of the latest trends in your industry is something that you should be keen in doing. Internet marketing is a very sensitive industry that relies on strategies that keeps changing. A strategy that worked a year ago could be a totally different story today. As such, you need to keep updating your game to stay afloat. Hopefully, the strategies and trends discussed herein will help you get more Ecommerce traffic to your site.

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How to Increase Website Traffic through Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media

Most companies spend huge amounts of money to develop their website; however, this can be a waste of resources if no traffic is generated on it. With the advancement of technology, you cannot ignore the huge role played by social media sites to draw traffic to a website.

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Whether starting out or already established there are ways that you can use social media to increase traffic to your website.

Have Your Website on Every Social Media Platform

Each social media platform has its own following. You might find that some of your clients are on Facebook and not on twitter and vice versa so do not neglect any platform. Make your presence felt on Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social platform.

Be Active

After creating a page on Facebook ensure that you interact with your audience as often as possible. This will keep them interested and they will want to know more about your services. Being active also presents you as a reliable company and people will come to you for services. The same applies to all other social media platform that you use to drive traffic to your website. The more you interact with people the more you build relationships. If people post enquiries on these sites, respond to them as soon as possible not forgetting to share a link to your website for more information. Ensure that you embed sharing buttons in your website; this will help in spreading the information on your website.

Content Generation

Most people are put off if they visit your social media platform and find that you have not updated your content for more than a week. If you are to keep your audience and win new ones you must be able to constantly come up with captivating content about your company. You will get more traffic on your website if you share information on the products that you have in the market. Do not limit yourself to only written contents, you can also use visuals. For example if you have a video about your business that you have shared on you tube, ensure you upload it on other sites as well. You can also use pictures to capture the attention of new audiences and share your URL so that they can visit your website for more information.

Return the Favor


When a person follows you on Twitter be sure to follow them back. Invite them to hang out with you on Google+ and make an effort to respond to every query they post on your platform. Also, get acquainted with communities in your niche on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and every other social platform and get to interact with them. Become an active member by sharing your opinions and advice on matters posted. This will make people rely on you and they will be inclined to visit your website for more information about your company. You can also use their page to share your websites’ URL

By following the above steps you are guaranteed to have more traffic directed to your website. So start now by getting your presence felt on every social media platform.

How To Double Your Website Traffic In Just 30 Days

If you are new to the internet marketing world then you must have endless questions on how to get traffic. Without generating any traffic to your website, your site is as good as dead and you may never get any sales or conversions. There are dozens number of ways that one can use to drive traffic to their website only that you have to know which is the best way that guarantees quality traffic that will lead to conversions. Finding a good traffic source is the first step to internet marketing success and as a webmaster you have to put in a lot to get good results.

Here in this guide, we will go through some of the best ways that you can use to drive traffic to your website very fast. If done well, these strategies could double your site traffic within just a month. The good thing is that you don’t need any prior experience and it doesn’t take a lot of time. If you won’t get traffic from these strategies then you will hardly get any other method that is easy and give you the same amount of traffic. Here they are;

Buying Social Media Traffic

Among some of the best ways that expert affiliates and webmasters are using to drive tons of traffic to their sites is paid traffic.

One ought to understand however, that not all the traffic that you will come across online being sold will give you good results. Some of them are fake traffic generated using scripts and softwares. Social media sites is one of the best places to buy traffic and there are many reasons why that is so.

Here is why social media can be one of the best places to double your web traffic within just a single month.

-The social media sites have collectively amassed over a billion users across the globe. Almost anyone that you come across today has a social media account which they are actively using. From top politicians, artists to the local grocery shop owners, all are actively locked in the social media. This means that there are lots of opportunities for anyone looking to leverage these sites to get web traffic.

-Social media traffic is laser targeted. If there is something that the social media sites has an upper hand on is the fact that they have details and information of everyone who has signed up with them. These information ranges from the niches that one is interested in to their hobbies and what they like to do in their leisure time. With this kind of information, advertisers can place advertisement campaigns and expect to reach uses who will converts to customers and clients.

Influencer Outreach

Something else that can get you tons of web traffic easily is influencer outreach. This is still a newer method and hasn’t been used by many marketers. Those who have used it have however confirmed seeing great results from the strategy. Influencer outreach is the process of reaching out to influencers and pitching them to help you market your product, website or blog. By way of example, let’s assume that you have a website that sells crafts. Your potential target influencer would be a blogger or someone who has tons of followers on social media but within your niche. So you will find someone who has a huge following but interested in crafts.

