Crucial Things You should Know Before Considering Paid Traffic

Expert internet marketers hardly doubt what they can get with paid traffic, but all that is only achieved when you know what you are doing. There is more to paid traffic than you think and you have to be extra careful and cautious on how you run your campaigns. Doing a simple mistake can cost you a lot and could take time to recover. In this guide, we have prepared and highlighted some of the crucial things that every internet marketer who wants to venture into paid advertisements should consider.

Knowing these things will help you to grow your paid traffic campaigns while getting good results.

Knowing Your Keywords And How To Go About Optimizing Them

Among some of the most important assets that one should be keen on when running paid advertisements especially with PPC (Pay Per Click) is how the keywords are optimized to bring good results. Without mastering keywords and how to optimize them your campaigns will fail to produce the needed results since the targeting is poor.

Among some of the most crucial things that you need to master when it comes to optimizing your ads are buyer intent keywords. Not all keywords will yield good returns as some audiences will not like to buy from you as they could just be looking for information. These are the kind of traffic that you should filter out and avoid them. A good example is a the word “free” since these people are looking for free products, these are among the keywords that you need to avoid and if possible you should go ahead and add them to your negative keyword list.

Ads Targeting

The next thing that you’d want to keep in mind is to ensure that you get your audience targeting right. One huge mistake that many people make is failing to set their ad campaigns to reach the right audiences. The good thing with most advertisement platforms is that they have good targeting features which enable advertisers to reach people who precisely need their products and services. This is the one factor that makes paid traffic stand out from the rest as one can also get results instantly if they are in the right network.

Among some of the targeting features that you will find includes geo targeting which enables you to reach out to audiences that are ion different locations. Under these platforms, you can also get traffic based on age, gender, among other things. Simply put, most advanced paid traffic lets you get the traffic that you need. Some of the best paid traffic sources that you’d want to consider when running your advertisements include; Google adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini ads and out top notch traffic service here at And Web Traffic.

Scaling Up Is A Must

email marketingDo you want to get the best out of your ad campaigns? Well, the best way to go about it is to maximize and ensure that your input pays off. You have to make sure that you are running ads that pay off in the long run and that you are getting the best ROI possible. This process is called scaling up. When scaling up, you have need to do a lot of testing and find out which are your winning ads that you should invest more on and also find out which ones are giving you losses so as to do with them.

One of the most crucial part that one needs to keep in mind when scaling up is to run split testing campaigns. Split testing is the process of testing different versions of an ad to ascertain whether it is worth delving into and which version works better than the other in terms of ROI. You should ensure that you spend the same amount when split testing so as to come up with a clear analysis on why the ad is not performing or why the other one is performing better than the other.

Quality Of The Ad Sources

Something else that most newbie internet marketers who get into paid traffic fail at is failing to find the best sources for the paid traffic. Not every website or platform that sells traffic will give you traffic that will convert on your products and services. With most web traffic vendors online using crooked methods to serve their traffic, the quality will not get you the results that you need. Research shows that there is an increase in the amount of bot usage to generate web traffic that mimics human behavior. As such, you should be keen on the web traffic sources that you get your traffic from.

You should do thorough reviews and check out consumer testimonials to determine whether it is really worth investing on. You should also determine which type of paid traffic sources will work for your site since not all sites will give the same results depending on the niche and the nature of your site.

Final Word:

Running profitable campaigns doesn’t come easy and you need to do more than just scaling up to see a good ROI. The tricks and techniques outlined above are just a few crucial ones that you should always be keen on. Perhaps the best thing with this is that they are easy to follow along and strategize on them. As long as web traffic is paramount and the determining factor on how well the site will perform, these strategies are crucial.

If you need some high quality web traffic that gets you results, then you may want to check out some of our affordable packages to start with. We are certain that you will love the traffic from our traffic. Regardless of whichever niche that you are in, you are sure to get good returns from your investment in our traffic since they are sourced from some of the best web sources. And you will also love our targeting features which lets you get laser targeted traffic which in turns gets you better conversions than any other traffic source.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Online Forums

One of the most difficult challenges for a website owner is traffic generation. A website is useless if it does not have a constant stream of visitors. One of the ways used by website owners to increase traffic is forums posting. It is an easy to implement, inexpensive and effective strategy that can help generate hits.