The secret to getting the bets with influencer outreach is to have a unique product, content or something new that is interesting. When you pitch such a product or content, influencers will easily accept to share it. And since these influencers have huge following, you will get traffic almost instantly after they have shared. The results you will get will depend on the effort that you have put. The more influencers you reach out to, the more shares you will get and the more traffic you will get to your website.

Here is why you should consider influencer marketing as a way to double or even quadruple your website traffic within a short time-frame.

-Influencer outreach woks with any niche. Since there is always someone who is considered an expert in every niche, they are the people you should be getting in touch with to help you get the gospel out there. Some influencers will charge to help you market your product while others will do it for free.

-Influencers who have been in the industry for long have a voice and have built trust with their followers therefore you are sure to get some conversion in the process.

YouTube Marketing

youtube trafficThe world is gearing up to a whole new world of video content. Research shows that people are more inclined to use videos to get information rather than the old traditional written content. Due to this fact, webmasters and internet marketers should consider coming up with a strategy to delve into the video marketing world.

The good news about video marketing is that you do not need any initial capital to get started. And if you have some small capital, you could get thousands of traffic within hours. Making a video is something that you can easily do without many hassles, thanks to the variety of video makers that have been developed. And you don’t even have to stand in front of the camera. You can simply do a screen recording and you are up and running. The fact that videos can easily go viral makes this method something worth considering.

Final Word:

There are many web traffic strategies that one can use to generate web traffic, but when you are looking for something quick that will transform things, then the ones shared above will be helpful. Search engines and other ways of traffic acquisition are great but could take site so you cannot rely on them to get you traffic quickly.

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Time Tested Strategies to Get Free Web Traffic

Are you an internet marketer in quest for the best free web traffic strategies that you can use to get more sales and leads? Today’s internet has grown tremendously and with lots of traffic from all over, it is hard to really find one that gets you results and this sis moreso if you are still a newbie and new to the game.

In this guide, we ill go through several time tested free web traffic strategies hat you can rely on to get good sales and leads.

Search Engine Traffic

Everyone who has accessed the internet must have used Google, Yahoo or Bing at some point. Billions of searches are done on a daily basis and these search engines will remain the best ways to find something online. From a webmaster and internet marketer’s point of view, one needs to make sure that their website is on top of the search engines. There are a number of things that webmasters need to do to ensure that their site ranks well in the search engines to get the much needed traffic.

Optimizing the site and ensuring that it meets the search engine’s algorithm demands is the bets way to approach this. It can sometimes be a tough process, but it is well worth the work. As long as the internet remains active the search engines will always be here and still remain a good way that internet marketers market their products through their websites. It is a strategy worth pursuing for long term traffic generation.

Social Media Traffic

Social media is something that has grown and become like a plague and almost everyone is in to it. Internet marketers have every reason and opportunity to put their focus towards marketing their sites with social media. With over a billion of audiences active on social media sites there are a lot of potential customers that one can tap into.
Even better, social media marketing is considered one of the easiest to get into and above all one can start marketing with it for free. Although you can always pay for more exposure, there are a lot of free strategies that have always showed good results.

Guest Posting

Guest posting, which can also be termed as guest blogging for many marketers this is a free strategy where a webmaster writes an article on another website or blog with the intention of getting traffic. Since you will be leaving your link on that post, the readers of that particular sire or blog will follow the link to your website an end up being your own traffic. Consider it as a legal way of stealing your competitor’s traffic without sweating.

To get the best out of it, you should ways consider doing this on big sites hat have gained a lot of authority and have a lot of traffic as well.

Aggregation Sites & RSS Feeds

Syndicating and submitting your site to RSS feeds an aggregation sites is among the easiest and best ways that one can easily tap into free traffic. when approved by these sites, you will be getting traffic to your site every time you publish a post. A nice example of a top aggregation site is which many marketers know that is a high trafficked site that can change everything on your site.

Despite the sad fact that aggregation sites becoming redundant over the past years, it is still a good source and after all yo are not spending anything by submitting your site to these directories. The amount of traffic will depend on the quality of aggregation site or RSS feed that you submit your website to. It will help your site to get quickly indexed in search engines and also help you get a better authority.