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Getting forums that complement your website will allow you to let others know of your online presence and assimilate you into established communities.

How it works

Look for forums that closely match your website’s subject. To maximize the effectiveness of this tactic, try finding three or more forums. Sign up in all the forums you have chosen. At this point, you will have to get your signature in place. A signature can be defined as the message that will appear underneath each of your posting on forums. It allows you to include a hyperlink or your website URL. For example, if you deal with baby toys, you can add your name as well as a line stating �Click here for the best selection of affordable baby toys’.

The next step involves positing on the forums. Post messages that will add value to your audience. A lot of people in forums will be looking for solutions to their problems. With your knowledge, helping them is the best way to earn their respect and ultimately their interest in the service or product that you are trying to sell. Avoid posting messages that urge people to click your links. Such a move will make people assume that selling your products is more important than building a relationship with them.

Instead, strive to befriend other people and also try to know members of the different forums. Find out how you can help. Do not hesitate to ask questions, but those that do not encourage people to visit your website. Your activity and interest on the forum sites will generate a lot of traffic with time. The traffic will only be significant if you follow the steps listed above.

forumsStart becoming active in all threads you have posted. It is a big mistake to post a question or message and never go back to the thread. If you leave your posts unattended, you will be missing opportunities to interact with other forum members. Taking the time to add remarks to other members’ posts or answer questions and follow threads will ensure your website URL and signature will appear again and again. This will in turn increase the probability of people clicking on it and finding out more about you and your website. The more you become popular in forums, the more people will be receptive to your messages. In turn, they will click your link and check out your website. This simply equates to more traffic.

Warnings and tips

Make sure your primary objective is providing value. Work to build relationships and become well known in forums. Ensure that your signature has a call to action that encourages visitors to go to your website. Become a regular active member of the forums by posting often.

Search Engine Marketing – Is it The Best Way to Get Traffic?

Would you have any doubt if you learned that there are thousands of people who make millions every month from purchased traffic? In many cases, people turn around shying away the moment they hear that they need to purchase traffic. Here is why you need Search Engine Marketing in your business.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

The conception of search engine marketing has been one of the Internet revolutions that has struck the media buying industry with tons of goodies. There are a choke-full number of reasons why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) could turn out to be the best and the most efficient way of getting website traffic. SEM basically works through bidding where one bids for a keyword against their competitors and the traffic driven to their website depends on the appropriateness of the advertisement. Below are some of the core values that makes the search engine marketing the perfect cocktail for your online business.

Targeted audience

Search Engine MarketingTraditional ways of media buying did not have a target option which made it all a fluke and a waste of time. The good news that the Search Engine Marketing has over most traffic generation options is that you can get the audience that you want. Be it s specific country or a specific niche that you would like to target, all is achievable with push button convenience. This factor has also made the whole traffic buying a whole lot cheaper since one can easily target audience and clients that they are sure are interested in what they are offering. There are also instances where one is offering a product that is only suitable to a particular age group. This traffic buying formula has been well played into the equation since age targeting has been made possible whereby one can seek the attention of a select group of people from a certain age without wasting time and money on people who have no interest.

Easy scaling

One of the biggest challenges that has been around in the traditional media buying industry is the ability to scale things up. Knowing where your profit is flowing from and where the dregs is a very crucial thing that must be kept in mind by anyone buying traffic. The beauty of search engine marketing is that you can buy targeted traffic to your website and then start scaling the traffic to ensure that your Return On Investment (ROI) is on the upper hand. It is an obvious case to do testing and determine what works and what does not. Things like A-B split testing should also be on your finger tips if you are serious with buying traffic. This will help you to easily make tweaks on what does not work keeping only what gives you good profit.
Instant traffic formula

How long do you spend time to get a swarm of traffic to your website? The are dozens of ways to get traffic to your website and although they could be effective, they are not as fast as when you buy traffic. Buying traffic is instant and in a nick of time you can start banking hard as long as your strategy is solid and scaling is done well. Some of the things that are used to determine the traffic to your website includes the bid price or the competitiveness of the keyword that you are targeting.