Build A Mobile App For Your Site

mobile seoMany people across the globe use smartphones to do almost anything online and having an application can easily help them to access your site with a lot of ease. The use of Smartphone and smart device has made the app industry increase with demands and quest for things that makes life easier. With that in mind, every marketer should always consider an app for their website, especially if they have a large site that is updated regularly.

Creating these mobile apps is also difficult and does not need you to crack some code. There are lots of softwares that will help you to create them in a drag and drop platform hence no need to master any line of code. With just a few tutorials, anyone who has no experience with coding can get started and create an app within a short time.

Email Marketing
email marketing is yet another free strategy that has been around for a very long time and has shown no signs of slowing down. As long as people want to get better deals, guides and information from the internet, email marketing is here to stay. Email marketing also doesn’t demand any in-depth experience for any newbies. You van compare it to having an army of repeat customers who are always waiting to check out what you have in store for them.

Anybody who is serious about getting the job done and making sales online must consider email marketing as one of their core traffic sources. The more subscribers that one has, the more they can expect in terms of sales and leads.

Final Word:

Without web traffic, there is no online business and you’d be even better off without a website. The strategies shared here have stood the test of time and are considered among the best you can use today.

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The Skinny On How To Use Content Marketing To Increase Traffic

Getting website traffic is every marketer’s main goal and perhaps the only way they can have their online business running. Without it, the whole website business is dead and no customers will be there to buy products and services from your website. Content marketing is however one of the best ways to increase website visibility today. Many expert markers say that it is the future of internet marketing and looking keenly, you would agree.

Under this post, we will look at some of the best ways to use content marketing to increase website traffic and get the best out of it for your website. Whether you run an ecommerce website, a blog or anything else that needs website traffic to get you sales, these are some of the tips that you should be looking into.

Ensure That you Are Using Relevant Keywords

One of the biggest internet marketing catastrophes, especially with marketers intending to get traffic from the search engines is failing to do thorough keyword research. SEO has been one of the best ways to get traffic to websites and getting a piece of the pie is just one way to get your online business successful without ever paying for the traffic. The thing is, you need to master your game and know that your competitors are also into the business and will stop at nothing to get all the traffic. One crucial way to start your SEO is to do good keyword research. Researching on the keywords to use is the backbone on the whole SEO success.

After doing that, you should sprinkle the keywords on the content naturally and ensure that it has a good balance of keyword density. Nowadays wring content demands that one create structured ones that are keyword rich to get good attention from the search engines.

Share Your Content On Social Media And Follow Up

Sharing the content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is something that most bloggers and online marketers do, but there is something else that they do not take note of. Doing a follow up and replying to the audiences who asked questions and replied to your tweets and social media shares is something hat is you should consider.

This is like adding an energy boost to your content and giving it more life by creating a social media buzz where many people will use as a quick reference. In the process, you will also get tons of viral shares which will result in more traffic to your website which is the main goal. Giving your content this social media boost is thus a must if you need quality traffic.

Ensure Speed Is Upon Your Site

It may be a song that has been over-sung over the internet that good internet marketing can only be achieved when you have a website that is speedy and capable of loading fast. Research has it that many people leave a site that takes more than a few sends to load. This means that it doesn’t matter how much traffic you are sending to you website. If it is loading slowly, you will not get the best out of your invested time and money. As such, you should make sure that you have your page and images cached so that they can load fast.

Other ways of making your site load fast is by using Content delivery networks which not only improves your site performance but also makes sure that the site is always up and here is content for your audience and reads to see.

Scope You Competitors

Something else that you don’t want to ignore is how your competitors are doing and how their website content is fairing. If you intend to use SEO, which is the top most traffic source, then content should be part of your strategy.

Content length, content relevance and how informative it is should be something of a major concern when crafting content. If your competitor is better than you and have better content, then it will be harder to outrank them in the search engines. You need to spy on your competitors who are ranking on the first page, analyze their content in all aspects and create better content that theirs. This is the only way to get on top and above your competitors. Make sure that your content is epic and well copywritten to go for gold.

Pitch And Use Outreach To Get Your Content Visibility

If you have epic content and informative ones that can act as resources, then you should get it known. The best and the modern way of doing this is to pitch influencers who will help you get the gospel out there. Imagine an influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers sharing you content. This can be a great way of getting an avalanche of traffic to your website. You should make sure to get close attention of the influencers in your niche so that you can get relevant traffic that will end up being customers.

Used well, this approach has shown terrific performance that can get your website ahead of your competitors. The other good thing is that there is no limit and you can always reach out to as many influencers as you can.

Final Word:

Content marketing is the future of internet marketing and if you are serious about moving with the trend and getting the best quality traffic, then you need to take content marketing seriously. The strategies outlined above are some of the best that you should be using to get your content marketing to the next level. They are also some of the easiest to implement and get your internet marketing rolling.

If you however don’t have the time to get started with these strategies, we have some high quality traffic in stock for you. We have been selling quality traffic for many years and serve many internet markers who in turn use it to get sales. You can also jump onto the traffic wagon and buy some high quality website traffic to increase your sales.

Myntra Affiliate vs. Snapdeal Affiliate vs. Flipkart Affiliate

Ever since the inception of E-commerce, the industry has undergone various transformations where we’ve seen different E-commerce websites pop up. This has created limitless opportunities for internet marketers, making affiliate marketing one of the biggest ways to make money online.

In what seems to be an unending competition battle between these shopping giants, Affiliates seem to be the gainers. The battle for industry supremacy has made it much better for affiliates, since the companies also scramble to have more affiliates to help them sell more. In this write-up, we will compare three of the biggest Indian based E-commerce platforms from an Affiliates angle. Here is the Myntra Affiliate vs. Snapdeal Affiliate vs. Flipkart Affiliate in-depth comparison;

Flipkart Affiliates

To start off, Flipkart is the most popular and probably the best shopping marketplace in India. The site was founded in 2007 and has been a success and enjoyed tremendous growth despite the neck-stiff competition from the likes of Myntra and Snapdeal. It has opened an avenue for affiliate marketers giving them a chance to be part of the platform and make money.

Expandability  is something that you may want to consider if you are a serious affiliate marketer. You have to know the potential growth that an E-commerce platform has to offer. Flipkart’s growth to become the largest by market share and volume gives affiliates an assurance of their growth.

The income potential with the shopping marketplace is also a lucrative one and many affiliates are finding it super easy to get started.

When it comes to affiliate payments, the commissions offered are great. Here is a bit about the commission structure at FlipKart;

-Fashion and Lifestyle Products: Commissions start from 8% to 14%
-Home and Kitchen: Commissions start from 10% to 15%
-Electronics and Gadgets: Commissions start from 4% to 5%
-Digital and e Products: Commissions start from 2%
-Books: Commissions are at 10%

From the commission structure above, it is evident why the shopping site has been successful. Looking closely you may realize that digital products, electronics and gadgets seem to fetch low commissions but the fact that they sell like hot cake makes them very lucrative.

Snapdeal Affiliate program

Snapdeal ranks as the second most popular and largest online shopping site in India. Despite the shake-up that has struck the company in the past, it has stood still and seen increased growth. Affiliates also enjoy a great share of commission from the company. With a gargantuan loads in inventory, this is something affiliate marketers ought to give a shot.

Here is more about the affiliate commission structure that aspiring Snapdeal affiliates should expect:

-Fashion and Lifestyle Products: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Home and Kitchen: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Electronics and Gadgets: Commissions stand at 10% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Digital and e Products: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-
-Books: Commissions stand at 20% but capped to a maximum of Rs 1250/-

If you are commission minded, of which many affiliates are, then Snapdeal affiliate program should be among your priority programs.

As if that wasn’t enough, Snapdeal offers something else that no other affiliate site has. There is no earnings threshold, so even if you earn a $10, you still get your commission.

Myntra For Affiliate Marketers

Myntra is one of the top E-commerce stores which has envisioned itself as a fashion marketplace across India. Their marketing approach, inventory and general operation seems to be going as it should for the company. As an affiliate, you get to enjoy high commissions on apparel sales. The company seems to have attracted a massive customer base and for any affiliate looking to focus on apparel, this is it.

There is high potential in expandability, but only if you are into the apparel industry. Our comparison here will therefore focus on the apparel and clothing sections of the other shopping sites.

Myntra affiliates earn up to 6% from the sales made. This is a much low as compared to Flipkart which pays from 8% to 14% on clothing and lifestyle products. Flipkart seems to have stolen the show here but you may also want to give a shot to Myntra due to it’s huge niche focused inventory.

Payments are made on a NET60 basis and deposited through wire transfer. The time may seem a bit lengthy, but it is something common with other shopping sites.

If you have enough traffic targeting apparel or fashion or looking to specifically expand in the attire (clothing) related niche, then Myntra could be a wise option. Otherwise for general growth potential, Flipkart seems to be the ultimate winner.