Better branding

Some online businesses use search engine marketing to get themselves better branding. Buying ad space on the search engines is perhaps one of the best ways to get a business noticed and get the attention of many audiences in a target niche. Although Pay Per click (PPC) is the most common approach used in search engine marketing, the use of Cost Per Milli (CPM) which is an impression based marketing is a new trend that works perfectly in branding.

A lion’s share of Internet marketers are into the search engine marketing grind simply because it is easy to implement and has proven itself over time. If you are looking for the fastest way to get targeted traffic and start making money right off the bat then search engine marketing is one of the best that you will ever come across. However, one of the things that you need to know is that for you to get profits, you should scale things up, know what works so that you can amplify them and then drop the useless campaigns. Simply put, Search engine marketing is a goldmine to your online business.

How To Split Test Ad Campaigns And Insanely Increase Website Traffic

Paid web traffic is one of the best ways that you can use to quickly generate tons of web traffic without having to go through hard steps. If you have been in the online marketing game for a while then you already know that paid traffic is pure goldmine. It however doesn’t come easy and there are tons of tweaks that you have to do. Among the most crucial ones is conversion ration optimization. You need to make sure that your ad copy and landing page isn’t to blame for low conversion and sales.

But how do you know how your page converts? You have to run split testing and use variants to determine which among them works better. Below, we mull into split testing and help you understand how to get the best out of it.

Understanding Split Testing

Split testing is a conversion ration optimization technique that involves using different landing pages and landing page features to determine which one is better performing. And for beginners who know less about internet marketing, landing pages are pages where audiences land to check out your offer or product. It is on this page where the audience will make their decision of either buying from you or not. This is why it is so important to make sure that every aspect of the page is top notch and will lead to a good conversion.

There are several tools that will come in handy when you are doing split tests and they should help you optimize and manage your landing page.

How To Do Split Testing That Gets You More Web Traffic

If you want to get more web traffic for your website and get more sales, then here are some of the things that you should do to get the best out of your split testing campaigns.

Write The Best Selling Copy

It is the wording and the content on the landing page that will bring the conviction and convince the audience to buy or opt in to your funnel. It is therefore important to make sure that you have the best copy written by you or an expert copywriter who understands the topic and how conversion works. Captivating headers, call to actions among other things should be spot on to ensure that you do not lose your customers.

You also need to make sure that you have addressed and perfectly presented your information in a way that your customers will find informative. Sometimes you may have to spend a lot on hiring a copywriter, but it is a well worthy process provided the copywriter is good at doing it.

Ensure Your Landing Page Is Responsive

Many people have been losing money just because their landing page isn’t easy to navigate through. Imagine visiting a website where you do not know where the home button or one whose form is misplaced. Of course you won’t know where to turn to and in most cases, you will end up leaving the page without doing anything. Creating responsive landing pages which appear well regardless of the device that one is using to surf the web with is the way to go. You will need to do some backend coding or switch to responsive themes that will easily make your landing pages user friendly based on their devices.

Make Sure You Page Loads Fast

Page loading speed is yet another crucial element that could determine whether your website traffic converts or not. Nobody is willing to spend minutes loading a single page just to make an order. Your visitors know that they could get what you are offering from your competitors, so why should they wait?

If you do not take care of your page loading speed, many of them will leave your site without making it to the cart. There are many ways that one can easily speed up the speed of their website. You can choose a good hosting, use caching technology or consider using lighter web scripts which will ensure that your page loads faster.

Watch And Measure Every Metric

Metrics and statistics on your campaign is the only way to know if you are doing well with you campaigns or not. It is something that every serious internet marketer does and it helps determine whether one should continue pursuing a particular strategy or not.

Tools such as Google analytics, Prosper 202 and Kissmetrics should be your best buddies when you are considering a tool to help you keep track of your marketing. It may be a bit complicated to keep track and make informed decisions if you are still a beginner, but you can easily understand them in no time. Also seeking the help of an expert is something worth considering.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

There are endless numbers of untapped strategies that you can switch to and implement on your site. Most of us will have the fear that something might not work, but the reality of the matter is that, you will never understand or find out if a strategy works or not. The only way out is to set a realistic budget to set and see how it goes. This is the best way to make a strategy work for you and in most cases, a strategy that works will deliver good results since it isn’t saturated and most likely there is less competition.