Which One Should You choose?

With the above review, affiliate marketers should be able to clearly identify an affiliate program that they perfectly fit into. Among some of the common features and things that affiliates will enjoy from all the shopping platforms above includes;

Trustworthiness – These E-commerce platforwallet-1326017_640ms have stood the test of time and you can always count on them for transparency and integrity.

Affiliate resources – They offer lots of resources making it easier for the affiliates to make money. Some of the resources includes Banners, Coupons, tracking and much more.

Inventory Size – although there may be a big difference between one shopping platform and the other, all of them have sizable inventory making it easy for affiliates to diversify.

Customer Satisfaction – How the platform handles their customers is one thing that affiliates needs to look into. If you would like to avoid products being returned, then you need to keep this in mind. Amazingly, all these sites have that taken care of.


If looking from a commission perspective, Snapdeal seems to have it all while from a market share and inventory volume point of view, FlipKart is all you need.

According to a study done, the Indian E-commerce market share is about 500 billion INR. This makes it a huge potential for affiliates to dive in and make a killing out of it. It is up to you to decide on the affiliate marketing to go with. But you must also make sure that you have good amount of website traffic.

You can as well check out our crazy traffic packages to help you get started and make more sales.

7 Ways to Boost Your Advertising Campaigns

Promoting your website with advertising campaigns could turn out to be a boom and one that can yield amazing results in no time. There are countless advantages that come along with the use of paid traffic to your website.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Split Test Your Ads
If you are one serious internet marketer who cares about how you spend and want to get a good output from your investment then you have to test your campaigns to know which one works better than the other. Split testing your campaigns is an excellent way to leverage a lion’s share of website traffic. If you are new to paid traffic and don’t know how split testing is done then it is basically the creation of different advertisements and landing pages to test the performance on traffic. One should spend a little budget when doing this to avoid wasting money in case the ad campaigns don’t yield enough traffic.

Scale up your campaigns
After finding out the best traffic campaign from split testing and macbook-924781_640have ascertained that your campaigns will be fruitful, then go ahead and scale things up by amplifying the profitable ones and dropping those that don’t seem to have good yields. One should also make tweaks and ensure that they have maximized all the potential to generate more traffic from the traffic that they have purchased. It is always good to keep track on every change that you make onto your campaigns and how the traffic performance is on your website.

Focus on more target
Lets get everything clear; if you want to sell a video game, you have to focus on a group of young folks otherwise you are riding the wrong horse. Clear enough? Same applies to location and gender; ensuring that you are getting laser target will give you targeted traffic and increase your conversion rate. Most advertising agencies have advanced laser targeting tools that will make the whole targeting process a child’s play. We have been helping thousands of clients to get a better grip of these juicy high converting traffic and without any doubt, we are sure that you will be satisfied from our services.

Post on specific websites
Media buy goes beyond the normal pay per click advertising campaigns and top advertising agencies usually have platforms that have been improvised so that one can customize their advertisements to appear on specific websites. This will come in handy especially if you are targeting a particular niche. This follows the principle of selling an in demand product to laser targeted audience. The results with this kind of approach are usually great since the audience are more likely to be interested with the product.

Take control of your ROI
Again, every internet marketer who is seriously venturing into paid traffic should always be keen on how they are spending and if their yields are not impressive and no good return on the investment comes out, then one should make hay and push hard to see that they are getting good returns. There are different tools that one can use and some metrics such as EPC (Earnings Per Click) and PPC (Pay Per Click) should be in their finger tips. These tools have stood the test of time and have helped many marketers to not only save but amplify their online business ventures.

Spy on your competitors
Do you want to beat and top your competition? Every internet marketer who is seeking to get lots of traffic knows that there are competitors who are also seeking for the top slots. What do you do to beat them and get the top crown? simply the bets way to go about this is to spy on them and know what they are doing better than you so that you can know where to strike. There are dozens of tools out there that have been created for competition spying and one can easily use them to analyze their competitor’s campaigns all over the internet and know where they are sourcing their traffic from. Some of the metrics that can be tracked and monitored includes the site from where they are getting traffic, how much they are spending and what keywords they are using to bait for web traffic. Although these tools end to be more expensive, we have made it easier for webmasters and internet marketers to take advantage of our web traffic packages.