Final Word:

Paid traffic isn’t simple, especially when you are still new to the grind. You have to master some basics or else you will end up shutting down your entire online marketing business. You need to ensure that your ROI is spot on and that you aren’t running at a loss. With split testing, you can easily make your paid traffic a success and the tips shared here should get you going.

You can also check out our high quality traffic packages to get your website buzzing with conversions. We have been serving this traffic for a while and you can also hop in and start reaping the benefits it comes with.

5 Twitter Hacks That Will Get You More Traffic To Your Website

Twitter has been one of the most visited websites for a long time now and although there is stiff competition from other social media sites, it has always stayed strong. For marketers, Twitter is a den of traffic that is waiting to be unleashed on your site and the only thing needed from you is to take action. There are many ways that one can get started and leverage Twitter as a traffic source and in this guide we will go through some of them which you can easily implement and get high quality traffic.

Connecting And Building Relationships with Influencers

Every niche has an influencer and someone who is considered an expert in that industry. As a webmaster with an online business, you need to ensure that you have built a good relationship with the industry leaders. This will not only ensure that you will get traffic from the shares when they share your products and services, but you will also learn from them.

Influencer outreach is one of the most common form of marketing these days and you will also see some of the big companies using influencers to increase their brand visibility and channel web traffic to their websites.

Your Bio Speaks A lot About You And Your Business

Most of us do not care much about their Twitter bio and what many do is to just put it up simply. You need to keep in mind that everyone who is interested in following you must go through your Bio and you have a few words to impress them and make them follow you. You have to make every word count and clearly highlight your expertise on the description.

You should also avoid using random photos and use your real one so that people can know that they are dealing with a real person. It is a proven fact that real photos create trust and credibility.

Make Good Use Of Mentions And Hashtags

Hashtags and mentions are some of the most effective social media tools today which are not only found on Twitter but other social media sites are adopting them. They are simple tools that enable people to easily communicate by specifying certain things. Hashtags are used to tag posts or social shares based on certain interests so that people can easily search for these hashtags when they are looking for information on a particular topic. Mentions on the other end are simply quoting another user in a post simply because they should check it or they have anything to do with the post. With these quick tools, communication is enhanced and made simple.

You cannot compare a post without a hashtag or a mention to one that doesn’t have. The ones that uses these from of tagging usually get more social reaction therefore reaching more people which results in increased traffic.

Retweet Other People’s Posts And Ask For A Retweet Too

If you’ve used Twitter before then retweet is something that doesn’t need a special introduction. It is simply sharing or bumping other people’s posts. Since we depend on the ripple effect to take place so that we can get more viral traffic, retweet is something that is important and every serious internet marketer should be trying to find out how to get more retweets so that they can reach out to more audiences.

To get retweets, you have to learn to share and retweet other people’s posts. This will trigger them to also share the same love and share your posts with their followers as well. Asking for a retweet also doesn’t hurt and research has shown that it people who ask for retweets on their posts get better results than those who do not.

Use Quality Images And Videos

Among the latest social media trends that you should be considering is to utilize media. Unlike the old times when social media sites were all about sharing texts, today social media, Twitter included have the capability to host various media contents like videos and images. To get the best out of this, you should use high quality and informative images and videos which will not only add value to the audiences but also make them want to share with others.

There are many tools that you can use to create images and videos to make them look appealing and attractive to the audiences. The better and more appealing your images and videos are, the longer they will go and the more they will get shared. This means that to get more traffic to your website, you need to employ creativity and some skill. As a side note and something to keep in mind, if you are sharing the images alone without accompanying it with texts, you should include a signature or a watermark with the address of your site so that you can get traffic to your website.

Final Word:

Social media is one of the best ways to get web traffic and that won’t change for many years to come. What will change, however, is the way internet marketers will play their game. As competition keeps rising and the platform itself changes, we as webmasters need to up our game to adapt to the changes. Without doing this, then traffic dependency from social media sites like Twitter will start declining with time. The strategies outlined above are some of the best ways to win in the Twitter game and you can as well apply some of them to other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter is one good example of a social media site that can transform a website into a buzz of traffic. If you are however looking for a more steady stream of traffic without going through the hard trolls, then you should check out our web traffic packages which you can use to skyrocket your website  and make it an online sales machine. We serve traffic from all niches online and we can almost guarantee that you will start seeing sales almost immediately. The performance will however depend on how you have optimized your website and landing pages.