Take advantage of Long tail Keywords
If there is one big secret that pro internet marketers have always kept it to themselves is taking advantage of the long tail keywords. Many people don’t know of these golden gems that aren’t exploited and one thing that people don’t know is that they have low competition. This should come in handy especially for people who spend a lot in their campaigns. It also means that one can start saving a lot if their budget has always taken them the hay way. Despite the fact that this technique is known to be time consuming the results are amazing and worth the time spent.

Final Verdict
The pointers above should be an eye opener to everyone who is looking or venturing into online advertising. Paying for website traffic is not all; one has to master how to get the best out of the hits that they are getting. Although mastering all these factors have always been a nightmare and an exhilarating experience to many amateur and average internet marketers, we have dedicated ourselves and our full time commitment is to offer the most affordable traffic solutions to our clients. One should also beware of the fake traffic that they are likely to get from agents that have flooded the industry with tempting lures.

How Guest Blogging Will Dramatically Boost Your Web Traffic

If you have been in the internet marketing world for a while then you must have already heard if guest posting and the good things that come along with them. Guest blogging, otherwise known as guest posting is the process of writing blog posts on another different website with the aim of both sharing great content with other audiences while also attracting more reads and building your brand.

In this post, we will mull into the meat and highlight some of the reasons why guest posting will increase your website potential by increasing the traffic coming in. They are also easy to follow up on, so anybody can implement and use them. Here are the reasons why you should give guest blogging a chance;

It Builds Strong Relationships

One of the best ways to survive the internet marketing game is to build relationships with your fellow niche bloggers or colleagues. This way, regardless for how old your website is, you stand a chance to skyrocket your audiences and start competing with some authority sites that have been around before you.  When you interact and network with fellow bloggers who are in your niche, they will start gaining interest in what you have to offer in your industry and sooner or later they could end up pitching your product and services or vouching you to other people who are potentially interested in what you are offering. In simple words, guest posting will build you trust which is necessary for you to make sales and leads.

If you are looking for an approach that will help you to build a trust and also generate you high quality traffic then guest posting is there for you to tap into. Many webmasters have used it to up their internet marketing game.

Guest Posting Firmly Anchors Your Site On The Search Engines

We all know that search engines are among the best web traffic sources that one can get, but as the algorithm dictates, there are some factors that need to be met. Among them is acquiring high quality backlinks that will give the site credibility on those search engines. The more powerful backlinks that one has, the better search engine results that they stand to get. You shouldn’t however go around spamming links anyhowly just for the sake of getting that backlink. Search engines have some strict and well-engineered algorithms which can detect bad practices such as building un-natural links and you can get penalized for that. So, while guest posting is a good way of giving your site what search engines love, the links need to come out naturally or else the site could be penalized.

SEO is the future of the web and as long as people continue to rely on the search engines to find stuffs that they are looking for online, this is something that every webmaster should be into.

Get High Targeted Customers And Clients

There is no doubt that the people you will reach out to are interested in what you have to offer because they are in your niche. Unless you are doing random guest posts which will definitely give you nothing good in the end, your guest posts should give you qualified leads and sales.

If you are not targeting blogs in your niche then you might find it hard to come across users and audiences who are interested in what you have to offer on your website. For instance:- consider a blogger who also has an ecommerce store on their site that sells pet supplies. Unless this webmaster reaches out to other bloggers who are in the pet niche, he or she might not get good outcome from their site if they do not target people ion the pet niche. However, focusing on pet niche blogs will give the site a good platform and could easily transform visitors to customers. This is therefore something that you need to be careful on.

Things To Keep In Mind When Doing Guest Posting

You must have good and informative content to succeed in guest posting. Nobody will tolerate crap and useless content so to get the best results out of guest posting, you need to make sure that whatever you share will add value to the audiences of the site you are writing for.

You should also focus on building relationship more than getting link to your website. Keeping things naturally and not being overly-promotive is the best way to go.

You also ought to keep in mind is that you need to focus on authority sites which have already built a huge user base. Putting your focus on newer sites might not give you a very big impact since they still have little audiences. It is therefore important to analyze and find out the site metrics before you start doing your guest posting outreach.

The other thing that is very important when running guest posts is to make sure that you are focusing on your target niche. Without doing this, you will be building relationship with people who do not have any interest in you niche. This will be a waste of time and is not worth doing.