Effective Advertising Sources For More Traffic In 2018

Getting web traffic to you website isn’t enough. You cannot just pump any kind of traffic to your website and expect it to start giving you the desired results. With the hundreds of fake agencies online today that use robots to send traffic to unsuspecting web owners who in turn buy the traffic cheaply, you need to be keen. The source of your website traffic will determine whether you will get sales or not. You have to be careful on how you choose your vendors and be careful not to fall for the cheaply sold poor quality traffic. In this guide, we will go through some of the best sources that you can get traffic from without having to go through many hassles. Here they are;

Social Media Traffic

Social media remains one of the most loved platforms by internet markets. Simply because it is the home of billions of active users from all over the globe with different interests. Ask anyone and they will tell you that they are active in at least 3 social media sites. That is enough to give you an idea of the kind of market that you could reap from.

Social media sites register members based on their interests, location, age among other crucial features that can be useful in targeting and reaching out to people in various niches. And there is no limit on how far you can go with social media. Your budget is the only thing that could limit you. If you have a larger budget you will aim for more traffic.

Some of the top social media sites that you should put more focus on for the best results includes;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

As long as social media is a part of many people’s daily lives, internet marketers have a huge opportunity to make bank from the paid social media traffic.

Pay Per Click

Among the most common paid traffic techniques that have been used for long and still rules is PPC (Pay per click). It involves setting up adverts on different platforms where you pay every time someone clicks and visits your website through the ad.

There are many platforms that offer this kind of traffic module. From social media to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo therefore making it easy for everybody to get started on. Also with the fact that it covers almost every geographic location on the globe from people with different interests, you can get tons of highly targeted traffic which brings you conversions.

Also getting started with PPC isn’t that complicated. You however will have to lean some ins and out and some techniques to get ahead of you competition and to further grow your online business. To ensure that you are on a positive ROI, you have to keep track of your budgeting and know which campaigns ae working for you and which ones you should be avoiding.

Sponsored Posts

Are you familiar with guest posting? If so, then sponsored posts follow a similar approach, only that you will be paying for the posts and in most cases you will not have to write the content yourself. The blogger writes an article about your website and brand or product and services and then post it on their site like an endorsement and vouch for your product or service. Since the blogger has built a good following, you will get good results as the recommendation is received positively.

If you are serious about getting high quality and targeted traffic to your website, then it is highly recommended you try out sponsored posts and see how it works for you. It is also easy to get started as there isn’t much involved in the process of reaching out. As long as the sites you each out to are within your niche and receive quality traffic, you are good to go.


Shoutouts is perhaps the most different from the other traffic acquisition methods discussed in this write-up, but it is one of the bets you will ever come across. You can easily reach targeted prospects and there is nothing complex about it. All you need to do is hover on the social media and look for good influencers who have sufficient followers and ask pay them to promote your post or link to your products. It’s pretty much easy and you do not need any technical knowledge to get started. It is still new but it has shown excellent results. Big brands are also adopting the use of Shoutouts to reach more customers.

One of the reasons why this approach works well is because your brand and products are getting endorsed by someone who has a following of people who the influencer has built solid trust with. You are therefore likely to get more sales and leads from this approach than any other.

And Web Traffic

web trafficOf course we couldn’t fail to include our own service because we know what we do has always made an impact on every client site that we have worked with. We source our traffic for our ever growing network of sites which are in different niches. This means you not only get targeted traffic from us, but we are able to serve you much affordably without anything to worry about.

If you are looking for high quality web traffic and need a reliable source of traffic, we will help you. We even go an extra mile to ensure that you set up your targeting well so that you can get good results from our traffic.

Final Word:

Traffic is everything when it comes to internet marketing. Without traffic there would be no internet marketing. However, you cannot just buy any kind of traffic without knowing the quality. The traffic sources mentioned above are some of the bets that you should be focusing on to get solid results. Be sure to get in touch if you need to inquire about anything concerning our web traffic and we will help you get started.