Final Word:

Guest posting is among the most promising internet marketing strategies that have been around for a while. While it has been around for years the power that the guest posting offers cannot be compared with many others. Consider it as a double edged sword for building both the brand and growing traffic to your website. Guest posting is free and all you have to do to get started is to start pitching and reaching out to bloggers in your niche.

You may also want to check out our high quality web traffic which we have been serving thousands of clients. Sourced from some of the best sites across multiple niches, you surely need a share of this traffic. Many people have seen good results from our traffic and we are certain that you will also love the outcome. So why not hop in and take advantage of this traffic?

How To Skyrocket Your Traffic With Simple Strategies

Competition for web traffic has now gotten to a new level and newbies are finding it much harder to generate sales from the little traffic that they are getting to their website. Succeeding online however needs one to send visitors who will convert to customers and leads. So how does one generate traffic easily and get more sales? In this write-up, we will go through some of the proven strategies to skyrocket your site traffic fast without going through the hard hassles. Here they are;

Brainstorm Evergreen Topics

In every niche, there is a topic that keeps trending more often than others. You need to establish yourself as a professional and address the topic widely. Trendy topics are a platform which can launch your site as a brand easily without needing to do much. And since it is a topic of interest, you should keep twisting and bringing in new sub-topics on it to get even more visitors. This is an approach that has been proven to work all the time in almost every niche out there. also keep an eye on social media and forums to know which topics are trending and getting more attention. With this approach, you don’t need more than normal social media sharing to get the attention of thousands of people. The use of tools like Google Trends will also come in handy in finding the latest topics of interest.

Spy On Your Competitors And Clone Their strategies

How much do you know your competitors and niche? The next approach that you wouldn’t want to miss out on is to keep an eye on your competitors and know the approaches that they are using to generate traffic. The approach of spying on competitors isn’t new at all and there are tons of softwares that have been developed specifically for that. Some of the things that you can learn with these tools includes the content strategy and how they are crafting their content, the backlinks to their sites and even their advertising. Knowing these things will help you to know what to focus on and what you should avoid as it could end up being a waste of time and money. You should then go ahead and clone this strategies and implement them so that you can achieve similar results.

Use Different types Of Content

web trafficFor most of us, the only content we know is the written text and articles. Although this is the most common and perhaps the most attractive type, you need to also keep in mind other content types. Besides articles the use of images and videos is quickly getting traction. Descriptive images in form of infographics are among the best things today and you can create them easily, thanks to the tons of softwares available.

Research shows that videos is the future of web content and when that happens, you should be among the first to reap the fruits. The good thing is that creating a video doesn’t need you to spend lots of hours trying to shoot. With tons of softwares, you can create descriptive videos within minutes. So, there is no excuse not to make it with other media content.

Have An Outreach Strategy In Place

How much do you use social media? How you market yourself really matters and in most instances it all comes down to the outreach strategy you choose to use. Creating content alone doesnt send traffic to your site without pushing it to potential buyers. You need to market your content and site to appear in front of target audience. So how do you do it? There are plenty of ways to market your site and reach out to generate tons of traffic. There are some award winning strategies like Guest posting and influencer outreach which have proven to have what it takes to get the attention of audiences out there.

Also, some tools like Buzzsumo are available and helps webmasters to find trendy topics to write about and also market and reach out to more audiences.

Don’t Forget social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the best platforms to get your business off the ground if you know what you are doing. There are lots of people, literally hundreds of millions who are active every day on the various social media sites. Knowing how to woo them into visiting your site is a very important thing and something that can change the way your online business works. To succeed in social media, you need to dedicate some time and also have a good strategy to win these audiences.  there are tons of strategies that you can implement to harness social media traffic.

You also need to focus on creating outstanding profiles on the leading social media platforms. Only focus your time and know how the top social media sites work. Avoid wasting time on smaller social media sites since they are low in terms of traffic. You should also make sure that you are always active so that you keep the audiences engaged at all times and also woo more into becoming your followers.

Final Word:

For the success of any online business, one must find a way to generate traffic that converts. Getting traffic is not hard, but getting quality traffic that converts is yet another story. if you want to get sales and leads from the traffic that you generate, then you have to make sure that the sources of traffic you are getting from are credible and suitable for your website since not all kind of traffic works the same way for all niches. For instance pop up traffic will work well for a gaming site but not for a business or financial site.

You may also want to check out our high quality traffic packages that are suited for different niches. We source our traffic from tons of sources which are proven to work. We are certain that you will love the traffic and the results you will get from it.

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