How To Get The Best Guaranteed MLM Traffic

MLM is one of the most profitable online investments that one can get into. It could however turn out to be the worst depending on how you do your marketing. The rule of the thumb however boils down to traffic. The traffic that you get your website determines how successful your MLM goes. Below, we cover some of the best practices to ensure that you are getting the best MLM traffic for your website.

Know Your Competitors

Perhaps the first and the most important thing that one need to be concerned about is understanding your competition. Spying on your competitors will help you to know which methods that they are using to acquire traffic. This will give you the chance to easily get on track and copy your competitor’s marketing strategies.

To do this, there are a number of online tools that will help you spy on your competitor’s campaigns.

Split Test To Find Your Best Performing Campaigns

Not every method that you implement will work as expected. Some will have better results than others while some may not work. On that score, it is important to always keep track and know which of the methods work better so as to know what to use and what not to.

Targeting Is The Key

As long as the main objective of doing marketing is to get high conversions to your MLM offers, you need to make sure that the traffic that you get is also of the best quality. You can’t expect to make sales from generic traffic that pops out from any website and from random niche sites. It is something that is rare to find a pet lover buying products from an MLM website. To avoid such kind of traffic you need to work with traffic providers who offer filtering so that you can only target MLM related sites.

Beware Of Online Scams

Like any other industry internet marketing is full of crooks and scammers who will do what they can to steal from you. Among the most notable cases are those that claim to offer you traffic but instead generate random IP based traffic that is generated using softwares. Since this traffic doesn’t involve real humans, you won’t get any sales.

The best way to stay out of such scams is to stick with well-known brands that have established themselves online and have a good track record of providing quality services. You should also do your homework to find the sites that are legit.

The Best Sources For MLM Traffic

Want sources that you can count on when it comes to getting more traffic to an MLM website? Below are some of the best that we’ve seen working over and over.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is a traffic model where the advertiser which in this case is you, bids for keywords based on their niche and pay whenever a visitor visits the advertised website. The cost per click (CPC) of the advertisement will depend on how many bidders there are. If it has more bidders, then you would expect the competition to be higher which also makes the price per click go up.

One of the best advantages with PPC is the fact that there are no limits and one can keep reaching out to as many audiences as possible. As long as one has more to spend on their budget, there is no limit with traffic.

Social Media Traffic

Research shows that social media sites are among the most frequented and has over 1 billion active followers. This makes social media one of the best targets that MLM marketers can take advantage of.

It may take time to get a huge following but as long as you are focusing on people on your niche, you can expect to make a killing as you continue to grow.

There are many twists that one can try out with social media. You can chootraffic from social bookmarkingse to use the free social media methods to reach out audiences or opt to pay which is less tedious and easy to get traffic. Almost every top social media site serves advertisements through their platform.

And one thing that you can always count on these social media site sis to get high targeted traffic since they have a lot of user info including their interests.

Sponsored Review Posts

Ever head of sponsored reviews? Many stable blog offer independent sponsored reviews as part of their advertising. Usually, you would reach out to a blogger and ask if they would offer a sponsored review about a service that you offer.

These sponsored reviews works best when one works with blog owners in their niche. For instance if you want to reach out to MLM audience who might be interested in your MLM offers, you will have to focus on websites that blog about network marketing and affiliate marketing. This way you are sure that you are reaching out to targeted audiences.

Buying Quality Niche Targeted Solo Ads

Yet another marketing approach that has shown excellent results with many MLM affiliates is investing in solo ads. solo ads are basically emails sent by a solo ad seller on behalf of the advertiser which in this case is you.

Like with any other method above, you should focus on buying solo ads that are only related to MLM since that is where you will expect to get high conversions. You should also consider comparing the prices from different sellers to get the best value.

Final Word:

Finding the right audience interested with MLM doesn’t have to be difficult. The methods shared above have stood the test of time and have yielded good results. Try at least two of the above methods and see how they work for you.

If you however need a better, personalized package for your MLM offers, you can check out our traffic packages. This traffic comes from a network of hundreds of websites which includes dozens of authority MLM sites. By simply targeting with keywords, you can leverage high quality traffic that gets you more conversion. You can take advantage of our low rates now.

3 Effective Ways To Increase Affiliate Sales & Conversions

Having good traffic to your site is not so useful if your affiliate sales and conversion rates are low. For example, if you are receiving 1000 visitors a day and only 5 of them buy your offer, and another website receives less than 50 visitors a day with 5 of them buying her offer, the later will be having a much higher conversion rate that yours.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

Suppose you increase your conversion rate to, say, 50%, with the same traffic, then you’ll be making an incredibly higher sale in day. So how can you make use of the good traffic that your site receives to improve your affiliate sales and conversion?

  1. Provide proof and credibility

Your visitors will not believe whatever you are saying if you don’t back it up by some proof. The vast majority of online consumers are skeptical of big claims understandably because there is no personal element of selling. Using testimonials is one way to back up your information. Use testimonials like videos showing how your product helped in solving a problem. When promoting any products as an affiliate, ask the product owners for permission to use their testimonials on your pre-sell page. You can also add credibility by emphasizing website features that tell how your website is safe. Inform your visitors that the padlock symbol at the top of their browsers means that your website utilizes encryption technology.

  1. Utilize copywriting

Many website owners spend lots of their time working on SEO, PPC marketing and other traffic generation methods. You need to dedicate some time to studying copywriting. There are also many companies that provide copywriting services that you can use. Copywriting uses the skill of persuasion. Persuading people through words not only work effectively in real life situations but also in internet marketing. Utilizing copywriting will see you increase affiliate sales and conversions.

  1. Create a clear and compelling value proposition

One of the most important ways to increase affiliate sales and conversion factors is the value proposition. A value proposition is what makes the customer know why he or she should buy from you. Customers are not only interested in what is in for them but why they should choose you over your competition. Many marketers focus on improving page elements like images, incentives, button shapes, font sizes and colors, and so on, instead of first strengthening the value proposition.

What is the best value proposition?

increase salesEnsure that your value proposition can be differentiated from the offers of your competition. Your value proposition should also reflect on what makes your company and products unique. It should not only be powerful but must be communicated well and effectively for optimal results. Try to articulate your value proposition in a single credible sentence, if you cannot, refine it as much as possible. The best value proposition guaranteed increase affiliate sales and conversions.

Increasing affiliate sales and conversions can be achieved effectively by providing proof and credibility, utilizing copywriting, and creating a clear value and compelling proposition. Remember your prospects need to believe you and they also need to be persuaded. You also need a compelling value proposition to make them choose you over your competition.

On-page Optimization Strategies To Get More Traffic

SEO is without a doubt one of the best ways to get a lot of high quality traffic that is highly targeted. almost 80% of successful websites online rely on SEO for their traffic and without it, they would close shop. So, how does one get the best out of it? There are a few tweaks and necessary things they one should ensure are in place to get the best out of this. However, among the most important ones is on page optimization. On page optimization is he process of optimizing and ensuring that all the factors are spot on and ready for Google and other search crawlers to check and use to ranking the website on the search engines.

Improve Your Page Speed

The first thing that every webmaster should be concerned about is their site’s page speed. Just the way you wouldn’t want to visit a website and get stuck in the middle while waiting for a page to load, the search engines too aren’t that patient and will only credit and rank websites that have good page speed. This is because they would like to serve their audience with good content that loads up fast. Imagine if you searched for something on Google and every page that comes up takes ages to load. That would definitely be a boring and an inconvenient search engine, right?

So, if you would like to have the attention of the search engines and get a favor from them, you must play the page speed game and ensure that your site is up for the task. To do this, you should start off by getting a good hosting which provides enough resources to your site and give it all to ensure that it load sup first. Secondly, you’d want to take advantage of caching and ensure that you have compressed images and media on our site. This is something hat is sure to give your user’s a speedier browsing environment.

Internal Linking

The other thing that you would want to make sure is spot on and will get you results is the internal linking structure of your website. When internal linking is done on the site, Google starts to inter-relate the pages on your site and depending on how they are related, it will give your site the authority that yo have emphasized in the process of internally linking the pages. For you to do internal linking well and as it is required, you need to create related pages on your site which will help you inter-relate them with each other. Doing this has been proven to have a good and positive impact on your site.

Keyword Density & LSI

Keyword density, placement and the latent semantic indexing of the keywords that you use on your pages are very important. It is through the keywords that search engines are able to place your pages on the search engine results and it will all depend on how well you have optimized your page for this. Keyword density is the number of occurrence of a particular keyword on your site and depending on the number of times it has been used, you could get some good rankings and traffic in the process. however, you should also be careful and avoid keyword stuffing and abusing the use of the keyword because thus will make it even worse and you could get penalized for this. the next thing with keyword optimization is to use more latent semantics and this means that you should use more related wordings and alternate keywords. The use of latest semantic keywords more often has been proven to work and search engines give a lot of attention to this which can help you get a lot of traffic if you adhere to these rules and go by the search engine algorithms.

Content Length

web trafficDid you know that the content length of the pages on your site matter a lot and could be the difference between toppling your competition and getting knocked off the top pages of the search engines? It has been proven over and over again that the length of the content on a particular website has an impact on the search engine rankings and with good content that stands out, you will even get better attention of these search engines. so what is the correct length of content o use on the site? Long ago, people used to set a 500 word count limit, but with he rise of competition, it all depends on how competitive the niche is. For some niches, dominating means having more than a 1,000 word content length while it could be higher or lower for others. You should checkout the top competitors and their word length to know and determine the word count you will be using on your site. with this in place, you can count yourself among the top in the serps.

Final Word:

Getting high quality traffic from the search engines means a lot and you have to work for it as it just doesn’t pop out of nowhere. The high quality and laser targeted traffic from the search engines is the thing that most webmasters dream of. The better your rankings in the search engines, the more traffic that you stand to get. However, getting these rankings it the big thing that many people have had to go through each and every day. With these pointers and the guide above you should be able to get good attention of the search engine crawlers and generate tons of traffic in the process.

If you are however looking for an SEO alternative that you can get a lot of high quality traffic, then you should consider And Web Traffic. Here we help webmasters like you to get a lot of traffic to their sites and regardless of the niche of you website, we will get you results. With our decade old experience, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands and will only get pure results.

How To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketing is by far one of the best ways to make money online for most people. However, it is not always easy to get people clicking your link especially if you have no clue as to what you should do to market that link.

Buy Web Traffic = Increase Sales & Visitors!

However, with the right information you can be able to easily get people clicking your link thus earning you the kind of commissions you deserve. Getting to drive free traffic can be time consuming and will entirely depend on how much time you are willing to spend in order to get your traffic.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your affiliate link is by writing articles and posting them on high PR sites. The common trend that people use when they want to buy something is that they will search for products or services that can help them on the internet. If you post articles that are informative and engaging chances are that they will go for the solutions you give them. If you have a hyperlink that links to the affiliate link on these articles, chances are that they will click them. All you have to do is make sure that you update your content regularly with quality articles. There are many sites on the web that you can take advantage of to post your article for free.

telephone-1460517_640If you have a website, you could integrate a contact us form or a subscription page for people who want to constantly be updated on what is happening or what they should do about a particular problem. Once in a while, you can send them newsletters or emails with details of anything you think they would want to know. In those newsletters, you can add an affiliate link thus you will drive traffic once someone clicks on it. This is by far an easy and effective way since no matter what you promote, you can send your subscribers an email or newsletter linking to your affiliate links. Avoid spamming.

Blogging is yet another perfect way to buy traffic to your affiliate link but there are certain rules. Unlike what most people do, you can create a blog and name it after the product or service you are promoting. Most of the products that people promote have squeeze pages thus to ensure that you rank higher on search engines, make sure that you create a blog with the product names. When people search for that product, they will easily find your site and this can help to drive traffic to your affiliate link. It is also important to ensure that you post content related to that particular product for higher ranking.

Another perfect way to share and get traffic to your affiliate link is by using online forums. Join forums that are talking about such kind of products and share your thoughts. This can be through comments, answering a question asked in the forum or simply adding new ideas to that forum. It is important to ensure that you share your affiliate link by either inserting it directly or by creating a hyperlink and asking people to click it for more information.

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